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Yang Kai nodded slightly, also finding this a bit strange. The various Cave Heaven Paradise had existed for countless years, and the number of High Rank Open Heaven was countless. How could they act so despicably just to consolidate their dominance?

If it was just one or two families, it was still possible, but if all the Cave Heaven Paradise had such an attitude, it was impossible for them not to think about it.

“This King has always felt that the various Cave Heaven Paradise are hiding some kind of secret, and this secret is something only High Rank Open Heaven have the qualifications to touch, so only High Rank Open Heaven, which is not from Cave Heaven Paradise, would suffer such an undeserved calamity. If it weren’t for this, how could we have hidden in Shattered Heaven for so many years? The 3000 worlds are vast and boundless, filled with all kinds of wonders, so how could we not want to explore the myriad worlds and see all of their glory?”

“Secret…” Yang Kai muttered to himself. Although he couldn’t be certain whether Bright Sun Divine Monarch's guess was right or wrong, from the looks of it, it really was possible.

Bright Sun turned his head and smiled, “Little Brother is different from this King, your potential is not small. If you can figure out the whole story in the future, please let me know so that this King can resolve his many years of confusion.”

“Sure!” Yang Kai nodded. He is now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator and wasn’t far from the Seventh Order. One day, he would also be promoted to the Seventh ORder Open Heaven Stage. Although he had inherited the title of Yin-Yang Heaven’s Son-in-Law, in the end, he wasn’t born in the Cave Heaven Paradise. After advancing to the Seventh Order, he might be able to touch upon the secrets that Bright Sun had mentioned.

On second thought, the Proprietress had been in seclusion for many years, and once she came out, she would definitely advance to the Seventh Order! What kind of situation would she face?

At that time, if the Cave Heaven Paradise came to ask for her, what if he refused?

A few days later, a group of people stopped in the void.

Bright Sun carefully examined his surroundings before nodding towards Yang Kai, “If this King isn’t mistaken, there should be a hidden door here. When this King passed by this place, the door showed signs of opening, but it only appeared for a brief moment. Although this King has been searching for a long time, I haven’t been able to find any clues, so I can only temporarily remember its location. Over the years, I have come here to investigate, but I haven’t found anything. Little Brother, it’s up to you now.”

Yang Kai nodded and activated his Space Laws.

Just like last time, a visible ripple spread out from his body, distorting space wherever it passed.

Several dozen of Bright Sun's subordinates watched with interest.

It was the same for Bright Sun Divine Monarch himself. Although he had seen some scenes when he was hiding in his Universe Cave Heaven last time, it was far less profound than this time.

The ripples created by these layers of Space Laws were simply the best type of pathfinding stone.

If there really was a hidden door here, it would definitely have a different reaction to these ripples. This scene made Bright Sun sigh with emotion. The Space Laws were really useful in this situation. If he was proficient in the Space Laws, he would be able to find many hidden places in Shattered Heaven.

These were all ancient relics, so there was a high chance they were hiding some kind of treasure.

The Mystery Fish from three thousand years ago and the World Spring after three thousand years had all appeared in these ancient Universe Cave Heaven.

Two out of the Universe Four Pillars had appeared, who knew if more would appear?

After the time it took to boil a cup of tea, Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked in a certain direction, where there was a slight fluctuation in the air.

Following his gaze, Bright Sun saw nothing unusual.

However, after Yang Kai pushed his Space Laws to the limit for an incense stick’s worth of time, the anomaly in the void finally became apparent. Obviously, there was a large area that was different from the others.

“As expected!” Bright Sun Divine Monarch said excitedly.

Yang Kai said lightly, “I just don’t know if it’s Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise.”

If it was Universe Cave Heaven, it meant that it was left behind by an Eighth or Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. If it was Universe Paradise, then it was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so its value wasn’t too high. However, in any of Universe Cave Heaven or Paradise, there were Dao Marks left behind by its owner.

Just like how Yang Kai had swallowed Spear Dao Marks in Pear Flower Cave Heaven, allowing his Spear Dao to soar.

To cultivators who cultivated this Dao, these Dao Marks were no less than great treasures.

After another hour, the void suddenly opened and transformed into a black hole, from which a clear aura of a small universe could be felt.

The door had opened!

Yang Kai and Bright Sun exchanged a glance before the two of them rushed into the room, Hong Hu and Xia Linlang following close behind while the others waited outside.

Two hours later, four figures appeared: Yang Kai and the others.

“Sir, how is the situation?” One of Bright Sun's subordinates, a Seventh Order, quickly asked.

Bright Sun replied, “It’s a Universe Paradise, its owner should be a cultivator of the Sword Dao, his Sword Dao dao marks are quite abundant.” Saying so, he pointed out a few more people and said, “You all stay here to mine this Universe Paradise. Any harvest you obtain will be recorded and cannot be kept for yourselves.”

“Yes!” The few of them complied.

