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“Greetings, Supreme Elder!” Seven Star Square, led by Shangguan Ji, the Elders and Protectors who had met Yang Kai that night all bowed.

After experiencing a great shock, the ordinary Seven Star Square’s disciples also quickly followed suit, but all of them couldn’t understand why they had never heard of such a Supreme Elder before.

Moreover, judging from the Supreme Elder's performance just now, he seemed to be even stronger than Shen Xing who had come to observe the ceremony!

Shen Xing was a Second Order Emperor Realm master from the Southern Battle Palace. If the Supreme Elder was more powerful than him, wouldn’t that mean he was a Third Order cultivator? Many disciples couldn’t help feeling excited.

Soon after, the representatives from the various great Sects also stood up and bowed.

With a Third Order Emperor Realm master in front of them, how could they dare be negligent?

Only Shen Xing couldn’t get up, not because he didn’t want to, but because he really couldn’t get up. It was as if there was a huge mountain pressing down on his shoulder and he didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

At first glance, this scene made him seem somewhat arrogant, sitting there casually, causing him to sweat even more.

He had also faced the might of the Third Order Emperor Realm before, but it was not as strong as it was now. His words were like a spell, rendering him unable to move. This Third Order Emperor Realm was far stronger than any he had ever seen.

Yang Kai gently waved his hand and didn’t say anything, causing everyone to involuntarily return to their seats.

The Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master wore a complicated expression as he looked towards Shangguan Ji with a wry smile, “Brother Shangguan, you’ve kept us in the dark for so long. Since when did your Sect have such a Supreme Elder? If you inform us, we would have come to pay our respects sooner.”

Previously, he had deliberately tried to persuade Shangguan Ji because he didn’t want to see Seven Star Square, a second class Sect, grow up in the future, but now it seemed that his persuasion was completely meaningless.

Even if it wasn’t for Zhao Ya, with such a Supreme Elder in charge, it was almost certain it would be promoted to a First Class Force. Golden Soup Sect couldn’t even compare to them.

From now on, Golden Soup Sect would really have to rely on Seven Star Square to survive, so he naturally wanted to improve his relationship with Seven Star Square.

Shangguan Ji’s face flushed red as he stroked his beard with a smile, “It’s not that my Seven Stars Square is deliberately concealing it, it’s just that Supreme Elder likes peace and quiet and doesn’t want to be disturbed, so he didn’t announce it to the world.”

The Sect Master nodded, “So that’s how it is!”

Shangguan Ji suddenly revealed a look of enlightenment, “On that day, Supreme Elder visited in the middle of the night and said that my Seven Stars Square has some fate with him, which was why he settled down in my Seven Stars Square. However, under Supreme Elder's prediction, the Fate has yet to arrive. Now, it seems that this fate is with that little girl, Zhao Ya. Supreme Elder's calculations are truly profound.”

Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master, who was listening from the side, opened his mouth wide. Only now did he realize that Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder was simply picked up for free.

His heart was filled with pain. Why was Seven Star Square so lucky? Why was it that such a powerful figure had taken the initiative to offer himself up as a Supreme Elder to Seven Star Square? Why is Golden Soup Sect not this lucky?

Looking at the big and small pair figure on the round platform, he couldn’t help feeling envious.

Seven Star Square now has a Supreme Elder as its leader, and the younger generation had Zhao Ya, a peerless genius, as well as Miao Feiping, an A-grade aptitude genius. This was a sign of great prosperity!

On the round platform, Yang Kai and Zhao Ya were still staring at each other. Although Zhao Ya didn’t quite understand what was happening, she is an intelligent and quick-witted girl. From her observations, she could tell that this person standing in front of her was an extremely powerful character, and for some reason, this person gave her a very familiar feeling, as if she had seen him somewhere before.

She was in a daze, causing the Seven Star Square’s higher-ups to become anxious.

To be able to become a disciple of the Supreme Elder, this was a heaven-defying blessing. Not to mention a seven or eight year old little girl, even if the Supreme Elder said so to them, they would immediately bow their heads in respect. However, this little girl just didn’t understand what was happening and even stared at the Supreme Elder with her big eyes.

What else could she see?

The impatient Elders quickly sent voice transmissions to Zhao Ya, asking her to quickly become his disciple.

Zhao Ya had never experienced such a thing before, so all she could feel was the endless chatter in her ears. She couldn’t help shaking her hands, as if trying to chase away a few flies.

Yang Kai didn’t rush her and simply smiled as he looked down at the little girl.

After a while, Zhao Ya said, “It’s not impossible for me to acknowledge you as my master, but I must be together with Brother Xiaobai.”

On the viewing platform, Shangguan Ji and the others all wore looks of shock and admiration. This was truly the case of a newborn calf not being afraid of a tiger. The Supreme Elder personally taking in a disciple, if it was anyone else, they would have happily agreed, but this little girl actually didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth and wanted to negotiate?

Moreover, who was this Brother Xiaobai?

It wasn’t just Shangguan Ji and the others who didn’t know, but only a few of the onlookers from the Seven Stars Collection knew who this Brother Xiaobai was.

In the crowd, Miao Feiping stared speechlessly at Zhao Yebai. This guy really had some dog shit luck to have such a big piece of pancake fall from the sky for no reason.

“Who is Brother Xiaobai?” Yang Kai asked knowingly.

Zhao Ya glanced back.

Zhao Yebai quickly walked out of the crowd and stood beside Zhao Ya, bowing deeply, “Zhao Yebai greets Senior!”

