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“In ancient times, no one knows why the Dragon Clan and Phoenix Clan left behind a seal in the Ancestral Land, but the only thing we can confirm is that the seal contains a large amount of pure Ancestral Land’s power. After countless years, the seal has loosened and the power of the Ancestral Land overflows from it. We personally went to investigate it and confirmed this,” Azure Luan continued, “According to our speculations, the seal was formed from the power of the Ancestral Land, which is why such a phenomenon occurred.”

Yang Kai frowned, “Since it’s a seal, it must be something bad. If we open it rashly, who knows what consequences it will bring?”

Azure Luan smiled bitterly and said, “How could the Holy Spirits of the Ancestral Land not know this? However, you must know that the Holy Spirits are all high and mighty. Even if there was something bad in the seal back then, after so many years, it has probably ceased to exist. Even if there was something left behind, with the power of the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirits, they wouldn’t be afraid. Opening the seal may be risky for the Holy Spirits of the Ancestral Land, but compared to obtaining benefits, it is insignificant.”

The seal contained the pure power of the Ancestral Land. If the seal could be opened, it would improve the current situation of the Ancestral Land and would be of great help to the reproduction and survival of any Holy Spirit races. If not for this, the Kun Clan wouldn’t have been so focused on breaking the seal for so many years.

Hearing this, Yang Kai fell silent. With his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, under such circumstances, he was completely unable to resist.

“What is the attitude of the Four Phoenix Pavilion?” Yang Kai raised his head and asked.

Azure Luan said, “We’ve never agreed to open the seal, but with the current situation, it doesn’t matter whether we agree or not. To be honest, from yesterday onwards, there were more than ten Holy Spirits lingering outside Four Phoenix Pavilion, so even if we wanted to send you away, we couldn’t.”

She continued, “Not to mention, thousands of years ago, the seal had already begun to loosen. Even if it doesn’t break itself, after another tens of thousands of years, the seal itself will self-destruct.”

“I understand!” Yang Kai took a deep breath, “What do you need me to do?”

Azure Luan said, “There’s no need for you to do anything. The seal was left behind by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans with their own bloodline power, so if you want to break it, you only need to lose a little Blood Essence. Two days later, the Holy Spirit of the Ancestral Land will come to the Four Phoenix Pavilion to discuss this matter, and after the results are out, I’ll come back to inform you. At that time, I’ll take you to the Sealing Demon Land, so you can rest well for the next two days.”

“Sealing Demon Land!” Yang Kai raised his brow, “Is this where the seal is?”

Azure Luan nodded, “The situation in the Sealed Land has been passed down from ancient times, and now the seal has loosened somewhat, but we haven’t been able to detect any Demonic Qi from it, and we don’t know why it’s called the Sealing Demon Land. Perhaps after so many years, the terrible thing inside the seal has really been destroyed.”

Even if there really was some kind of Demonic Qi, the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land were not afraid of it, how could a mere Demonic Qi possibly resist it?

For the next two days, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were still recovering.

Two days later, the gates of Four Phoenix Pavilion opened and a powerful aura rushed out, each of which represented a powerful Holy Spirit.

Inside the main hall, dozens of chairs were slowly filled with people. Although the Holy Spirits came early and late, they all tacitly found a suitable place to sit. On the top four chairs, Azure Luan and the other three women lined up.

Yang Kai was sitting right below their left hand, his eyes focused.

Every Holy Spirit who came in would look at him with interest, occasionally showing a curious expression. To many Holy Spirits who had lived in the Ancestral Land since birth, the Dragon Clan was extremely rare, and they had only heard of them but never seen them with their own eyes.

Sitting opposite Yang Kai was Kun Clan’s Kun Ao, his eyes occasionally sweeping over, not concealing his killing intent at all.

The Dragon Vein in Yang Kai’s body also began to stir. The hatred from the depths of his bloodline was an ancient inheritance, and even after thousands of years, as long as their bloodlines remained, it would never be resolved.

Of these Holy Spirits, half of them were comparable to Eighth Order Open HEaven Stage while the rest were at the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. Obviously, they were all adult Holy Spirits.

Mie Meng had also come. After all, she was now a member of the Ancestral Land. The Sealing Demon Land’s seal was related to the growth of her heir, so she had no choice but to come.

However, she didn’t say anything to Yang Kai. First of all, this was not an appropriate place, and secondly, with the Four Phoenix Pavilion’s protection, although there were many Holy Spirits here today, they wouldn’t cause any harm to Yang Kai.

In less than the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the main hall was already filled to the brim with representatives from every Holy Spirit races.

Azure Luan’s beautiful eyes swept across the crowd and said, “Since everyone has arrived, let’s begin our discussion.”

Kun Ao grinned, “There’s no need to discuss the matter of the seal. After waiting for so many years, a Dragon Clan has finally appeared in the Ancestral Land. If we miss this opportunity, who knows how long we’ll have to wait for the next one? Why don’t we all make our stance clear? The minority will obey the majority, what do you think, Azure Luan?”

Azure Luan’s eyes drooped, but she didn’t say anything, only nodding slightly. With things having reached this point, she was already mentally prepared for the situation to develop, so it was useless to say anything now.

