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“All these years, I’ve taught you Cultivation Techniques and Secret Techniques, but I’ve never taught you how to use a spear,” Yang Kai said slowly, “There are three thousand Great Daos, Xiao Bai's talent in the Dao of Space is extraordinary, while yours is unique in the Dao of Spear. The Dao of Space and the Dao of Spear are both my Dao!”

Zhao Ya suddenly understood.

“Comparatively speaking, your aptitude is much better than Xiao Bai's. If you hadn’t deliberately suppressed your cultivation all these years, how could you only reached the Immortal Ascension Stage after so long?”

Zhao Ya was puzzled, “Master, I never understood why you wanted me to suppress my cultivation. Can you tell me now?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before saying, “It’s not that I can’t tell you, it’s just that it’s a bit difficult to explain. When the time comes, you’ll naturally know.”

Zhao Ya nodded and whispered, “Then… what about Qinfeng Town? Master, you deliberately left Qinfeng Town’s address with Aunt Lu and granny back then because you wanted me to find it, right? After all, you brought me here from there.”

Yang Kai remained silent.

Zhao Ya, this child, had a vicious temperament since she was young. This could be seen from her reaction when she was forced to become his disciple. As she grew up, it became more obvious. Yang Kai’s original intention was to use her experience to help her find her biological parents and see if kinship could resolve the knot in her heart.

However, in the end, he failed.

“Master, you were the one who named me back then. One day I am Zhao Ya, the rest of my life I am Zhao Ya. This has nothing to do with the Xu Family, I won’t hold a grudge against them for their actions. After all, Aunt Mei has taken good care of me during those days, so I’ll just treat it as if we don’t owe each other anything.”

Yang Kai nodded.

“However, there’s one thing that I’m quite curious about, so I hope Master can enlighten me,” Zhao Ya looked at Yang Kai seriously.

“Tell me.”

“Master can continue to conceal his identity, and now is not the time to reveal it, so why did he take the initiative to reveal himself to me and Brother Xiaobai after returning from this expedition?”

“Because I’m afraid I won’t have time to pay much attention to you in the future,” Yang Kai explained.

Zhao Ya frowned in confusion.

“Above the Emperor Realm is Open Heaven. When a cultivator open the Heavens and Earth in their body, they form a Small Universe World. Master’s cultivation is at the Open Heaven Stage, and the world you live in is my Small Universe World!”

Zhao Ya immediately revealed a look of shock. The world they lived in was actually just her Master’s Small Universe World. With her imagination running wild, Zhao Ya found it hard to believe.

“My body is currently trapped in a shattered space, and I’ve been trying to comprehend its mysteries all these years to find a way to escape. After all these years, I’ve finally made some progress, so I’ll have to go all out now, so I’ll have to put the matter of the Small Universe aside for now.”

Zhao Ya nodded.

“When I’m not around, you and Xiao Bai should work hard to cultivate and not slack off. I hope that the next time I come to see you, both of you will improve!”

“Yes!” Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai nodded simultaneously.

Yang Kai waved his hand again, and two small winged figures appeared in front of him, flying around nimbly.

Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai both showed a look of surprise as they stared at the two palm-sized figures and clicked their tongues in amazement.

Mu Zhu and Mu Lu smiled at the two of them in a friendly manner. Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya didn’t know them, but they were extremely familiar with them. When Yu Lu had a difficult time in labor, it was they who had used a Secret Technique to maintain Yu Lu’s life force and witnessed Zhao Yebai’s birth. These two Wood Spirits had been silently observing the growth of these two children, but Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya had never seen them.

“They are members of the Wood Spirit Race and are also the original residents of my Small Universe. They have accompanied me for many years, so after I leave, if you have any questions about cultivation or anything you want to know, you can ask them.”

Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya nodded.

Yang Kai turned to Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, “I’ll leave it to you.”

The two little wood spirits smiled, “Rest assured, Master.”

Yang Kai nodded and slowly disappeared.

Inside the hall, the two sides stared at each other for a moment before Zhao Ya tugged at Zhao Yebai’s clothes and respectfully said, “Zhao Ya greets the two Seniors.”

Hearing this, Mu Zhu couldn’t help laughing. After all these years, this was the first time someone had called her Senior, and Mu Lu couldn’t help feeling a great sense of responsibility as she tried her best to straighten her chest and act like a noble.

But when she looked at Mu Zhu’s chest again, Mu Lu’s head sank.

“Do you have any questions?” Mu Zhu asked with a smile.

Zhao Yebai blurted out, “Does Master really have many wives?”

Zhao Ya smiled at him, “What’s wrong? Does Brother Xiaobai also want to learn from Master?”

Zhao Yebai quickly scratched his head, “I’m just curious, I was just asking.”

Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya were now in their early twenties, and the Small Universe's time flow was twice as fast that of the outside world. In other words, Yang Kai had been trapped in the Shattered Space for more than a decade.

To Open Heaven Stage cultivator, more than a decade was not a long time, so whether it was him, Xia Linlang, or Bright Sun Divine Monarch who had been trapped here, all of them were safe.

