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Under the watchful eyes of the many Holy Spirits, they saw Bright Sun Divine Monarch rush out from the Sealing Demon Land, his face pale and his aura chaotic, his exposed skin showing faint traces of scales, even the nails on his hands rapidly growing.

“Monster Transformation!” Azure Luan standing next to Yang Kai shouted.

The Ancestral Land was the origin of all the Holy Spirits in the world. There was an extremely special energy here that was extremely helpful to the growth of the Holy Spirits.

However, this kind of power could be fatal to creatures who weren’t Holy Spirits.

Azure Luan had mentioned this to Yang Kai before, most of the people living in the Ancestral Land were either Holy Spirits or those with Holy Spirit Bloodlines.

Pure Human Race cultivators could not remain in the Ancestral Land for long. Once the power of the Ancestral Land invaded their bodies, there was a high chance that it would result in extremely bad consequences, and that would be Monster Transformation!

However, Bright Sun Divine Monarch is an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so his strength was incomparably powerful. After entering the Sealing Demon Land for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, he had actually been corroded by the power of the Ancestral Land, showing signs of Monster Transformation.

One could only imagine how rich the power of the Ancestral Land inside the Sealing Demon Land was, to the point where even someone like Bright Sun Divine Monarch was unable to resist it.

As such, seeing Bright Sun in such a miserable state, most of the Holy Spirits weren’t surprised, but rather delighted. The richer the Sealing Demon Land’s power, the more beneficial it would be to them.

“What’s inside?” Kun Ao looked at Bright Sun and asked.

As Bright Sun resisted the corrosive power of the Ancestral Land, he shook his head and said, “It’s too big inside, so it’s difficult to investigate, but it shouldn’t be dangerous for you and the other Holy Spirits. Kun Ao, I need to leave this place as soon as possible!”

Before entering the Sealing Demon Land, although the power of the Ancestral Land was constantly corroding him, with his ability, he could easily resist it. Now that he had fallen into such a state, if he didn’t hurry up and leave, his Monster Transformation symptoms would be irreversible and he would definitely become neither human nor monster.

Kun Ao stared at him deeply, as if wanting to see if he was lying. After a moment, he shouted, “Kun Yu!”

The white-robed young man who had fought with Yang Kai several times before flashed over.

“Send him away!” Kun Ao waved his hand. Although he was a bit overbearing, he was not one to break promises.

“Yes!” Kun Yu accepted the order and extended his hand towards Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

Bright Sun coldly snorted and turned to leave, not wanting to stay here any longer. However, before he left, he glanced at Yang Kai with a strange look in his eyes.

He had come here because of the World Spring, and had chased Yang Kai all the way to this Ancestral Land, but now, not only had he failed to obtain the World Spring, he had even caused trouble for himself.

Now that Yang Kai had fallen into the Ancestral Land, there was no need to even think about the World Spring. Just the identity of a Dragon Clan individual was enough to make Bright Sun extremely fearful.

If he had known that Yang Kai was a member of the Dragon Clan, how could he have gotten involved in this mess?

After Kun Yu escorted Bright Sun Divine Monarch away, Kun Ao stared at the massive door with a burning gaze and grinned, “What does everyone say?”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch returned safely and after confirming that there was no danger inside, many of the Holy Spirits began to stir restlessly. However, since the Phoenix Clan and Kun Clan didn’t take any action, it wasn’t appropriate for them to act so shamelessly.

Azure Luan said, “Since the seal has been opened, let’s go in and take a look.”

Kun Ao smiled and said, “Then this King will go ahead and scout the way for everyone!” Saying so, he waved his hand and led all the Kun Clan masters into the main gate and disappeared.

When the other Holy Spirits saw this, how could they hold back? One by one, they followed after the other. In the blink of an eye, only the Phoenix Clan remained.

Azure Luan looked down at Yang Kai and asked, “How are you?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “Nothing serious.”

“What do you plan to do next? If you want to leave, I can have someone send you out of the Ancestral Land.”

Yang Kai looked up at the sealed door, “I want to go in and take a look.”

Azure Luan nodded, “You have contributed greatly to opening the seal, so there’s no harm in going in to take a look. However, you must follow us and not act alone.”

“Junior thanks Senior,” Yang Kai nodded.

Azure Luan then led the group of Phoenix Clan masters into the sealed door.

As soon as he stepped into the Sealing Demon Land, a vast world filled his vision. Strictly speaking, this world was not much different from the Ancestral Land, but the power flowing through it was extremely rich.

All of the Phoenix Clan members couldn’t help but take a deep breath, and under the stimulation of this power, a clear cry rang out as one Phoenix after another took on their true forms and spread their wings.

Yang Kai couldn’t help relaxing his body and mind, suddenly feeling like he was a wanderer who had returned home after traveling for many years. His originally weak body also regained a lot of vitality, his entire body and mind filled with satisfaction.

“This… is still the Ancestral Land,” Azure Luan looked around and muttered.

She had lived in the Ancestral Land for countless years, so she naturally had some understanding of the Ancestral Land’s situation. The world behind the sealed door was actually still the Ancestral Land, no different from the outside world.

Yuan Chu pondered for a moment before asking, “In ancient times, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans split up the Ancestral Land? Did they turn this place into the Sealing Demon Land?”

