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“Brother Xiaobai, you’re such a stubborn fool!” Zhao Ya angrily knelt by his feet.

Zhao Yebai held the water tank with one hand and gently rubbed Zhao Ya’s head with the other. He didn’t refute and just smiled dryly.

With such a big change just now, he could have taken the opportunity to go back and rest, but Zhao Yebai had said that the three days punishment had not ended yet, so the water tank was filled again.

Zhao Ya could only willingly kneel to the side, but this time, her body was pressed against Zhao Yebai’s thigh, refusing to let him leave her.

In the dead of night, Zhao Ya suddenly heard a light snore from beside her. Looking up, she saw that Brother Xiaobai had fallen asleep.

Staring at the face that she never gets tired of seeing, Zhao Ya smiled sweetly. Only Brother Xiaobai could have such an extraordinary talent. In this world, no ordinary person who had never cultivate could do this, how could they sleep so peacefully with such a big water tank filled with water?

Brother Xiaobai is indeed the best!

At dawn, Zhao Yebai slowly woke up. For some reason, his brow was tightly furrowed and he hesitated several times before giving up.

The next day, Zhao Yebai forced himself to stay awake, but for some reason, as soon as night fell, he couldn’t take it anymore and after exchanging a few words with Zhao Ya, he fell asleep again.

The same happened on the third day.

When he woke up again, Zhao Yebai suddenly felt that his body was different from usual, but he couldn’t tell exactly what was different.

Turning his head, he saw Zhao Ya staring at him with a look of pleasant surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Yebai asked in confusion.

“Brother Xiaobai, you’ve entered the Initial Element Stage!”

“What Initial Element Stage?” Zhao Yebai was a little confused, but soon he was shocked, “That Initial Element Stage?”

For the past ten years, although he had been working as a servant on Azure Jade Peak and had never cultivated, nor had anyone taught him how to cultivate, after all, he had spent so much time with Zhao Ya and had learned about the different grades of the Martial Dao.

The Initial Element Stage was the second major realm of the Martial Dao!

After silently experiencing it for a while, he could clearly feel a surge of energy that he had never felt before flowing through his meridians and flesh in a joyful manner.

“So this is the Initial Element Stage?” Zhao Yebai muttered absentmindedly. From a young age, he had dreamed of joining Seven Star Square to cultivate and become a powerful cultivator. However, ten years ago, in order to save Zhao Ya from having to worry about joining Azure Jade Peak, he had cut off his own path and taken the initiative to enter Azure Jade Peak as a servant.

Over the years, whenever he went down the mountain to collect water and saw his peers who had achieved great success in their cultivation, he would naturally be envious, but he would never regret it.

He was already past the prime age for cultivation, and as he grew older, his childhood dreams were slowly extinguished. Being able to watch Xiao Ya grow up year after year and become stronger was already the happiest thing in his life.

He had never thought that one day he would be able to step onto the road of martial dao!

“Is it because of the accident a few days ago?” Zhao Ya asked. No one had taught Brother Xiaobai how to cultivate, yet he had suddenly broken through to the Initial Element Stage. This was undoubtedly abnormal.

Zhao Yebai shook his head, “No, perhaps it has something to do with me sleeping these past few days. Xiao Ya, when I was asleep these past few days, there was always a voice whispering in my head. At first, I thought I was dreaming and didn’t pay it any mind, but who would have thought it would be like this every day.”

“What kind of sound is that?” Zhao Ya asked nervously.

“I can’t say for sure,” Zhao Yebai shook his head, “But I remember what that voice said.”

Immediately, Zhao Yebai explained what he had learned in his sleep.

Hearing this, Zhao Ya covered her red lips, “This is an extremely profound cultivation technique.”

“Cultivation technique?” Zhao Yebai was shocked, “How could this be?”

Zhao Ya, on the other hand, said happily, “This is a good thing, Brother Xiaobai doesn’t need to worry.”

Zhao Yebai’s face was filled with worry, “But Senior never allowed me to cultivate, if Senior finds out…”

Zhao Ya raised her hand to her mouth and whispered, “If you don’t say it, I won’t say it. Master won’t know. Master never taught you cultivation and only treated you as a servant. Now that you have such an opportunity, you should cherish it. Brother Xiaobai, have you forgotten what you said when you were young?”

'One day, I will become the strongest cultivator in this world, build a big house, bring my mother, Xiao Ya, Grandma, and Uncle Yang here, and live happily together!'

Zhao Yebai was tempted for a moment, but he quickly shook his head and said, “No, no, I must tell Senior about this matter and see what Senior says. If Senior wants me to cultivate, I’ll cultivate. If he doesn’t, I won’t cultivate! Moreover, I don’t know if there’s a problem with this cultivation technique. If there’s a problem, wouldn’t I become an evil demon in the future?”

Saying so, he gently put down the water tank on his head and walked towards Yang Kai’s hall.

“Brother Xiaobai, you really are a fool!” Zhao Ya stomped her foot angrily, but she couldn’t stop him.

After a while, Zhao Yebai scratched his head and walked back, with a blank look on his face.

Zhao Ya’s back was facing him as she sat on the ground, holding onto a nearby blade of grass and tearing it to shreds!

Suddenly turning her head, her killing intent soared, “What did Master say?”

Zhao Yebai still scratched his head, “Senior didn’t say anything and directly chased me out.”

