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The two of them left in a hurry, but a moment later, a figure descended from the sky, carrying a terrifying pressure.

The dispirited Zhen Xuemei and the terrified Xu Liangcai both spat out a mouthful of blood, even the True Element Stage Xu Hao is the same.

The figure landed in front of Hu Xun and narrowed his eyes, his killing intent surging.

“Disciple greets Master!” Xu Hao withstood the terrifying pressure and fell to his knees.

This person was the Spirit Sea Palace’s Palace Master, Jia Hong. As the leader of a first class Sect on the Void Continent, Jia Hong had a powerful Second Order Emperor Realm cultivation and was famous throughout the entire continent.

Hu Xun and Xu Hao were both fortunate enough to be accepted as disciples, but Xu Hao was only an in-name disciple, but Hu Xun was different. Hu Xun’s aptitude was extraordinary and was highly regarded by Jia Hong. When the other disciples returned to Spirit Sea Palace with the head of the thief, Jia Hong was very happy, but who would have thought that after just a few days, someone would come to report that Hu Xun’s Life Lamp had been extinguished!

Jia Hong immediately set off towards this place. With his powerful Second Order Emperor Realm cultivation, it would only take him ten minutes to arrive from Spirit Sea Palace.

Jia Hong stared at Hu Xun for a moment before glancing at Xu Hao lightly and coldly snorting.

He had many disciples under his name, and although Hu Xun wasn’t bad, he wasn’t the most outstanding. But no matter what, they were all Jia Hong’s disciples. Now that his disciple had been killed, as his master, he naturally couldn’t turn a blind eye to it. No matter who it was, if they dared to act like this, they would have to pay a painful price!

He didn’t ask Xu Hao who had killed Hu Xun, but with his powerful perception, he could sense two different auras rushing away.

One was in the Immortal Ascension Stage while the other was in the Qi Transformation Stage!

A weak cultivator trying to escape from him?

With a leap of his body, he flew forward like a great roc and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Several dozen kilometres away, Zhao Ya used her strength to wrap around Zhao Yebai and flee for her life, but after only a moment, a powerful aura locked onto them.

Zhao Ya’s expression changed as she shouted, “Brother Xiao Bai, let’s split up!”

The strength of this newcomer was not something she could resist. No matter how many treasures her master had bestowed upon her before she left, it would be difficult for her to preserve her life. She was the one who killed Hu Xun, so it had nothing to do with Brother Xiao Bai. If they separated, Brother Xiao Bai would still have a chance to survive, but if they stayed together, they could only wait for death.

Saying so, she didn’t allow Zhao Yebai to refute, gently pushing her palm out and sending Zhao Yebai flying. At the same time, she turned around and sped off.

Zhao Yebai fell to the ground and rolled a few times. When he finally got up and looked up, he saw a streak of light chasing after Zhao Ya.

Zhao Yebai’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he stomped his foot and hurriedly chased after them.

However, he was only at the Qi Transformation Stage, so how could he compare to Zhao Ya and Jia Hong? In just a moment, he had been thrown out of sight.

He was extremely anxious and blamed himself.

During this trip, he had encountered many dangers. Many times, it was Xiao Ya who was protecting him. He felt like he was a burden and was completely useless.

However, he also knew that his aptitude was just so-so. Three years ago, he had obtained that Cultivation Technique in his sleep, and after cultivating for so long, he had only managed to break through to the Qi Transformation Stage. He couldn’t help Zhao Ya at all.

Even so, he still chased after them with all his might.

In front of him, Jia Hong’s figure flashed like lightning as he saw Zhao Ya fleeing in front of him. He coldly snorted in his heart, a mere Immortal Ascension Stage cultivator dared to act so presumptuously in front of him.

Stretching out his palm, the Emperor Qi in his palm surged towards Zhao Ya.

Zhao Ya’s entire body tensed up as an aura of death enveloped her, but in the next moment, this feeling disappeared.

Behind him, Jia Hong’s face was filled with shock.

Because just now, just as he was about to strike out with his palm, he felt an inexplicable sense of fear, as if if if he were to strike out with his palm, he would definitely suffer!

He is a Second Order Emperor Realm master, so when he had a sudden impulse, he would always feel something, so he didn’t dare lower his guard.

After dispersing his power suspiciously, the sense of unease he felt disappeared.

Jia Hong’s brow furrowed as he spread out his Divine Sense, but he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, nor did he sense any powerful enemies nearby. Was this just an illusion?

Thinking so, Jia Hong prepared to attack again.

This time, however, he didn’t feel anything. After he sent out a palm strike, the fleeing woman in front of him only staggered for a moment before being swept away by the shockwave.

Jia Hong’s eyes went wide!

His palm strike was definitely meant to take the woman’s life, and even with the power of the Immortal Ascension Stage, it was impossible for her to dodge, but she had actually managed to escape death.

Jia Hong didn’t even know what had happened.

Two attacks, one made him feel uneasy, and the other without success. Jia Hong faintly realized that something was wrong and didn’t dare to act rashly, instead following behind the woman and carefully observing.

