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Hu Xun and Xu Hao glanced at each other before the former nodded and said, “If that’s the case, it should be those two. What a coincidence. Aunt’s heart is filled with compassion. If it was an ordinary person, they wouldn’t necessarily be willing to bring an injured person home to rest!”

Xu Hao smiled, “My mother has always been like this.”

Hu Xun looked at Xu Liangcai and said, “Uncle, since those two are also at home, could you ask them to come out and meet us? The Sect’s mission this time was completed so easily was all thanks to those two. I want to thank them in person.”

Xu Liangcai showed a difficult expression, “To be honest with Nephew, I’m afraid this is a bit inconvenient. According to the servants who brought those two back, that woman was seriously injured and is currently unconscious.”

Hu Xun quickly stood up and said, “Then it’s even more important for us to meet. I have some healing medicine with me, so perhaps it can help.”

Seeing that he was so insistent, Xu Liangcai couldn’t refuse and nodded, “Then please wait a moment, I’ll make some arrangements.”

Hu Xun cupped his fists, “Thank you, Uncle!”

Xu Liangcai entered the Inner Court and asked the maidservant to notify him. A moment later, Zhao Yebai hurriedly walked out, cupped his fists, and bowed, “Zhao Yebai greets Village Chief.”

“It’s you?” Xu Liangcai stared at Zhao Yebai in shock. He had only known that his wife had brought two people back, but he hadn’t expected that the two people she brought back were the two he had seen in the day. Now that he saw Zhao Yebai, he suddenly recognized him.

Xu Liangcai’s expression became somewhat unnatural. During the day, his attitude towards the two of them was not very friendly.

Clearing his throat, he explained the origins of Hu Xun and the others as well as the proposal he had made just now. Hearing this, Zhao Yebai frowned slightly, “Xiao Ya is still unconscious and I’ve already given her some healing medicine. I appreciate Senior Brother Hu’s kind intentions, but it’s a bit inconvenient right now.”

Xu Liangcai said in a low voice, “Nephew Zhao, it’s not that this Xu is trying to take advantage of his seniority, but that Nephew Hu is a high-level disciple of Spirit Sea Palace and has a profound cultivation. Since he has come here to express his gratitude, it’s also because he is sincere, so it’s not appropriate for him to refuse. Not to mention, the medicine you carry may not be as good as his, so letting him take a look at it won’t do your sister any harm.”

Zhao Yebai didn’t want anyone to disturb Xiao Ya’s rest, but since Xu Liangcai had already said so much, he couldn’t refuse.

After pondering for a moment, Zhao Yebai nodded and said, “Then I’ll thank Senior Brother Hu first.”

Xu Liangcai smiled and patted his shoulder, “Wait a moment, I’ll go invite them over.”

Saying so, he turned around and left.

A moment later, Xu Liangcai walked over with two young men. After his introduction, Zhao Yebai learned that the older one was the Spirit Sea Palace’s High Rank Disciple, Hu Xun, and the younger one was his son, Xu Hao.

Both sides greeted each other politely. Although Hu Xun’s words were polite, there was a trace of arrogance in his expression. Zhao Yebai’s cultivation was low, so it was impossible to see through his cultivation, but Hu Xun could tell with a single glance that Zhao Yebai was only at the Qi Transformation Stage.

In his heart, he was somewhat suspicious. The cultivation of this person in front of him was so low, so how high could his companion’s cultivation be? Was that thief really killed by these two?

“Where does Junior Brother Zhao learn from?” Hu Xun asked casually.

Zhao Yebai scratched his head, “I didn’t join any Sect.”

Hu Xun showed a look of understanding, thinking to himself that this person’s aptitude was not good and no Sect was willing to accept him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to cultivate to the Qi Transformation Stage at such an old age.

“What is your sister’s cultivation?”

Zhao Yebai didn’t hide anything, “Xiao Ya is now at the Ninth Order True Element Stage.”

“Ninth Order True Element Stage!” Hu Xun’s brow rose. If he had this strength, he might have been able to kill that thief. After all, their group had already seriously injured him, so it was reasonable for it to take advantage of them.

“I heard that your little sister was seriously injured during the great battle with that man. Coincidentally, I have a special healing medicine from the Sect on me, so its efficacy is quite apparent. Can you let me go in and take a look?”

“Senior Brother Hu, please!” Zhao Yebai extended his hand.

Before the group of people even entered, they heard the sound of footsteps again. Everyone turned their heads and saw Zhen Xuemei’s figure appear from around the corner. She seemed to be running all the way here, panting slightly.

“Why are you here?” Xu Liangcai frowned.

Zhen Xuemei said nervously, “The servants said you were all gathered here, but I didn’t know what happened, so I came to take a look.”

Xu Liangcai said, “It’s nothing, it’s just that Nephew Hu wants to investigate the woman’s injuries.”

Zhen Xuemei breathed a sigh of relief.

Xu Hao whispered in Hu Xun’s ear and Hu Xun quickly stepped forward, “Spirit Sea Palace’s Hu Xun greets Aunt.”

Zhen Xuemei smiled and nodded, “Nephew doesn’t need to be so polite. Hao’er has mentioned you many times in his family letters, saying how much you took care of him in the Sect. As his parents, we should be thanking you.”

Hu Xun said in a reserved manner, “Aunty is being too serious. Junior Brother Xu’s aptitude is outstanding and is highly regarded by Master. As his Senior Brother, I’m only a few years older, so naturally I should take care of him.”

After some idle chatter, everyone entered.

