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Yang Kai and Xia Linlang had disappeared for quite some time this time, and after half a day, they had disappeared.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch even suspected that Yang Kai had gone back on his word and was about to abandon him here.

Just as he was thinking about this, figures flashed past him and Yang Kai and Xia Linlang appeared.

“Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch nodded lightly, “What do you need this King to do?”

Yang Kai smiled, “It’s simple, I will use my own strength to guide Divine Monarch, but I can’t be disturbed at all, so Divine Monarch should not resist.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch stared at Yang Kai deeply, not resisting. In other words, Yang Kai was in charge of his life and death. If Yang Kai had any malicious intent and suddenly attacked, even with his Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, he might not be able to defend himself.

However, he didn’t hesitate and nodded lightly, “Go ahead, this King will cooperate.”

Yang Kai didn’t say a word and instead used his strength to wrap him up. In the next moment, the Space Laws surged and the three of them disappeared into the Space Fragment.

In the blink of an eye, more than half a year had passed, and the three of them were constantly shuttling back and forth between the various pieces of Space Fragments. From time to time, Yang Kai would stop and observe his surroundings while silently comprehending the Space Laws.

On the other hand, Xia Linlang and Bright Sun Divine Monarch didn’t need to do anything, they didn’t even need to use any of their strength. In this strange place, all their hopes of escaping were placed on Yang Kai.

Although it had taken Yang Kai more than half a year to walk out of this strange space, Bright Sun Divine Monarch didn’t show any signs of impatience, allowing Yang Kai to cooperate with him.

At a certain moment, the three figures suddenly appeared in a Space Fragment. Yang Kai stared at it for a moment before taking a deep breath and saying, “This is the last step.”

When Bright Sun Divine Monarch and Xia Linlang heard this, both of them became excited.

The two of them looked around, and Bright Sun Divine Monarch frowned, “Little brat Yang, are you sure that by taking this step, we will be able to leave this damned place? Why do I feel like not only have we not escaped, we’ve instead gone deeper?”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “The order of this space is completely chaotic, so what the naked eye can see is impossible to believe, which is why Divine Monarch feel this way.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch didn’t comment, instead muttering to himself for a moment before saying, “Since you say so, then this King will believe you. After this step, this King will lead the way and lead the two of you out.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “We still need Divine Monarch guarding the rear, just like when we broke into this place, Senior Sister Xia and I will open the way ahead.”

The Divine Abilities, as well as the power of the Artifact, would take some time to activate, and if Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were the ones behind Bright Sun Divine Monarch, it would be extremely difficult to resist.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch frowned, but he didn’t object and simply nodded, “As you say.”

“Thank you, Divine Monarch!” As Yang Kai finished speaking, he summoned his strength and wrapped it around Xia Linlang and Bright Sun Divine Monarch before stepping forward.

Their vision turned upside down as the space around them changed. Before the three of them could regain their senses, a number of dormant auras suddenly appeared and locked onto them.

Terrifying energy surged as the Divine Abilities that had been dormant for countless years began to glow brilliantly again.

Yang Kai only felt his skin tighten and his flesh crawl as he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it forward, shouting, “Go!”

Yang Kai and Xia Linlang transformed into two streaks of light and sped off.

When the two of them had been fleeing, they had encountered this kind of situation, so it was not difficult for them to deal with this situation.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch followed closely behind the two of them as countless Divine Abilities converged into a torrent, rolling towards them like an avalanche.

Such power caused even Bright Sun Divine Monarch's expression to become solemn. Once he fell into this torrent of Divine Abilities, even if he was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, there was a high chance he would die on the spot.

As the three of them fled, a series of Divine Abilities were launched towards the rear, while neutralizing the power of the Divine Abilities that were pursuing them, but it was only a drop in the bucket.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch roared in anger as he released all the power of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, causing the void to tremble every time he attacked.

Yang Kai and Xia Linlang, who were fleeing in front, felt their hearts skip a beat. If such an attack were to land on them, the two of them would not be able to resist.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had also brought Bright Sun Divine Monarch out, otherwise, without him, the two of them really wouldn’t have been able to escape this damned place.

In the beginning, the Divine Abilities that were triggered were extremely powerful, and some of them were even comparable to Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage, but the further they fled, the weaker they became.

Yang Kai and Xia Linlang had experienced this when they first entered the Shattered Space, so as long as they could persevere, their situation would become more secure.

Half a day later, the two people in front had exhausted a great deal of their strength and were covered in blood. Although most of the Divine Abilities had been thrown far away by the two of them, leaving them to Bright Sun Divine Monarch to deal with, there were still some who were chasing after them, forcing the two of them to resist.

As a result, both of them were injured, and Xia Linlang’s shoulder was covered in a bone-deep wound, almost losing her entire arm.

