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However, just as the three of them walked out of the hall, an extremely fierce aura enveloped them from far away. This aura was so strong that Yang Kai and Xia Linlang couldn’t help feeling their bodies tense up, as if they were being pressed down by a mountain.

Mie Meng looked up and saw a streak of light flying towards them from the horizon, without any intention of hiding.

After seeing who it was, Mie Meng narrowed her eyes and sighed, “This is why I said that the Ancestral Land is very dangerous for you.”

Yang Kai frowned, “Senior, who is he? His aura… I don’t like it.”

The aura of this newcomer reminded Yang Kai of the white-robed young man he had encountered before. Compared to this newcomer, the white-robed young man’s strength was undoubtedly much weaker, but both of them gave Yang Kai an instinctive repulsion and disgust.

“Kun Clan, Kun Ao!”

“Kun Clan!” Yang Kai muttered. He had heard these two words from Mie Meng more than once.

“When you enter the sea, you become a Kun, and when you leave the sea, you become a Peng. In ancient times, the Kun Clan and the Dragon Clan were arch-enemies, and they hunted and killed each other. Both sides suffered heavy casualties, and this enmity was even branded into each other’s bloodlines. No matter how many years or how many generations passed, as long as their bloodlines still existed, this enmity could not be resolved. In the Ancestral Land, the Kun Clan was a great clan. The reason I was so anxious to send you away was because I was afraid you would be discovered by the Kun Clan, but now it seems it was too late.”

“Is this person very strong?” Yang Kai asked.

“A bit stronger than me!” Mie Meng said bluntly.

Yang Kai took a deep breath. Mie Meng was an adult Holy Spirit. Although Yang Kai hadn’t seen her fight, he estimated that she wasn’t weaker than an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, at the very least she is aat this level. However, she had said that Kun Ao was stronger than her, so it was obvious how terrifying Kun Ao was.

“He should be here for you. I’ll restrain him later and you should find an opportunity to escape. If you accidentally fall into his hands, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance to leave,” Mie Meng warned.

“Will it cause trouble for Senior?” Yang Kai hesitated.

Mie Meng brushed her hair behind her ear and chuckled, “Although he’s stronger than me, if we were to fight to the death, I’m confident I could take him down with me. He’s not that irrational.”

Yang Kai took a deep breath, “This Junior will remember Senior’s kindness.”

Mie Meng waved her hand, “If it weren’t for your help back then, I wouldn’t have been able to escape. I’ll just treat it as returning the favor.”

While the two of them were talking, Kun Ao had already arrived in front of the hall. Yang Kai looked up and saw that this person was extremely tall and sturdy, his figure like a small mountain. Standing there, he gave off a strong sense of oppression, his sharp eyes like blades cutting through the void.

Beside him stood a white-robed young man and a young girl holding a peach blossom branch.

It was the two who had clashed with Yang Kai in Shattered Heaven, causing Yang Kai to frown.

Listening to Mie Meng’s words, how could Yang Kai not know that this white-clothed youth was also a member of the Kun Clan? It was precisely because of the deep enmity between the Kun Clan and the Dragon Clan that Yang Kai felt an inexplicable sense of repulsion and disgust towards him when they first met. This was the power of his bloodline, something he could not control.

However, he and Xia Linlang had relied on the power of Bright Sun Divine Monarch to break through the Divine Ability Sea and arrive at the Ancestral Land. This man and woman were both only at the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so how had they done it?

“Kun Ao, why have you come uninvited?” In front of the main hall, Mie Meng stared at Kun Ao indifferently.

Kun Ao grinned, “Mie Meng, don’t try to play dumb. You’re a Holy Spirit after all, and you have some kind of relationship with the Phoenix Clan. Don’t tell me you can’t sense the bloodline of this person beside you.”

Mie Meng frowned and said, “The grudge between the Dragon Clan and the Kun Clan is between our ancestors. How many years has it been since a Dragon Clan has appeared in our ancestral land? Why are you bullying the weak? To you, he’s just a child, so what’s wrong with sparing him once?”

Kun Ao shook his head and said, “If it was just a grievance between our ancestors, it wouldn’t be enough for this King to personally step forward. However, Mie Meng, you haven’t been back to the Ancestral Land for long, so it’s understandable that you don’t know some of its secrets.”

“Secret?” Mie Meng frowned slightly.

Kun Ao said, “For countless years, the power of the Ancestral Land has been weakening, and the descendants born in the various great clans have become more turbid, making it more difficult to improve their bloodline power.”

“What does this have to do with him?” Mie Meng didn’t understand. It was true that she had only returned to the Ancestral Land a few years ago, and it could even be said that she had not been born in the Ancestral Land, but as a Holy Spirit, her bloodline had some mysterious inheritance. She knew about the Ancestral Land, so after breaking free, she had come here, but the secret Kun Ao spoke of was something she was completely unaware of.

“In ancient times, when the Dragon and Phoenix Clans left the Ancestral Land, they left behind a seal with their own bloodlines. This seal contained the power of many Ancestral Lands, and if the seal could be opened, the Ancestral Land might be able to restore its ancient glory, which would be of great benefit to the Holy Spirit of the Ancestral Land. However, you also said that it has been many years since the Dragon Clan appeared in the Ancestral Land, and even in the outside world, the Dragon Clan has not appeared for a long time. Although there are still remnants of the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline in the Ancestral Land, wanting to open this seal is simply too difficult. If not for this, why do you think my Kun Clan has been constantly in contact with the outside world? It’s all for the sake of that seal! Now, the time has come!”