Kun Ao smiled and said, “Good, everyone here knows about the Sealing Demon Land’s seal, so there’s no need to say anything more. Whether you want to maintain the seal or take a small risk to break it, allowing the power of the Ancestral Land to once again fill this world, allowing us descendants to reproduce without any trouble, no one will force you to do so. My Kun Clan has been trying to break the seal for so many years to achieve this goal, everyone here has witnessed it for themselves. Those who are willing to advance and retreat with my Kun Clan, please state your position!”

“I agree to unseal it!” Sitting next to Kun Ao, Tao Wu chuckled.

“I agree!” Bi An quickly responded.



Inside the hall, a series of voices rang out. Although there were still a few Holy Spirits who had yet to express their stance, most of them had already agreed to break the seal.

Kun Ao nodded in satisfaction and turned to look at Azure Luan, “The people of the Ancestral Land are loyal. Azure Luan, your Four Phoenix Pavilion doesn’t need to stop us this time, right?”

Azure Luan lightly said, “Since everyone thinks it’s better to break the seal, the Four Phoenix Pavilion naturally won’t say anything. Let’s break the seal.”

“I was waiting for you to say that,” Kun Ao laughed.

“But before that, my Four Phoenix Pavilion has a request!” Azure Luan suddenly glanced at Kun Ao.

Kun Ao said, “If you say so.”

Azure Luan pointed at Yang Kai and said, “When the matter of the seal is settled, I want to send him away. No one is allowed to harm his life, no one is allowed to stop him!” When she said this, she only stared at Kun Ao, obviously speaking to him.

After all, although there were many Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land, the only ones who had a grudge with the Dragon Clan were the Kun Clan. As long as Kun Ao agreed, Yang Kai wouldn’t be in any danger, who among the other Holy Spirits would be so free to kill a Dragon Clan?

The Dragon Clan had indeed left the Ancestral Land for a long time, but who could guarantee that they wouldn’t return? At that time, wouldn’t they be dealt with later?

Kun Ao nodded readily, “Don’t worry, I dealt with him just for the matter of the seal. I, Kun Ao, am a great master, so I don’t need to bother with a junior.”

“Remember what you said,” Azure Luan nodded lightly.

Kun Ao stood up and said, “It’s been so many years, it’s rare for the Ancestral Land’s Holy Spirits to work together. Why don’t we go to the Sealing Demon Land now?”

Azure Luan glanced over at Yang Kai and he nodded, “I’m fine!”

Azure Luan said, “Then let’s go.”

Many Holy Spirits rose to their feet, and a moment later, streaks of light streaked across the sky and flew into the distance.

Yang Kai was surrounded by Azure Luan and the others, and as they hurried along, Azure Luan reminded him, “The seal is formed from the power of one’s bloodline, so if you want to break it, you will need to consume your own Blood Essence. Do your best, don’t be greedy and try to advance recklessly and damage your foundation!”

“Junior will remember!” Yang Kai nodded.

The Sealing Demon Land was located at the edge of the Ancestral Land. The closer he got to the Sealong Demon Land, the more Yang Kai could sense that the strange power in the world had increased.

This power was extremely helpful to the cultivation of the Holy Spirits. It was a power that belonged solely to the Ancestral Land and was difficult to find in the outside world.

Not to mention Yang Kai, who had just arrived here, even the Holy Spirits who had lived here for a long time couldn’t figure out what this power was, but it was actually related to the growth and reproduction of all Holy Spirits.

The increase in strength was not great, probably because the seal had loosened and the Ancestral Land’s power had leaked out.

Roughly half a day later, Yang Kai saw a huge Formation standing in the distance, its foundation towering into the clouds, and a Formation visible to the naked eye on the ground condensed into a complicated pattern.

At this moment, inside the Sealing Array, there were several figures.

These figures were of all shapes and sizes, some of them were beasts while others were human. Yang Kai looked over and was slightly surprised.

Hong Hu who was closest to him explained, “Because the Sealing Demon Land's Ancestral Land’s power is a bit denser, many of our juniors like to cultivate here. My sisters and I fought with many Holy Spirits here in the past.”

Yang Kai looked at her in surprise.

Hong Hu smiled, “Who hasn’t been young before?”

Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing, but on the Sealing Demon Land’s side, there were currently two young Holy Spirits fighting in their true forms. It was probably just as Hong Hu had said, in order to seize a piece of land for cultivation, there were even more young Holy Spirits watching and cheering, making the scene quite lively.

However, at this moment, this fight could no longer be fought. The Holy Spirits of the older generation arrived in a grandiose manner, causing the younger generation to look over in surprise.

“Juniors, scram!” Kun Ao, who was leading the group, waved his hand impolitely and a huge pair of wings suddenly appeared, covering the sky and earth as a violent wind swept up. The Junior and Holy Spirits gathered below screamed as they were swept away.

Several pairs of eyes glared at Kun Ao and Kun Ao said arrogantly, “What are you looking at? There are also my Kun Clan’s juniors there, this King treat them equally. Is there a problem?”


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