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Since Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai were born, they had lived in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. Although his Small Universe was not bad, it was still incomparable to the current cultivation environment of the Star Boundary.

In the entire 3000 Worlds, among the countless Universe Worlds, only the Star Boundary was worthy of the title of Open Heaven Stage's Cradle. If not for this, how could the Cave Heaven Paradise have sent their disciples here?

In the past, Yang Kai had asked Zhao Ya to suppress her cultivation because he was afraid that her cultivation would rise too quickly. If her cultivation was too high, she would lose her ability to adapt, and she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the World Tree.

In fact, there were a few talented cultivators in his Small Unvierse. For example, Miao Feiping, who had grown up with Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya and had joined Seven Star Square at the same time, had an A grade aptitude when he was evaluated. Even if he was allowed to cultivate in the Small Universe, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to break through to the Emperor Realm in the future. If he was thrown into the Star Boundary, his future achievements would only be higher, and it wouldn’t be a problem for him to break through to the Fifth Order. If his foundation was solid, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to break through to the Sixth Order.

As the master of the Small Universe, Yang Kai naturally knew the situation of the Small Universe like the back of his hand.

There were about five or six cultivators like Miao Feiping in the entire Small Universe.

Yang Kai was prepared to place them in High Heaven Palace to cultivate, but before that, he needed to obtain their approval.

On the way back to the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had already taken care of this matter, and the five or six people he had chosen were naturally overjoyed.

“Xiao Ya,” Yang Kai looked towards Zhao Ya, “In the past, when Master wanted you to suppress your cultivation, it was because he had some scruples. Now that you’ve reached the Star Boundary, there’s no need to deliberately suppress it.”

Zhao Ya’s beautiful eyes lit up, “Master, are you saying I can break through at will?”

Yang Kai nodded.

Zhao Ya cheered.

Others might not be able to understand her pain, even though she could clearly feel the opportunity to break through at times and only needed one retreat or even one battle to break through to the next level, because of her master’s orders, she could only suppress it. This feeling was like being starved when there is a mountain of food in front, but unable to eat it.

Now that she heard Yang Kai say that she could break through at will, she was naturally happy.

Yang Kai then turned to Zhao Yebai and said, “Xiao Bai, your aptitude is far worse than Xiao Ya’s, but Master believes that hard work can make up for your lack of talent. In the future, work hard and don’t be left behind by your Junior Sister!”

Zhao Yebai said solemnly, “Yes, Master. Disciple will cultivate diligently and not disappoint Master!”

“Mother, in the future, I’ll have to trouble you and Father to take care of these two children,” Yang Kai said to Dong Suzhu.

Dong Suzhu smiled happily, “No problem, just leave them to us and we’ll take good care of them.”

Back then, the old couple had despised Yang Kai for not being able to accompany them often, so even though they had passed the appropriate age, they had still worked hard to give birth to Yang Xue.

As a result, when Yang Xue grew up, she also ran off with her big brother. [MSN: haha]

For the past few years, no one was around to embrace them and the two elderly had often felt lonely. Now that Yang Kai had suddenly sent Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai over, how could the two elderly not be happy?

If it was anyone else, it would have been nothing, but this was Yang Kai’s disciple! What difference was there from being their grandchildren?

Not to mention, Zhao Ya was so beautiful and had such a sweet tongue. Although Zhao Yebai was somewhat reserved, he was also a gentle and kind child.

The more Dong Suzhu looked, the more satisfied she became.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai quickly warned, “Don’t be too indulgent. If they make mistake, they will still be punished. Without rules, nothing can be accomplished.”

“I know!” Dong Suzhu waved her hand impatiently.

Yang Kai shook his head helplessly and could only look at Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai in a dignified manner, “In the future, the two of you should cultivate well with your Grand Teacher and listen to them obediently. If I find out what kind of mistake you have committed in the future, I won’t forgive you!”

“Disciple doesn’t dare!” The two little childs shouted in unison.

Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction, “Father, Mother, I have something to discuss with the Chief Manager, so I won’t be staying here any longer.”

Dong Suzhu nodded in understanding, “Go.”

Yang Kai bowed before turning to leave.

Just now, he had been talking to Hua Qing Si about the new Great Domain, but Yu Changdao and the others had come together, he didn’t know what was happening in the new Great Domain.

After finding Hua Qing Si again, Yang Kai first brought out Miao Feiping and the others from the Small Universe, explaining their background.

Hua Qing Si nodded and called for someone to take Miao Feiping and the others away.

Only then did Yang Kai open his mouth and ask, “What’s the situation with the new Great Domain?”

Hua Qing Si said, “The new Great Domain is extremely rich in resources, it’s completely an undeveloped land. Over the years, we’ve found many good things inside, and a few years ago, we discovered an extremely interesting Universe World.”

“Universe World?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “How interesting?”

Hua Qing Si said, “As for the specifics, Sect Master will know after taking a look. Sect Master won’t be able to feel it too deeply just by listening to me.”

Saying so, she took out her Message Bead and sent a message.

A moment later, a person walked over and saw Yang Kai. Startled, he quickly greeted, “Sir!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Black River, long time no see.”

The person who had come was the second name on Yang Kai's Loyalty List, Black River. The first person to be accepted into the Loyalty List was Chen Tian Fei, the fatty who had handed it over to Yang Kai.

