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“Seven Star Square…”

In front of the mountain gate, Jia Hong stopped and stared at the three words on the giant signboard.

The man and woman he was chasing had escaped into Seven Star Square. As the Palace Master of Spirit Sea Palace, he naturally knew about Seven Star Square. Both of them were first class Sects, so although they weren’t close to each other, they would occasionally interact.

In front of Seven Star Square, a half-grown old man was quietly waiting. When he saw Jia Hong, he cupped his fists and said, “Palace Master Jia has graced us with his presence. Please forgive Shangguan Ji’s lack of hospitality.”

Jia Hong returned the greeting indifferently, “Square Master Shangguan, long time no see.”

Shangguan Ji said, “My Sect’s Supreme Elder knows that Palace Master Jia has arrived and is waiting on Azure Jade Peak. Please, Palace Master Jia!”

Hearing this, Jia Hong’s eyes narrowed, and after a moment of silence, he asked, “Square Master Shangguan, who are those two to your Sect's Supreme Elder?”

Shangguan Ji smiled lightly, “Palace Master Jia will naturally know when he goes up the mountain.”

Jia Hong coldly snorted, “Then this Jia will accept it!”

Taking big strides up the mountain, Shangguan Ji didn’t try to stop him and simply watched.

A moment later, Jia Hong arrived at Azure Jade Peak, where a man and a woman stood quietly. They were the two who had escaped from Qinfeng Town.

Seeing the two of them, Jia Hong wasn’t surprised, only frowning slightly.

If these two people were related to Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder, then the strange events he had encountered along the way could be explained.

As for Hu Xun’s enmity… he could only leave it at that.

“Master is waiting inside!” Zhao Ya said lightly.

Jia Hong raised his brow and walked straight towards the main hall.

No one knew what Jia Hong had said to Yang Kai in the main hall, but after the time it took to boil a cup of tea, Jia Hong respectfully withdrew from the hall and flew off without even turning his head, not even mentioning the fact that his disciple had been killed.

Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai looked at each other and let out a long sigh, knowing that this matter was over.

“You two, come in,” Yang Kai’s voice came from inside the hall.

Hearing this, Zhao Ya’s neck shrank, seemingly a little afraid. Zhao Yebai held her hand and gave her a comforting look before leading her into the hall.

Although they had cultivated on the mountain for thirteen years, this was the first time the two of them had entered this hall.

The door to the hall opened and the two of them stepped inside. Inside, they saw a man with his hands behind his back.



The two of them bowed respectfully.

The man with his back to them slowly turned around.

Zhao Yebai’s eyes went wide as he shouted in surprise, “Uncle Yang?”

At this moment, the person in the hall was actually Uncle Yang, whom he had regarded as his father since he was a child. When they had gone out to temper themselves, they had specially gone to Qinfeng Town to look for him, but instead of finding Uncle Yang, they had accidentally found Zhao Ya’s biological parents!

He had never expected to see Uncle Yang here after thirteen years.

Zhao Yebai was extremely excited, “Uncle Yang, why are you here? Did Senior bring you here? Where is Senior?”

Yang Kai smiled but didn’t say anything.

Comparatively speaking, Zhao Ya was much calmer. When she saw Yang Kai, although she also had a look of surprise on her face, it was quickly replaced with a look of confusion and then a look of realization.

“Brother Xiaobai,” Zhao Ya tugged on Zhao Yebai’s sleeve, “If I’m not mistaken, Uncle Yang is Master, and Master is Uncle Yang!”

“How is that possible?” Zhao Yebai couldn’t help laughing, “Senior’s cultivation is profound and Uncle Yang is just an ordinary person. Moreover, the two of them have completely different appearances, so how could they be the same?”

Zhao Ya said, “Haven’t you always found it strange that Master’s back is so similar to Uncle Yang’s? Just looking at his back, the two of them are almost identical. As you said, Master’s cultivation is profound, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to change his appearance and conceal his cultivation in front of us. Moreover, Uncle Yang and Master share the same surname, which is enough to prove that the two of them are the same person, but we never knew.”

Zhao Yebai’s jaw dropped, still unable to believe his eyes.

“Master, am I right?” Zhao Ya asked directly.

Yang Kai smiled, “Xiao Ya has always been so smart, she can see right through me.”

Zhao Yebai was completely dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand how a Senior with a profound cultivation could suddenly become Uncle Yang.

Just as he was puzzled, Yang Kai waved his hand and a figure suddenly appeared. It was none other than the Azure Jade Peak’s Supreme Elder whom the two of them had been facing for more than ten years.

The two figures stood side by side, and apart from their completely different appearances and temperaments, their physiques were exactly the same, causing Zhao Yebai to click his tongue in wonder.

“External avatar?” Zhao Ya raised her brow.

Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand, causing the Azure Jade Peak’s Supreme Elder’s figure to instantly disappear as he said, “Strictly speaking, what you’re seeing right now is also an avatar, Divine Sense Avatar.”

“Divine Sense Avatar!” Zhao Ya gasped as her chest puffed up.

Now that she had reached the Immortal Ascension Stage and opened her Knowledge Sea, she naturally knew what Divine Sense was. The more she knew, the more she understood how terrifying the Divine Sense Avatar were.

