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Returning to the main hall, Hong Xiang Ling and the others immediately looked over.

Lu Zhengyang from Azure Nether Paradise said, “Sect Master Yang, we’ve been delayed here for quite some time now. Previously, Grandmaster was in seclusion and didn’t come out, so there was no one to discuss this matter with. Now that you’ve decided on this matter, you should bring out some rules.”

Unthinking Heaven's Duan Ruishan nodded and said, “That’s right, Sect Master Yang, if you have any conditions, feel free to ask. We have come here on behalf of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so naturally we won’t let Great Evolution suffer a loss.”

Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at Troublesome Grandmaster. The Grandmaster acted as if this matter had nothing to do with him, obviously unwilling to interfere.

Just as he had said before, under the current circumstances, if the various Cave Heaven Paradise wanted to borrow the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, Great Evolution would not be able to refuse. And now, in this vast expanse of universe, only the Void Land could negotiate with these giants.

The declining Great Evolution was not qualified.

Previously, when he had been hiding, they had only been able to use the word “delay”. Coincidentally, Yang Kai had returned from Shattered Heaven, so he had left this hot potato to him.

Even if it was for the benefit of his family, Yang Kai wouldn’t sell off the right to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

Facing everyone’s gazes, Yang Kai smiled and said, “Disciples from various families have only been sent to the Star Boundary for a few dozen years, so no matter how outstanding their aptitudes are, their current cultivation shouldn’t be that high, right? It’s still too early to break through to Open Heaven, so why are you so anxious?”

Duan Ruishan shook his head, “How can we not be anxious? It’s just as Sect Master Yang said, in these past few decades, the cultivation of the disciples who were sent to the Star Boundary is indeed not high, but their growth rate is too fast. I’m afraid in less than a hundred years, someone will begin to break through to Open Heaven.”

Yang Kai was shocked, “So fast?” In another one or two hundred years, someone would be able to break through to Open Heaven. This speed was simply too astonishing.

Hong Xiang Ling said, “The disciples who are sent to the Star Boundary are all carefully selected. Their aptitude and physique are all top-notch, and they cultivate in a place like the Star Boundary where the world’s spirit is abundant. How can they not be happy? To be honest, we old fellows have lived for so many years, but we have never seen such a grand event. The cultivation of those little fellows is simply different every day.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help worrying, “If their cultivation progresses too quickly, will their foundation be unstable?”

Yu Changdao shook his head and said, “We were also worried at first, but after carefully examining the disciples of the various families, we found that there was no such problem. The World Tree in the Star Boundary gave them an extremely rich aura of the Heavenly Law and Martial Dao, enough to satisfy their needs for advancement, so no matter how fast their cultivation progressed, there would be no signs of instability. For example, my disciple Shi Dazhuang. Does Sect Master know what his current cultivation is?”

Shi Dazhuang was the personal disciple that Yu Changdao had painstakingly accepted back then, all because this child was born with Innate Dao Body and was extremely compatible with Yu Changdao’s legacy.

It was also because of Shi Dazhuang that Yu Changdao became High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder.

Yang Kai naturally had a deep impression of this disciple.

When Yang Kai left, Shi Dazhuang was still an infant. Now that several decades had passed, with his aptitude, his cultivation shouldn’t be too low.

Yu Changdao didn’t really want Yang Kai to guess, so he answered his own question, “Now that child is already at the Origin Returning Stage, in the future he will reach Origin King Stage, the Dao Source Stage, and the Emperor Realm, then he can condense his own Dao Seal and prepare to break through to Open Heaven!”

In just a few dozen years, from an infant with no foundation to Origin Returning Stage cultivator, this was no longer something that could be accomplished with extreme aptitude. It required the guidance of a good teacher and a favorable cultivation environment.

Fortunately, Shi Dazhuang had both!

Yang Kai took a deep breath.

He also had two disciples, Zhao Yebai with mediocre aptitude. Not to mention, Zhao Ya was definitely the most talented cultivator he had ever met, but even with Zhao Ya’s aptitude, even if Yang Kai hadn’t asked her to suppress her cultivation all these years, she might not have been able to break through to the Origin Returning Stage in such a short time.

Because the cultivation environment of the two was different, one was in a treasured place like the Star Boundary, while the other was in Yang Kai’s Small Universe.

Yu Changdao continued, “In another one or two hundred years, the various Sects’ disciples will definitely display a magnificent scene of a hundred flowers blooming. At that time, there will be many who will be able to break through to the Fifth Order or Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. Even those who break through to the Seventh Order, there will still be many who will be able to do so. At that time, how much resources will each Sect’s require? Not to mention the Fifth Grade, each Sect will have enough resources to use, but the Sixth Grade, Seventh Grade resources will definitely not be enough.”

In the past, disciples who could directly break through to the Sixth Order were all Core Disciples in the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Generally, only one in every generation would appear, such as Qu Huachang from Yin-Yang Heaven and Ning Daoran from Free and Unfettered Paradise.

Because Core Disciples were rare and precious, after Yang Kai had killed Zhao Xing in Yin-Yang Heaven’s Dao Exchange Conference, Zuo Quan Hui had taken revenge.

However, in the Star Boundary’s environment, there would be more such core disciples.

Hong Xiang Ling said, “It is precisely because of this that we need to act quickly, otherwise it will be too late when we need to use our resources.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I haven’t been back to the Star Boundary for a long time, so I didn’t know about the situation there.”

