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A loud bang rang out from behind. It was Zhao Ya and Hu Xun. Seeing Zhao Yebai being captured, Zhao Ya wanted to save him, but how could Hu Xun, who was already on guard, allow her to do so?

Stopping Zhao Ya, Hu Xun said, “If Young Lady is willing to cooperate, Zhao Yebai will be safe and sound, but if you resist, I can’t guarantee that boy will survive.”

“If Big Brother Xiao Bai loses even a single strand of hair, I’ll tear you to pieces!” Zhao Ya’s eyes were cold and piercing.

Hu Xun angrily said, “Why do you care about that trash? You're already at the True Element Stage, what about him? He’s just a weakling. In this world, only this Hu has the qualifications to accompany you for life.”

“Do you think you’re worthy?” Zhao Ya sneered as she clenched her white hand into a fist, a silver spear appearing in her hand as she pointed it towards Hu Xun, “Tell Xu Hao to send Brother Xiaobai back, I’ll spare your life!”

Hu Xun sighed lightly, “Since you’re so stubborn, don’t blame this Hu for not showing any mercy.”

Outside the courtyard, Zhao Yebai also sighed, “Why bother!”

After Xu Hao brought him up, he put him aside without any intention of restraining him. With his True Element Stage cultivation, Zhao Yebai could forget about causing any trouble in front of him.

Listening to the sounds of the battle in the courtyard and feeling the burst of energy, Xu Hao felt somewhat uncomfortable. After all, in a moment, that beautiful woman would become Senior Brother Hu’s woman!

Turning his head, he saw Zhao Yebai’s calm expression and frowned, “Aren’t you worried about Zhao Ya?”

Zhao Yebai asked blankly, “What is there to worry about?”

On this trip, the two of them had brought out not only spirit pills and medicines to heal their injuries, but also two pieces of precious armor.

This artifact was a gift that Zhao Ya had received during the Seven Star Square’s Disciple Recruitment Conference. At that time, Yang Kai had put it away and said he was keeping it for Zhao Ya.

It wasn’t until recently when they left the mountain that he handed it back to her.

However, along the way, neither Zhao Yebai nor Zhao Ya had any intention of wearing it. The two of them didn’t want to rely on any external forces and only wanted to rely on their own abilities.

A few days ago, Zhao Ya had been injured by someone and her injuries had yet to recover. Zhao Yebai was afraid that something unexpected would happen again, so he had Zhao Ya wear her treasure armor.

Zhao Ya naturally listened to Zhao Yebai.

This treasure armor was a gift from a Dao Source Stage Elder from Seven Star Square, and it was extremely valuable to True Element Stage cultivators. Wearing it gave one an extremely strong defensive ability. Not to mention Hu Xun, who was only at the Immortal Ascension Stage, even a Transcendent or Saint Stage might not be able to do anything to Zhao Ya.

Perhaps only those who had reached the Origin Returning or Origin King would be able to break through the defensive power of this armor.

Xu Hao stared at Zhao Yebai in shock, thinking to himself, Is there really such a person in this world? His little sister’s injuries haven’t fully recovered yet and she’s still fighting with a powerful enemy inside. If she can’t win, her chastity will be lost, but he is not worried at all.

Zhao Yebai suddenly revealed a look of worry, “Xiao Ya’s injuries haven’t fully healed yet, if she were to use force, her wounds would probably open again.”

“Is that all you’re worried about?” Xu Hao felt that there was something wrong with this guy’s head, that he couldn’t see how serious the situation was.

Zhao Yebai thought about it seriously and said worriedly, “Xiao Ya’s killing intent is quite strong, it’s best if she don’t kill Senior Brother Hu.”

Xu Hao didn’t want to talk to him anymore.

At this moment, Xu Liangcai and Zhen Xuemei rushed over. Xu Liangcai asked in panic, “Hao’er, what happened?”

When Zhen Xuemei went to look for him just now, Xu Liangcai was also puzzled. The husband and wife had not figured out what their son was up to, but when they heard the sounds of fighting, they rushed over to investigate.

Xu Hao’s expression became awkward as he stood in front of the gate, “It’s nothing, it’s just that Senior Brother Hu was itching to spar with that girl.”

“Spar?” Zhen Xuemei’s expression changed, “Isn’t this nonsense? Xiao Ya’s injuries haven’t healed yet, how can she spar with others? Hao’er, why didn’t you stop him?”

Saying so, he rushed in to stop them.

“Mother!” Xu Hao firmly stood in front of the door, pursed his lips, and shook his head.

Looking at her son’s evasive gaze, Zhen Xuemei’s face suddenly paled.

The two people inside were probably not sparring at all.

Xu Liangcai also noticed this and couldn’t help frowning.

Hu Xun’s actions in his home naturally made him unhappy, but he was still his son’s Senior Brother, so Hao’er’s future in Spirit Sea Palace was still dependent on him. Although he didn’t like him, he couldn’t be bothered to intervene.

To him, whether it was Zhao Ya or Zhao Yebai, they were just strangers who he had met by chance. Whether they lived or died had nothing to do with him.

“Since it’s a spar, let them be,” Xu Liangcai said and gestured towards Zhen Xuemei, indicating that she should not interfere.

On the other hand, Zhen Xuemei’s face was as pale as paper as she grabbed her son’s arm and said, “Hao’er, hurry up and stop your Senior Brother Hu. Xiao Ya has just been injured and can’t fight with anyone.”

