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When Miao Feiping was testing his aptitude just now, the round platform had shone brightly and was extremely eye-catching. As a result, it had been evaluated as an unprecedented master in the Seven Star Square’s history, causing it to stand out in the limelight. Whether it was the spectating masters or the onlookers, all of them were amazed.

But now, after Zhao Ya stepped onto the stage, the light radiating from the round platform was even more dazzling than Miao Feiping’s.

“Another A grade!”

Someone in the crowd shouted.

Even those ordinary cultivators who had never cultivated before could tell that Zhao Ya’s momentum was even fiercer than Miao Feiping’s. Miao Feiping was already under the A grade, so how heaven-defying was Zhao Ya?

What they were certain of was that it was definitely A grade, but whether it was a low or top class A Grade, they didn’t know.

After several dozen breaths of time, the dazzling light gradually faded, but the crowd’s shock was unable to subside for a long time. Everyone stared blankly at the thin figure of the little girl on the round platform, as if they were looking at a rising star.

Zhao Ya slowly opened her eyes, somewhat at a loss as to what was happening. Meeting Zhao Yebai’s gaze, she smiled sweetly at him.

Without waiting for Seven Stars Square's people to announce the results, she walked down.

“Junior Sister, wait a moment!” Seven Stars Square's cultivators quickly stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Ya looked at him with vigilance.

The cultivator’s forehead was dripping with sweat as he suppressed the shock in his heart and forced a harmless smile, “Junior Sister doesn’t need to be so nervous, it’s just that Junior Sister’s aptitude is so good that we can’t judge her for ourselves. We still need the Elders to discuss before we can come to a conclusion. Junior Sister, please wait a moment.”

His attitude was extremely polite, as if he wasn’t facing a seven or eight year old little girl but the Sect Elder of his Sect.

With such a heaven-defying talent, he didn’t dare say there would be no one in the future, but it was definitely unprecedented. The little girl’s future path of cultivation would definitely be smooth, and perhaps in a few years she would become an existence he could only look up to. At this time, how could he not be careful?

What if he said the wrong thing and made her remember it? What if he was unlucky in the future?

On the viewing platform, the Elders of Seven Stars Square all had flushed faces as they gathered together to discuss the evaluation of Zhao Ya’s aptitude.

Shangguan Ji stared fixedly at Zhao Ya and almost couldn’t hold back his tears. This year’s Disciple Recruitment Conference had first produced Miao Feiping, a pleasant surprise, and now there was Zhao Ya. She was truly blessed by the Divine Master!

With Miao Feiping’s aptitude, it would not be a problem for him to break through to the Emperor Realm in the future, much less Zhao Ya.

In time, Seven Star Square would have two Emperor Realm guarding it! In the Void Continent, who could possibly be a match for them?

A moment later, the results of the Elders’ discussion came out. Guan Qianxing quickly came to Shangguan Ji’s side and whispered in his ear.

Shangguan Ji nodded lightly and said, “Seven Stars Collective Zhao Ya, **7, aptitude evaluation A Grade! Overall evaluation, A Grade!”

Double A!

Miao Feiping’s previous evaluation of Double A paled in comparison to Zhao Ya.

On the other hand, Shangguan Ji smiled bitterly in his heart. If it was truly judged, Zhao Ya’s aptitude was definitely not A Grade, but A-grade was already the limit, so there was no way to grade her more.

He suddenly remembered a rumor that there was an even higher level of martial arts above the Emperor Realm, but because his cultivation wasn’t high, he couldn’t come into contact with more information.

If Miao Feiping’s breakthrough to the Emperor Realm wasn’t a big problem, then Zhao Ya was likely to create a new world for Seven Star Square.

Shangguan Ji couldn’t help feeling fascinated. What kind of scenery was above the Emperor Realm? Perhaps in his lifetime, Zhao Ya would be able to unveil that mysterious veil for him.

“Square Master Shangguan, did this little girl form a master-disciple relationship with any of your Sect’s Elders in advance?”

A voice rang out beside him and Shangguan Ji was startled, the surprise on his face quickly turning into panic.

He had actually forgotten about Shen Xing just now!

