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“Master, why are you always like this? Disciple clearly made a mistake, but you just had to punish Brother Xiaobai!” Zhao Ya said angrily. It was only at this time that she would talk back to Yang Kai, she usually act obediently.

This had been the case since she came to Azure Jade Peak. Every time she made a mistake, Zhao Yebai would be punished. In the beginning, he was not allowed to eat or sleep, or even go down the mountain to collect a hundred buckets of water, but now he was forced to stand for a few days with a heavy load.

Although her Brother Xiaobai was extremely strong, he had yet to cultivate, so if he stood here for three days without sleep or rest with a water tank filled with water, he might not be able to persist, let alone allow the water to spill.

“Since you know, don’t make any mistakes,” Yang Kai looked at her lightly.

“Disciple refuses to accept this!” Zhao Ya said indignantly.

“Endure it!”

Zhao Ya’s chest heaved violently for a moment before she suddenly walked over to Zhao Yebai’s side and knelt down beside him, angrily saying, “Disciple will also be punished.”

Yang Kai didn’t say a word before turning around and leaving.

If he didn’t punish the person she cherished the most, how could she still remember the lesson? Zhao Ya may have seemed obedient, but she had always had a vicious streak in her heart since she was a child. Perhaps this was because she had been abandoned by her parents when she was a baby. Since she was a child, the only person she truly cared about was Zhao Yebai. Even he, her master who had taught her for ten years, couldn’t compare.

This time, in order to take revenge for Zhao Yebai, she had attacked Liu Yi. If Guan Qianxing hadn’t stopped her in time, Liu Yi would have been killed.

Zhao Ya was destined to become a fierce horse, and Zhao Yebai was the reins tied to her.

When Yang Kai had picked her up from the mountain and sent her to Yu Lu’s door, he had never imagined that Zhao Ya’s cultivation aptitude would be so heaven defying.

The night was quiet, and the sound coming from his stomach was particularly loud.

Zhao Ya, who was kneeling beside Zhao Yebai, clap her head and stood up, “Brother Xiao Bai, wait a moment, I’ll go to the kitchen and find you something to eat.”

“This… isn’t good, right?” Zhao Yebai glanced in the direction Yang Kai had left, “I’m currently being punished.”

Zhao Ya snorted, “Master only said to punish you by standing here for three days and not letting the water spill, but he didn’t tell you not to eat or drink! You haven’t even cultivated, how can you endure three days of not eating or drinking?”

Saying so, she ran straight to the kitchen. Fortunately, Zhao Yebai had already prepared dinner, so Zhao Ya filled a bowl and stood beside him, feeding him spoonful after spoonful of food.

If this scene were to be seen by the disciples of Seven Star Square, they would probably beat their chests in despair.

The young man and young woman looked at each other and smiled.

The rice grains around his mouth were also picked up by Zhao Ya and placed into Zhao Yebai’s mouth.

A series of footsteps came from behind her, and when Zhao Ya turned around, she saw Shangguan Ji leading a group of Seven Star Square’s higher-ups ascending Azure Jade Peak.

Seeing a middle-aged man among them, Zhao Ya couldn’t help snorting.

Guan Qianxing sniffled as he secretly smiled bitterly, thinking to himself, Who did I offend? I just saved Liu Yi from her hands, and now you’re not giving me any face. If you really kill Liu Yi, that would be really troublesome.

But looking at Zhao Ya and Zhao Yebai, it seemed they were being punished!

The group of people quickly turned their eyes away, as if they didn’t see the two of them and left.

They didn’t dare to say anything, if they provoked Zhao Ya and caused her to fly into a rage, the group of old fogies wouldn’t be able to back down.

Walking to the front of the main hall, Shangguan Ji bowed and said, “Shangguan Ji brought the Elders to greet Supreme Elder.”

Inside the hall, Yang Kai’s voice rang out, “I already know what happened. Right or wrong, I don’t care. In the future, restrain your disciples and if anyone dares to provoke my Azure Jade Peak, no matter who it is, I will personally clean up the Sect!”

Shangguan Ji didn’t dare have any objections and bowed, “I will obey Supreme Elder's orders!”

The group of people arrived in a grandiose manner, but all of them felt as if a heavy stone had been lifted from their hearts. Although Liu Yi had suffered a great loss this time and Zhao Ya had injured her fellow disciples, the truth was that they were all terrified of angering the Supreme Elder.

Now that Supreme Elder had only given him a slight warning, it was already a blessing in disguise.

“Although Senior’s temperament is a bit strange, he still favors you,” Zhao Yebai said vaguely as he ate.

Zhao Ya remained silent.

“Go back and apologize to Senior, and don’t keep rebuking him because of me in the future. Senior only has you as a disciple, if you continue rebuking him, he will be sad.”

“En, en, I understand.” Zhao Ya nodded repeatedly before reaching out to wipe the corner of Zhao Yebai’s mouth, “I’ll go get some more rice.”

Zhao Yebai was extremely strong and had an incredible appetite. Fortunately, there was no shortage of food on Azure Jade Peak. If they were still in the Seven Stars Collection, he would have long since empty the home food storage.

After feeding Zhao Yebai, Zhao Ya also ate a little before kneeling down next to him again.

