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Zhao Yebai didn’t know what was going on with him, but as he grew older, his strength became greater. With the two buckets of water in his hands, he felt no pressure at all.

He had once secretly found a rock and tested it out. A rock weighing more than a thousand kilograms was easily lifted up by his hand, so he didn’t know where his limit was.

He didn’t hide this matter from Zhao Ya. The two of them had grown up together, so there were no secrets between them. He had heard from Xiao Ya that there were always some talented people in this world who were born with abilities that others would never be able to reach, and one of them was born with extraordinary strength!

Zhao Yebai estimated that he belonged to this type of person, and after ten years on the mountain, he had never even suffered minor illnesses or minor disasters. Although he was often bullied and beaten up by others, his skin and flesh seemed to be quite thick. The injuries he had received from being beaten up could basically be healed after a night’s sleep.

Because of this, Zhao Ya excitedly went to find her master and reported Zhao Yebai’s abnormal condition to him, requesting her master to carefully examine Zhao Yebai’s aptitude, hoping that Brother Xiaobai would be able to enter her master’s eyes and become his disciple.

Unfortunately, after her master examined him, he still said that Zhao Yebai’s aptitude was mediocre and had no intention of accepting him.

After cultivating for ten years, the current Zhao Ya was no longer the ignorant little girl she was in the past. She was well aware of her master’s strength, so her master’s evaluation made her very sad.

She had also secretly told Zhao Yebai about the Cultivation Technique and Secret Techniques her Master had imparted to her, hoping that Brother Xiaobai would cultivate with her. Whether his aptitude was mediocre or outstanding, the results would be the most obvious after cultivating.

However, what made her angry was that Brother Xiaobai had never cultivated before, saying that he could not cultivate without the permission of his Senior.

Zhao Ya was furious!

At the bottom of Azure Jade Peak, on the steps, the young man was walking as fast as he could while carrying two wooden buckets filled with water. Not only did he not slow down his pace, he instead became faster. His hands were steady and not a single drop of water fell from the wooden buckets.

As his speed increased, the space around Zhao Yebai began to ripple.

However, the young man did not notice these changes at all.

He just liked running like this, like a fish swimming in the sea, as if he wanted to become one with the world.

After allowing the two children to climb for an entire day, the one thousand and eight steps that had blistered the soles of their feet were quickly left behind.

As he ascended Azure Jade Peak, a young girl stood in front of him. This young girl’s appearance is extremely beautiful and refined. It was no wonder that the Seven Star Square’s Senior and Junior Brothers couldn’t forget her after seeing her and tried to send her letters.

“Brother Xiaobai,” Zhao Ya smiled sweetly.

Zhao Yebai paused and stared at the young girl in front of him, slightly dazed as he recalled what Miao Feiping had told him.

Zhao Ya tilted her head, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Zhao Yebai shook his head, “Have you finished your homework? Why are you waiting for me here?”

Zhao Ya reached out to take the bucket, but Zhao Yebai stepped aside and said, “No need, this is my work. If Senior sees it later, he will reprimand you.”

Zhao Ya curled her lips and said, “Master really manage things too much. He doesn't let me do this and that. It’s so annoying.”

Zhao Yebai smiled, “Senior is doing this for your own good.”

“Hmph!” Zhao Ya’s small nose stuck out slightly, as if she had smelled something, lightly sniffing it as her eyes swept over Zhao Yebai suspiciously.

Zhao Yebai ran away awkwardly and said, “Xiao Ya, rest for a while, the food will be ready soon, I’ll call you later.”

“En!” Zhao Ya nodded and smiled towards Zhao Yebai’s figure.

After the figure disappeared from her sight, the smile on Zhao Ya’s face slowly disappeared, her clear eyes burning with anger.

She could smell a faint medicinal fragrance from Brother Xiaobai!

Turning around, she took a step down the mountain and after a few steps, she arrived at the foot of the mountain.

With great familiarity, she arrived at the pool.

Miao Feiping was sitting on a rock with a blade of grass in his mouth. When he heard the noise, he turned around and smiled bitterly, “You came so quickly.”

Zhao Ya asked, “Who are they?”

The voice was so cold it almost froze the pond.

Miao Feiping sighed, “It’s always like this, don’t you know why they’re doing this? The few people you beat up last time, which one of them wasn’t happy? They bullied Zhao Xiaobai because they wanted to draw you out and see you, even if they were beaten up by you, they were willing to do so.”

Zhao Ya grit her teeth, “The last few times, I was hitting them lightly!”

Miao Feiping suddenly had a bad feeling, “What do you want to do this time!”

“It’s none of your business, just tell me who it is.”

Miao Feiping shook his head, “You won’t be able to defeat him this time. You're only at Third Order True Element now, while he is at Ninth Order True Element. He is only a step away from breaking through to the Immortal Ascension, so how can you be his opponent?”

“Ninth Order True Element?” Zhao Ya muttered before suddenly closing her eyes, her aura rising without any warning!

Miao Feiping was stunned, not knowing what Zhao Ya was doing, but soon his jaw dropped and the grass in his mouth fell to the ground.