His Divine Sense had already taken on a physical form, so vivid and lifelike that even a Second Order Emperor Realm like the Spirit Sea Palace’s Palace Master didn’t dare act rashly in front of him, not even dared to take revenge for his disciple, how terrifying is his strength?

Zhao Yebai’s mouth was so wide it could fit an egg.

Although he didn’t quite understand what Uncle Yang and Xiao Ya were talking about, he felt that they were quite powerful, and his eyes were filled with admiration.

Swallowing hard, Zhao Ya asked, “Master, how high is your true cultivation?”

Yang Kai smiled, “Master? My cultivation is higher than the Heavens.”

These words sounded familiar, and Zhao Ya suddenly remembered that her master had also said these words when she had taken him as her master. At that time, she had been determined that one day her cultivation would surpass her master’s, and then she would let him have a taste of being a servant…

In the blink of an eye, thirteen years passed.

Zhao Ya couldn’t help blushing slightly. Back then, she had been young and ignorant, but now she couldn’t have such disrespectful thoughts. Suddenly, she understood something, “So when I was abandoned, it was Master who picked me up from the mountain and brought me to Aunt Lu’s house.”

“You can even think of that?” Yang Kai was surprised.

Zhao Ya said, “When I found out that I was abandoned after I was born, I was quite puzzled. At that time, I was just an infant, so how could I have run to the Seven Stars Collection that was hundreds of thousands of kilometers away? The jackals, tigers, and leopards didn’t have such ability, only a powerful cultivator could do so. It was just a casual guess, but Master’s answer confirmed my thoughts.”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, as if he was trying to say something, “When a person is too smart, sometimes their life is more tiring.”

Zhao Yebai scratched his head, “Just don’t be as stupid as me.”

Zhao Ya pouted, “You’re not stupid. If you were really stupid, how could Master have spent so much effort to train you?”

“Ah?” Zhao Yebai was confused.

Zhao Ya said, “Master is Uncle Yang. Have you forgotten how he has treated you these past ten years?”

Zhao Yebai thought about it for a moment before chuckling, “Uncle Yang has his reasons for treating me like this.” Over the past ten years, the two of them had been on Azure Jade Peak, but Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai’s treatment had been vastly different. One was like a flower in the palm of his hand, while the other was like a wild grass, completely ignored. On the other hand, Zhao Yebai had been given all kinds of miscellaneous tasks and suffered all kinds of punishments.

Zhao Ya said angrily, “If you say you’re stupid, you’re really stupid. When you were young, Uncle Yang doted on you so much, did you think he would suppress and punish you for no reason?”

Zhao Yebai was confused, “Then why?”

Zhao Ya looked at Yang Kai and said, “You'll have to ask Master.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Xiao Bai’s aptitude is indeed just so-so, it’s not because I want to suppress him, even ten of him can’t compare to you.”

Zhao Yebai turned his head and smiled at Zhao Ya, obviously trying to say, 'See, I was stupid to begin with.'

Zhao Ya, on the other hand, keenly grasped the hint of information Yang Kai had revealed, “In terms of aptitude, Brother Xiao Bai is inferior to me, but he is definitely stronger than me. Let me guess, I’ve always heard that when a master’s lifespan is nearing its end, they will strive to find their inheritor, so many unknown young people suddenly obtain a Senior’s inheritance and so they soar into the sky. Does this mean that Master won’t live long and Brother Xiao Bai has a chance to inherit your legacy?”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s face darkened.

Zhao Yebai, on the other hand, was shocked and asked in panic, “Uncle Yang, are you going to die?”

Yang Kai felt like he was about to vomit blood as he muttered, “My vitality is very strong, if you two don’t work hard, I can still send you off!”

Zhao Yebai let out a long sigh, his face filled with lingering fear.

Zhao Ya’s brow furrowed as she muttered, “When we were fleeing, Brother Xiaobai used an extremely strange power that could ignore the barriers of space, allowing his Qi Transformation Stage cultivation to run faster than an Emperor Realm master. Is Master’s legacy related to this power?”

Yang Kai sighed. Originally, he hadn’t planned on explaining these matters to the two little brats so early, but Zhao Ya was simply too smart, so smart that he didn't have the time to take precautions.

Gently raising his hands, the Space Laws surged, causing Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya’s eyes to widen as they felt the distance between them and Yang Kai rapidly increase, as if they were in two different worlds.

But in the next moment, the distance between them was restored and when the two of them came back to their senses, they didn’t move at all.

This feeling of space distortion caused the two of them to break out in cold sweat.

“This is the Space Laws. The power of Laws can only be comprehended by those who have reached the Emperor Realm. Xiao Bai's talent is extraordinary, and even when he was still in his mother’s womb, he had already displayed such a talent. I really can’t bear to waste this piece of unpolished jade, so this is what happened next.”

Zhao Ya nodded and suddenly understood, “Actually, the disciple Master wants to take in all these years has always been Brother Xiaobai.”

Yang Kai smiled, “Xiao Bai has a chance to inherit my legacy, so do you.”

“Me?” Zhao Ya was stunned, “I’ve never felt that kind of power before.”


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