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When Azure Luan was investigating the Sealing Demon Land, Yang Kai had already obtained nine Ancestral Spirit Fruits.

Now that he had gathered more than two hundred fruits from the various races, he had about two hundred and thirty of them in total. He didn’t know if these Ancestral Spirit Fruits would allow him to break through to the Big Dragon realm.

Yang Kai estimated that it was a bit difficult.

Although his current Dragon Vein strength was not bad, when he transformed into a Dragon, it was only three hundred zhang tall, and if he wanted to grow into a Big Dragon, he would need to have a thousand zhang dragon body!

However, he wasn’t too worried. The Dragon Race’s Crystal Palace’s Ancestral Qi was extremely rich to begin with, not to mention that he had obtained a lot of Ancestral Spirit Crystals!

If he didn’t have enough Ancestral Spirit Fruits, he could make up for it with Ancestral Spirit Crystals.

He took out an Ancestral Spirit Fruit and placed it in front of him.

Yang Kai wanted to see what was the difference between the two and which one was more effective.

Picking up the Ancestral Spirit Fruit first, Yang Kai saw that the fruit was brightly colored and exuded a strange fragrance, causing him to salivate. Taking a bite, Yang Kai felt that before he could exert any strength, the skin of the fruit had split open and the sweet fruit juice poured into his mouth. Before he could react, the entire Ancestral Spirit Fruit had shriveled, leaving only a layer of its skin.

Yang Kai swallowed the fruit and smacked his lips, feeling a lingering aftertaste.

The fruit skin didn’t go to waste as he stuffed it into his mouth and chewed a few times before swallowing it whole.

After silently waiting for a moment, Yang Kai’s expression became strange. He felt that apart from a slight burning sensation in his abdomen, there was not much change.

But in the next moment, his expression changed.

The burning sensation instantly became extremely hot, as if a piece of hot iron had been swallowed into his stomach. Immediately after, a massive amount of energy burst out from his abdomen and spread throughout his body at lightning speed. As his flesh and blood squirmed, a golden dragon head roared. Cracking sounds came from all over Yang Kai’s body as his body suddenly swelled up and a suppressed roar came from his throat.

The power of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit actually caused him to involuntarily transform into a half dragon.

A low roar came from his throat as his flesh and blood crazily squirmed, and the dragon blood in his meridians surged and roared.

A supreme dragon might filled the air!

By the time everything settled down, two days had passed.

The medicinal efficacy of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit he had swallowed had been completely absorbed. Yang Kai examined himself and raised his brow. In just two days, the Ancestral Spirit Fruit had allowed him to grow seven or eight zhang taller!

This result was quite surprising.

At his current height of 300 zhang, he was seven hundred zhang away from the Big Dragon Realm! This distance wasn’t short at all. It had to be known that even with Yang Kai’s Dragon Clan Source, he had only cultivated to a height of 300 Zhang.

However, just one Ancestral Spirit Fruit had such a miraculous effect. Yang Kai silently calculated, wouldn’t that mean he could become a Big Dragon with just a hundred Ancestral Spirit Fruits?

However, he also knew that this was a bit too presumptuous. The effects of consuming a large number of natural treasures over a long period of time would gradually weaken, but he had more than two hundred Ancestral Spirit Fruits in his possession, so perhaps they would be able to satisfy his requirements to become a Big Dragon.

After testing the effects of the Ancestral Spirit Fruit, Yang Kai picked up the Ancestral Spirit Crystal.

When he was in human form, this Ancestral Spirit Crystal had been held perfectly in his hand, but now that he had transformed into a dragon, holding this Ancestral Spirit Crystal felt like he was holding a green bean in his palm. If one didn’t carefully examine it, they wouldn’t be able to detect its existence.

Yang Kai calmed his mind and silently circulated the power of his Dragon Vein, wrapping it around the Ancestral Spirit Crystal in his hand and absorbing its Ancestral Qi.

Time slowly passed.

After five days, Yang Kai opened his eyes and opened his palm. The Ancestral Spirit Crystal had been completely refined and disappeared.

After examining his body, he found that he had grown about 5 zhang.

In comparison, the difference between the Ancestral Spirit Fruit and Ancestral Spirit Crystal was obvious.

In less than two days, Yang Kai had managed to refine an Ancestral Spirit Fruit, increasing his height by seven or eight zhang, but it took him five days to refine the Ancestral Spirit Crystal, and only increasing his height by five zhang!

Whether it was the time it took to refine it or its effects, the Ancestral Spirit Fruit was stronger than the Ancestral Spirit Crystal.

However, from a certain perspective, Ancestral Spirit Crystals were more durable.

Knowing the difference between the two, Yang Kai naturally didn’t try to hide it any longer and took another Ancestral Spirit Fruit to refine.

Inside the Sealing Demon Land, the Holy Spirits of the various races guarded their Sacred Artifacts and cultivated in peace. To them, the Sealing Demon Land was a place with rich Ancestral Qi and was also a cultivation Holy Land they had always dreamed of. This time, after opening the Sealing Demon Land, all the Holy Spirits couldn’t help feeling like they had suddenly become rich overnight, as if they had suddenly found a mountain of gold in their own backyard.

Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai continued to swallow Ancestral Spirit Fruits to improve his Dragon Vein.

Twenty days later, Yang Kai’s Dragon Body had reached four hundred zhang!

