In the Ancestral Land, Kun Clan and Phoenix Clan are both great clans with powerful strength and many clansmen. Ordinary Holy Spirits could not afford to provoke them.

Everyone saw Kun Ao’s actions just now. Although he had used a Secret Technique to sweep away many of the younger generation, his control was extremely good and he had no intention of harming them.

As such, these people only glared at him fiercely before quickly withdrawing their gazes.

All eyes were on Azure Luan, Yang Kai, and the others, filled with anticipation.

“What should we do?” Yang Kai asked.

Azure Luan said, “You should stand in the middle of the Sealing Array and cooperate with us later.”

Yang Kai nodded, and under everyone’s watchful eyes, he flashed to the center of the giant sealing array.

After he stood still, Azure Luan said, “Form the Four Directions Array!”

The three Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu nodded, and in the next moment, four figures appeared in the four corners of the grand array. In the next instant, a majestic Holy Spirit filled the air as a clear cry filled the air.

Azure, purple, yellow, and white light flashed as the four women transformed into their true forms.

Each of the four giant phoenix clan had a body no less than a thousand zhang tall. They flapped their wings and let out a loud cry, causing a strong wind to blow up and sending sand and stones flying.

Yang Kai was dazzled by this scene. Although he had seen the true form of the Phoenix Clan before, he had never seen one so large and powerful.

As this terrifying pressure spread out, even if it wasn’t directed at him, it still made his body feel heavy.

A fierce roar rang out as four streams of Blood Essence flew out from the mouths of Azure Luan and the others, scattering onto the Sealing Array. In an instant, the array began to hum and the void trembled.

Yang Kai couldn’t help roaring as a golden dragon head appeared behind him and pierced into his body. In the next moment, his body swelled up and his hands transformed into dragon claws. Dragon scales covered his body and two dragon horns protruded from his forehead. Behind him, his dragon tail swayed and his beard fluttered.

The small figure suddenly transformed into more than 300 zhang tall.

On the other hand, the surrounding Holy Spirits frowned. They had all thought that Yang Kai was a pure-blooded dragon, but what they saw in front of them was only a half-human half-dragon. This undoubtedly meant that Yang Kai’s bloodline was not what they had imagined. With such a bloodline, was there any hope of breaking the seal?

However, now that the arrow was nocked, they could only suppress the doubts in their heart and quietly observe.

Inside the Sealing Array, Yang Kai’s Dragon Force surged as the blood in his chest and abdomen roiled as he spat out a mouthful of blood essence.

The Spirit Array had originally been activated by the Blood Essence of Azure Luan and the others, but now that Yang Kai’s Dragon Blood had been poured into it, it was even brighter.

Inside the Spirit Array, lines lit up one after another.

The Dragon and Phoenix Bloodlines that had been scattered into it seemed to be alive as they wandered about.

As time passed, the image of a massive door suddenly appeared above the Spirit Array. This door stood tall between the heavens and earth, grand and massive.

Many Holy Spirits wore excited expressions as they looked up.

The Sealing Demon Land was not a forbidden area. The younger generation of Holy Spirits all liked to cultivate here, and many of the older generation of Holy Spirits had come to investigate, but no matter who it was, they had never found any trace of this gate.

However, at this moment, when the Dragon and Phoenix Bloodlines converged, this door appeared.

In other words, this seal really could be broken. The restriction that had plagued the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirit for countless years suddenly showed signs of breaking, so how could they not be excited?

As time passed, the giant door that stood between heaven and earth became more solid, as if it really existed. However, anyone could tell that this door was not a physical entity, but a manifestation of energy, the true form of a seal.

Behind that gate was the secret of the Ancestral Land that had been hidden for many years.

After half an hour, the light from the Spirit Array gradually dimmed, but the door still showed no signs of opening.

Kun Ao shouted, “Azure Luan, it’s not enough!”

When Azure Luan heard this, she and the others spat out their blood essence.

The same was true for Yang Kai, who was standing in the middle of the Spirit Array.

The originally dim light from the Spirit Array began to glow once more, and from within the Spirit Array, two forces began to intertwine, spreading out like vines towards the thick door.

These two forces were clearly felt by many of the Holy Spirits; they were the bloodlines of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans.

It was as if a pair of invisible hands were pushing the heavy door open, causing it to creak as it slowly opened.

Kun Ao and the other Holy Spirits’ eyes flashed as they stared fixedly.

Extremely pure power seeped out from the crack in the door. This was the power of the Ancestral Land, but none of the Holy Spirits had ever felt such a rich power in so many years, so when they were enveloped by it, they couldn’t help feeling warm.

Yang Kai, who was in the center of the Spirit Array, could clearly feel it. Under the stimulation of this energy, he could feel his Dragon Vein boiling and his bloodline becoming purer at a speed he could perceive.

The most obvious change was that his massive body, which had reached its limit, had once again grown, the blood in his body surging like a roaring river.

The opening of the heavy door was extremely slow, and after an hour, it was only three fingers wide.