Bright Sun then turned to Yang Kai and said, “I’ll have to trouble Brother Yang next.”

“Sure!” Yang Kai nodded and stretched out his hand towards the door. Under the manipulation of the Space Laws, the obviously abnormal void gradually recovered and after a moment it became no different from the surrounding environment.

Yang Kai took out another token, stamped it before inscribing the power of space, “This door has already been concealed by me, so even if an outsider passes through it, they won’t be able to notice it. You can explore it without worry. If you want to enter or leave, you need to use this token. If you rashly try to enter, there is a high chance you will be sucked into the void turbulence.”

The Open Heaven Stage masters who had been pointed out by Bright Sun all wore ugly expressions. Yang Kai’s actions clearly showed that he didn’t trust them, otherwise why would he need to create this token?

Even Bright Sun's eyes flashed.

He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to have such a trump card.

Yang Kai ignored them and handed the token over to Xia Linlang, “Find someone to help with the development.”

Xia Linlang nodded and looked at Qin Fen, “Qin Fen, you stay.”

Qin Fen received the token and solemnly replied, “Yes!”

Yang Kai tilted his head and looked towards Bright Sun Divine Monarch, “Next?”

Bright Sun smiled slightly, “Good, Little Brother, please follow me.”

Everyone once again departed, leaving behind Qin Fen and Bright Sun's subordinates. After everyone left, they followed Qin Fen and rushed into the Universe Paradise.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch had occupied Shattered Heaven for tens of thousands of years. Although most of his time was spent in seclusion, or even hundreds or thousands of years, in terms of familiarity with Shattered Heaven, other than the other two Eighth Order Open HEaven masters, no one else could compare to him.

After so many years, Bright Sun naturally knew some things that others didn’t know, such as the locations where Universe Paradise or Universe Cave Heaven were hidden.

Under his guidance, over the past three months, Yang Kai had searched more than ten locations, all of which seemed to be doors.

In total, Yang Kai had found five doors, the other five were empty. However, the probability of half was already very high, so it could be said that Bright Sun Divine Monarch's information was extremely accurate. Otherwise, no matter how proficient Yang Kai was in the Space Laws, without Bright Sun's guidance, it would be impossible for him to find any doors in Shattered Heaven.

When he was fleeing with Xia Linlang, he had thought of finding a hidden Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise to hide in, but he had never found it.

Of these five doors, three were Universe Paradise and two Universe Cave Heaven. If he could fully develop them, he would be able to reap great benefits.

Leaving Xia Linling here to oversee things, Yang Kai didn’t have any worries. In the future, no matter what good things he found in these five places, he and Bright Sun would split them fifty-fifty. As for which place she would choose to stay, that was up to her.

“Little Brother, are you really not going to stay in Shattered Heaven for a while longer?” Bright Sun had seen Yang Kai’s methods these past few days, so how could he bear to let him leave just like that? “I won’t hide it from Little Brother, Withered Flame and Heavenly Net must also know the location of some of these gates. If Little Brother can stay here for a while, this King can ask these two to find out where they are.”

Withered Flame and Heavenly Net he was referring to were the other two famous Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Shattered Heaven only had three Eighth Order masters, so although they weren’t friends, they definitely had some kind of connection.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Divine Monarch, there’s no need to be so anxious. I should be able to return to Shattered Heaven in the future. If Divine Monarch really wants to, why not go investigate first? When I come back next time, we can work together!”

Bright Sun raised his brow, “Then it’s settled!”

Yang Kai nodded and turned to look at Xia Linlang, “If there’s anything you need, tell Qin Fen to look for me in the Void Land!”

Xia Linlang nodded, “I understand, take care!”

Yang Kai cupped his fists towards Bright Sun Divine Monarch and said, “May we meet again!”

“Little Brother, come back soon, this King will wait for your good news!”

Yang Kai gave Hong Hu a meaningful look before the two of them flew off into the void.

After watching the two of them disappear, Bright Sun Divine Monarch smiled lightly, “Has Young Lady Xia decided which Universe Cavev Heaven you want?”

Xia Linlang said, “It’s not decided yet, I want to take a look first.”

“It’s only right. Even if you want to buy something, you’ll have to compare it with three families, not to mention selecting a place to stay. You can slowly compare and when you decide, you just have to let this King know. Since Brother Yang and I have an agreement, we definitely won’t go back on it. Also, don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one know about it, and not leak a word to the outside.”

Xia Linlang bowed, “Many thanks, Divine Monarch!”

In the void, two figures transformed into streaks of light and shot forward at lightning speed.

A month later, Yang Kai and Hong Hu left Shattered Heaven. Honghu, who had been living in the Ancestral Land for a long time, had finally experienced the wonders of the 3000 Worlds. Unlike Shattered Heaven, which was filled with desolation, every great domain was filled with twinkling stars and bright lights. One could clearly feel the vitality of this world.


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