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“Husband, you seem a bit reluctant,” Yu Rumeng leaned close to Yang Kai and whispered into his ear.

Yang Kai’s legs were shaking as he said bitterly, “There’s no such thing, it’s not like it’s a matter of life and death.”

Yu Rumeng smiled at him, “Husband, why are you so nervous? This Mistress won’t eat you.” Saying so, she even licked her lips.

A chill ran down Yang Kai’s spine and his hair stood on end!

Turning his head, he saw a person pass by nearby and quickly called out, “Second Manager!”

Bian Yuqing stopped and turned around, “Sect Master!”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Is Second Manager here to find me for something?”

Bian Yuqing replied blankly, “No, this subordinate was just passing by and was preparing to go to the Star City!”

“Is Second Manager looking for me?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

Bian Yuqing blinked and asked in an uncertain tone, “Perhaps… there’s something?”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Then it must be something urgent. Let’s talk while we walk.” His figure flickered as he arrived next to Bian Yuqing and gave her a look.

Bian Yuqing followed after him in confusion.

Behind him, Yu Rumeng sneered, “Stinky man!”

“Second Manager, it’s been hard on you all these years,” Yang Kai suddenly said as he led Bian Yuqing forward.

Bian Yuqing smiled and said, “It’s no trouble at all. If it weren’t for Sect Master’s pity, I would have died a long time ago. How could I still be alive today? Now everything is fine here in the Void Land.”

It would be even better if that man was still alive. Even now, she couldn’t forget the man named Kou Wu who had sacrificed his life for her.

If he was still alive, he should have achieved quite a lot today, right?

“The matter of the Great Evolution has been settled, you should find some time to cultivate in seclusion and break through to Open Heaven. Taking care of the Void Land all this time has also dragged down your cultivation,” Yang Kai said somewhat guiltily.

Void Land and the Star Boundary's two great territories, one was managed by Chief Manager Hua Qing Si and the other was managed by Second Manager Bian Yuqing. Although both of them were women, Yang Kai had always been away, relying on them to take care of everything.

There were many big and small matters in a force.

Both of their cultivations were not very high.

Thanks to the World Tree of the Star Boundary, Hua Qing Si had condensed her Dao Seal in the past, but before Yang Kai left, she had yet to break through to Open Heaven, so it was unknown what was happening now.

Bian Yuqing was the same!

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, Bian Yuqing’s heart warmed and she nodded obediently, “Good, once the matter of Grand Evolution is settled, I will go into seclusion and won’t disappoint Sect Master. But Sect Master, if I go into seclusion, who will handle the matters of the Void Land?”

Yang Kai asked, “Do you have any good recommendations?”

Bian Yuqing said, “Right now, in the Void Land, other than Senior Bi Xi with the highest cultivation, there are only a few of Sect Master’s wives and the Star City’s Viceroy Mo Mei. Senior is definitely unwilling to care about these things, and the Sect Master’s wives have never had such experience, so rashly taking over may not be appropriate. It would be better to hand it over to Viceroy Mo Mei. She has managed Star City well these past few years.”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “That’s what I was thinking as well. It just so happens that I need to go to Star City to discuss this matter with Mo Mei.”

The two of them went to the Star City together, and seeing Yang Kai return, Mo Mei was naturally overjoyed.

In fact, she had already received news of Yang Kai’s return. After all, Star City and the Void Land were neighbors, so the news spread very quickly. However, because she was in the Star City, it was inconvenient for her to leave.

After explaining to Mo Mei that it wouldn’t be long before Bian Yuqing would be preparing to enter seclusion and attempt to break through to Open Heaven, the Void Land would be temporarily under her jurisdiction. Mo Mei nodded in agreement.

After casually checking the financial situation of the Star Boundary, Yang Kai left.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to stay in the Void Land for long. On the second day after sending Hong Hu off, he greeted Bian Yuqing and left for the Star Boundary.

Originally, he had planned to make a trip to the Star Boundary as soon as possible. After all, he had to discuss the matter of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace with the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Now that Hua Qing Si had sent word to the new Great Domain that she had discovered something interesting, it was naturally best for him to leave as soon as possible.

It was definitely not because he was afraid of someone!

Since his debut, he had experienced countless battles, big and small, so how could he be afraid?

On this trip to the Star Boundary, he had gone alone.

Under the manipulation of the Space Laws, Yang Kai was able to move through the void and occasionally make use of the Universe Temple’s transit, so it only took him half a month to reach High Heaven Territory.

The Domain Gate was bustling with activity as large and small flying ships passed through it from time to time and entered High Heaven Territory.

The matter of the Star Boundary World Tree had spread throughout the 3000 Worlds, and more than a hundred Cave Heaven Paradise had taken up residence in the Star Boundary, constructing their own Training Hall. Naturally, all the large and small forces would flock to this place.

Although they were unable to build their own Training Hall in the Star Boundary, High Heaven Palace did not restrict their activities in the Star Boundary and High Heaven Territory. Of course, the premise was that they did not do anything harmful.

As such, many Open Heaven Stage masters brought their youngest disciples to the Star Boundary and found a good treasure land to live in, allowing their disciples to benefit from the World Tree so they could have great achievements in the future.

