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Returning from Shattered Heaven to the Void Land was a long and arduous journey. Moreover, because this was the first time Hong Hu had left the Ancestral Land, she had not left her mark on any of the great domains' Universe Temple, so she was unable to use them to travel, so the two of them had to fly across each great domain by themselves.

As such, the time it took was undoubtedly longer than the time Yang Kai took to go there.

Yang Kai did not return to the Void Land directly but instead went to the Great Evolution Territory first.

He still remembered the palace artifact he had asked Troublesome Grandmaster to refine.

After so many years, the refinement of the Palace’s artifact should have been completed, right? After witnessing the wonders of Heavenly Sword Union’s Heavenly Sword Palace, Yang Kai had become extremely jealous of the Palace’s artifact.

Although the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace could also be considered a palace artifact, and an extremely high-grade one at that, it was still related to the cultivation and inheritance of the Dragon Clan, so it could not be easily used. When Yang Kai left the Ancestral Land, the Crystal Palace had been left behind in the Four Phoenix Pavilion.

In the Great Evolution Territory, Yang Kai easily found the entrance to the Great Evolution Paradise, cupped his fists, and called out, “Grandmaster, this Junior has come according to the agreement, please show yourself.”

A moment later, the door opened.

Yang Kai and Hong Hu quickly entered.

A figure appeared in front of them, a young and beautiful girl.

“Junior Sister Cen!” Yang Kai nodded, recognizing that this person was one of the survivors of Great Evolution Paradise, Cen Cen, a Fourth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. The last time he came here, he had met several Open Heaven Stage masters from Great Evolution Paradise, Cen Cen was one of them, and there was also a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master named Nalan Lushui, but at this moment, she was nowhere to be seen.

“Senior Brother Yang!” Cen Cen returned the greeting and glanced at Hong Hu behind Yang Kai curiously.

“Is Grandmaster here?” Yang Kai asked.

Cen Cen nodded, “Yes, Old Ancestor has been waiting for you. The things you wanted have been refined, but…”

“But what?” Yang Kai’s heart jumped, wondering if something had happened to his palace’s artifact.

Cen Cen whispered, “Recently, Old Ancestor has been in a bad mood.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, “Why?”

“Some annoying people have come,” Cen Cen pouted, “You’ll know when you see Old Ancestor later.”

Saying so, she led the way.

Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised. Very few people knew about the ruins of Great Evolution Paradise, and he had only learned about it because of the Proprietress. Why would someone come here? Moreover, with Grandmaster’s cultivation and status, who could possibly make him unhappy?

Following Cen Cen, they soon arrived at the Grandmaster’s residence.

Before they even got close, Hong Hu whispered into Yang Kai’s ear, “Be careful, there are a few strong little fellows inside.”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. Hong Hu was equivalent to an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, and even among the Eighth Order, she was one of the best. For her to be able to say that their strength was not bad, it was definitely not some random cat or dog. It was definitely at least a Seventh Order or above.

As for the High Rank Open Heaven, only the people from Cave Heaven Paradise could have such strength here.

Cen Cen stopped in front of him and turned around, “The Old Ancestor is inside, Senior Brother should go in by yourself.”

“Many thanks, Junior Sister Cen.”

Cen Cen rolled her eyes and said, “If you really want to thank me, plead the Old Ancestor for me. When you return to the Star Boundary, bring me with you. I haven’t seen Senior Sister Nalan for many years and I miss her a lot.”

“I’ll try my best,” Yang Kai smiled.

Cen Cen clenched her fists and cheered him on, “I'm depending on you!”

After Cen Cen left, Yang Kai and Hong Hu stepped forward and entered the main hall, instantly attracting the attention of several people.

Yang Kai looked up and couldn’t help showing a look of surprise as he stared at one of the old men and laughed, “Elder Yu?”

This old man was none other than Yu Changdao from Free and Unfettered Paradise, also known as High Heaven Palace’s Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder. Back when Yu Changdao was in the Star Boundary, he had taken a fancy to an infant with an innate Dao Body and wanted to take him as his personal disciple, but the baby's mother had insisted on her deceased husband’s dying wish and wanted the child to pay respects and join the High Heaven Palace.

No matter how Yu Changdao tried to persuade her, the child’s mother refused.

In the end, Yang Kai came up with a crooked idea and asked Yu Changdao to join High Heaven Palace and become High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder. In this way, even if that child took Yu Changdao as his master, he would still be a High Heaven Palace disciple. Yu Changdao’s wish was fulfilled, and High Heaven Palace now had a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage Supreme Guest Elder!

Everyone was happy!

Since Yang Kai left the Star Boundary, he had first gone to repair the various parts of Universe Temple, then went to Black Prison to move the mineral star, then went to the Shattered Heaven's Wind Divine Ability to cultivate. After that, he had been hunted down because of the World Spring, entered the Ancestral Land, unseal the Sealing Demon Land, and refined his Dragon Vein into a Big Dragon.

In the blink of an eye, decades had passed!

Yang Kai had never expected to meet Yu Changdao here.

Not only that, but the others also looked quite familiar. They were obviously foreign envoys who should be stationed in the various Cave Heaven Paradise's Training Halls in the Star Boundary.

In addition to Yu Changdao from Free and Unfettered Paradise, there was also Hong Xiang Ling from Azure Void Heaven. This old man had tried his best to matchmake Yang Kai, so Yang Kai had a deep impression of him.

There was also Unthinking Heaven’s Duan Ruishan and Azure Nether Paradise’ Lu Zhengyang.

There were a total of four Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters, each of them representing their own Cave Heaven Paradise.