Two figures, one in front and one in the back, moved as fast as lightning.

Zhao Yebai had already been left far behind. At first, he was quite anxious, but as time passed and he continued to fly forward, he suddenly felt a strange sensation.

It was as if he had become one with the entire world.

He had experienced this feeling once before, three years ago, when he had been stimulated by Miao Feiping’s words and his mind had been filled with wild thoughts. In the end, it had been like a dream, as if he had entered a vast and empty world. In the end, it was Senior who had awakened him.

Senior said that he had inadvertently triggered the power of this world, and this power was extremely dangerous, so he had to be careful in the future.

For the past three years, Zhao Yebai had always kept his Senior’s words in mind and didn’t dare to have such a feeling.

At this moment, he couldn’t care less. Qi Transformation Stage cultivators were too weak, so using this World Strength might be able to help Xiao Ya.

Zhao Yebai’s eyes were clear, his entire being calm like water.

As he rushed forward, the space around him rippled, but he was completely unaware that the Dao Marks of the Space Laws in the world were being drawn out and resonated with him.

At some point, Zhao Yebai’s figure suddenly disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was already far away.

Zhao Yebai’s figure flickered as he stared ahead with a firm gaze, the ground beneath his feet rapidly retreating. Feeling a sense of satisfaction, he let out a roar like a fish swimming in water.

After chasing for half a month, Zhao Yebai finally saw a dazzling streak of light in the sky, an expert from Spirit Sea Palace.

Xiao Ya was right in front! Zhao Yebai’s figure became even more agile.

In the sky, Jia Hong, who had been chasing after Zhao Ya, also noticed Zhao Yebai’s abnormality. Looking down, he saw that the Qi Transformation Stage cultivator below him was constantly flickering, and with every step he took, he was able to instantly teleport from one place to another.

Jia Hong’s eyes bulged. What kind of power was this? He had never even heard of such a thing before. As far as his eyes could see, the space around the Qi Transformation Stage boy was constantly distorting.

Jia Hong’s face was filled with shock and helplessness.

During this pursuit, he had wanted to capture or kill Zhao Ya more than once, but every time he attacked, he would either suddenly feel something and be forced to stop, or he would strike out and somehow fail.

An exalted Emperor Realm master had chased after an Immortal Ascension Stage for half a month, yet he had still failed. If this had not happened to him, Jia Hong would never have believed it.

Now that he had seen a Qi Transformation Stage brat display such a wondrous strength, Jia Hong felt that the experiences he had experienced over the past half month had completely overturned everything he knew.

After a few flashes, the little brat had already surpassed him and caught up to the woman in front of him. With every step he took, it was as if a power was being borrowed from the world.

The shock in Jia Hong’s heart could not be any greater.

“Brother Xiaobai!” Zhao Ya was also shocked, “How did you catch up?”

Zhao Yebai’s entire body was covered in blood. With his Qi Transformation Stage cultivation and the power of Space Laws, if he hadn’t been able to draw support from the World Strength, he would have died a long time ago, and it would have been impossible for him to catch up to this place. However, even so, every time he teleported, his body would have to endure a great deal of pressure.

If it weren’t for his powerful physique, he would have been crushed to dust by the pressure of the void.

“I don’t know why, but I can suddenly run so fast,” Zhao Yebai replied weakly.

Zhao Ya’s heart ached as she quickly used her strength to wrap him up while simultaneously taking out a recovery pill from her Space Ring and feeding it to him.

Zhao Yebai grinned foolishly, “It’s great to see you safe and sound.”

During this pursuit, he had been constantly on edge. After all, there were too many things that could happen in half a month. He was afraid he would see something he couldn’t bear.

Zhao Ya coldly snorted, “The person behind me seemed to be teasing me, as if he wanted to see me escape, so he didn’t try to kill me!”

If Jia Hong were to hear these words, he would definitely cry out in grievance. Although he had not taken action many times, each time he attacked Zhao Ya, he had done so with the intention of taking her life. However, for some unknown reason, every time he had done so, he had failed, Zhao Ya was still alive and kicking.

“I’m afraid there’s something wrong with this person’s temperament,” Zhao Yebai said in a low voice, “However, this place isn’t far from Seven Star Square. As long as we can hold on for a few more days, we’ll be able to return to Seven Star Square. At that time, with Senior’s protection, that person won’t dare do anything to you.”

“En,” Zhao Ya nodded heavily.

She had gone straight to Seven Star Square because she knew that she was no match for an Emperor Realm, so she could only return to find her Master.

“I’ll take you with me!” Zhao Yebai grabbed Zhao Ya’s small hand and activated that mysterious force, drawing upon the World Strength and instantly disappearing.

In the distance, Jia Hong’s face was gloomy.

Along the way, he had also faintly realized something, but now that things had come to this, it was impossible for him to back down. Since his disciple had been killed, as his master, he couldn’t just ignore it and continue chasing.

He no longer wished to kill Zhao Ya to avenge the death of Hu Xun, but this matter had to be settled!


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