There were even forces that sought out outstanding disciples from the Star Boundary and invested a large amount of resources to carefully cultivate them.

It could be said that in the current Star Boundary, Open Heaven Stage masters were everywhere. Perhaps any ordinary old man they met in a small village would have a cultivation of the Fifth Order, or Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage.

If this old man was looking around with shining eyes, he must be looking for a suitable disciple!

Over the past few decades, the Star Boundary’s native cultivators had gradually become accustomed to this kind of thing. In the beginning, when those forces wanted to take in disciples from the Star Boundary, there had been some resistance.

After all, the people of the Star Boundary only knew about High Heaven Palace, so who knew what kind of place the Cave Heaven Paradise was?

Later, when the various Cave Heaven Paradise built their Training Hall in the Star Boundary and their reputation spread, the residents of the Star Boundary gradually let down their guard.

Nowadays, it was relatively easy to recruit disciples into the Cave Heaven Paradise. After all, with their reputations, everyone in the Star Boundary knew that these Cave Heaven Paradise were the most powerful forces in the entire vast universe. Entering them was also an opportunity.

However, Yang Kai had already made an agreement with these Cave Heaven Paradise, and each of them could only take in five disciples every hundred years.

If a force below the Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to take in a disciple, they would have to display their strong background. Even so, it was possible that these young geniuses would pick on them, causing the Open Heaven Stage masters in charge of accepting disciples to have a headache.

In the past, they had always been the ones to choose their disciples, but now that they had arrived in this Star Boundary, they had completely turned their backs on them. These little brats who had yet to fully mature were not only fearless in the face of these powerful Open Heaven Stage masters, they might even despise the Sect behind them for not being strong enough.

However, they had to patiently explain that their Sect wasn’t weak, it was just inferior to the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Heavenly Martial Building's Fan Liangpeng was deeply touched by this!

Heavenly Martial Building was a second-class force that dominated the Heavenly Martial Territory and was not weak. Fan Liangpeng himself was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so after the news of the World Tree spread, Heavenly Martial Building immediately sent Fan Liangpeng to investigate the High Heaven Territory's Star Boundary.

Afterwards, Fan Liangpeng reported the situation in the Star Boundary to the Heavenly Martial Building, who gave him the task.

Within a hundred years, he had collected five outstanding disciples from the Star Boundary!

Fan Liangpeng had painstakingly searched the Star Boundary for several decades and finally found four. With his eyesight, these four disciples naturally had outstanding aptitudes and were likely to advance to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage directly in the future!

When the news came back, everyone in Heavenly Martial Building celebrated.

In the past, those who had the qualifications to directly advance to the Sixth Order were all Core Disciples of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, and second class forces simply could not raise such characters.

However, in the Star Boundary, there were many people with this kind of aptitude. In time, when the four disciples fully matured, the strength of Heavenly Martial Building would definitely increase and its status would also rise.

Naturally, it was impossible for the four disciples to be brought back to Heavenly Martial Building to be trained. The World Tree’s feedback was the key to the growth of these disciples. If they wanted to stimulate the potential of these disciples, the only way to do so was to allow them to cultivate in the Star Boundary. At the very least, they had to cultivate to the point of condensing their Dao Seals before they could be brought back to the Heavenly Martial Building.

Unfortunately, the Heavenly Martial Building didn’t have its own Training Hall. Fortunately, it had a good relationship with a certain Paradise, so the Heavenly Martial Building's Sect Master personally came forward to deliver his four disciples to that Paradise's Training Hall.

Of course, the Heavenly Martial Building had paid a great price for this.

In the Star Boundary, this was a common occurrence. Even if a Sect without a Training Hall accepted a disciple, they could only find a way to reside in another Sect. The Training Hall of the various Cave Heaven Paradise were a choice, and so were the local forces of the Star Boundary.

High Heaven Palace was now home to more than a thousand of such disciples. These disciples lived and cultivated in High Heaven Palace, no different from real High Heaven Palace disciples.

Azure Sun Temple, Serene Soul Palace, Ahan Temple, these early Star Boundary forces all had many foster disciples.

The local forces of the various Star Boundary also earned a lot of resources because of this.

Fan Liangpeng had already accepted four disciples, and now only one of them was left to complete his task. Naturally, he spared no effort and could be considered lucky. A few days ago, when he was passing by a small village, he happened to run into a ten year old child. After observing him for two days, he determined that this child’s aptitude was outstanding and that his future achievements would not be too low.

He immediately paid a visit and explained his intentions.

The child’s parents seemed like honest people who were easy to talk to. No matter what Fan Liangpeng said, they just smiled foolishly.

After Fan Liangpeng finished speaking, the child’s father scratched his head and said, “Old Sir wants to take Chai Shan in, we have no objections, but Chai Shan has his own ideas. If he agrees, you can take him away.”

Hearing this, Fan Liangpeng smiled, “It’s his good fortune to have such open-minded parents!”

If his parents didn’t have any objections, what could a ten year old child have to say? This time’s disciple recruitment was set in stone.

Turning his head, he smiled at the child called Chai Shan, “Child, are you willing to join my Heavenly Martial Building? With your aptitude, your future achievements will definitely be extraordinary, but you will need a good master. If no one teaches you, your aptitude will be wasted!”


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