Xu Hao lowered his head and whispered, “Mother, I cannot dissuade Senior Brother Hu from his decision.”

“It’s between the two of them, why are you interfering? Hurry up and go back.” Xu Liangcai reached out to pull Zhen Xuemei, but Zhen Xuemei pushed him away.

Looking at Xu Hao with a pained expression, Zhen Xuemei anxiously said, “Hao’er, nothing should happen to Xiao Ya, just take it as your mother begging you, can’t you go and persuade your Senior Brother? After all, you two are fellow disciples, he should be able to listen.”

Xu Hao smiled bitterly and shook his head, “Mother, you don’t know Senior Brother’s personality. When he decides on something, no one but Master can persuade him.”

Xu Liangcai grabbed Zhen Xuemei’s arm again and angrily said, “Why are you so meddlesome? It’s not normal for cultivators to exchange pointers, yet here you are making a fuss.”

“Don’t touch me!” Zhen Xuemei tried her best to shake him off and walked towards the courtyard, “If you don’t go, I’ll go!”

Pa! A crisp sound rang out as Xu Liangcai slapped Zhen Xuemei’s face, gritting his teeth as he shouted, “Foolish woman, do you want your son to be unhappy in the Spirit Sea Palace?”

Zhen Xuemei covered her face as she stared at Xu Liangcai with a pained expression, her tears falling like rain as she asked in a trembling voice, “What do you know? What do you know? You don’t know anything!”

Xu Liangcai’s face sank, “I don’t need to know anything. Hao’er, take your mother away!”

Zhen Xuemei gritted her teeth and shouted, “The one inside is your daughter!”

Xu Liangcai’s angry face froze, Xu Hao froze, and Zhao Yebai also froze.

The three of them stared at Zhen Xuemei in disbelief.

After Zhen Xuemei shouted those words, her body went limp and she collapsed to the ground, crying, “The person inside is Dong’er!”

“You… you… what nonsense are you spouting?” Xu Liangcai pointed at Zhen Xuemei while trembling.

Zhen Xuemei covered her face with her hands, tears flowing down her face like a flood. “There’s a five-petal pink plum birthmark on her left shoulder. After so many years, I remember it clearly. It’s impossible for there to be an identical birthmark in this world. Moreover, her facial features are somewhat similar to mine. Are you all blind?”

Xu Liangcai staggered as if he had been struck by an invisible sledgehammer, his face instantly turning pale.

Xu Hao also wore a look of disbelief as he muttered, “She’s my sister who died young? Isn’t she already dead?”

Zhen Xuemei said, “When she was injured, I saw that birthmark when I was bandaging her wound. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him!” Saying so, she pointed at Zhao Yebai.

Xu Liangcai and Xu Hao both looked towards Zhao Yebai.

Zhao Yebai blushed and said, “En, there is indeed a birthmark on Xiao Ya’s left shoulder, it’s pink like a plum blossom.” He had seen it when he was young and had not seen it since he grew up.

“You’re not siblings?” Xu Liangcai was shocked.

Zhao Yebai said, “We grew up together, but we weren’t real siblings. According to my mother, a few days after I was born, She suddenly heard a baby crying outside the door. When she opened the door, she saw Xiao Ya, who was wrapped in swaddling clothes. Xiao Ya herself knew about this. En, that’s right, on the night I was born, there was a storm.”

“How old are you this year?” Xu Liangcai asked.


Xu Liangcai’s originally pale face had lost all color.

On the night the child he had abandoned in the mountains was born, it was also raining cats and dogs!

On top of that, now that they thought about it carefully, the child’s facial features were indeed somewhat similar to Zhen Xuemei’s, but none of them had paid much attention to it before.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Xu Liangcai stomped his foot.

Zhen Xuemei couldn’t stop crying, “We abandoned her back then, but now that she has grown up, what right do we have to acknowledge her?”

She had never intended to speak about this matter, knowing that her daughter had not only not died but instead grown into a beautiful young woman, Zhen Xuemei was already very satisfied and didn’t dare ask for anything else.

She had built a wooden house in the deserted place of the Mountain and often spent time there. Every time she thought about how this place was where the child had been taken away by some vicious beast, her heart ached and she blamed herself.

After twenty years, she had picked up that child from the same place.

For a moment, Zhen Xuemei even felt that this was heaven’s will!

The Xu Family of three all had different expressions on their faces, and Zhao Yebai finally understood why Aunt Mei had been so sad about Xiao Ya these past few days, spending several hours every day with her.

It turned out that when she was bandaging Xiaoya’s wound, Aunt Mei had already recognized her daughter!

This should be the reason for the sudden cry from the wooden house.

Xiao Ya found her biological parents! Zhao Yebai couldn’t help grinning. This should be good news, right?

“Hao’er, hurry up and stop your Senior Brother, that’s your sister, there’s still time!” Zhen Xuemei begged Xu Hao.

Xu Hao quickly nodded before turning around and walking into the courtyard.

At this moment, a violent shockwave suddenly swept out from the courtyard, pushing Xu Hao back repeatedly.

“Immortal Ascension Stage!”

The wind and clouds in the sky suddenly changed, and thunder roared.

Heaven and Earth Baptism!

This was the sign of breaking through to the Immortal Ascension Stage. Among the two people fighting in the courtyard, Senior Brother Hu Xun, was a Third Order Immortal Ascension Stage master, so it was naturally impossible for him to have caused this disturbance. The only possibility was that his sister had broken through!


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