Yang Kai wasn’t unfamiliar with these four because they had all been to the Star Boundary before and had met with him.

Troublesome Grandmaster is not here.

“Sect Master!” Yu Changdao stood up. Although his cultivation was higher than Yang Kai’s, since he was carrying the title of High Heaven Palace’s Supreme Guest Elder, he could be considered a member of High Heaven Palace, so his attitude towards Yang Kai was naturally more polite.

Hong Xiang Ling laughed, “Yang Boy!”

“Senior Hong!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and asked curiously, “Why are you here?”

Hong Xiang Ling chuckled, “Why can’t we be here? Why are you here?”

Yang Kai said, “Previously, I entrusted Grandmaster to refine a treasure, and now I’ve come here as promised!”

Hong Xiang Ling nodded and chuckled, “The World Tree is quite amazing, even this iron rooster has spoken up. I was wondering why he brought a group of disciples and grand-disciples to the Star Boundary a few decades ago, so it turns out you had a deal.”

“Who are you calling an iron rooster?” A dissatisfied voice called out, Troublesome Grandmaster walk out from the back hall and glare at Hong Xiang Ling.

The latter lightly slapped his mouth and shamelessly said, “Speak to myself!”

“Hmph!” Troublesome Grandmaster coldly snorted before turning to look at Yang Kai, but instead of looking at him, he turned to look at Hong Hu who was standing behind Yang Kai and said solemnly, “This is…”

Yu Changdao, Hong Xiang Ling, and the others had long been curious about Hong Hu’s identity. They were all Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, but facing this woman, they actually felt a bit of pressure. She hadn’t even used any of her strength, so they naturally paid attention to her. However, since Yang Kai didn’t take the initiative to introduce her, they didn’t ask too much.

They didn’t ask, but as the master of this place, he had no choice but to ask. If he hadn’t sensed this woman’s unique aura, he wouldn’t have shown himself.

Yang Kai quickly introduced, “This is Senior Hong Hu.” He then introduced everyone’s background to Hong Hu.

Hong Hu smiled and nodded.

Yu Changdao’s long white eyebrows rose, “I’ve heard there are five phoenix variant, Chi Wei Feng, Qing Zhe Luan, Huang Yuan Chu, Zi Wei Yue Zhuo, and Bai Hong Hu, your aura seems to be somewhat… different.”

[MSN: I think there was a mistake before, it was a phoenix variants, since i'm not sure, i use colors before, but it probably still have to do with colors. And, the variants is probably different kind of birds.]

He had only thought of this after seeing Hong Hu wearing a snow white dress.

Hong Hu smiled slightly, “I am that Bai Hong Hu.”

Everyone was shocked.

Yu Changdao said solemnly, “My apologies for being impolite!”

Hong Xiang Ling, however, wore a solemn expression, “Why has the Phoenix Clan returned?”

Hong Hu looked at him in confusion, “What?”

Hong Xiang Ling frowned, “Did Senior not return from that place?”

“Which place?” Hong Hu asked, “I come from Shattered Heaven's Holy Spirit Ancestral Land.”

Inside the hall, the several High Rank masters glanced at each other before Hong Xiang Ling said, “I was mistaken, please forgive me.”

Hong Hu looked at him with a strange expression, seemingly lost in thought.

Yang Kai also wore a puzzled look on his face. When Hong Hu had revealed her identity just now, all of them had looked as if the sky had collapsed, but when Hong Hu said she had come from the Shattered Heaven's Ancestral Land, all of them felt relieved.

What kind of place was the place Hong Xiang Ling mentioned? What did it have to do with the Phoenix Clan?

Just as he was thinking this, Troublesome Grandmaster reached out and tossed something towards him.

Yang Kai instinctively grabbed it and stared at it, only to discover that it was a shrunken palace. His eyes immediately lit up as he exclaimed, “Grandmaster, this is…”

“Purple Heaven Palace!” Troublesome Grandmaster replied casually, “It can be said that I didn’t let you down. It took a lot of resources to forge this thing, but it was all provided by your High Heaven Palace. As for how much was used, you can ask your Chief Manager later. The Purple Heaven Divine Thunder you left behind back then, I have also integrated it with the palace. As for its specific effects, you can slowly figure it out after refining it.”

Yang Kai played with it lovingly and said, “Many thanks, Grandmaster.”

Crystal Palace could not be easily used, and Purple Heaven Palace could be said to be his first palace artifact. As for how much resources he had to spend, with his current status, the two Star Cities, a new Great Domain, and the Black Territory, how could he care?

What’s more, on Shattered Heaven’s side, Bright Sun Divine Monarch, Xia Linlang, and the others were still developing the five Universe Cave Heaven and Universe Paradise.

After it was developed, it would be another sum of income.

The current Void Land was no longer the Void Land where they had to worry about supplies. It was now filled with abundant supplies.

“Grandmaster’s craftsmanship is truly extraordinary,” The Unthinking Heaven's Duan Ruishan praised.

As one of the 36 Cave Heaven, Unthinking Heaven naturally had their own craftsmen, so refining a palace artifact wasn’t a problem for them. However, it was impossible for them to refine a palace artifact so exquisitely and easily.

This was the gap between them, a gap that was impossible to reach.

Yang Kai was still happily playing with the palace artifact that had been named Purple Heaven Palace by Troublesome Grandmaster when he heard Troublesome Grandmaster say in a clear voice, “I won’t hide it from everyone, now that I am a Supreme High Ranking Guest Elder of High Heaven Palace, it’s not convenient for me to make a decision on what you want to discuss with me. It’s best if you discuss it with the Sect Master.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with surprise as he instinctively felt like he had been tricked.


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