When the Star Boundary World Tree had undergone a change, it was Black River who had taken Lan Xun to the 3000 Worlds to find Yang Kai in the Void Land.

When Yang Kai took him in, Black River’s cultivation had been at the Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage, but now his cultivation had not changed much. It was still at the Fifth Order, but his aura was obviously much more profound, and it was obvious that his strength had improved greatly over the years. However, Open Heaven Stage cultivator needed time to consolidate and accumulate, so it wasn’t easy to break through to the Sixth Order.

Hua Qing Si ordered, “Black River, take Sect Master to the Small Stone World!”

Black River replied, “Yes!”

Yang Kai nodded slightly to Hua Qing Si before activating his Space Laws to wrap around Black River and instantly disappearing.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at the new Domain Gate.

Outside the Domain Gate, two Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters stood guard. They were Iron Blood and Beast Martial Great Emperor.

The two of them sat cross-legged in the void and closed their eyes to cultivate. Sensing the disturbance, they opened their eyes and looked over. Beast Martial Great Emperor Mo Huang’s eyes lit up, “Yang Kai is back?”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Mo Huang smiled and replied, “It’s not hard, it’s just a little boring. I can still cultivate and pass the time.”

Yang Kai asked, “Has anyone been eyeing the new Great Domain all these years?”

Mo Huang smiled, “Of course there is, how could there not be? Look over there, there’s a bunch of sneaky fellows who are trying to sneak in and see what’s going on.”

Yang Kai looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a few people from Star City looking over.

The new Domain Gate was a few hundred thousand kilometers away from the Star Boundary, not too far away from High Heaven Star City. Standing on the Domain Gate’s side, one could clearly see most of the Star City’s situation.

Iron Blood Great Emperor Zhan Wuhen said lightly, “However, the two of us are still Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, so even if a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage rashly makes trouble here, we can still barely handle it. In addition, you have previously made an agreement with the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so even if they are curious, they won’t dare to do anything.”

Yang Kai nodded, “If there really is someone who doesn’t care about the agreement and wants to do something, the two of you just need to act. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility.”

Mo Huang grinned, “That’s all I need to hear from you, but after so many years, we’ve all been able to settle down, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Yang Kai nodded and suddenly took a closer look at the two of them before asking curiously, “Your cultivation…”

Mo Huang and Zhan Wuhen glanced at each other and chuckled, seemingly having anticipated Yang Kai’s surprise.

Mo Huang explained, “We didn’t notice it before, but after you left, we, the Great Emperors from the Star Boundary, discovered that if we were to cultivate in the Star Boundary, our cultivation progress would be very fast, and we would hardly need to refine any cultivation resources.”

Zhan Wuhen also said, “Because we are Great Emperors recognized by the Star Boundary’s Heavenly Law, the World Energy of the Star Boundary is extremely compatible with each of our Small Universe. The World Energy of the Star Boundary can be easily refined and used by us.”

Mo Huang continued, “If it was an ordinary Universe World, it would definitely not be able to withstand the refinement of seven or eight Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and would likely wither away after a few years. However, the Star Boundary is different. With the World Tree’s help, the World Energy will only grow stronger. Even if we cultivate and refine it, it will not affect the Star Boundary.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “There’s such a good thing!”

However, after thinking about it for a moment, he felt that it was normal.

Back then, in order to deal with Zuo Quan Hui, Yang Kai had used the World Energy of the Star Boundary to temporarily break through to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. Although he had fallen back to his original state, he had still benefited greatly from it, allowing his small universe foundation to be strengthen and save him many years of hard work.

It was precisely because the World Energy of the Star Boundary was compatible with his own Small Universe that after borrowing its strength, his foundation would become stronger.

Since this was the case for him, it was naturally the same for the other Great Emperors from the Star Boundary!

The cultivation of the Open Heaven Stage was extremely long, and there was a shortcut to it, which was to refine and use the World Essence that was compatible with oneself.

However, it was not an easy task to find the Universe World that was compatible with oneself.

The relationship between the Star Boundary and the Great Emperors was much simpler. The Great Emperors who were recognized by the Heavenly Law of the Star Boundary were extremely compatible with the Star Boundary.

Moreover, just as Mo Huang had said, the ordinary Universe World would not be able to withstand the refinement of seven or eight Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters. Once the World Energy was exhausted, the Universe World would definitely decline.

The Star Boundary World didn’t need to worry about this problem. With the World Tree’s constant feedback, the World Energy would only become stronger. As long as the World Tree still existed, the World Strength in the Star Boundary could be said to be inexhaustible.

Therefore, although Mo Huang and Zhan Wuhen had both advanced to the Sixth Order for only a few dozen years, under Yang Kai’s observation, their foundations were no less than some Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage that had advanced several hundred years ago.


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Lounard Teorica
Lounard Teorica
Apr 09, 2022

This Miao Fei Ping, on this chapter (4732) he already entered HHP.

But on the later part YK established the Void Temple in his small universe and he is the first leader of the temple and later on YK takes him out to promote to 6th order in Ink Battlefield (chap 5130).

Did author forgot what he wrote on this chapter or Miao Fei Ping goes back to his small universe after entering HHP ?

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