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As a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner, Troublesome Grandmaster's skills were superb. In the entire vast universe, 3000 worlds, there were only a handful of Artifact Refining masters who could compare to him.

When other families refined the Palace’s artifacts, there would definitely be dozens or even hundreds of Artifact Refiners working together. Even if their craftsmanship was slightly better, it would still require at least a dozen people. But when it came to the Troublesome Grandmaster refining Purple Heaven Palace, from beginning to end, it was all by himself!

There were only a handful of Artifact Refiners in the 3000 Worlds who could achieve this.

This kind of Artifact Refiner was a rare and precious talent in any Cave Heaven Paradise. Not to mention Yang Kai, even if it was the 36 Cave Heaven and 72 Paradise, which one of them wouldn’t be jealous?

It wasn’t that no one had tried to recruit him. Over the countless years, almost every Cave Heaven Paradise had sent people to recruit him, offering generous conditions, but all of them had been rejected by Troublesome Grandmaster.

To him, the Great Evolution Paradise was his root, born as a Great Evolution Man, and died as a Great Evolution Ghost!

Yang Kai had also thought of inviting Troublesome Grandmaster to become High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder, and after learning about the current situation in Great Evolution Paradise, using the World Tree as bait to lure Troublesome Grandmaster out.

However, although Troublesome Grandmaster had promised to help him refine the Palace Artifact, he had never agreed to become a Supreme Guest Elder.

Yang Kai didn’t force him.

Who would have thought that at this moment, he would say such shocking words without Yang Kai's knowing?

Yang Kai’s first reaction was not joy, but a hot potato that had fallen into his hands.

Amidst his shock, Yu Changdao’s eyes lit up, “Grandmaster is actually one of us? That’s great, Sect Master, please take care of us!”

Hong Xiang Ling even stood up and stood in front of Yang Kai, “Yang Boy, I have a disciple with a cultivation of Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. She’s as beautiful as a flower and has a gentle temperament. Even now, she has yet to find a partner, and her emotions are completely blank, unable to extricate herself from her infatuated cultivation and showing signs of cultivation deviation. I think I need a young talent like you to save her…”

Before he could finish his words, Duan Ruishan slapped him across the face and pushed him to the side, “Sect Master Yang, if you have any conditions, feel free to state them. If I can accomplish them, I will not refuse!”

Lu Zhengyang from Azure Nether Paradise also said, “Does High Heaven Palace still lack Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder? This Lu has long felt that it is fated to be with High Heaven Palace, but unfortunately Sect Master Yang has been away for a long time and has no way to join.”

The four High Rank Open Heaven masters, all stared at Yang Kai with burning eyes, as if they were hungry ghosts who had just seen a delicious delicacy.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded, “What are you talking about?”

Seeing the look on Yang Kai’s face as if he had seen a ghost, the four High Rank masters couldn’t help exchanging a glance.

Hong Xiang Ling asked, “Little brat, you don’t know?”

“Should I know?” Yang Kai asked back, “I just returned from Shattered Heaven and came here to find Troublesome Grandmaster to retrieve my artifact.”

Lu Zhengyang frowned and turned to look at Troublesome Grandmaster, “Grandmaster, can Sect Master Yang really make the decision? He doesn’t seem to know.”

Troublesome Grandmaster sat there, smiling as he took out a wine gourd and took a sip before nodding, “Of course he can make the decision. En, even if he couldn’t before, now that I say so, then he can!”

Everyone’s eyes burned with passion once more.

Yang Kai said bitterly, “Grandmaster, what’s going on? You should at least greet me first.”

Troublesome Grandmaster pondered for a moment before standing up and saying, “Follow me!”

Saying so, he walked out.

Yang Kai put away Purple Heaven Palace and quickly followed. Just as Hong Hu was about to follow, Yang Kai waved his hand at her to stay.

As soon as Troublesome Grandmaster walked out of the hall, he flew deeper into the void.

The Grandmaster’s voice came from the front, “My Great Evolution Paradise has two great artifacts, one is an imitation of the Universe Furnace, the real Universe Furnace is ethereal and invisible, nurturing the essence of the universe and giving birth to a mysterious pills. Any Open Heaven Stage cultivator who consumes it can break through their shackles, and as long as there are enough of them, they will be able to advance without limit. The World’s most commonly used Open Heaven Pill is a pill refined by an ancient great expert who researched the Universe Furnace and developed a pill recipe. Every time the real Universe Furnace appears, it will stir up a storm in the 3000 Worlds, and no one can possess it. My Great Evolution Paradise's ancestors were fortunate enough to have seen the Universe Furnace and spent countless years and resources to create a replica of the Universe Furnace. Although it is not as profound as the real Universe Furnace, it is still quite extraordinary. This old master even used it as Artifact Refining Artifact, you have seen it before.”

Yang Kai nodded. When he first came here with the Proprietress to find Troublesome Grandmaster for Artifact Refining, he had seen him activate the power of the Sun’s True Fire to refine artifacts inside the replica Universe Furnace.

“The second artifact is called the Good Fortune Divine Furnace!” Troublesome Grandmaster's voice was solemn.

“Good Fortune Divine Furnace?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

“This is not an imitation, but a true treasure born from the Heavens and Earth!” Troublesome Grandmaster's voice was filled with pride, “According to the ancient records of my ancestors, this Good Fortune Divine Furnace suddenly appeared in the Great Evolution Paradise one day. It can be considered a gift from the Heavens and Earth, a blessing from the Heavens and Earth that is boundlessly profound.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “What use does this Good Fortune Divine Furnace have?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “You’ll know when you see it later.”