Hearing this, Mie Meng’s expression changed. For a moment, she didn’t know whether she should believe Kun Ao’s words or not. She instinctively felt that Kun Ao wouldn’t lie to her, but she subconsciously didn’t want to believe it.

Mie Meng’s brow furrowed, “Did you come here to ask him to help open the seal?”

Kun Ao nodded, “If you don’t believe me, you can go to Four Phoenix Pavilion and ask for confirmation. To be honest, I met her before coming here, she has no objections.”

Mie Meng said, “I’ll ask what attitude the Four Phoenix Pavilion has. It’s getting late, Kun Ao, you should go back.”

Kun Ao chuckled and stretched out his hand, “Leave this Dragon Clan to me, I’ll leave immediately.”

Mie Meng slowly shook her head, “I’ll take him to Four Phoenix Pavilion. If you want him, go to Four Phoenix Pavilion!”

Kun Ao’s expression became cold, “Mie Meng, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of my Kun Clan. With a Dragon Clan standing in front of me, me being able to hold back my killing intent and not take action is already giving you enough face. If you insist on being stubborn, then the Golden Chicken Clan may be wiped out today!”

Mie Meng coldly asked, “Are you threatening me?”

Kun Ao said, “You haven’t even heard of the secrets of the Ancestral Land’s seal, so why would you want to stir up trouble for an unrelated Dragon Clan? Not to mention, if the seal on the Ancestral Land is broken, it will also benefit your heir.”

Mie Meng turned to look at Yang Kai, “Find an opportunity to leave.”

Yang Kai nodded heavily.

Kun Ao flew into a rage, “Mie Meng, do you really want to become enemies with my Kun Clan?”

Mie Meng didn’t say a word, but she had already rushed towards Kun Ao.

“How dare you!” Kun Ao was enraged and ruthlessly struck out with his palm, sending a destructive force towards Mie Meng.

Mie Meng raised her hand and a golden light shot out. The two Holy Spirits instantly clashed and a terrifying shockwave swept out, causing the surrounding space to tremble.

While they were fighting, Yang Kai had already activated his Space Laws to wrap around Xia Linlang and escape. At this moment, the white-robed man and the young girl standing next to Kun Ao attacked simultaneously, each of them sending out a fierce attack.

Yang Kai raised his palm to meet it, and Xia Linlang also raised her hand.

With a few booms, the white-robed man and the young girl were forced back. Although the two of them were both Sixth Order, the combined strength of Yang Kai and Xia Linlang could not be underestimated.

After repelling the two, Yang Kai quickly circulated his Space Laws and wrapped Xia Linlang up before leaving.

When he reappeared, he was tens of thousands of kilometers away.

“Where are we going?” Xia Linlang’s face paled slightly.

“I don’t know, I’ll take it one step at a time!” Yang Kai grit his teeth.

Without Mie Meng’s protection, he and Xia Linlang would not be able to leave the Ancestral Land. The Divine Ability Sea surrounding the Ancestral Land was a natural chasm that the two of them could not cross.

However, the Kun Clan is on this Ancestral Land, and it's not a safe place for him, not to mention the gathering of Holy Spirits here. For the two newcomers, they had no idea which Holy Spirit resided here, so Yang Kai was at a loss as to where to go.

After a few minor teleportations, he had already left the battlefield where Mie Meng and Kun Ao were.

Before Yang Kai could breathe a sigh of relief, an angry shout suddenly rang out, “The Dragon Clan is on Ancestral Land, what are you waiting for?”

His voice was loud and resonated throughout the world.

Yang Kai’s face instantly became gloomy.

If it was really as Kun Ao had said before, the seal on the Ancestral Land could only be broken by the joint efforts of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, then his identity as a member of the Dragon Clan would definitely be highly sought after in the Ancestral Land, and even the Holy Spirits who wanted to break the seal would be interested in him.

Kun Ao’s shout had undoubtedly exposed him.

If he could capture Yang Kai, Kun Ao wouldn’t have made such a big deal out of it. With Yang Kai in his hands, after breaking the seal, Kun Ao would be able to obtain the greatest benefits for the Kun Clan, but now that Mie Meng had stepped in to stop him, Kun Ao couldn’t escape and was afraid that Yang Kai would escape from the Ancestral Land, so he had no choice but to do so.

Although everyone in the Ancestral Land will know about this, it was better than letting Yang Kai escape.

When Kun Ao’s words fell, the entire Ancestral Land was thrown into chaos.

An extremely powerful aura suddenly seemed to awaken from its slumber as a terrifying Divine Sense enveloped the world.

A moment later, a giant beasts appeared, a giant birds covered the sky, and a Holy Spirit transformed into a human and flew across the world.

The powerful Divine Sense swept across every inch of the Ancestral Land, searching for the Dragon Clan figure that had suddenly appeared.

Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were in an extremely sorry state, almost instantly turning into rats on the streets. Although they had relied on the Space Laws to avoid danger several times and had their positions changed before the Holy Spirits found them, each time they escaped danger, they would be detected by another Divine Sense.

Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were fleeing for their lives, but to no avail. The Holy Spirits’ Divine Senses were constantly communicating with each other as they continued to shrink the encirclement.

If this continued, in a few days, even if Yang Kai had the Space Laws to rely on, he wouldn’t be able to escape.


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