3000 Worlds, 36 Cave Heaven, 72 Paradise, a total of 108 top forces. Because of the Star Boundary World Tree, Yang Kai had come into contact with many High Rank Open Heaven from the Cave Heaven Paradise, but not all of them.

This was because the Dragon Clan’s Dragon Altar and the Phoenix Clan’s Phoenix Nest both belonged to one of the 36 Cave Heaven.

However, these two Cave Heavens were extremely well hidden and ordinary people had no idea where they were located.

For so many years, Yang Kai had always wanted to find the location of the Dragon Altar, but he had never been able to do so. He had asked, but the old master had not said anything, only telling him that when his Dragon Vein had reached a certain level, he would be able to sense its location.

Unexpectedly, he had made such an unexpected discovery today.

Could this strange place be the Dragon Altar? If this was the Dragon Altar, it would be too shabby, but if it wasn’t the Dragon Altar, what was with the abnormality of his Dragon Vein?

Previously, Xia Linlang had said that there were many Holy Spirits gathered in the depths of the Shattered Ruins, but she had never been to the depths of the Shattered Ruins, so she was unable to determine whether these rumors were true or false.

Having just arrived here, the information he had obtained was simply too little, so he had no idea what kind of place this was.

Yang Kai could only abandon his distracting thoughts and focus on recovering.

But soon, he confirmed his other guess. There was an extremely strange energy in this world that could be drawn into his body along with his breathing, stimulating the growth of his Dragon Vein.

It had only been a short time, so although this improvement was not much, Yang Kai could clearly feel it.

Immediately, he began circulating some of the Bloodline Cultivation Secret Technique the Old Sir had taught him.

Ever since the Dragon Blood Flower he had obtained in the Great Ruins Boundary had been completely consumed, his Dragon Vein’s strength had stagnated. Although the old sir had taught him some secret techniques to improve his bloodline, Yang Kai had rarely had time to calm down and cultivate. Now that he had come to this place, it was simply a god-sent opportunity.

As soon as this Secret Technique was activated, Yang Kai felt something different. The strange energy between the heaven and earth seemed to be summoned and poured into his body, causing Yang Kai’s flesh and blood to squirm and the power of the Dragon Vein to roar as he felt an urge to transform into a dragon.

At this point, Yang Kai was certain that this place had something to do with the Dragon Clan.

At the same time, at the place where Yang Kai and Xia Linlang appeared, a tall figure suddenly descended from the sky. This figure exuded a terrifying pressure that was comparable to Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

Sniffing lightly, this person coldly snorted, “What a disgusting aura!”

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed a handful of blood-stained soil and rubbed his fingers together. The tall man raised his brow, “The smell of the Dragon Clan!”

Turning his head to the side, he asked, “Is it that person?”

Not far from him, a handsome white-robed man and a young girl holding a peach blossom branch stood respectfully. If Yang Kai were here, he would definitely recognize this man and woman as the two who had fought with him before. The white-robed man had left a special bloodline imprint on him while fighting him, and Bright Sun Divine Monarch had even used it to pursue Yang Kai.

However, he didn’t know how this white-robed man and the young woman holding the peach blossom branch had arrived here.

The white-robed man respectfully replied, “It should be correct. I did sense him enter the Divine Ability Sea before, but now it seems he has escaped and even came here.”

Hearing this, the tall man grinned maliciously, “This is really good news. The Dragon Clan hasn’t appeared here for many years, I didn’t expect to run into one today. Can you still sense his location?”

The white-clothed youth shook his head and said, “No, perhaps he dissolved my Bloodline Mark, but I don’t know if this person has already fallen into the hands of Bright Sun Divine Monarch or not.”

After all, at that time, Bright Sun Divine Monarch had chased Yang Kai all the way into the Divine Ability Sea. Now that more than a decade had passed, no one knew what had happened during that time. During this time, Yang Kai had naturally dissolved the bloodline mark, otherwise, he would never have been able to escape from Bright Sun Divine Monarch's pursuit.

“Find him! Even if we have to dig three feet into the ground, we must find this Dragon Clan!” The tall man shouted.

The white-robed young man and the young girl beside him received the order and sped off.

After scattering the dirt in his hands, the tall man suddenly turned his head to the side and saw a graceful purple figure quietly staring at him.

The tall man grinned, “I heard that the Dragon and Phoenix Clans have been close since ancient times, and their bloodlines have always been connected. Did you notice something?”

The purple-clothed woman stared at him and lightly said, “Kun Ao, you cannot touch this Dragon Clan!”

Kun Ao sneered, “What a joke, is there anything in this world that I can’t touch? Not to mention a Dragon Clan with a weak bloodline, even if a Big Dragon were to come in front of this King, I would still show it to you.”

“You can say that in front of the Big Dragon.”

Kun Ao coldly snorted, “When the Dragon Clan left the Ancestral Land, there has been no news of them until now, so who knows if they have all died!” After glancing around, he continued, “But don’t worry, even if we find him, I won’t kill him. The seal left behind by the Dragon Clan still needs him to join forces with you to break. The power of the Ancestral Land is becoming weaker, your Four Phoenix Pavilion doesn’t want to see the bloodline of your children become weaker, right?”