Three months later, five hundred zhang!

Seven months later, six hundred zhang!

One year later, seven hundred zhang!

Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai’s massive body was no longer able to stand up and could only lie on the ground, his dragon tail unconsciously swinging back and forth.

Such a massive figure was twice as large as before, its dragon claws were sharper, its scales more solid, and even its golden color was more dazzling.

The Dragon Pressure grew stronger!

When Yang Kai wanted to take another Ancestral Spirit Fruit, he found that all the fruits had been consumed and couldn’t help being stunned.

At first, it took him almost two days to refine an Ancestral Spirit Fruit, but as his bloodline grew, the time it took to refine it also decreased, but correspondingly, the growth brought about by an Ancestral Spirit Fruit also became weaker.

Therefore, after only a year of effort, Yang Kai had consumed two hundred and thirty Ancestral Spirit Fruits, but instead of breaking through to the Big Dragon realm he had expected, he had only grown to seven hundred zhang, still quite a distance from the Big Dragon realm.

Although he was somewhat disappointed, it was within his expectations.

Yang Kai stared blankly for a long time before remembering what he was doing.

With the purity of his bloodline and the growth of his Dragon Vein’s power, Yang Kai’s mind was constantly filled with the roars of dragons. At first, he thought it was just an illusion, but after listening carefully for many days, he was certain it wasn’t.

The dragon roars that echoed in his mind seemed to be a profound dragon language, like the inheritance of the Dragon Clan!

This was the power of the Golden Holy Dragon’s Source, an inheritance that originated from the depths of one’s bloodline. Only when one’s bloodline reached a certain purity would these inheritances appear.

Yang Kai had been studying these inheritances all this time, his entire mind seemingly immersed in them, but he still felt as if there was a layer of fog in front of him, making it impossible for him to see through it, causing his reaction to become somewhat sluggish.

The power of his bloodline was still insufficient, and Yang Kai could vaguely sense this. Only by increasing his bloodline could he dispel the fog covering his eyes.

The Ancestral Spirit Fruit had been completely consumed, so Yang Kai immediately took out a large number of Ancestral Spirit Crystals and placed them next to him. His massive dragon body curled up and wrapped around the Ancestral Spirit Crystal before… falling into a deep sleep.

However, even though he was in a deep sleep, the Ancestral Spirit Qi in the Ancestral Spirit Crystal was still being drawn into his body by his Dragon Vein.

From time to time, the sound of bones grinding against each other could be heard from the Crystal Palace, the sound of a dragon’s body expanding.

In his sleep, the low Dragon Language continued to echo in his ears, causing Yang Kai’s brow to furrow and his expression to change.

Suddenly, a bright light broke through the fog and a vast world appeared in Yang Kai’s vision.

Looking up, one could see a giant figure standing tall and upright, its head completely bald and its entire body as black as ink, like a black hole that could swallow everything in this world.

Giant Spiritual God!

Yang Kai stared blankly at this Giant Spiritual God for a long time before finally realizing that he had seen it somewhere before!

However, he felt that his current state was a bit strange, and his reaction was especially slow, as if he was in a dream. He didn’t know why he had appeared here, and he couldn’t even remember where he had seen this Giant Spiritual God.

He instinctively felt that this was a dream, but his surroundings felt extremely real.

The ink-like Giant Spiritual God rushed across the ground, and with every step it took, the earth would tremble. Beside the Giant Spiritual God, the Holy Spirits transformed into their true forms and attacked him madly. Each Holy Spirit was an adult, at the very least having a strength of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Yang Kai saw a lot of Big Dragons, Divine Dragon, Phoenix Clan soaring through the sky, three-legged Golden Crows as dazzling as the sun, and Kun Peng…

The Holy Spirit’s Secret Techniques were released one after another, all of them containing a destructive power.

All of the attacks landed on the Giant Spiritual God's body, and the black color on its body began to wriggle like a living creature, transforming into a solid barrier that blocked the attacks of the Holy Spirits.

He stretched out his hand and grabbed a Holy Spirit that looked like Bai Ze. Ignoring Bai Ze’s struggles, he crushed it with his hand.

The Holy Spirit Blood scattered across the world.

On the ground, countless Holy Spirits had already died, their massive bodies lying in the wilderness, their deaths a gruesome sight.

In front of this invincible Giant Spiritual God, this powerful Holy Spirit was as vulnerable as a three-year-old child.

A Big Dragon was caught by his hands and was torn into two pieces. The giant hand covered the sky as it slammed down. The beautiful Fire Phoenix instanly enter nirvana and transformed into a phoenix egg before being crushed by him.

With such a huge disparity in numbers, the Holy Spirit’s side had suffered a crushing defeat.

This scene was simply too shocking, but Yang Kai simply watched silently. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to do anything, but his current state made it so that he couldn’t even feel a ripple in his heart.

It was a very strange feeling.

No one knew why this battle had started, nor how long it had lasted, but the Holy Spirits had suffered heavy casualties.

Finally, with a dragon roar, a giant golden dragon head emerged from the clouds and looked down, its eyes emitting a dazzling golden light.

Beside this giant dragon was a snow-white Ice Phoenix that exuded a bone-chilling cold as it flapped its wings and let out a high cry.

The invincible Giant Spiritual God seemed to sense some kind of danger and finally stopped running and looked up.


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