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Troublesome Grandmaster smiled and said, “Can you guarantee that you can exchange fourteen resources for a higher grade? I just said that luck is quite good this time. If your luck is bad, even if you throw dozens or hundreds of resources, you may not be able to obtain anything. The word ‘good fortune’ is the most difficult to grasp.”

Yang Kai gripped the Sixth Grade Wood Element resource in his hand tightly and said in a low voice, “But if I had to choose, I would rather use up a few dozen Fifth Grade Yin-Yang Elementals in exchange for a single Sixth Grade.”

Although a Fifth Grade Yin-Yang Attribute Resource was difficult to find, it was much easier to find than a Sixth Grade. A Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Attribute Resource was considered a strategic reserve in the various Cave Heaven Paradise and was rarely used.

Back then, when the Void Land was besieged by Zuo Quan Hui and the Heavenly Sword Union, the various Great Emperors needed resources to break through to Open Heaven. If Yang Kai hadn’t personally gone to Black Prison to rob Luan Bai Feng and open a mineral star, he wouldn’t have been able to gather the resources he needed. Perhaps the Great Emperors were still stuck at the Emperor Realm.

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded, “That’s why they’ve come! The World Tree’s mysteries are boundless. Even if the World Tree in the Star Boundary is only a Sub Tree, the energy it produces is still incredible. The various Cave Heaven Paradise have collected a number of disciples from your Star Boundary and sent many talents from their own territories. Over the past few years, many outstanding talents have appeared. It can be said that the number of geniuses that have appeared in the Star Boundary over the past few decades is more than the number of geniuses in the entire 3000 Worlds in the past thousand years. Although it hasn’t been long and these little fellows haven’t fully matured yet, there are still many who have the qualifications to directly break through to the Fifth Order or Sixth Order. There are even some who have the potential to break through to the Seventh Order!”

The Star Boundary was his homeland, but after hearing Troublesome Grandmaster's words, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling proud. It was foreseeable that after a few hundred years, the Star Boundary would definitely display a magnificent scene of a hundred flowers blooming!

Troublesome Grandmaster sighed, “To directly advance to the Seventh Order! Since the 36 Cave Heaven and 72 Paradise were created, how many people can directly advance to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage? Not only does that require extraordinary aptitude, but it also requires the creation of Heaven and Earth in their body! And to advance to the Seventh Order, one needs a Seventh Grade resource. The Five Elements are easy to obtain, the various Cave Heaven Paradise all have reserves, so there should be quite a number of them. After all, it is also necessary for the cultivation of the High Rank Open Heaven. However, even if the Seventh Grade Yin-Yang Attribute has reserves, there won’t be too many of them, so they naturally have to prepare as soon as possible.”

Yang Kai understood and said, “So they want to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace to create enough Seventh Order Yin-Yang Attributes so that they won't have to waste time when needed?”

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded.

Yang Kai let out a long sigh. If he was in the Cave Heaven Paradise, he would have made the same choice.

“If that’s the case, why did Grandmaster give me such a big gift?” Yang Kai was puzzled.

Since they wanted to borrow the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, they would definitely have to pay a price. This was a good thing for Great Evolution Paradise. Any request he made would be worth a fortune, so there was no reason for him to hand over such benefits to others.

However, Troublesome Grandmaster did just that, even stating that he was a Supreme Guest Elder of High Heaven Palace and that Yang Kai was in charge of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “You only saw four people here today, but these four don’t represent any of the four Cave Heaven Paradise, but rather all of them. They are just throwing stones and asking for directions. My Great Evolution has long since fallen into decline, and now it was supported by an old man like me. Do you think my Great Evolution has the qualifications to negotiate with those many Cave Heaven Paradise? At most, I’ll just ask for some resources as compensation. As for the resources, how could my Great Evolution lack them? This old man can help others refine artifacts and earn enough resources.”

Yang Kai frowned slightly, “Does Grandmaster mean that if you refuse, they will use force?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said lightly, “The general trend!”

Yang Kai’s heart trembled. According to Grandmaster’s words, all the various Cave Heaven Paradise should be preparing a Seventh Grade Yin-Yang Attribute materials in advance, and the more the better, so they needed to use the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

In the past, even though they knew about the existence of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, they had not had any ideas about it. The main reason was that the uncertainties of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace were too great, so even if they invested tens or hundreds of resources, they wouldn’t be able to reap any benefits. In any case, how could they bear such a loss? In any case, each family had a few Seventh Grade Yin Yang Attribute materials, so even if there weren’t many, it was enough.

However, the situation was different now. With insufficient reserves, they could only think of other ways, that is the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. No matter how much losses they incurred, as long as their family produced a direct Seventh Order Disciple, it would still be worth it.

After all, if one were to reach the Seventh Order directly, their limit in the future would be the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage!

Putting aside the Seventh and Sixth Grade Yin-Yang attribute storage, the requirements of the various Cave Heaven Paradise would probably be higher.

“Right now, in the entire 3000 Worlds, only your Void Land has the qualifications to negotiate with the various Cave Heaven Paradise.” Troublesome Grandmaster turned to look at Yang Kai.

The World Tree was the best example.

The Star Boundary was Yang Kai’s homeland, and the World Tree grew in the Star Boundary, regardless of Yang Kai’s cultivation level, he has the right to speak about this matter. The identity of the Great Emperor was the bargaining chip between him and the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, “Grandmaster, what are your conditions?”