On the viewing platform, Shangguan Ji and the others suddenly realized that the Brother Xiaobai Zhao Ya was talking about was actually this little brat. After all, he had just been tested and Shangguan Ji still had some impression of him. This little brat seemed to have only obtained a C Grade evaluation and was far inferior to Zhao Ya.

Yang Kai looked at him indifferently and slowly shook his head, “His aptitude is too poor, he doesn’t have the qualifications to become my disciple.”

“You won’t accept it?” Zhao Ya looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai shook his head again.

Zhao Ya said, “Then I won’t take you as my master.”

Saying so, she pulled Zhao Yebai along and walked off. Zhao Yebai didn’t move and instead patted Zhao Ya’s small hand, indicating for her to calm down. Looking up at Yang Kai, he asked, “Senior, are you from Seven Star Square?”

“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded.

Zhao Yebai smiled innocently, “Then it’s fine, Xiao Ya, Senior is also a member of Seven Star Square. After you acknowledge him as your master, we’ll both be in Seven Star Square and won’t separate. Senior is a master, so you should quickly acknowledge him as your master.”

Zhao Ya shook her head, “I don’t want to, I want to be with you.”

Zhao Yebai stamped his foot and smiled bitterly at Yang Kai, “Senior, please wait a moment. My little sister is a bit stubborn, please allow me to persuade her.”

Yang Kai didn’t comment.

Zhao Yebai pulled Zhao Ya to the side and persuaded her in a low voice. Although his voice was soft, how could it escape the ears of the many cultivators present?

Zhao Yebai then turned to Zhao Ya and said, “Xiao Ya, those people from Seven Star Square just called him Supreme Elder. Do you know what a Supreme Elder is? En, although I’m not too sure, he is definitely the strongest and most powerful person in Seven Star Square. If you can take him as your master, you’ll be able to do whatever you want. That Miao Feiping won’t dare bully you again. When I saw Miao Feiping’s master just now, he was very respectful to him. Even if you take him as your master, we won’t separate. We’ll meet up every day at Seven Star Square.”

On the viewing platform, Shangguan Ji couldn’t help laughing as he turned to Guan Qianxing and said, “This boy looks simple and honest, but he’s actually quite shrewd. At such a young age, he has already learned the ways of the world, but his aptitude is a bit too poor. Be careful, don’t let him anger Supreme Elder.”

Guan Qianxing nodded lightly.

However, no matter how Zhao Yebai tried to persuade her, Zhao Ya refused to nod. In the end, Zhao Ya even squatted down, her back facing Zhao Yebai as she buried her head in her arms, seemingly refusing to listen.

Zhao Yebai wore a helpless look.

Lifting his hand to rub Zhao Ya’s head, Zhao Yebai turned around and walked towards Yang Kai, standing three feet in front of him and bowing.

Yang Kai replied, “No matter what you say, I won’t accept you as my disciple.”

Zhao Yebai said, “This Junior knows that his aptitude is poor and does not have the qualifications to become Senior’s disciple, so I don’t dare have such extravagant hopes. Xiao Ya being able to obtain Senior’s favor is her good fortune, this Junior does not want to ruin Xiao Ya’s good fortune because of me, so this Junior implores Senior to allow me to be a servant by Senior’s side. In the future, if there are any trivial matters, this Junior will take care of them with care and not let Senior worry about them.”

Zhao Ya suddenly raised her head.

The crowd on the viewing platform also revealed looks of surprise, never having expected Zhao Yebai to say such a thing.

Yang Kai’s expression was indifferent as he said, “My Azure Jade Peak does not have any servants. If you are willing to go, I won’t refuse, but I won’t teach you anything. You must remember this. From today onwards, until the day you die, you will forever be a servant of Azure Jade Peak.”

Zhao Yebai happily replied, “This Junior is already extremely grateful for Senior’s permission, how could I dare hope for anything else?”

“Brother Xiaobai!” Zhao Ya rushed over and grabbed his hand, wanting to leave, “I don’t want to accept a Master anymore, you don’t need to be a servant, let’s go back to the Seven Stars Collection.”

“Xiao Ya, listen to me,” Zhao Yebai looked at him firmly.

Zhao Ya’s eyes turned red. How could she not know that Brother Xiaobai was doing this for her? Although his aptitude wasn’t good, he had already passed many tests in Seven Star Square, so he was now a disciple of Seven Star Square. In the future, he would be able to cultivate and become a cultivator, but if he were to become a servant at Azure Jade Peak, he would never be able to rise again.

Suddenly turning her head, Zhao Ya glared at Yang Kai, “You’re a bad person!”

Those who bullied Brother Xiaobai were all bad people, so she couldn’t be bothered with some Supreme Elder or peerless masters.

Yang Kai grinned, “Do you want to hit me? To help your Brother Xiaobai vent his anger.”

Zhao Ya nodded without hesitation, her eyes filled with a fierce light.

Yang Kai said, “Simple, cultivate with me. One day, when your cultivation is higher than mine, you can beat me however you want!”

Zhao Ya was stunned for a moment before she suddenly seemed to awaken and knelt down in front of Yang Kai, kowtowing, “Disciple Zhao Ya greets Master!”

Then, she suddenly raised her head and stared straight into Yang Kai’s eyes, “Disciple will work hard to cultivate. One day, Disciple will let Master have a taste of what it is like to be a servant. What Brother Xiaobai has experienced, you must repay it a thousand times over!”

From today onwards, on Seven Stars Square’s Azure Jade Peak, there was a new female disciple and a male servant who was dedicated to her master. When the news spread, it become the talk of the entire Void Continent.


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