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At the time, even Xu Linggong had said so, so Yang Kai could only settle for the next best thing and change his conditions.

But now, the situation was different. The various Cave Heaven Paradise had witnessed the mysteries of the Star Boundary World Tree in the past few decades, and the crazy growth of their disciples was the best proof.

What followed next was the massive demand for high-grade materials. If they wanted their disciples to successfully advance to the Sixth Order, Seventh Order Open Heaven, they would have to compromise.

Compared to the various Small Source Worlds, the promotion of disciples was naturally the most important.

Therefore, Yang Kai was confident that this time, he would be able to reach a consensus with the various Cave Heaven Paradise!

The journey to the Star Boundary and Void Land was different. Yang Kai and Yu Changdao’s group of four traveled together for a month or two before separating.

Yu Changdao and the others headed directly to the Star Boundary while Yang Kai brought Hong Hu to the Void Land.

Two months later, the two of them arrived at the Void Territory.

Looking out from the void, the vast Void Land and Star City were neighbors, and Star City had once again returned to its former flourishing state. At the Void Harbor, there was a constant stream of large and small flying artifacts entering and exiting, making it seem extremely lively.

In fact, as soon as they stepped into the Void Territory, Hong Hu felt the vitality of this place. This was because none of the many great domains they passed by were as lively as the Void Territory. From time to time, flying artifacts would fly through the void.

Now that she saw the prosperity of Star City, she knew what had attracted so many cultivators.

“This is the Void Land?” Hong Hu asked curiously.

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, this is the Void Land.”

Hong Hu stared at the Nine Layers Heaven Formation and seemed to notice something, “It seems to have the aura of the Dragon Clan, but it’s not very pure, but it’s very powerful!”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I forgot to tell Senior that the Void Land is located on Senior Bi Xi's back. Senior has been sleeping here for tens of thousands of years, and the Spirit Province on his back has gradually evolved into the embryonic form of the Void Land.”

“Bi Xi!” Hong Hu’s brow rose. As a member of the Phoenix Clan, she naturally knew of this existence, but even so, she had never seen it before. Sighing, she said, “I’ve long heard of Bi Xi, it can carry heavy loads on it's back, but now that I’ve seen it for myself, it really is worthy of its reputation!”

When they were close enough, Yang Kai took out his Formation Jade, opened the Nine Layers Heaven Formation, and entered together with Hong Hu.

There was a platform on a Spirit Peak, and Bi Xi avatar sat cross-legged, his long eyebrows resting on his knees as he chanted a profound scripture.

In front of him, many Holy Spirits sat upright and listened carefully. These Holy Spirits were from Dragon Island’s Dragon Clan, Xiao Xiao, who possessed Tai Yue’s Source, Liu Yan, who possessed the Phoenix True Fire, Luan Feng, Fan Wu, Stone Puppet Clan, and Qiong Qi, the mount of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Although the Holy Spirits of the Star Boundary possessed the Holy Spirit Source of different races and each of them had their own inheritances, because they were unable to cultivate like human, they were unable to improve their bloodline power, so it was naturally difficult for them to pry into their own inheritances.

Although Bi Xi only has a Dragon Vein, his age and experience allowed it to easily comprehend some Holy Spirits secret.

Under his guidance over the years, the Dragon Clan had made great progress. Among them, Zhu Qing had transformed into her true form and now possessed a 500 zhang long dragon body. Although she was far from being a Big Dragon, she was still comparable to a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

The other Holy Spirits had also grown, but they weren’t as obvious as Zhu Qing.

It was for this reason that the Holy Spirits of the various races liked to gather here and listen to Bi Xi's teachings.

Suddenly, Bi Xi raised his head and looked up into the sky, a look of surprise appearing on his face as he slowly stood up and called out, “Honoured guest has arrived, please excuse me for not welcoming you!”

When everyone heard this, they looked up and saw two streaks of light descending from the sky, directly landing in front of them.

One of them was Yang Kai, who had not shown his face for several dozen years, while the other was a woman dressed in snow-white robes.

Zhu Qing’s beautiful eyes lit up as she looked towards Yang Kai with tender affection, but there were many people here, so although she missed him greatly, she couldn’t act too intimately.

Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan didn’t care too much about this. The two of them had accompanied Yang Kai since they were young, so they could be said to be one of his longest companions.

With a quick step, Xiao Xiao arrived in front of Yang Kai and used both his hands to climb onto Yang Kai’s shoulders, sitting down happily.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, ran over to Yang Kai, opened her arms, raised her head, and called out in a baby voice, “Master, please hug me!”

Yang Kai raised his hand and knocked her head, “Speak normally!”

Although Liu Yan had gained a physical body as Artifact Spirit due to some fortuitous encounter, she had always maintained the image of a little girl. At this moment, she was deliberately speaking in such a cute and innocent voice.

After being knocked by Yang Kai, her eyes immediately became watery and she stubbornly opened her arms, “Hug!”

Yang Kai sighed and bent down to pick her up. Liu Yan immediately wrapped her arms around Yang Kai’s neck in satisfaction and leaned her head against his neck with a smile on her face.

Zhu Qing’s smiling eyes suddenly filled with murderous intent!