The Grandmaster smiled, “It’s easy to talk to smart people.”

With the decline of the Great Evolution, there was no way to bargain with the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Under such circumstances, the Great Evolution was unable to stop the various Cave Heaven Paradise even if they want to borrow the Universe Furnace.

With no other choice, Troublesome Grandmaster could only place the risk on Yang Kai, but in this way, Yang Kai would have to take a lot of the profits from Great Evolution.

Troublesome Grandmaster would naturally not make such a loss trading.

“I don’t care what your conditions are for negotiating with those Cave Heaven Paradise, my Great Evolution will take half!” Grandmaster Tang said bluntly.

Even if it was only half of it, it was still far more than what Great Evolution could discuss by itself.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate and nodded, “Sure!”

This was the same as giving him benefits for free. Yang Kai didn’t need to do anything to obtain half of the benefits, so he naturally wasn’t dissatisfied.

“In addition, my Great Evolution Training Hall in the Star Boundary needs to be doubled in size. This old man wants to send more disciples to the Star Boundary to cultivate!”

“No problem.”

“That’s good,” Troublesome Grandmaster nodded.

“That's it?” Yang Kai was extremely surprised.

“What else is there?” Troublesome Grandmaster looked at him.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Grandmaster’s appetite really isn’t big.”

Troublesome Grandmaster snorted, “If I were to ask for too much, it would appear insincere. En, but this old man is preparing to leave.”

“Leaving the mountain?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“When these little brats are sent to the Star Boundary, their growth will definitely not be slow. In the future, when they break through to Open Heaven, they will need a lot of resources to cultivate. My Great Evolution doesn’t have much, so I can only think of ways to earn more resources. This old man doesn’t have any other skills, so he can only help others refine artifacts.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, “Grandmaster wants to help people refine artifacts and earn resources?”

“What do you think?”

“Yes, yes, I have a great idea!” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “If Grandmaster doesn’t mind, I can hire Grandmaster to be Void Land’s Chief Artifact Refiner. I will pay a certain amount for every artifact Grandmaster refine, how about it?”

Troublesome Grandmaster remained silent, obviously unwilling to be restrained like this.

Yang Kai continued, “In addition, I can also send some apprentices over to assist Grandmaster. If you’re in a good mood, you can teach them some things. If you’re in a bad mood, you can beat them up or scold them however you like. Of course, if the apprentices are with you, they will definitely show you some respect.”

Troublesome Grandmaster glanced at him with a look of contempt.

Yang Kai struck while the iron was hot and said, “Grandmaster has already admitted in front of Elder Yu and the others that he is a Supreme Guest Elder of my High Heaven Palace, so having another Void Land Chief Artifact Refiner title isn’t a big deal, right?”

After hesitating for a moment, Troublesome Grandmaster let out a long sigh, “I didn’t expect this old man to have such a day!” For the sake of his disciples and grand-disciples, he had been worried sick.

“Then Grandmaster, is this a deal?” Yang Kai was overjoyed.

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded sullenly.

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Grandmaster, don’t worry, the apprentices I sent to you won’t make you worry.”

Troublesome Grandmaster snorted, “If they want to learn from me, they must have some skill.”

Yang Kai turned to look at the Good Fortune Divine Furnace again, his eyes burning.

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “Just now, I was just showing you the situation after you put in resources. As long as you have enough, the Good Fortune Divine Furnace will send back more advanced materials. There is actually another way.”

Yang Kai asked, “Which one?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “Take out the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, Seven Elements of the same grade and throw them in.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai took out a set of Fifth Grade Resources harvested from the Gourd Vine from his Space Ring. If there was no shortage of resources in the Void Land, it was undoubtedly the Fifth Grade resources.

After planting the Gourd Vine, every month, the Void Land would receive a set of resources that included the Yin-Yang + Five Elements, a full set of Seven Elements.

When Yang Kai first left, he had brought a lot with him. Now that several decades had passed, the Void Land must have accumulated even more.

Seven resources were thrown into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace, and the gray mist wriggled like a living thing, swallowing them in the blink of an eye.

After a short while, the gray mist suddenly turned dark red, and soon after, an object was spat out.

Yang Kai grabbed it and looked over, raising his brow, “Sixth Grade Water Element!”

Troublesome Grandmaster explained, “Compared to only investing a single attribute resource, if you were to invest all seven of them at once, the probability of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace refining higher grade materials would be as high as seventy to eighty percent. It can be said that the number of times it failed is very small. However, there is a drawback to this method, and that is that you cannot determine what attribute the materials the Divine Furnace will return. This time, you obtained the Water Element, next time it may be the Fire Element, next time it may be the Yin Attribute!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing, “It really is amazing!”

Both methods had their advantages and disadvantages.

The first method was to incur a lot of losses, but what kind of attribute one invested in was what kind of attribute one obtained. The second method was to incur fewer losses, but there were too many uncertain factors.

Yang Kai suddenly had the urge to throw all the resources he had accumulated over the years into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace. No matter how uncertain he was, if he were to throw in hundreds or thousands of resources, he would at least be able to obtain some Sixth Grade Yin-Yang Attrribute, right?


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si bams
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Even if the situation change? how can they allow direct 7th grade? doesn't they afraid to repeat the catastrophe? They even want YK to join them but limited to 6th grade. How shameless of them.

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Plot holes, plot holes everywhere! 🙃

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