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Azure Luan turned her head and looked around, meeting the eyes of the various Holy Spirits. How could she not know that their thoughts were the same as Kun Ao’s?

One couldn’t blame them for thinking this way. The Sacred Artifacts of the various races were extremely important and had been missing for a long time. Since they had seen them here today, there was naturally no reason to ignore them.

If that Giant Spiritual God still had a chance to survive, the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirit wouldn’t dare to have any thoughts about it. Now that it had been confirmed that the Giant Spiritual God had been suppressed to the point where it couldn’t be any more dead, it would be a waste to leave all the Sacred Artifacts here.

After a moment of silence, Azure Luan sighed, “It’s up to you, but it’s better to be careful.”

Under such circumstances, although the Phoenix Clan was powerful, it wasn’t appropriate for them to go against everyone’s wishes. Since they couldn’t stop them, they could only let nature take its course.

Hearing this, all of the Holy Spirits were overjoyed and rushed towards the location of their Sacred Artifacts to search for a way to collect them. They had only heard of this Sacred Artifact and had never seen it before, so they naturally didn’t know how to collect it. However, all of them were powerful Holy Spirits, so finding a way to collect it shouldn’t be difficult.

The Phoenix Clan didn’t move. The Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree burned like a legendary flame of rebirth, but no one dared act rashly without Azure Luan’s permission.

“Aren’t you going to take a look?” Azure Luan suddenly turned to look at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, who had been staring at the Crystal Palace all this time, asked, “Can I go?”

Azure Luan smiled, “You’re the only Dragon Clan in the Ancestral Land. If you don’t go, who else can?”

“Then I’ll go take a look,” Yang Kai sniffed, his figure flashing as he rushed towards the Crystal Palace.

A moment later, he arrived in front of the crystal palace. From a distance, it looked like this palace was carved from crystal and was a beautiful sight to behold.

Although this was the first time he had seen it, Yang Kai was certain that this Crystal Palace was related to the Dragon Clan, because there was an indescribable connection between his bloodline and this Crystal Palace.

Flying around the Crystal Palace a few times, Yang Kai couldn’t even find the entrance, let alone enter it, so he couldn’t help scratching his head.

Looking up, he saw that the Holy Spirits of the various races were all spitting out their Blood Essences in an attempt to refine the Sacred Artifacts.

Yang Kai learned from it and only managed to refine a sliver after a full day.

With a thought, the Crystal Palace, which was as complete as one, immediately opened a large door and Yang Kai stepped inside.

Stepping into the Crystal Palace, his entire body was wrapped in a warm and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the richness of the Ancestral Qi inside the Crystal Palace was many times greater than the outside.

The Sacred Artifacts of the various races all had the effect of drawing upon the Ancestral Land’s Spiritual Force. If not for this, the ancient Holy Spirits wouldn’t have placed their Sacred Artifacts here and condensed their Ancestral Spiritual Force into chains to seal the Giant Spiritual God.

It was precisely because the Holy Artifact was condensed with Ancestral Spiritual Force that the sixteen incomparably huge chains that stretched out for tens of thousands of kilometers were connected to the entire Sealing Demon Land.

It could be said that cultivating with the Sacred Artifact would greatly increase one’s efficiency. This was also the main reason why the Holy Spirits of various races insisted on retrieving their Sacred Artifacts.

Inside this Crystal Palace, even if Yang Kai didn’t deliberately cultivate, the rich Ancestral Qi was still constantly pouring into his body and merging into his bloodline, increasing his Dragon Vein’s strength.

From the outside, the Crystal Palace didn’t look very big, but after entering it, Yang Kai realized that this Crystal Palace had some kind of magical effect, and the space inside was much larger than outside.

The Sacred Artifacts of each race contained the inheritance of every Holy Spirit, Yang Kai shuttled through the various halls of the Crystal Palace in search of the inheritance.

However, he couldn’t find the inheritance, but he did find some strange crystals.

These crystals were condensed on the walls of the great halls, some big and some small, some as big as a washbasin, some as small as pigeon eggs, and there were quite a few of them.

At first, Yang Kai didn’t pay much attention to these things and thought they were just decorations for the Crystal Palace, but after walking through several halls, he realized that something was wrong. If they were decorations, they wouldn’t be so lacking in beauty and would not be so irregular.

After carefully examining one of the crystals, he was shocked to discover that it was completely condensed from Ancestral Qi!

Ancestral Spirit Crystal!

Yang Kai didn’t know if there were Ancestral Spirit Crystals or not, but these crystals in front of him could indeed be called Ancestral Spirit Crystals, and their existence was essentially the same as the chains sealing the Giant Spiritual God outside!

For countless years, the Crystal Palace had been constantly drawing upon the Ancestral Qi of the Ancestral Land, transforming it into chains to seal the Giant Spiritual God. However, there were no Dragon Clan cultivators in the Crystal Palace, so the Ancestral Qi gathered in the Crystal Palace was difficult to digest. When the Ancestral Qi here reached a certain density, it would naturally transform from illusory to solid, transforming into something like an Ancestral Spirit Crystal and leaving it behind.

This was the same principle as the birth of a Spirit Stone.

Spirit Stones had always been born in places with rich Spiritual Qi!

This was a good thing. The Ancestral Qi was a unique power of the Ancestral Land, so it was impossible to find it outside the Ancestral Land. However, it was impossible for Yang Kai to remain inside the Ancestral Land forever. He was still somewhat worried about how his Dragon Vein would improve after leaving the Ancestral Land, so with these Ancestral Spirit Crystals, he didn’t need to worry about it.