Inside the room, there was a faint smell of blood. On the bed, Zhao Ya lay with her eyes closed, her face pale.

Zhao Yebai led everyone to the bed and Zhen Xuemei looked down, her eyes immediately turning red as her eyelashes trembled slightly.

Xu Hao and the others, on the other hand, were all stunned as they stared at the woman on the bed. It wasn’t that they had never seen a beautiful woman before, but compared to this woman lying on the bed in front of them, there was simply no comparison. Zhao Ya’s beauty could even be said to be peerless, and when Zhao Yebai was travelling with her, her appearance had caused quite a stir.

Later on, Zhao Ya had no choice but to buy a silk scarf to cover her face, which saved her a lot of trouble.

Now that she was recuperating on the bed, her mask was naturally took off.

Her slightly pale face added to her sickly beauty, causing others to feel pity for her, wishing they were the ones lying on the bed.

Xu Liangcai was also amazed. Although he hadn’t seen Zhao Ya’s true appearance during the day, he had thought that she was extremely beautiful, but he hadn’t expected her to be so beautiful.

The room suddenly became silent.

Zhen Xuemei noticed something was wrong and frowned, “Nephew Hu, didn’t you bring the Sect’s healing medicine?”

“Yes, yes.” Hu Xun recovered from his shock and quickly took out a bottle of Spirit Pills from his Space Ring, preparing to personally feed them to Zhao Ya.

Seeing this, Zhao Yebai quickly stopped him, “Senior Brother Hu, it’s fine, I won’t trouble you.”

Hu Xun glanced at him and found it inconvenient to refuse, so he handed the jade bottle to Zhao Yebai and said, “Take one first and take it every six hours.”

“I’ll remember.” Zhao Yebai nodded but didn’t immediately feed Zhao Ya any medicine.

This was because before they went out on this trip, Senior had given them many healing medicines. With Senior’s status and identity, the medicines he had given them were definitely the best. No matter how good the medicines Hu Xun had brought were, they couldn’t compare to the ones they had brought.

The only reason he accepted it was because he didn’t want to embarrass Hu Xun.

Zhao Yebai asked, “With Senior Brother’s eyesight, how are you able to see Xiao Ya’s injuries?”

Hu Xun carefully examined it for a moment before saying, “Her aura is stable and her vitality is vigorous, so it shouldn’t be a big problem, but as for the specifics, it’s best to let this Hu examine it carefully before you can feel relieved.”

“Then I’ll have to ask Nephew Hu to quickly inspect it,” Xu Liangcai said from the side. As an old man, how could he not see through Hu Xun’s intentions?

Zhen Xuemei frowned, “That’s not good, men and women shouldn’t touch.”

Xu Liangcai glared at her, “What does a woman know? How could a cultivator be as reserved as us commoners?”

“How can the defence between men and women be trivial?” Zhen Xuemei retorted.

Xu Liangcai didn’t expect his wife to be so disrespectful to him, causing his face to turn red.

“Brother Xiaobai…” At that moment, a weak voice came from the bed.

When everyone turned to look, they saw Zhao Ya open her eyes, her clear eyes like a deep abyss that seemed to swallow the gazes of all the men present.

“Xiao Ya!” Zhao Yebai quickly sat down beside her and reached out to touch her forehead, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders, “You’re awake.”

Next to the bed, Zhen Xuemei’s figure flickered slightly, seemingly wanting to step forward but holding back.

Zhao Ya nodded imperceptibly before turning to look at the people beside the bed and asking cautiously, “Who are they?”

Zhao Yebai comforted, “Don’t be afraid, they’re not bad people.”

After explaining for a while, he introduced everyone’s identities.

Zhao Ya nodded, “I’m fine, I just need to rest for a while.”

Hearing this, Zhen Xuemei quickly said, “Young Lady, rest well, don’t worry about anything, we’ll be leaving first.”

Zhao Ya didn’t answer and simply closed her eyes.

Seeing this, everyone in the room could only follow Zhen Xuemei and leave. Zhao Yebai sent everyone to the door before turning around.

Xu Liangcai brought Hu Xun and Xu Hao back to the table, and the atmosphere gradually became lively.

It wasn’t until midnight that the banquet ended and everyone went to rest.

The next day, when everyone from Spirit Sea Palace gathered, the leader of the group, Hu Xun, said, “Take the heads of the thief and return to the Sect to report. It’s rare for Junior Brother Xu to return home, so he must stay here for a few more days.”

“What about you, Senior Brother Hu?” Someone asked.

Hu Xun said, “Recently, I’ve had a feeling that I need to carefully study this place for a while. This place is filled with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and is a perfect place for outstanding talents. I also need to stay here for a few days. When you return, inform Master.”

“Yes!” Everyone complied.

After sending off his fellow disciples from Spirit Sea Palace with Xu Hao, Hu Xun turned to Xu Hao and asked, “Junior Brother Xu, how has Senior Brother treated you all these years?”

Xu Hao said, “In this world, besides Father and Mother, Senior Brother treats me the best. When I first entered the Sect, it was Senior Brother who took care of me. Junior Brother will always remember this.”

Hu Xun patted his shoulder in relief, “I know Junior Brother is a man who values friendship and righteousness. Senior Brother, I, was originally dedicated to the Martial Dao, but now that I’ve reached this age, I’ve never considered the matter of a partner. However, sometimes a man’s plans cannot compare to the plans of the Heavens. Since fate has brought us together, there are some things I should consider. Junior Brother, this time I must ask you to help me!”


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