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There was more than one person in the Void Land who possessed the Phoenix Clan’s Source, so Zhu Jiu Yin was naturally not unfamiliar with the aura of the Phoenix Clan, so she was able to identify Hong Hu’s origins with a single glance.

What made her slightly shocked was that the aura of this Phoenix Clan in front of her was extremely vigorous and her strength was definitely not weak.

Hong Hu nodded and also looked at Zhu Jiu Yin curiously. There was no Heavenly Moon Demon Spider in the Ancestral Land, and this was the first time she had seen such a Holy Spirit, so she was unable to recognize it.

Yang Kai stepped forward and introduced the two of them.

“Ancestral Land?” Zhu Jiu Yin asked suspiciously, “What kind of place is that?”

Hong Hu smiled and said, “The origin of all Holy Spirits, with Junior Sister Zhu’s bloodline power, she should have already sensed the existence of the Ancestral Land. This is the instinct of every Holy Spirit after they reach adulthood, regardless of their origins or race.”

Zhu Jiu Yin suddenly understood, “So it was there!”

Just as Hong Hu had said, she had indeed faintly sensed a certain place over the years, but this sensation was extremely weak and unclear. Moreover, after she left the Great Ruins Boundary, she had been adapting to the World Laws of the outside world and had not fully recovered her strength, so she had not explored that place.

Originally, she had planned to investigate this place after her strength had recovered to its peak, but today she had learned the truth about this place from Hong Hu.

“The Ancestral Land is the Ancestral Land of all the Holy Spirits. It is filled with rich Ancestral Qi and is greatly beneficial to the cultivation of the Holy Spirits. Senior Hong Hu came with me this time to bring everyone to the Ancestral Land. As for the specific situation inside the Ancestral Land, Senior Hong Hu will explain it to everyone in detail,” Yang Kai said to everyone.

Many Holy Spirits wore looks of fascination on their faces. Over the years, the strength of the Human Race cultivators who had come from the Star Boundary had risen steadily. Not to mention the many Great Emperors and Yang Kai’s wives who had broken through to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage early on, many of the Pseudo Emperors had also broken through to the Open Heaven Stage.

However, these Holy Spirits who could dominate the entire Star Boundary were unable to step forward.

They had once felt lost about their future, and although they had gained some benefits from listening to Bi Xi teachings over the years, the progress of their bloodline was still too slow.

Today, they learned that there was actually a place in this world where all the Holy Spirits originated from, and the Ancestral Land was filled with a profound Ancestral Qi that was extremely helpful to the cultivation of the Holy Spirits.

How could the Holy Spirits not be fascinated by such a wondrous place? For a time, they couldn’t help feeling excited.

“Senior, thank you for your hard work!” Yang Kai cupped his fists towards Hong Hu.

Honghu nodded and said, “Bring the inheritor of the Phoenix Empress’s Source to me. After you arrange everything, I will bring them to the Ancestral Land.”

“Good!” Yang Kai replied.

Hong Hu naturally had Zhu Jiu Yin to attend to her, so Yang Kai didn’t need to worry too much. After asking Zhu Qing and learning that Su Yan was currently in secluded cultivation, Yang Kai quickly left.

As soon as he left, a large group of Holy Spirits surrounded Hong Hu like curious babies and began asking about the Ancestral Land.

Hong Hu could only feel herself being surrounded by endless enthusiasm and could only smile bitterly.

In fact, she hadn’t expected so many Holy Spirits to be gathered here in the Void Land. Although she is surrounded by many Holy Spirits, Hong Hu still patiently answered their questions.

As they talked, the grandness of the Ancestral Land gradually became known to everyone.

Just as Yang Kai was rushing towards Su Yan’s place of cultivation, an invisible thread suddenly flew through the air and wrapped itself around his body.

Yang Kai looked down and saw that the thread was like a living creature, quickly wrapping around his body and wrapping him up like a dumpling.

Immediately after, a strong pulling force came from the other end of the thread and Yang Kai, who had been tied up, was involuntarily dragged through the air and transformed into a stream of light.

Down below, on a Spirit Peak, Second Manager Bian Yuqing’s graceful figure lightly stepped on a tree branch and looked up, her beautiful eyes filled with suspicion, “Why does it look like Sect Master?”

When she looked again, there was no one there.

Confused, she ask Mo Mei, the Viceroy of Star City, “Has Sect Master returned?”

A moment later, Mo Mei replied, “I don’t know!”

Bian Yuqing frowned and muttered to herself, “There are times when my eyes are blurry, am I too old?”

Inside the main hall, Yang Kai was like a piece of rag that had been thrown onto the cold ground, a well-rounded body was riding him, her slender fingers gently caressing his face as she lifted his chin, “Damn ghost, you're still willing to come back?”

Yang Kai couldn’t move at all as he looked around for a moment before winking towards Shan Qingluo, “Senior Zhu Jiu Yin is at Senior's place, so she shouldn’t be coming back for the time being. Should we end this battle quickly or fight a few hundred rounds?”

Shan Qingluo blushed slightly and spat lightly, “You don’t want to do any good the moment you come back, who cares!”

Yang Kai’s mouth was filled with honey, “Luo'er, long time no see, I’ve missed you so much!”