No matter where he was, these Ancestral Spirit Crystals could purify his bloodline.

Yang Kai was overjoyed and no longer cared about searching for the Dragon Clan’s inheritance. The most important thing now was to quickly obtain these Ancestral Spirit Crystals.

The walls of every hall and even the ground were filled with Ancestral Spirit Crystals. Yang Kai busied himself collecting at least a thousand of them.

The largest piece was already the size of a water tank!

Thinking about the Sacred Artifacts of the other Holy Spirits, Yang Kai grinned silently, it seems only the Dragon Clan's Sacred Artifact is like this, while the other Sacred Artifacts, no matter what type they were, had no conditions to condense an Ancestral Spirit Crystal.

For example, the Phoenix Clan’s Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree couldn’t possibly condense a few Ancestral Spirit Crystals from a tree.

There were countless halls in Crystal Palace, and as Yang Kai swept through them one by one, it could be said that he was secretly making a fortune!

At the same time, the Kun Clan.

The Sacred Artifact of the Kun Clan was called the Northern Sea, a vast ocean that had shrunk countless times. It was rumored that this was the birthplace of the Kun Clan.

Kun Ao is the Patriarch of the Kun Clan, so the matter of him taking back the Sacred Artifact naturally fell upon his head. After ten days of hard work and consuming an unknown amount of his own Blood Essence, the Northern Sea suddenly blossomed with a brilliant light and connected with Kun Ao’s aura!

“Success!” Seeing this, the other Kun Clan masters cheered.

Kun Ao also laughed happily. He could clearly feel that he had completely refined this Northern Sea, and this Sacred Artifact was connected to him.

With a wave of his hand, he was about to withdraw the Northern Sea, but to Kun Ao’s surprise, the Northern Sea, who had been sealing the Giant Spiritual God, did not even move.

Kun Ao frowned, not knowing what had gone wrong. He tried a few more times but to no avail.

The smiles of the other Kun Clan masters couldn’t help stiffening.

Over the next few days, the various Holy Spirits of the various races encountered this situation. They had clearly refined their Sacred Artifacts and felt that they were connected to one another, but they were unable to take them back.

The Patriarchs of the various Holy Spirits gathered together and after some discussion, they finally discovered the problem.

Near the Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree, the Phoenix Clan gathered. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Azure Luan constantly forced out her Blood Essence to refine the Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree.

Although Azure Luan had objected to taking back the artifacts of the various races, the various races had already begun taking action, so it was meaningless for the Phoenix Clan to persist.

The Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree was extremely important to the Phoenix Clan, so although Azure Luan was somewhat worried, she could only refine it.

Now, she had more or less refined it.

However, just as Azure Luan was about to put away the Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree, an accident occurred. Just like the other Holy Spirits, the Indestructible Chinse Parasol Tree could not be taken away!

“The sixteen Sacred Artifacts have long since become one, a slight change will affect the entire situation, so we must refine all of them before we can take them away,” Kun Ao walked over and said. This was the result of his research with the various Patriarchs.

When Azure Luan heard this, she suddenly understood. When she tried to collect the Indestructible Chinese Parasol Tree just now, she had a strange feeling, as if there was some kind of resistance that was preventing her from collecting it.

Now, it seemed that this resistance was not brought about by the Indestructible Chinse Parasol Tree itself, but by other Sacred Artifacts.

“What about the Dragon Clan?” Kun Ao asked.

“Naturally, inside the Crystal Palace,” As Azure Luan spoke, she looked towards Crystal Palace.

“Now that all the Sacred Artifacts of the various races have been refined, all that’s left is the Crystal Palace. He needs to speed up.”

Azure Luan said, “There’s no use telling me about this.”

“Then I’ll talk to him,” Kun Ao said before turning around and walking towards the Crystal Palace.

A moment later, he stopped in front of the Crystal Palace and shouted, “Young Dragon, get out here!”

Azure Luan was a bit worried, so she also followed along. Hearing this, she frowned, but she didn’t want to argue with Kun Ao over such a trivial matter.

Inside the Crystal Palace, Yang Kai stored all of the Ancestral Spirit Crystals into his Small Universe World. Unfortunately, after investigating the entire Crystal Palace, he couldn’t find any Dragon Clan inheritance, so he couldn’t help wondering if the rumors were wrong.

However, this Crystal Palace itself was an extraordinary palace artifact. After all, it is a Sacred Artifact of the Dragon Clan and was many times more valuable than the Heavenly Sword Palace!

He also tried to refine it, but although his bloodline was recognized by the Crystal Palace and allowed him to enter through the gate, he was unable to refine it and his progress was extremely slow.

According to Yang Kai’s estimations, even if he could refine this Crystal Palace, it would take at least a hundred years.

This should have something to do with his bloodline. Although it was pure, it wasn’t strong enough and was still only at the Young Dragon level, so it naturally took a long time.

Since he couldn’t refine it for the time being, Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it. In any case, the Crystal Palace wouldn’t be able to escape, so it wouldn’t be too late to refine it after his bloodline improved.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard Kun Ao shout.

Looking up, he saw Kun Ao and Azure Luan standing side by side outside the Crystal Palace.

This Crystal Palace was extremely mysterious. Being inside the palace, one’s vision wasn’t hindered in the slightest, allowing them to clearly see everything outside, but from the reactions of Kun Ao and Azure Luan, it seemed they couldn’t see him.


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