The three of them were searching for a way to escape from the various shattered spaces, but whether it was Xia Linlang or Bright Sun Divine Monarch, neither of them knew anything about the Dao of Space, so even if their cultivation was much stronger than Yang Kai’s, they were helpless.

On the other hand, after so many years of comprehension, Yang Kai had already made some progress. If not for this, he wouldn’t have been so anxious to reveal his identity to Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya.

For the next half a year, the Space Laws around Yang Kai constantly fluctuated, his expression constantly changing, sometimes frowning, sometimes happy.

One day half a year later, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes, a light flashing across them.

This action of his naturally startled Xia Linlang and Bright Sun Divine Monarch, both of them turning their attention towards him.

As the two of them watched, Yang Kai took a step forward and instantly disappeared. The two of them quickly looked around, but they couldn’t see Yang Kai’s figure at all. No one knew where he had run off to.

This massive void had been torn apart by an ancient great expert's Space Ability, like a shattered mirror. The shattered pieces of space were like pieces of glass, without any sense of logic or order.

Whether it was Xia Linlang or Bright Sun Divine Monarch, both of them had felt the strangeness of this space when they had first entered this place, so although Yang Kai had disappeared, the two of them weren’t too surprised, because Yang Kai had definitely been randomly teleported to a space fragment.

But in the next moment, Bright Sun Divine Monarch's eyes narrowed.

All of a sudden, a figure flashed past Xia Linlang. It was none other than Yang Kai, who had just disappeared.

Xia Linlang, on the other hand, was pleasantly surprised, “You solved it?”

If that wasn’t the case, how could Yang Kai have appeared beside her so coincidentally? The two of them and Bright Sun Divine Monarch had both tried to teleport to the space fragments here, but no one knew which one they would jump out to.

Yang Kai being able to accurately teleport to where Xia Linlang was without a doubt explained many things.

Sure enough, this broken space could only be solved by the Space Dao.

“I can’t say I solved it, I just found some patterns,” Yang Kai shook his head. After all, the Space Fragments here were originally one and the same. Although they had fallen apart, there was still a faint connection between them, and only those who were proficient in the Dao of Space could see through this connection.

“Are you confident you can get out?” Xia Linlang asked.

Yang Kai said, “Finding a way out shouldn’t be difficult, but what’s difficult is what happens after we leave.”

Xia Linlang suddenly remembered that outside this Shattered Space, there were countless Divine Abilities. They had suffered quite a bit while escaping and had nearly died here. At that time, Bright Sun Divine Monarch had been behind them cleaning up the mess. If Bright Sun Divine Monarch hadn’t blocked those countless Divine Abilities, their chances of survival would have been extremely slim.

It could be said that Bright Sun Divine Monarch had helped them greatly.

However, to be honest, they had been driven into a corner by Bright Sun Divine Monarch and had no choice but to flee here.

Yang Kai suddenly turned his head and looked towards the location where Bright Sun Divine Monarch was standing. Saying, “Divine Monarch, in this current situation, there are two sides to a coin, how about we put aside our differences and cooperate?”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch snorted coldly, his gaze sharp as he glared over, “Aren’t you afraid of asking a tiger for its skin?”

Yang Kai said, “What Divine Monarch is doing is nothing more than for one of the Universe Four Pillars, the World Spring, which has long been refined by me and has become one with my Small Universe. Even if you kill me, you may not have any hope of obtaining it. It’s highly likely that the World Spring will collapse and be destroyed along with my Small Universe, if I cooperate with you, I don’t need to worry about my life for the time being. On the other hand, without Divine Monarch, Senior Sister Xia and I don’t have the confidence to escape this place. This is the same for Divine Monarch. Without me leading the way, even if Divine Monarch has an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, you can forget about leaving this space.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch stared at Yang Kai coldly for a long time before grinning, “You’ve said all the good things and bad things, so what can this King say? You’re not even worried that this King will burn the bridge after crossing it, so why should this King be afraid?”

Saying so, he smiled again, “Do you need this King to swear an oath or something?”

“If an oath is useful, what’s the point of cultivating? Even if Divine Monarch really swore an oath, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch raised his brow slightly, “Little brat, you’re quite reasonable. With your words, this King can guarantee that before you break through to the Seventh Order, I will not kill you.”

“Thank you for your kind intentions, Divine Monarch,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Beside him, Xia Linlang was worried. Although she knew that if Bright Sun Divine Monarch really left this place safely, he would definitely burn the bridge after crossing it, but without Bright Sun Divine Monarch's help, it would be difficult for her and Yang Kai to escape.

In such a difficult situation, Yang Kai had no choice but to do so. No matter what, he had to escape first.

“Then I’ll come and find Divine Monarch,” Yang Kai said before turning to Xia Linlang and exhorting, “Do not use your strength.”

Xia Linlang nodded, “I understand.”

As the Space Laws surged, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang stepped out and disappeared into the Space Fragment.


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