Seeing this, Xiao Hong and Xiao Hei, who had been brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary by Yang Kai because they had been taking Dragon Blood Pills for a long time, also rushed forward and opened their arms, “We also want a hug!”

As Xiao Hei spoke, his saliva dripped onto the ground and the sound of corrosion immediately rang out.

Liu Yan’s face was slightly red as she looked down at the two of them with disdain.

Suddenly, she turned her head towards Hong Hu and whispered into Yang Kai’s ear, “Master, who is this aunt?”

“Aunt?” Hong Hu looked at Liu Yan with interest. As a fellow Phoenix Clan member, she had noticed the Phoenix True Fire in Liu Yan’s body as soon as she arrived here. This Source Energy was slightly different from the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline, so she was certain it was an extremely pure Phoenix Clan Source!

Suddenly hearing Liu Yan say this, the corners of her eyes couldn’t help twitching as she smiled insincerely, “This little girl is really cute, she’s really lovable!”

As he spoke, she stretched out her hand and pinched Liu Yan’s small face, clenching her teeth as she asked, “Is this the Inheritor of the Phoenix Empress’s Source?”

Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat and quickly shook his head, “It’s not her, it’s one of my wives. She’s not here, she’s probably in seclusion.”

Hong Hu nodded lightly, “Good!” She smiled sweetly at Liu Yan before letting go of her hand and patting her head, “Aunt, my name is Hong Hu and I am from the same clan as you. In the future, Aunt will take good care of you.”

Liu Yan turned her head and show Hong Hu the back of her head, giving her a look that said, ‘Who do you think you are!’ A bright red mark appeared on her white face.

“So it’s Junior Sister Hong Hu, please forgive me!” Seeing the cold atmosphere, Bi Xi quickly stepped out to smooth things over.

Hong Hu bowed respectfully, “Greetings, Senior Brother Bi Xi!”

“Junior Sister came from the Ancestral Land?”

Yang Kai looked at him in surprise, “Does Senior know about the Ancestral Land?”

Chuckling, Bi Xi replied, “After living for so long, I naturally know a little about such things. I once went to the Ancestral Land and returned after a few years.”

Hong Hu asked curiously, “Why do I have no impression of you?”

Bi Xi said lightly: “It happened many years ago.”

After a moment of silence, Hong Hu nodded and said, “It really does seem to be quite long ago.” Since Bi Xi had said he had been to the Ancestral Land, it meant he had really been there, but she had no impression of him. This meant that she had not been born when he went there! This could be traced back to tens of thousands of years ago.

“How is the Ancestral Land now? Is it still the same?”

Hong Hu smiled slightly and said, “The changes in the Ancestral Land are too great, so I can’t explain the exact situation in a few words. I’ll explain it to Senior Brother later.”

“Good!” Bi Xi nodded.

Yang Kai put Liu Yan down and said, “I don’t know what happened the last time Senior went to the Ancestral Land, but the Ancestral Land is no longer the same as before. Senior Hong Hu came with me this time to bring all the Holy Spirits from the Void Land to the Ancestral Land. After all, they can grow faster there and have a chance to obtain their own Source inheritance.”

Hearing this, Bi Xi said, “The Ancestral Land has the Kun Clan, so if these Dragon Clan from the Void Land go there…”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “There’s no need to worry, the Phoenix Clan will take care of them, and I’ve also met with the Kun Clan and made some agreements with them.”

Realizing this, Bi Xi said, “That’s for the best. These past few years, I also wanted to tell you about the Ancestral Land, but because I was worried about the Kun Clan living in the Ancestral Land, I didn’t say anything. Now that you’ve arranged everything, sending them there is indeed a good thing.”

“Thank you for your concern, Senior!” Yang Kai nodded. Before this, he had been somewhat puzzled. Logically speaking, such an existence should have known about the Ancestral Land, but after so many years, he had never revealed anything about it. Now he knew that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but that he was worried about the existence of the Kun Clan.

The Dragon Clan in the Void Land was simply too weak. Sending them to the Ancestral Land rashly would only be sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth, so it was better not to say anything.

However, now that Yang Kai had arranged everything and even had a Phoenix Clan master like Hong Hu to assist him, there was nothing to worry about.

As the few of them were talking, a stream of light suddenly flew over from the distance, and in the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of them, revealing a voluptuous figure.

Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, Zhu Jiu Yin!

She spent most of her time in seclusion in the Void Land and rarely showed her face. Even if Yang Kai wanted to see her, it would be extremely difficult. Only Shan Qingluo could see her often.

The reason she had come here at this moment was obviously because she had sensed the Holy Spirit aura of Hong Hu and was curious about it.

After not seeing Zhu Jiu Yin for so many years, Yang Kai clearly felt that this woman’s aura was becoming more profound.

She is an adult Holy Spirit, but because she had been brought out from the Great Ruins Boundary by Yang Kai, she was unable to adapt to the worldly laws of the outside world, so she was unable to fully display her strength.

Even so, the strength she displayed back then could easily suppress a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, so the current her was likely an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

“Phoenix Clan?” Zhu Jiu Yin looked at Hong Hu seriously for a moment before asking in surprise.


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