Yang Kai didn’t ask anymore.

A moment later, the two of them had entered a certain place in the void. Here, layers of restrictions surrounded them, and before they could approach, a dangerous aura spread out, causing Yang Kai to tremble in fear.

Although he was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, if he were to transform into a Big Dragon, he would be comparable to a Seventh Order master. The fact that he was able to react in such a way showed just how fierce the restrictions was.

“This place was originally my Great Evolution Paradise's forbidden land, so anyone who is not a Great Evolution cultivator is not allowed to enter. However, now that time has passed and Great Evolution is in decline, there is no need to pay attention to the rules of our ancestors,” Troublesome Grandmaster said as he took out an ancient token and formed a seals with his hand. A mysterious light shot out from the token and transformed into a light passage.

Troublesome Grandmaster led the way, Yang Kai following closely behind.

The passage was tens of thousands of kilometers long, and the two of them continued forward.

At the end of the tunnel, Yang Kai saw a three-legged cauldron that was as tall as a man, its surface engraved with complicated patterns.

“Is this the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?” Yang Kai looked around curiously. At first glance, there was nothing special about this Good Fortune Divine Furnace. The only thing that caught Yang Kai’s attention was that it was filled with a layer of gray mist and was extremely strange. When his Divine Sense probed it, it was like a stone sinking into the sea.

A gray mist filled the entire Good Fortune Divine Furnace, slowly wriggling like a living creature. Yang Kai frowned, “Is this thing alive?”

For a moment, he almost felt a strange vitality from this Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

Troublesome Grandmaster shook his head and said, “It’s neither life nor death, Great Evolution's ancestors couldn’t figure out whether this Good Fortune Divine Furnace was alive or dead. They didn’t even know why it suddenly appeared here, and before it appeared, there were no signs of it. After it appeared, no one could move it.”

“What a strange thing!” Yang Kai observed for a moment before asking, “What kind of use does this Good Fortune Divine Furnace have?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “I’ll let you broaden your horizons.”

Saying so, Yang Kai waved his hand and a large pile of wood element materials flew into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.

Yang Kai could clearly see that the quality of these wood element materials was quite good. Most of them were fifth grade and there were quite a few of them, at least ten of them.

Numerous fifth grade wood element materials were thrown into the Good Fortune Divine Furnace and the gray mist swallowed them up, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

After waiting for a moment, Troublesome Grandmaster took out a fifth grade wood element resource and casually tossed it into the gray mist.

Nothing happened.

Troublesome Grandmaster add another resource!

After this happened four times, the gray mist suddenly began to wriggle violently, and even its color began to change. The originally gray mist suddenly turned bright red.

In the next moment, the red mist suddenly retracted and expanded as an object broke through it.

Obviously, Troublesome Grandmaster was prepared for this and grabbed the thing in his hand. After glancing at it, he nodded and said, “Luck is quite good.”

He tossed it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it and examined it, his eyes narrowing, “Sixth Order?”

Troublesome Grandmaster said, “This is the wondrous use of the Good Fortune Divine Furnace.”

Yang Kai stared at Troublesome Grandmaster in shock, “How could this be?”

Troublesome Grandmaster replied, “If you ask me why, I don’t know. I’m afraid none of Great Evolution's ancestors know the reason, but the mysteries of the world are not something that can be understood by those with high cultivation. The reason why the Good Fortune Divine Furnace is called the Good Fortune Divine Furnace is because of this reason.”

Yang Kai’s breathing became somewhat hurried as he held a Sixth Grade Wood Element resource in his hand. Turning his head, he saw that the originally dark red mist had once again turned gray after spitting out this sixth grade resource.

His throat suddenly felt dry!

“Grandmaster, after swallowing enough resources, this Good Fortune Divine Furnace is able to spit out a higher grade?”

Troublesome Grandmaster nodded.

“Is Elder Yu and the others here for the Good Fortune Divine Furnace?”

Troublesome Grandmaster smiled and said, “If that wasn’t the case, what kind of thing in this Great Evolution Paradise is worthy of them personally coming here? My old bones aren’t worth recruiting.”

Yang Kai swallowed his saliva and said, “With this divine treasure in hand, wouldn’t all the resources in the world be mine?”

“Don’t think too highly of it,” Troublesome Grandmaster said, pouring cold water on his face, “Although the Good Fortune Divine Furnace can be used to restore higher grade resources, if we really calculate the value, it will basically be a loss. Just think about how many resources I just invested.”

“Fourteen!” Yang Kai understood. First, Troublesome Grandmaster had lost ten, then four, and finally getting a sixth grade.

In terms of value, a sixth grade resource was equivalent to ten fifth grade resources. This was equivalent to losing four fifth grade resoures.

“But Grandmaster, that’s not how it should be calculated. What you’ve lost this time is a wood element resource, what if it’s a Yin-Yang attribute? A sixth grade Yang attribute is more than ten times more valuable than a fifth grade Yang attribute treasure, and a fifth grade Yang attribute treasure is easier to find, but a sixth grade is a rare treasure!”

The value of a Yin-Yang attribute resource above the sixth grade could no longer be measured simply by its value.


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