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Half a day later, the Crystal Palace’s movements stabilized and a figure flashed out from it. It was none other than Yang Kai.

Feeling many pairs of eyes staring at him expectantly, Yang Kai nodded towards the Holy Spirits, “I didn’t disappoint!”

Kun Ao laughed loudly, “Good, now that the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace has been refined, let’s take back our Sacred Artifacts first.” He then turned to Yang Kai and said, “Boy, we’ll work together later!”

“Got it!” Yang Kai replied.

The Holy Spirits had been waiting for this day for a long time, so they naturally couldn’t wait to arrive in front of their Sacred Artifacts and activate their strength.

As the Holy Spirit Energy fluctuated wildly, the sixteen Sacred Artifacts that had been tightly connected to each other were summoned by the Holy Spirits of the various races, causing heaven and earth to shake as cracking sounds rang out.

A moment later, the sixteen Sacred Artifacts transformed into sixteen rays of light and were collected by the various Holy Spirits.

In Yang Kai’s hand was a palace that had shrunk countless times and was made from crystal. This was the Crystal Palace of the Dragon Clan.

His expression was somewhat surprised, not expecting the Crystal Palace to be able to freely change its size.

After the many Sacred Artifacts were taken away, the Ancestral Qi in the world also lost its pulling source, and the huge chains that connected the Giant Spiritual God slowly disintegrated, transforming back into rich Ancestral Qi that filled the world.

The sound of the chains breaking was extremely loud.

All of the Holy Spirits stared at the Giant Spiritual God warily.

Although Azure Luan, Kun Ao, and the others had gone deep into the Giant Spiritual God's body to investigate the situation and confirmed that this guy was deader than dead, this matter concerned the Giant Spiritual God, so who knew if he had some kind of special ability to revive it?

Fortunately, even after the chains broke and the Sacred Artifact was taken back, the Giant Spiritual God still did not show any signs of movement. It seemed that after so many years of suppression and the erosion of the Ancestral Qi, even the Giant Spiritual God could not withstand it.

There seemed to be some unusual changes in this world that were difficult to explain, but all of the Holy Spirits who lived in the Ancestral Land could clearly feel that the Ancestral Land that had been split into two in ancient times had now become one again.

“Kun Ao, this place should be classified as a forbidden area, what do you think?” Azure Luan stared at the Giant Spiritual God for a moment before turning to Kun Ao.

Kun Ao pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement, “That should be the case.”

Since both the Phoenix Clan and Kun Clan had agreed to this, the other Holy Spirits naturally wouldn’t object. Under the leadership of Azure Luan, the many Holy Spirits once again joined forces to lay down layers of restrictions around the Giant Spiritual God. On one hand, they wanted to turn this place into a forbidden area and prevent any Holy Spirits from approaching, but on the other hand, they also wanted to prevent any unexpected changes to the Giant Spiritual God.

Ten days later.

During this trip to the Sealing Demon Land, all the Holy Spirits of the various races had benefited greatly. Not to mention obtaining a Holy Artifact, those without a Sacred Artifact could also enjoy the rich Ancestral Qi brought about by the merging of the Ancestral Land.

The Holy Spirits of the various races no longer had to worry about the reproduction and bloodline of their descendants.

Yang Kai followed Azure Luan and the others back to Four Phoenix Pavilion. After consulting Azure Luan, he settled the Dragon Clan’s Crystal Palace in a beautiful mountain valley.

Although the Crystal Palace was an extraordinary palace artifact, more importantly, it was a sacred artifact of the Dragon Clan.

The Dragon Clan from the Star Boundary would come to the Ancestral Land to cultivate, so the Crystal Palace staying here would be of great help to their growth.

If not for this consideration, Yang Kai would definitely have taken the Crystal Palace away.

Inside the main hall, Yang Kai sat across from Azure Luan and the others, telling them about his time in the Crystal Palace.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai decided that he needed to inform the Phoenix Clan about this matter. After all, the Phoenix Clan might know some of the secrets of the Ancient Era.

Unfortunately, after listening to Yang Kai, Azure Luan and the others couldn’t think of any useful information, but the information Yang Kai revealed shocked them greatly.

“From what you said, that Giant Spiritual God did indeed fight a great battle with the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land. In the end, it was the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress of that generation who sacrificed themselves, burned their Blood Essence, and used the Sacred Artifacts of each race to activate the power of the Ancestral Land to seal the Giant Spiritual God.”

“That’s what I saw!” Yang Kai nodded, “The Ancestral Land was split into two, and the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress's Source was swept into the void and disappeared. Many years ago, Junior was lucky enough to obtain the Dragon Emperor’s Source in a very weak world.”

Azure Luan sighed, “Every generation’s Dragon Emperor is the strongest of the Dragon Clan, no wonder your Source is the Divine Dragon’s Source. Only the Divine Dragon has the qualifications to become the Dragon Emperor.”

Yuan Chu said, “The Dragon Emperor Source of that generation is with you, but what about the Phoenix Empress’s Source? Have you seen it before? If the two of them were swept into the Void Chaos, they might appear in the same place.”

Yang Kai said, “If I’m not mistaken, the Phoenix Empress’s Source should be obtained by my Senior Sister Su Yan.”

“It really is together?” Azure Luan and the others were somewhat excited.

“Where is your Senior Sister now?”

“Void Territory, Void Land,” Yang Kai replied, “I plan to return this time and send her with the other Holy Spirit friends to the Ancestral Land. When the time comes, I hope you can take care of them.”

Azure Luan smiled and said, “You mentioned this before, so naturally it won’t be a problem. Just send them over.”