Looking at the person beside him, Zhao Yebai recalled Miao Feiping’s words during the day, each and every one of them striking his mind like a hammer.

Several decades later, he, who had never cultivated before, would definitely be old, but Xiao Ya would still be Xiao Ya. What would happen then? It was said that the higher the cultivation of a cultivator, the longer they would live.

He seemed to have seen Xiao Ya’s heart break in front of his grave several hundred years later.

He couldn’t help letting his imagination run wild.

After an unknown period of time, Zhao Ya, who was leaning on his leg, suddenly felt that something was wrong. When she looked up, she saw Zhao Yebai’s body trembling slightly, his flesh and blood pumping as he let out a low growl.

Unconsciously, Zhao Ya even felt that something was constantly pouring into Xiaobai's body, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t tell what it was.

Space rippled as Zhao Ya’s eyes widened. She felt that Brother Xiaobai, who should have been close by, was suddenly getting further away from her!

Without waiting for her to speak, Zhao Yebai disappeared like a ghost.

The large water tank he had been holding fell to the ground.

Zhao Ya cried out in alarm and lifted the water tank, gently placing it on the ground before calling out anxiously, “Brother Xiaobai, Brother Xiaobai, where are you?”

A gust of wind blew past her and Zhao Ya turned her head to look, saying in horror, “Master, Brother Xiaobai has disappeared!”

She was on the verge of tears. For so many years, she had relied on Brother Xiaobai and had never separated from him, but tonight, Brother Xiaobai had suddenly disappeared right under her nose.

Yang Kai’s expression was also extremely solemn. Although he had noticed that Zhao Yebai had a chance of inheriting his legacy when he was still in his mother’s womb, he had not expected him to be so compatible with the Dao of Space.

All these years, he had not taught Zhao Yebai how to cultivate and had deliberately suppressed him, even allowing the disciples at the foot of the mountain to bully him, mainly because he wanted to test his temperament. If Zhao Yebai’s temperament was bad, no matter how high his aptitude in the Space Dao was, Yang Kai would not have taught him the Space Dao.

Fortunately, Zhao Yebai had a good mother who had taught him from a young age to be content and happy with what he have. No matter how difficult the situation was, he could remain calm.

Over the past ten years, Yang Kai had spent a great deal of effort to quietly improve his physique. If not for this, how could Zhao Yebai have been so strong?

Zhao Yebai’s foundation had been established and Yang Kai’s test was about to end.

Unexpectedly, such an unforeseen event had occurred tonight. It was unknown what this little brat had been thinking about just now, but he had inadvertently activated the Dao Mark of his Small Universe's Space Law, allowing him to pass through the Void Crack.

As for this Void Crack, it was a gap between his Small Universe and the outside world. Even Yang Kai couldn’t completely control it.

“Master, please save Brother Xiaobai, I’ll be obedient in the future, please save Brother Xiaobai,” Zhao Ya looked at Yang Kai with tears in her eyes. Her Master was omnipotent, so nothing would happen to her Brother Xiaobai.

“Shut up!” Yang Kai shouted in a low voice, his eyes darting around in the void as a strange light flashed in his eyes. His vision was completely different from an ordinary person’s, and through the void, he could see the gap between the void.

After a while, Yang Kai suddenly took a step forward and stretched out his hand.

With this grab, Zhao Yebai was pulled back.

“Brother Xiaobai!” Zhao Ya cried like a weeping beauty, throwing him to the ground and pressing her body on top of his body. Her arms were wrapped tightly around Zhao Yebai’s neck, as if she would lose him if she let go.

Zhao Yebai’s expression was somewhat blank, because even now, he still didn’t know what had happened. In that instant, his thoughts had completely stagnated, and after feeling extremely uncomfortable, he had suddenly entered an extremely barren place and then appeared here, as if he was dreaming.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Yebai asked in shock, the warm and fragrant jade in his arms making him feel helpless.

Only now did he realize that Xiao Ya had grown so big…

Yang Kai watched from the side.

Zhao Yebai blushed and patted Zhao Ya’s back, “It’s alright, Xiao Ya, get up first.”

This posture was simply too unsightly, the Senior was still glaring at him from the side.

As the two of them stood up, Zhao Ya continued to sob as she stared at Zhao Yebai, her eyes filled with the lingering fear of losing someone. Just now, she had truly felt that Brother Xiaobai might leave her forever.

“What happened just now?” Zhao Yebai asked in a low voice.

Zhao Ya sobbed as she recounted what had just happened. As she spoke, she held onto Zhao Yebai’s arm, refusing to let go.

Zhao Yebai scratched his head, “It was like I was dreaming.”

Zhao Ya turned to Yang Kai with red eyes, “Master, will Brother Xiaobai be alright?”

Yang Kai said, “Don’t easily activate that kind of power again, nothing will happen.”

“Many thanks, Senior, I’ll remember.” Zhao Yebai nodded heavily. He didn’t know what kind of power it was, but he knew it would make Zhao Ya worry.

“Brother Xiaobai, are you feeling unwell? If you are, you must tell Master. Are you sure you’re not feeling any discomfort? Feel it carefully…”

Yang Kai flicked his sleeves and left. The young man and woman were acting so intimately, making it seem like he had aged several hundred years.


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