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Azure Luan’s speed was extremely fast, and in just a short time, they had arrived at a beautiful mountain.

The Spirit Peak was filled with mist and rich spiritual force, with many pavilions.

In front of a large hall, Azure Luan floated down and gently put down Yang Kai and Xia Linlang before saying, “This place is very safe. Rest for a day first, I’ll come back tomorrow to talk.”

Saying so, Azure Luan quickly left.

Looking at her departing figure, Yang Kai frowned slightly. He had some questions in his heart, such as why the Dragon Clan had left the Ancestral Land, where they had gone, and what the seal had to do with them. The other Holy Spirits might not know, but Azure Luan, who was closely related to the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline, should know some secrets. After all, according to the information Yang Kai now knew, the Dragon Clan had left the Ancestral Land together with most of the Phoenix Clan.

However, since Azure Luan said she would come find him again later to talk, there was no rush.

After escaping with Xia Linlang for the past few days, he had consumed too much energy and needed to rest.

There was no one in the hall, so Yang Kai and Xia Linlang entered and each found a room to rest.

On another Spirit Peak, Azure Luan flew over, and there were already three women waiting. One was dressed in purple, the other in yellow, and the other in white.

The girl in yellow stepped forward and asked, “Big Sister, how is the situation?”

Azure Luan said, “I finally found him and brought him back, but with Kun Ao’s disturbance, the appearance of the Dragon Clan in the Ancestral Land is known to all the Holy Spirits. I’m afraid the matter of the seal cannot be delayed any longer.”

The purple-clothed woman frowned and said, “The seal was left behind by the combined efforts of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans in ancient times. Since it is a seal, it must be of great importance. However, after so many years, no one knows what is inside the seal, so if we rashly open it, it will be difficult to say whether it will be a blessing or a curse.”

Azure Luan nodded and said, “It’s true that no one knows what is inside the seal, but everyone knows about the Holy Spirit that sealed the Ancestral Land. Moreover, after so many years, the seal has loosened somewhat, and from within the seal, an extremely pure Ancestral Land’s power is being released. If not for this, there wouldn’t have been anyone from the Kun Clan leading the people in Ancestral Land who wanted to open the seal.”

The three women nodded slightly.

While they were talking, a young man rushed over and cupped his fists, “Old Ancestors, please make a trip to Phoenix Pavilion. Something has happened there!”

Hearing this, the women’s expressions all changed, and without any hesitation, they flashed away.

A moment later, inside the Phoenix Pavilion, the girls stared at the phoenix egg in front of them with solemn expressions.

The Phoenix Pavilion was the place where the Four Phoenix Pavilion’s successors were placed. All the clansmen who gave birth to phoenix eggs would place their children here to nourish and ensure their survival and birth rate.

However, at this moment, the phoenix egg in front of them had a weak vitality, like a candle in the wind that could be extinguished at any moment.

Seeing this, Azure Luan didn’t hesitate to open her mouth and bite her fingertip, forcing out a drop of her own Blood Essence and drawing blood-red lines on the phoenix egg.

In the blink of an eye, an extremely complicated rune was formed, and as it shone brightly, it was completely absorbed by the phoenix egg.

The life force, which had been on the verge of being extinguished, was slowly recovering.

Azure Luan silently stared at the phoenix egg in front of her and sighed softly, “How many times in a thousand years has this happened?”

The white-clothed woman’s expression became gloomy as she said, “The third one, the previous two… couldn’t be saved, this one…”

They might not be able to save this one, and whether they could successfully hatch it would depend on luck.

The yellow-clothed woman said, “The two newly born don’t have pure bloodlines, so their future achievements will be limited.”

The power of the Ancestral Land is becoming weaker. This is the origin of all the Holy Spirits, and the weakening of the Ancestral Land’s power greatly affected the birth and survival of all the Holy Spirit descendants. The older generation of Holy Spirits also had a very obvious feeling that if they wanted to improve their bloodline power now, it would be many times more difficult than when they were young. Of course, this was because the higher their bloodline grew, the harder it would be to improve, but the biggest reason was the weakening of the Ancestral Land’s power.

The inheritance of the Phoenix Clan was difficult to begin with, so if this continued, how could a new bloodline be born?

Not to mention the Phoenix Clan, some of the rare Holy Spirits had even lost their population and were on the verge of extinction.

“Big Sister, that seal…” The girl in yellow looked at Azure Luan.

Azure Luan sighed heavily.

The next day, Yang Kai, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes and flashed out of his room, arriving outside the main hall. Looking up into the sky, he saw four different colored lights flying towards him.

Xia Linlang also noticed the commotion and quickly arrived beside Yang Kai.

A moment later, four women landed in front of them.

Yang Kai bowed, “Junior Yang Kai greets the four Seniors.”

Xia Linlang also quickly followed suit. As a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, with her powerful perception, she could clearly sense that each of the four women in front of her was stronger than her. Even Bright Sun Divine Monarch would pale in comparison to any of them.

Azure Luan in the lead nodded slightly as she looked at Yang Kai and said, “I am Azure Luan, you should know that. These three are Yuan Chu, Yue Zhuo, and Hong Hu. The four of us are the oldest generation of Four Phoenix Pavilion.”

Yang Kai’s heart trembled slightly. He had once obtained a Holy Spirit List that contained the Five Colored Words, Red Phoenix, Azure Phoenix, Yellow Phoenix (Yuan Chu), Purple Phoenix (Yue Zhuo), and White Phoenix (Hong Hu).