Zhao Ya blinked her eyes and jumped up happily, her eyes shining brightly as she said, “Since Master didn’t say anything, it means you’re allowed to cultivate!”

“Brother Xiaobai can cultivate now, Brother Xiaobai can cultivate now!” Zhao Ya jumped up and down, tears almost streaming down her face.

Zhao Yebai also grinned.

Miao Feiping’s previous words had made him feel like his heart was being torn apart, but now that he could cultivate, all his worries were no longer a problem. As long as he worked hard and followed Xiao Ya, he could accompany her for a long time…

“Brother Xiaobai, your smile is so silly!” Zhao Ya wiped the tears from her eyes.

Zhao Yebai suddenly asked, “Xiao Ya, do you think this cultivation technique was imparted to me by Senior?”

Zhao Ya was stunned. Thinking about it carefully, how could an ordinary person like Brother Xiaobai, who had never cultivated before, comprehend such a profound Cultivation Technique? In his dream, there was someone who taught the Dao, and in the entire Seven Star Square, only her Master had the ability to do so.

But… would that inhumane, and stingy master do this? Zhao Ya couldn’t be certain. After all, Brother Xiaobai had been a servant here for ten years, and her master had never taught him anything.

However, when Brother Xiaobai went to report this matter to her Master just now, her Master didn’t say anything and directly chased him out. This was quite clear.

“If that’s the case, then we’re fellow disciples! You’re also Master’s disciple!” Zhao Ya said happily.

Zhao Yebai smiled bitterly and shook his head, “My aptitude is poor, I am not qualified to become Senior’s disciple.”

This was probably the reason why Senior didn’t directly teach him the Cultivation Technique and instead rely on the dream world.

Bowing towards the bedroom, Zhao Yebai said, “Senior, please rest assured, this Junior will work hard to cultivate and not disappoint Senior.”

Zhao Yebai’s aptitude really wasn’t good enough. Zhao Ya being in True Element Stage after ten years was because Yang Kai had deliberately suppressed it, but after obtaining that mysterious cultivation technique, Zhao Yebai had only cultivated from the First Order Initial Element to Ninth Order Initial Element after working hard for three years. He hadn’t even broken through to the next major realm. Such aptitude didn’t disappoint his previous evaluation of C Grade aptitude, and even in the entire Seven Star Square it was considered the lowest.

However, Zhao Yebai was extremely satisfied because compared to before, he had already embarked on the martial dao. As for how far he could go on this road, that would depend on his own efforts.

“Master, are you looking for me?” In the main hall, Zhao Ya wore a white dress and walked in gracefully, respectfully looking at her master who was sitting cross-legged in front of her.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked at her, “You’ve reached the Ninth Order True Element Stage?”

Zhao Ya replied, “I just broke through two days ago.”

Yang Kai nodded, “All these years, I’ve been telling you to suppress your cultivation and try not to break through. Miao Feiping, who had started at the same time as you, is now a Saint Stage. Do you have any complain?”

Zhao Ya shook her head and said, “Master has his own reasons. Disciple was only able to reach where I am today because of Master’s nurturing. I can’t be more grateful, so how could I complain?”

“It’s best if you think this way,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “One day, you will understand Master’s painstaking efforts, but your aptitude is too great. If you continue to suppress it like this, it will damage your foundation. Now that you’ve reached the Ninth Order True Element Stage, prepare to break through to the Immortal Ascension Stage.”

“Disciple will go into secluded cultivation now,” Zhao Ya said respectfully.

Yang Kai shook his head, “I don’t want you to go into secluded cultivation, I want you to go out and travel around the world. Thirteen years of secluded cultivation on my Azure Jade Peak, don’t you want to see the outside world? When you first entered the Sect, you were only seven or eight years old, right?”

“Disciple doesn’t have much interest in the outside world.”

Wherever Brother Xiaobai was, it was her world.

“Take a look around and broaden your horizons, it will be good for you,” Yang Kai’s tone was unquestionable.

“Yes!” Zhao Ya replied, “Can I go with Brother Xiaobai?”

“Up to you!”

Zhao Ya smiled, “Thank you, Master!”

Turning around, she floated away like the wind, her movements extremely light.

“Traveling?” Zhao Yebai’s eyes widened in surprise.

Zhao Ya couldn’t help nodding, “Master said he wanted me to prepare to break through to the Immortal Ascension Stage and asked me to go out and take a look at the outside world.”

“Senior agrees to let me go with you?” Zhao Yebai asked in disbelief.


Zhao Yebai suddenly felt a sense of happiness as if a cake has been dropped from the sky. It had been thirteen years since he had entered Azure Jade Peak, and it had been thirteen years since he had left Seven Star Square. Now that he suddenly heard this news, he couldn’t help feeling a little incredulous.

“Wait a moment, I’m going to prepare some gifts for Mother and Grandma. Oh right, there’s also Uncle Yang,” Zhao Yebai said as he rushed into the room to tidy up.

“A gift…” Zhao Ya’s eyes flickered as she suddenly remembered that Miao Feiping had come to find her and Brother Xiaobai last time and said that his master, Guan Qianxing, had planted a Spirit Fruit Tree on the Spirit Peak. The Spirit Fruit bloomed once every ten years and bore fruit once every ten years. It would only mature after another ten years. If a cultivator ate it, their cultivation would improve and if a mortal ate it, their lifespan would be extended.

Counting the time, the fruit should have ripened by now, right?


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