Frowning, she said, “That seal was left behind by the Dragon and Phoenix Clans of ancient times, so no one knows what the situation inside it is. If you rashly open it, aren’t you afraid you’ll cause irreparable damage to the Ancestral Land?”

Kun Ao said, “You and I have both witnessed the changes in the Ancestral Land over the past few years. If we don’t make any changes, sooner or later we’ll lose our reputations. Rather than that, it’s better to take a gamble. Don’t tell me that your Four Phoenix Pavilion has no intention of opening the seal all these years!”

No words.

Kun Ao said, “Let’s not talk about our Kun Clan, there are many Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land, which one of them doesn’t want to open the seal? Your Four Phoenix Pavilion tried to stop us, but you can’t be blamed for this. The seal was left behind by the joint efforts of the Dragon and Phoenix Clans, and with just the bloodlines of your Phoenix Clans, it’s impossible to open it. The Dragon Clan hasn’t appeared for many years, so there’s no way to find it. Now that a Dragon Clan has come to the Ancestral Land, isn’t this the will of the Heavens? If your Four Phoenix Pavilion dares to stop us, I’m afraid the many Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land won’t agree. Be careful not to become a public enemy!”

How could they not know about this situation? In the past, they could still refuse by relying on the Phoenix Clan’s strength, but now, a Dragon Clan had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. If they tried to stop them again, even the Four Phoenix Pavilion would find it difficult to resist the pressure of all the Holy Spirits in the Ancestral Land. At that time, a shocking battle would definitely erupt.

“I must discuss this matter with my sisters carefully,” she said softly.

Kun Ao waved his hand and said, “You go ahead and discuss it. I’ll find that Dragon Clan master and bring him to your Four Phoenix Pavilion.”

Nodding her head, she quickly turned around and transformed into a giant purple bird before flying off.

Kun Ao watched her leave, turned around, took a step forward, and leisurely left.

Inside the cave, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were fully recovering.

Suddenly, Yang Kai opened his eyes and stared off into the distance with a profound look in his eyes. After observing for a moment, he couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and appeared outside the mountain.

In his field of vision, he could see a little boy who looked like he was carved from jade fighting a fierce beast. This child looked to be only seven or eight years old, with tender arms and tender legs, a cute pink face, and a high nose.

The strange beast fighting him obviously had a trace of the Holy Spirit’s bloodline, but each of its attacks contained the power of a Third Order Open Heaven Stage strike.

The child, on the other hand, was not afraid at all. Leaping onto the beast’s back, he gripped its fur tightly with one hand while clenching his other hand into a fist, punching the beast’s head.

Although the child was small, the strength of each strike was not to be underestimated.

Although the strange beasts resisted with all its might and even circulated the power of its bloodline, it was still unable to escape the attacks of this child.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the child’s body was covered in blood as he jumped down, but the strange beast collapsed to the ground, its vitality completely drained.

Seemingly sensing something, the child suddenly turned to look in Yang Kai’s direction and shouted, “Who is it!”

Their eyes met and Yang Kai grinned. The child was stunned for a moment before his eyes widened and he pointed at Yang Kai, “You… you…”

“Great General!” Yang Kai smiled and called out, “It’s been many years since we last met, but your grace has not diminished!”

“Yang Kai!” The child jumped three meter into the air, a happy smile appearing on his face. Stepping forward, he quickly arrived in front of Yang Kai and looked up at him happily, “Why have you come to the Ancestral Land?”

“I just happened to pass by, do you believe me?” Yang Kai patted his head.

The Great General turned his head and angrily shouted, “Don’t touch my head! Mother said I won’t grow!”

Yang Kai smacked his lips, “It’s been more than a hundred years, why are you still so young?”

Great General clasped his hands behind his back and calmly said, “What do you know? Mother said that my bloodline is extremely pure, so my growth period is quite long. When I grow up, I will definitely be higher than you!”

“Does being taller than me give you a sense of accomplishment?” Yang Kai grinned.

Hearing the commotion outside, Xia Linlang also rushed out and saw Yang Kai chatting happily with a child.

Flying over to Yang Kai, Xia Linlang asked curiously, “Who is this child? Do you know him?”

Yang Kai nodded, “An old friend.”

When he first entered this 3000 World, he had been tricked into becoming a servant in the Seven Skillful Land, and the Protector Venerable of Fire Spiritual Land, Duan Hai, had a pet.

The servants all called him Great General Si Chen.

Yang Kai had earned a lot of Open Heaven Pills from the Great General.

After escaping from the Seven Skillful Land, Yang Kai brought the Great General out, and he led him to the Holy Spirit Mie Meng.

It wasn’t until then that Yang Kai realized that this golden chicken-like Great General was actually a descendant of the Holy Spirit.

Mie Meng had given Yang Kai three Golden Plume Feathers, and relying on one of them, Yang Kai had been able to kill the Adult Golden Crow before its death and obtain the Golden Crow True Fire.

It could be said that the three Golden Plume Feathers had helped Yang Kai a lot.

He had not expected to see the Great General here again.


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