Fortunately, her life was not in danger.

Yang Kai didn’t even have time to investigate Bright Sun Divine Monarch's situation, but he was certain that he was in a worse state than him, after all, the pressure he was under was much greater.

As expected of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, even so, Bright Sun Divine Monarch still followed closely behind the two of them, leisurely releasing a trace of his aura to lock onto Yang Kai’s figure.

After another half a day, the Divine Abilities that were triggered in the surroundings were only comparable to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage blow.

They had already reached the periphery!

Yang Kai sent a voice transmission, “Senior Sister Xia, it’s time!”

Hearing this, Xia Linlang’s figure flashed without hesitation as she leaned close to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai wrapped his hand around her waist and activated his Space Laws, causing their figure to flicker and disappear.

This was also something the two of them had secretly discussed. When they were about to break free, they had to escape from Bright Sun Divine Monarch, otherwise, once they broke free, Xia Linlang’s fate would not be discussed for now. but Yang Kai would definitely be captured by Bright Sun Divine Monarch, and at that time, he would be a prisoner.

Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t entrust his safety to others.

However, teleporting in such a place was extremely risky, because the energy fluctuations from the various Divine Abilities in the surroundings were too complex. Yang Kai couldn’t be certain where he would end up after teleporting. There was a chance he would be able to escape from Bright Sun Divine Monarch and escape danger, but there was also a chance he would end up in an even more dangerous place.

However, life wasn’t as good as he thought it would be. Sometimes, he really had to take a gamble.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch had obviously been on guard against Yang Kai, otherwise he wouldn’t have sent out a trace of his aura to lock onto Yang Kai, but he had never expected him to be so bold as to dare take such a risk in such a place.

By the time he realized what was happening, it was too late to stop them. Yang Kai and Xia Linlang disappeared without a trace, and the aura locked onto him was also cut off.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch's face was gloomy as he coldly snorted. The Divine Abilities torrent chased after him, leaving him no time to deal with it, so he could only continue fleeing.

Under the gray sky, in the vast plains, space rippled and two figures appeared. It was Yang Kai and Xia Linlang.

Before he could catch his breath, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and thrust his Azure Dragon Spear towards the spot where he had appeared.

In the next instant, several powerful Divine Abilities appeared in the sky.

Although he had successfully escaped with Xia Linlang when he teleported, he had also drawn in a few Divine Abilities nearby.

Xia Linlang didn’t notice anything, but Yang Kai could see everything clearly.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai was sent flying like a rag sack, spitting out a mouthful of blood while his arm holding the spear fell limply, his five viscera and six bowels trembling.

Xia Linlang finally realized what was happening and let out a cry of surprise. Her hands shot out, transforming into countless palm shadows that blocked the attacks.

After a while, everything calmed down.

Xia Linlang walked over to Yang Kai’s side and looked down at him, “How is it?”

Yang Kai’s entire body was sprawled on the ground as he weakly rolled his eyes and declared, “It’s, it’s not bad!”

Xia Linlang couldn’t help rolling her eyes as she stood next to him and looked around, frowning, “What is this place?”

Yang Kai gasped, “I don’t know, that last instant when we teleported, I couldn’t even control my direction, who knows where we were. But when we appeared just now, we made some noise, so it’s best if we don’t stay where we are.”

Xia Linlang nodded and asked, “Can you walk?”

Yang Kai sniffed, “Do I look like I can walk?”

Xia Linlang didn’t know what to say and could only use her strength to wrap him up before leading him in a certain direction.

Two hours later, in a barren mountain, Xia Linlang found a cave in the middle of the mountain and the two of them entered it to heal.

This time, they had fought their way out of that strange shattered space. Although they had suffered a great deal of pressure from Bright Sun Divine Monarch, the two of them had consumed a great deal of energy and were both injured.

Yang Kai wasn’t sure if Bright Sun Divine Monarch would be able to catch up to him or not, nor did he know if there was any danger here, so he naturally wanted to quickly recover.

Each of them consumed a Spirit Pill and sat down cross-legged.

A moment later, Yang Kai raised his brow, a look of surprise appearing on his face.

For some reason, he felt that his Dragon Vein was becoming restless and excited, and he couldn’t help feeling a faint sense of familiarity towards this strange world.

In fact, when he first appeared here, the Dragon Vein’s power in his body had been somewhat abnormal, but Yang Kai hadn’t had the time to examine it at the time, so now that he was recuperating, he was able to carefully identify it.

After sensing for a while and confirming that the power of the Dragon Vein was indeed different, Yang Kai could even feel that if he lived in this world all year round, his Dragon Vein might be able to improve as time passed.

This feeling was inexplicable, but Yang Kai firmly believed it.

Could this place be related to the Dragon Race? Yang Kai was excited.


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