It could be said that the four women standing in front of him were all from the purest Phoenix Clan, and the Dragon and Phoenix Clans had always been close since ancient times, so even though there was a great disparity in strength between them, Yang Kai didn’t feel the slightest bit of pressure. Instead, his own Dragon Vein was quite happy.

“You should have some questions for us, we also have some questions for you,” Azure Luan looked at Yang Kai as if he was her elder, “Let’s go in first.”

Yang Kai nodded.

The group entered the main hall and sat down.

Azure Luan and the others eyes were all focused on Yang Kai, constantly examining him, as if they wanted to see what he was thinking.

“Your bloodline is a bit strange,” Azure Luan spoke first, “It’s extremely pure, but you don’t seem to be from the Dragon Clan, can you explain?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I really am not a Dragon Clan, I am just a human race.”

Yue Zhuo frowned, “Since you’re a human, even if you happened to obtain the Dragon Clan’s Source, your bloodline shouldn’t be so pure. What kind of Dragon Clan Source did you obtain?”

Yang Kai silently circulated the Dragon Clan’s Source Energy and a dragon roar immediately rang out in the hall. A giant golden dragon head emerged from its slumber and floated behind Yang Kai, staring down at the world.

Azure Luan’s beautiful eyes narrowed, “Golden Holy Dragon Source!”

Yue Zhuo also showed a look of understanding, “No wonder, you must have tried to improve your own Source Energy over the years, right?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I have consumed many Spirit Pills refined with Dragon Blood Flower.” After hesitating for a moment, he asked, “Seniors, can you tell me about the Dragon Clan?”

The girls glanced at each other before Azure Luan explained, “We’ve been in the Ancestral Land since we were born, so we’ve never met the Dragon Clan before. However, because of the inheritance in our bloodlines, we know a bit about the Dragon Clan. As for whether it’s true or false, you’ll have to decide on your own. I’m not trying to deceive you.”

“Junior doesn’t dare think so,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Azure Luan then said, “You should know that as long as a Holy Spirit reaches adulthood, they will have a cultivation comparable to a High Rank Open HEaven master. The Dragon Race, as the leader of the Holy Spirits, is naturally the same. Those who can transform into Dragon Shape with strength inferior to a High Rank Open Heaven master, no matter how many years they cultivate, are still just Young Dragon among the Dragon Clan. Only those who can compare to High Rank Open Heaven Stage masters can be called Big Dragon!”

Yang Kai nodded. He had heard this story from Bi Xi, who had said that transforming into a Dragon Shape required at least a thousand zhang physique to be worthy of being called a Big Dragon.

“At the top, there is Holy/Divine Dragon!” Azure Luan continued, “The strength of a Big Dragon is equivalent to Seventh Order or Eighth Order Open Heaven, while a Divine Dragon is equivalent to a Ninth Order! You should understand the difference between the two.”

The difference in strength between each grade of Open Heaven Stage cultivator was like the difference between Heaven and Earth. A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage could easily kill a Fifth Order, a Seventh Order could kill the Sixth Order easily. The gap between a Ninth Order and an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was even greater.

As for the Divine Dragon, it was an existence comparable to a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

“The Source Energy you obtained was originally possessed by a Divine Dragon,” Azure Luan looked at Yang Kai, “You were able to refine this Source Energy and create a Dragon Vein. Regardless of whether you came from the Human Race or not, strictly speaking, you are already a true Dragon Clan, but in terms of strength, you are only a Young Dragon.”

Yang Kai was speechless.

He had painstakingly cultivated for many years in order to achieve his current achievements, but when placed among the Dragon Clan, such achievements were still only those of Young Dragons.

The strength of the Dragon Clan was obvious.

However, thinking about how Zhu Yan, Fu Zhun, and the others were only Young Dragons, he felt much better. [MSN: LMAO]

However, his Dragon Clan’s Source Energy was something he had obtained when he was still very weak. What had happened to the previous owner of this Source Energy? He had actually fallen in that place.

One had to know that it was a Divine Dragon comparable to a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage master! Su Yan had also obtained the Phoenix Clan’s Source, so how could the Phoenix Clan that had fallen together with the Divine Dragon be any worse?

What happened in the past would forever remain a mystery.

“Heaven’s will!” Azure Luan sighed.

Originally, she had thought that even if Yang Kai was a member of the Dragon Clan, if his bloodline power was insufficient, he might not be able to undo the seal. When the time came, she could explain it to the Holy Spirit of the Ancestral Land and perhaps suppress this matter.

But now that she saw Yang Kai’s Source Energy, she knew this method wouldn’t work.

Although Yang Kai’s Dragon Vein was only at the level of Young Dragon, it was extremely pure, so it might have a chance to break the seal. What reason did the Four Phoenix Pavilion have to stop the many Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land?

After a moment of silence, Azure Luan asked, “Do you know why the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land want to capture you?”

Yang Kai said, “It’s said that they wants to use my bloodline to undo some kind of seal!”

Azure Luan was surprised, "You know… that’s easy to explain. In ancient times, the Dragon and Phoenix Clans worked together to leave behind a seal. No one knows what was inside that seal. Perhaps the first few generations of Holy Spirits knew about it, but after so many years and generations of inheritance, even we, the Holy Spirits, have lost many things."


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