Saying so, she turned to look at Hong Hu, “Fourth Sister, go with Yang Kai.”

“Good.” Honh Hu nodded.

Yang Kai quickly replied, “I wouldn’t dare trouble Senior. I already know the location of the Ancestral Land, so I only need Senior to tell me how to enter and exit the Divine Ability Sea.”

Azure Luan said, “The return of the Phoenix Empress is also a big matter for my Phoenix Clan, we can’t be careless. Let Hong Hu go with you.”

Since she had already said so, Yang Kai naturally couldn’t refute her. Moreover, with an expert like Hong Hu following him, Yang Kai couldn’t ask for more. The news of him obtaining the World Spring must have spread throughout Shattered Heaven, so if he returned to Shattered Heaven now, he might encounter some kind of trouble.

“When do you leave?” Azure Luan asked.

“I wish to bid Senior Mie Meng farewell first.”

“Of course,” Azure Luan nodded.

The next day, in Mie Meng’s residence, Yang Kai strolled over. Mie Meng had obviously noticed this and opened the door to the hall.

He didn’t see the Great General, Mie Meng said he was working hard on his cultivation. However, Yang Kai estimated that with the Great General’s personality, he was probably imprisoned by his mother.

However, he didn’t say anything. When he left, he left behind a few Ancestral Spirit Crystals for Mie Meng to pass to the Great General. The Great General was still young, so the Ancestral Spirit Crystal could save him many years of bitter cultivation and allow his bloodline to rapidly grow.

Yang Kai didn’t have many Ancestral Spirit Crystals left, and he had consumed about eighty percent of them in order to become a Big Dragon, so he only had about two hundred now.

The Phoenix Clan was given half. After all, after the many Holy Spirits from the Void Land arrived, the Phoenix Clan would need to take care of them.

The remaining half of Yang Kai’s forces remained in the Crystal Palace. If Su Yan and the others needed them, they could use them.

After everything was prepared, Yang Kai and Hong Hu prepared to leave the Ancestral Land.

A figure flew over from afar and landed in front of Hong Hu. It was none other than Kun Clan’s young man, Kun Yu. He bowed and cupped his fists, “Kun Yu greets Senior.”

Hong Hu said, “I will have to trouble you.”

Kun Yu nodded lightly, not even sparing Yang Kai a glance, directly soaring into the sky.

Hong Hu gave Yang Kai a meaningful look and the two of them followed closely behind.

Hong Hu had lived here since she was born and had never left the ancestral land. All she knew was that there was a Divine Ability Sea surrounding the ancestral land and that it was extremely dangerous. Even if a Holy Spirit fell into it, it might not be able to escape unscathed.

Among the Holy Spirit of the Ancestral Land, only the Kun Clan knew of a safe passage.

This was something the Kun Clan had relied on many masters to explore over the years. Kun Yu’s ability to safely enter and exit with the strength of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master was all thanks to this.

With the appearance of the Phoenix Clan, the Kun Clan naturally had nothing to say. This time, they sent Kun Yu to escort Hong Hu and Yang Kai away. After all, even if the Kun Clan didn’t care about this matter, with Hong Hu’s strength, there was still a high chance she could forcefully break through to the Divine Ability Sea.

This was how Bright Sun Divine Monarch had slaughtered his way in. Although he had encountered many dangers, fortunately, his life was not in danger.

Following behind Kun Yu, the two of them quickly left the Ancestral Land and rushed into the Divine Ability Sea. Many Divine Abilities and Secret Arts were activated, but none of them were very powerful. Whether it was Kun Yu leading the way or Hong Hu and Yang Kai behind him, all of them were easily neutralized.

“It’s hard for your Kun Clan to find such a path,” Hong Hu sighed.

Kun Yu’s personality should have been quite cold, and he had been silent most of the time along the way, but since Hong Hu had spoken, he naturally couldn’t ignore her. He simply said, “In order to find this passage, my Kun Clan paid a great price thousands of years ago. Two Seniors fell in the Divine Ability Sea one after another, and in terms of strength, they were comparable to an Eighth Order Human Race cultivator.”

Hong Hu nodded, “I’ve heard about this before.”

Yang Kai suddenly said, “Senior, don’t you think this Divine Ability Sea is like a giant cage?”

Hong Hu was stunned for a moment. If Yang Kai hadn’t mentioned it, she wouldn’t have thought about it, but hearing Yang Kai say so, it was quite possible.

Yang Kai had felt this way before, and after seeing the Giant Spiritual God, he was even more certain.

“I don’t know how many years ago these Divine Abilities and Secret Arts were left behind, but even after experiencing the erosion and baptism of time, they still possess such power. It’s hard to imagine just how powerful they were when they were at their peak. Perhaps at that time, even if a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage were to enter this place, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to come out alive.”

Hong Hu pondered for a moment before asking, “Do you mean that the Divine Ability Sea is a layer of protection for the Giant Spiritual God?”

Yang Kai nodded, “That’s the only possibility.”

A light flashed across Hong Hu’s eyes, “If it’s really as you say, there should be many traces of the Human Race participating in that great battle in the ancient era. After all, many of the Divine Abilities in this Divine Ability Sea were not created by the Holy Spirit. Did you see any Human Race in that scene?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “I’ve never seen it, but that’s not surprising. The power of the Ancestral Land is extremely harmful to non Holy Spirits. Only the Holy Spirits can contend with the Giant Spiritual God wreaking havoc in the Ancestral Land. Fortunately, the Holy Spirits won that battle. Although the price they paid wasn’t small, just to be safe, the Human Race’s Great Experts from the ancient era had set up a Divine Ability Sea outside the Ancestral Land.”


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