Gently tapping his finger on the table, Yang Kai pondered for a moment before raising a finger, “The Good Fortune Divine Furnace can be used for a month in exchange for a chance to enter the various Small Source Worlds to gain experience!”

As soon as his voice fell, Troublesome Grandmaster who had been silently drinking wine from his wine gourd suddenly spat out a cloud of wine mist.

This guy… really dared to speak like this!

Suddenly, he felt that handing over the matter of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace to him was a wise choice, because if he were to discuss it himself, he definitely wouldn’t have such thoughts. At most, he would just ask each family for some resources as compensation.

However, after thinking about it carefully, this was a deal, after all. If he wanted to make such a big demand, he could give the other party some leeway to return the money.

The corners of Duan Ruishan’s eyes twitched as he asked, “Sect Master Yang, can you change the conditions? For example, each family can spend a certain amount of resources in exchange for a certain amount of time?”

Lu Zhengyang also nodded and said, “That’s right, Sect Master Yang. Small Source World is extremely important to every Cave Heaven Paradise. Disciples from all over the world are lining up to go in and gain experience, and there are often people who wait hundreds or thousands of years without a chance to do so. There really isn’t much of a chance.”

Although Yu Changdao and Hong Xiang Ling didn’t say anything, it was obvious they had the same idea.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Everyone doesn’t need to feel pain. Because of Yin-Yang Heaven, I was fortunate enough to enter the Small Source World and experience it once, so I’ve gained a lot from it. I’ve always thought that if I had the chance to go again, it would be great. As for the opportunity to gain experience, I believe it won’t be difficult for everyone.”

Lu Zhengyang wanted to say something more, but Yang Kai raised his hand and said, “Of course, this is just a suggestion. As for the specifics, you should discuss them with the others. After all, this matter is related to the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so it is not something the four of you can decide.”

Lu Zhengyang’s stomach was filled with words and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

Yang Kai stood up and said, “I’ve been away for a long time, so I need to return to the Void Land now, so I won’t be staying here any longer.” Saying so, he turned to Troublesome Grandmaster and said, “Grandmaster, I’ll be leaving first. Later, I’ll send some people over, so I’ll have to trouble Grandmaster.”

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded slightly. After all, this was something the two of them had agreed on, so he would not go back on his word.

Giving Hong Hu a meaningful glance, the two of them walked out.

“Should we go back to the Star Boundary?” Hong Xiang Ling looked at the others. Yang Kai, who could talk, was no longer here, so there was no point in them staying. Now that Yang Kai had made his offer, whether they could accept it or not, they would need to find someone else to discuss it with.

“Let’s go!” Duan Ruishan nodded and stood up.

The group bid farewell to Troublesome Grandmaster and quickly followed Yang Kai and Hong Hu.

Yu Changdao caught up to Yang Kai and whispered to him, “Sect Master, I see that Dazhuang’s foundation is solid and his aptitude is determined. In the future, when he condenses his Dao Seal, it is highly likely he will be able to directly advance to the Seventh Order!”

Yang Kai raised his brow, “That’s a good thing.”

Yu Changdao smiled and said, “Then the materials he needs to advance to Open Heaven…”

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him and chuckled, “Elder, are you here to discuss this matter with me as High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder, or are you here as a foreign envoy of Free and Unfettered Paradise?”

Yu Changdao’s face was filled with righteousness as he said, “Dazhuang is a disciple of your High Heaven Palace, so this old master will naturally negotiate with you as High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Since Dazhuang is a disciple of my High Heaven Palace, my High Heaven Palace will naturally take full responsibility for the resources he needs to break through to Open Heaven.”

Yu Changdao immediately smiled happily, “Dazhuang being able to enter High Heaven Palace is really his blessing.”

Yang Kai said gratefully, “It’s all thanks to Elder’s careful guidance over the years.”

When Hong Xiang Ling and the others saw this old man and young man chatting happily with each other, they couldn’t help feeling a bit annoyed. Back then, in order to accept Shi Dazhuang as a disciple, Yu Changdao had not hesitated to join High Heaven Palace as a Supreme Guest Elder, but he had been ridiculed by many of his old friends.

However, from the looks of it now, this was not a bad choice. With his status as High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder, he had formed a good relationship with Yang Kai, so anything could be discussed.

Once Shi Dazhuang really matured, in the end, he would still be Yu Changdao’s personal disciple, something that could not be changed.

Along the way, Hong Xiang Ling and the others naturally found an opportunity to discuss with Yang Kai about the usage rights of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, but Yang Kai’s stubborn attitude made them sigh helplessly.

From Yang Kai’s perspective, he had already stated his conditions, so what was left was for the various Cave Heaven Paradise to reach a consensus. Only then would they be able to continue their discussion, otherwise there would be no need to waste time.

Moreover, he had actually proposed such conditions back then.

When the matter of the World Tree had been leaked, it had attracted the attention of the various Cave Heaven Paradise, so Yang Kai had thought of letting these top forces take the opportunity to gain experience in Small Source World in exchange for the qualifications to recruit Star Boundary disciples and open Training Hall.

However, Xu Linggong rejected this idea because the qualifications to participate in the Small Source World’s trials had been crazily snatched from every Cave Heaven Paradise. Their own disciples didn’t even have enough place, so how could they allow others to benefit?


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