Shan Qingluo’s body suddenly went weak and her face became even redder, but she still glared at him with her big watery eyes and said, “Hmph, miss me? Why don't you come to find me immediately? If I hadn’t pulled you over just now, wouldn't you go to Big Sister’s place right now? I knew that among all my sisters, Big Sister held the most weight in your heart!”

Yang Kai said seriously, “All of you are the same in my heart, no one is more important!”

“Liar!” Shan Qingluo pouted.

However, Yang Kai’s body had already trembled and the spider silk binding him had been torn apart. Holding Shan Qingluo’s slender waist, he flipped her over and pressed her down, gazing at her with tender affection, “Words can deceive, but the body cannot. Do you want to feel it?”

Shan Qingluo turned her head and closed her eyes, her long eyelashes fluttering.

As the clouds settled, Shan Qingluo leaned lazily against Yang Kai, “Ancestral Land?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “Senior Hong Hu came here this time to take the Holy Spirits of the various races from the Void Land to the Ancestral Land. Senior Zhu Jiu Yin seems to be very interested, so if nothing unexpected happens, she will bring you along with her. With her taking care of you, there’s nothing for me to worry about, but when you get there, you must be careful of the Kun Clan.”

Shan Qingluo nodded, “I understand.”

Yang Kai reached out and patted her smooth back, “I need to find Su Yan, Senior Hong Hu is still waiting for her.”

Shan Qingluo winked at him playfully, “No need, I’ve already sent a message to my sisters and asked them to come over.”

Saying so, she waved her hand and opened the restrictions, Yang Kai immediately sensing a few familiar auras.

Under Yang Kai’s stunned gaze, Su Yan, Xia Ningchang, Xue Yue, and Ji Yao, led by Yu Rumeng, stepped in.

Yu Ru Meng look up and stared disdainfully at the adulterous pair lying on the bed. Su Yan lowered her head slightly while Xia Ningchang, Xue Yue, and Ji Yao’s faces turned red and they were at a loss.

“Everyone’s here!” Yang Kai laughed dryly. [MSN: Poor Zhu Qing, always left out.]

Yu Rumeng glared at him fiercely before turning to Shan Qingluo, “Is it good to eat alone?”

Shan Qingluo lay down on Yang Kai’s chest, her eyes flashing seductively, “Whether it tastes good or not, Sister Rumeng can try it herself.”

Even though Yu Rumeng was born a Succubus, she couldn’t help but admit her inferiority, secretly thinking that this Enchantress was really open-minded. No wonder the stinky man couldn’t forget about her and immediately came to find her.

Xia Ningchang’s head was almost touching her chest as she stammered, “Luo'er said you’re back, I… I just came to see, I… I’ll leave first!”

Saying so, she covered her face with her hand and turned to flee.

Shan Qingluo raised her hand and a snow white spider thread wrapped around Xia Ningchang’s waist, pulling her back onto the bed as she said with a smile, “You’ve already come, yet you still want to leave? If you don’t serve your husband well today, no one will be able to leave!”

Yu Rumeng turned her head and glanced at the frightened Xue Yue and Ji Yao before sneering coldly and walking towards the bed. As she walked, her clothes fell off, “When he wasn’t around, all of you were living like a widows, sighing all day long and worrying about nothing. Now that he’s back, why are you still hesitating? I don’t care, if I don’t squeeze this stinky man dry today, I won’t be called Yu Rumeng!”

She stepped forward and kicked Shan Qingluo to the side.

Looking at the scene on the bed, Su Yan suddenly stepped forward.

Ji Yao and Xue Yue hugged each other as they trembled, “Big Sister, you…”

Su Yan turned a deaf ear to this, her eyes filled with determination. As if preparing to go to war!

“Has Sect Master really returned?” Bian Yuqing was in the midst of handling some miscellaneous matters in the Void Land when she suddenly received a message. After probing it with her Divine Sense, she was overjoyed.

She quickly put down what she was doing and rushed towards the meeting hall.

When she arrived in front of the main hall, she saw a figure holding onto his waist with one hand and the other holding onto the wall, staggering step by step.

The figure looked familiar, and when Bian Yuqing saw it, she was shocked, “Sect Master!”

Hurriedly stepping forward to support Yang Kai’s arm, she saw that Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper and his aura was weak, as if he had been seriously injured.

Bian Yuqing’s expression became solemn, “Sect Master, are you injured?”

Yang Kai opened his puffy eyes and stared at Bian Yuqing for a while before finally recognizing her, “Second Manager?”

Bian Yuqing’s anger soared, “Sect Master, who injured you? This subordinate will immediately order the troops to avenge you!”

Yang Kai coughed lightly and waved his hand, “No need, I admit defeat this time. The enemy is too strong, I’m not an opponent.”

Yu Rumeng, this succubus, was truly ruthless. She had even used the Secret Technique of Gathering Yang to Supplement Yin. If it weren’t for Yang Kai’s powerful Dragon Bloodline and the fact that he had already broken through to the Big Dragon’s realm, he would have been drained dry.

Even so, at this moment, his footsteps were still unsteady, as if he was fighting a life and death battle with a powerful enemy!

Bian Yuqing’s face was filled with shock. How powerful was the Sect Master? Even when facing Zuo Quan Hui, who was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, he had still dared to fight back, but in the end, he had managed to kill his opponent with a cultivation weaker than his opponent.

What kind of enemy had he encountered this time that even the Sect Master had to admit defeat?

It was unimaginable!


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