In his perception, after Zhao Ya’s aura reached the Third Order True Element, it still showed no signs of stopping, continuing to rise until it broke through to the peak, and a circle of air waves explodes around Zhou Ya.

Fourth Order True Element!

This was not the end. A moment later, her True Element stage had reached the Fifth Order, then the Sixth Order…

In just a short time, she had broken through three minor levels.

The shock in Miao Feiping’s heart couldn’t be any greater. Was this the terrifying aspect of Double A Grade aptitude? Breaking through realms was as simple as eating and drinking.

He was also an A grade aptitude, and his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds over the past few years, allowing him to progress much faster than his fellow disciples, but compared to what Zhao Ya had just done, it was simply incomparable.

This was the first time he knew that one’s cultivation could break through like this!

Although there was still a gap of three minor levels between the Sixth Order and Ninth Order True Element Stage, the gap was not that big.

The corners of Miao Feiping’s mouth twitched violently as he felt a sense of inferiority for the first time. Seeing Zhao Ya’s murderous intent, he no longer insisted and simply called out a person’s name.

Zhao Ya stretched out her hand and grabbed a silver spear before turning around and leaving.

Miao Feiping’s heart pounded wildly as he faintly felt that something big was about to happen, so he quickly sent a message to his Master Guan Qianxing.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, the news of a disciple almost killing another disciple shook the Seven Stars Square.

For some unknown reason, a disciple named Liu Yi had a conflict with Zhao Ya from Azure Jade Peak. The two of them fought, but in the end, Liu Yi, whose cultivation was three minor levels higher, was unable to fight back. If it weren’t for Elder Guan Qianxing stopping the fight at the last moment, Liu Yi would have died on the spot!

Even so, Liu Yi had been seriously injured and would need at least three to five months to recover.

This battle shook the entire Seven Star Square.

Over the past few years, although there had been competitions between fellow disciples and they had often suffered injuries, no one had actually tried to kill another disciple, but this time, Zhao Ya had done so.

According to the bystanders, Zhao Ya’s every move was fatal and was aimed at taking Liu Yi’s life.

Secondly, Zhao Ya’s identity is extraordinary, and she is the only disciple of the Azure Jade Peak’s Master. Although Zhao Ya’s growth over the past few years did not reach the expectations of the Seven Star Square’s upper echelons, her status and position would not change. If it was any other disciple who had done such a thing, they would have been expelled from the Sect or even crippled, but if it was Zhao Ya, who would dare?

Thirdly, Liu Yi, who has a Ninth Order True Element Stage fighting against a Sixth Order True Element Stage, had actually been beaten to the point where he couldn’t even fight back! It wasn’t strange for a weak cultivator to win against a strong opponent, but the disparity in strength between them was difficult to understand.

Liu Yi was personally brought back by his Master to recuperate, so Seven Star Square’s higher-ups gathered overnight to inquire about the situation and discuss the aftermath.

On Azure Jade Peak, Zhao Ya snuck back like a thief, but just as she reached the peak, she saw her Master standing there, staring at her indifferently.

Zhao Ya’s body stiffened as she lowered her head and hesitantly walked over to Yang Kai, lowering her eyes and whispering, “Master!”

Although when she was a child, she had made up her mind to work hard and cultivate. Sooner or later, she would step on her master and let him have a taste of being a servant.

However, after spending more than ten years together, she had lost all of her childhood thoughts. Her master had treated her very well, and in her heart, she had treated him like a master and father.

“You broke through three minor levels?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhao Ya nodded cautiously.

Yang Kai sighed, “In fact, with your ability, even if you’re at the Third Order True Element Stage, dealing with a Ninth Order True Element Stage won’t be difficult. There’s no need for you to break through.”

Zhao Ya curled her lips, “Disciple didn’t know that guy was so weak.”

Yang Kai replied, “It’s not that he’s weak, it’s just that you’re strong enough.”

Zhao Ya raised her head and smiled, “It’s all thanks to Master’s guidance.”

Yang Kai turned his head and shouted, “Zhao Xiaobai!”

“Coming, coming!” Zhao Yebai, who had been secretly observing from the side, quickly ran out and stood in front of Yang Kai, “What instructions does Senior have?”

Yang Kai raised his hand and grabbed the large water tank from the kitchen and placed it on Zhao Yebai’s head.

Zhao Yebai was startled and didn’t dare move, quickly raising his hand to hold the water tank!

Fortunately, he is extremely strong. If it were any other ordinary person, they would have been crushed into meat paste by this water tank.

“Zhao Ya has broken through three minor levels today, you will stand here for three days. If a drop of water falls, you can leave the mountain.”

Zhao Yebai didn’t show the slightest bit of resentment, instead feeling relieved as he replied, “Senior can rest assured, I will not let a single drop of water fall.”

Others might not know why Zhao Ya’s cultivation had been progressing so slowly these past few years, but he did, because Zhao Ya had said that this was the result of her Master's deliberate suppression. Otherwise, with Zhao Ya’s unparalleled aptitude, she would have broken through to the Saint Stage in ten years!

When he heard that Little Sister Xiao Ya had broken through three minor levels just now, he was worried that this Senior would scold her, but now he was relieved.


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