If they wanted to break this seal, they obviously needed more Dragon and Phoenix Bloodlines.

Azure Luan and the others and Yang Kai once again forced out their Blood Essence to activate the power of the Great Array.

After three days, most of the door had been opened and the seal was broken.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t hold on any longer. Breaking this seal required him to consume a great deal of his own Blood Essence, which was far too damaging to his vitality. Compared to Azure Luan and the others, his original bloodline was only at the level of the Young Dragon, so although it was pure enough, it couldn’t withstand too much consumption.

What’s more, Azure Luan and the others were working together, but he was only one person, so the consumption was four times that of Azure Luan and the others.

At this moment, his face was pale and even his massive figure seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Kun Ao had also noticed this, and from time to time, he would glance at the thick door and then look at Yang Kai, a strange light flashing across his eyes.

Azure Luan shouted, “Kun Ao, put away your petty thoughts. If anything happens to him, my Four Phoenix Pavilion will definitely not open this seal.”

Kun Ao’s eyes twitched as he chuckled, “Azure Luan, you’re worrying too much. I’m just a bit worried that this little brat will not be able to persist. Since you said so, I’m sure he won’t have any problems.”

He had indeed made some plans just now. If Yang Kai couldn’t hold on until the time came to break the seal, he could have easily killed him.

In any case, in this current situation, as long as he had enough Dragon Clan bloodlines, he could break the seal. As for whether the Dragon Clan who had sacrificed their bloodline lived or died, it had nothing to do with him.

However, since Azure Luan had given him such a warning, Kun Ao could only put away his petty thoughts. If he killed this Dragon Race and the people from Four Phoenix Pavilion refused to take up this task, all of his efforts would be for naught.

Azure Luan looked towards Yang Kai with concern, “You should recover first, there’s no rush!”

Yang Kai nodded silently and sat down inside the Great Array, silently circulating his Mysterious Technique to madly devour the Ancestral Land’s power that was leaking from the seal.

As his flesh and blood squirmed, his bloodline continued to become purer and his half dragon body also grew. After transforming into a dragon for several days, his body had grown at least a zhang.

This was only because he was unable to cultivate wholeheartedly, and the seal had not been completely broken. If he could completely break the seal, how would the power of the Ancestral Land help him?

Yang Kai somewhat understood why so many of the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land wanted to break the seal. The power of the Ancestral Land was extremely beneficial to the growth of the Holy Spirits. Facing such temptation, not many Holy Spirits could resist.

In fact, even Azure Luan and the others didn’t have much of aversion towards breaking the seal, otherwise they wouldn’t have cooperated so much.

Half a day later, Yang Kai stood up and spat out another mouthful of Blood Essence into the Spirit Array. The thick door was now more than half open, and with the help of this mouthful of Dragon Blood, the door had expanded slightly.

A day later, the same thing happened.

Finally, after seven days of unlocking the seal, Yang Kai spat out the last mouthful of dragon blood and the light from the Spirit Array shone brightly, completely opening the heavy door.

Yang Kai immediately collapsed to the ground, his giant dragon body rapidly shrinking as he transformed into his human form. Azure Luan and the others also withdrew their true forms and rushed over to his side to help him up.

“How are you?” Yuan Chu asked.

Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper as he slowly shook his head, “The consumption is quite high, but it’s not a big deal.”

Azure Luan nodded, “It’s good that you didn’t damage your foundation.”

Saying so, she looked up towards the door.

Although the door was opened and a rich Ancestral Land energy poured out from behind it, at this moment, all of the Holy Spirits stood still, none of them fighting to enter.

No one knew what lay behind that door.

Kun Ao turned his head to look behind him and saw a figure walking out with an ugly expression. It was none other than Bright Sun Divine Monarch who followed Yang Kai and Xia Linlang all the way to Ancestral Land.

When so many Holy Spirits had rushed here, Bright Sun Divine Monarch wasn’t present, so no one knew when he had arrived.

All around him, a group of Holy Spirits were staring at him. Even Bright Sun Divine Monarch, who was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, felt his skin tighten.

“Kun Ao, don’t forget what you promised me!” Bright Sun Divine Monarch said solemnly.

Kun Ao smiled and said, “Naturally, after this matter, I will have Kun Yu send you out of the Ancestral Land. In the Ancestral Land, without the protection of the Holy Spirit, you cannot leave.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch snorted coldly. If he didn’t want to leave the Ancestral Land, how could he have agreed to Kun Ao’s request? However, now that he was living under a roof, he had no choice but to lower his head.

Raising his eyes to look at the thick door, Bright Sun Divine Monarch circulated his strength and soared into the sky before disappearing inside.

Seeing this scene, how could the Holy Spirit present not know that Kun Ao was asking Bright Sun Divine Monarch to scout the way? Bright Sun Divine Monarch is an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so even if there was some kind of danger inside, he would at least be able to return with some useful information.

Many Holy Spirits waited silently.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Bright Sun Divine Monarch returned from the main gate, but at this moment, his face was extremely pale and his strength was extremely chaotic, as if he had suffered a huge blow.


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