The Yue Zhuo nodded and said, “That should be the case, otherwise there’s no way to explain.”

The Ancestral Land had been divided into two parts in the extremely ancient era. One was where the various Holy Spirit races had lived and multiplied for many years, while the other was the Sealing Demon Land.

No wonder the Sealing Demon Land was able to emit such pure ancestral energy, because this place was a part of it.

The half of the Ancestral Land outside, due to various unpredictable reasons, had become weaker, causing the reproduction and survival of the various Holy Spirit races to become a problem. However, the Ancestral Land where the Sealing Demon Land was located was still intact and filled with a mysterious power.

Previously, when Bright Sun Divine Monarch came in and returned, he had said that this place was very big, but no one understood. After all, it was just a Sealed Land, so how big could it be? Now, it seemed that it was indeed very big. It was originally a part of the Ancestral Land, but it had been cut up in ancient times.

As for the Holy Spirits from the various races who had entered this place before, they had all disappeared. Obviously, they had gone in to investigate the situation.

“If there really is no danger here, then we don’t need to worry about the future of the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirit,” Hong Hu said softly.

The mysterious power was so rich that it was enough to satisfy the needs of the Holy Spirits of the various races. If Phoenix Pavilion were to relocate to this place, those little brats would probably be able to live a healthy life.

“Since this is the Sealing Demon Land, there must be some kind of danger we don’t know about. Let’s investigate first,” Azure Luan remained vigilant.

Under her command, Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu each took a few of their clansmen away while she led Yang Kai to act together.

Along the way, there was nothing unusual.

Turning her head to see Yang Kai hesitating, Azure Luan smiled and said, “If there’s anything you want to ask, feel free to ask. You’re also a member of the Dragon Clan and have a deep relationship with my Phoenix Clan, so there’s no need to hold back.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “Senior, I have many friends who possess the Holy Spirit Bloodline, but because their birthplace is quite remote, they are unable to cultivate, so even now they are unable to solve the problem of improving their bloodline. After this matter, I want to bring them to the Ancestral Land. This place will be of great help to their growth, so I wonder if the Holy Spirits will refuse?”

Azure Luan said, “All Holy Spirits have the qualifications to enter the Ancestral Land because this is the place where all Holy Spirits originate. If you come here, others will come as well. Even if Mie Meng entered the Ancestral Land a hundred years ago, no one will say anything bad about her.”

Yang Kai replied, “Senior Mie Meng is very powerful.”

Azure Luan smiled, “That’s true, are your friends not strong?”

“According to the order of the Holy Spirit, all of them are still young. Most importantly, there are many Dragon Clan members among them!”

Azure Luan understood. The Dragon Clan and the Kun Clan were mortal enemies. If a group of Young Dragons really came to the Ancestral Land, the Kun Clan might not just sit back and watch. At that time, how could those young Holy Spirits resist?

After a moment of silence, she said, “Let them come to my Four Phoenix Pavilion. With my Phoenix Clan looking after them, the Kun Clan won’t act recklessly.”

“Many thanks, Senior!” Yang Kai bowed.

Azure Luan waved her hand, “It’s no big deal, but if they don’t want others to come looking for trouble, they’ll need to become stronger.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I will tell them to work hard on their cultivation.”

As they were talking, a large tree suddenly appeared in front of the two of them. This tree’s branches and leaves were dense, and among the lush leaves, there were some colorful fruits.

A strange fragrance filled the air.

Both of them wore surprised expressions as they came to a stop under the big tree.

Yang Kai couldn’t recognize what this fruit was, but he could vaguely feel that it was useful to him.

Azure Luan’s brow wrinkled, and after a moment, she seemed to remember something. Lifting her hand, she picked up a Spirit Fruit and carefully examined it before exclaiming, “Ancestral Spirit Fruit! There’s actually an Ancestral Spirit Fruit here!”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Good stuff?”

Azure Luan took a deep breath and said, “For all the Holy Spirits, this is an excellent treasure! You also know that the Ancestral Land is filled with a kind of mysterious power that is greatly beneficial to the growth and cultivation of the Holy Spirits. The reason they want to open the Sealing Demon Land this time is because the power of the Ancestral Land is constantly weakening and they want to find a way out.”

Yang Kai nodded.

“The mysterious power of the Ancestral Land, we call it Ancestral Spiritual Force! This Ancestral Spirit Fruit contains a massive amount of pure Ancestral Spiritual Force, almost condensed from Ancestral Spiritual Force.”

Yang Kai’s expression changed.

Azure Luan continued, “In ancient times, the Ancestral Land we lived in also had Ancestral Spirit Fruits. However, as the Ancestral Spiritual Force continued to weaken, the Ancestral Spirit Fruits became extinct. I didn’t expect them to still exist in this place, this is the first time I’ve seen one after so long.”

Looking up at the tree, she said, “There are still eight fruits, pick them.”

Yang Kai quickly nodded and left, returning a moment later with four fruits in each hand.

Azure Luan also handed over the one in her hand, “Take this too.”

Yang Kai was stunned. He naturally wanted something as good as the Ancestral Spirit Fruit, but he hadn’t expected that Azure Luan would give him all the fruits, so he suddenly asked, “Senior, how about we split them evenly?”


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