This man had been interested in Miao Feiping before, but fortunately, Guan Qianxing and Miao Feiping had become master and disciple two months ago, so this test was just a formality, allowing Shen Xing to rely on his status and not force him.

Now that Zhao Ya’s aptitude far exceeded Miao Feiping’s, how could Shen Xing not be tempted?

However, how could Shangguan Ji be willing to let go of such a good seedling that was foretelling the rise of Seven Stars Square? Thoughts flashed across his mind, and just as he was about to lie to Shen Xing, the pressure of the Emperor Realm enveloped him.

Shangguan Qi couldn’t bring himself to say such words, so he could only force out a smile, “No!”

The pressure enveloping him instantly dissipated, as if it had never existed.

Shen Xing smiled and nodded, “Great, this old master sees that this little girl has a great affinity with me and wishes to bring her back to the Sect to be cultivated. I hope you will give her up!”

Shangguan Ji almost couldn’t help cursing out loud. This shameless old man, whenever he saw a good seedling, he would say they were fated to be together, how shameless! Moreover, when he was talking about Miao Feiping just now, he had asked if he was willing to part with him, but now that it was Zhao Ya’s turn, he didn’t even ask.

This was a true robbery!

Shangguan Ji didn’t answer, causing Shen Xing’s face to sink, “What, is Square Master Shangguan unwilling to give this old master face?”

A middle-aged man sitting next to Shen Xing said, “Brother Shangguan, it’s normal for you to cherish talents, but Seven Star Square is too small after all. Senior Shen’s Southern Battle Palace is one of the top forces in the Void Continent. In the future, Zhao Ya will definitely be able to transform into a dragon, and Seven Star Square, this small pond, will not be able to support her. Only Southern Battle Palace can allow this little girl to display her true brilliance!”

Shen Xing had come here with this Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master to watch the show. Otherwise, how could Seven Star Square Sect’s Disciple Recruitment Conference, make him lower his status to come?

At this moment, Shangguan Ji’s heart was filled with hatred towards this Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master. If he hadn’t brought Shen Xing here, how could such a filthy affair have occurred today?

Although his persuasion sounded sincere, how could he not have his own plans in his heart? Seven Star Square's Miao Feiping was already enough of a headache for them. If there was another Zhao Ya, how could these second-class forces near Seven Star Square survive?

Once these two disciples matured, Golden Soup Sect would really have to rely on Seven Star Square to survive.

Shangguan Ji knew that it would be difficult for him to keep Zhao Ya here today, but how could he be willing to give in?

Shen Xing snorted angrily, his face filled with displeasure.

The Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master tried to persuade him again, “Brother Shangguan, a man’s wealth is his own ruin! Zhao Ya’s aptitude is so great that it has never been heard of before. If your Seven Stars Square has the ability to protect her, then so be it, but Seven Stars Square is just a second-class force like my Golden Soup Sect. Today’s news will soon spread throughout the entire Void Continent. At that time, this little girl will no longer be your Seven Stars Square’s bargaining chip, but a hot potato. Senior Shen wanting to take this little girl as his disciple, although he has his own selfish motives, he is also helping your Seven Stars Square. Brother Shangguan, please reconsider.”

At the side, Shen Xing stroked his beard and nodded, acting as if he was thinking about Seven Star Square.

Shangguan Ji’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. Although the Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master’s words were somewhat biased, it was highly likely that they would happen.

A single Miao Feiping wasn’t worthy of all the First Class forces mobilizing, but Zhao Ya was different.

If a single Zhao Ya really caused trouble for Seven Stars Square, then as the Master of Seven Stars Square, even if he died ten thousand times, he would not be able to escape responsibility.

The Golden Soup Sect’s Sect Master shouted, “Brother Shangguan, do you really want to see Seven Star Square fall into a state of chaos and collapse?”

Shangguan Ji’s aura, which he had been trying so hard to maintain, suddenly weakened and he seemed to have aged several dozen years. Letting out a heavy sigh, just as he was about to speak, his eyes suddenly turned towards Azure Jade Peak.

At the same time, Shen Xing also raised his head.

On the other side, a figure flew over from the sky. Before he arrived, his voice rang out, “Fate has arrived, this King's months of waiting have not been in vain!”

Shangguan Ji’s eyes flashed with great surprise as he hurriedly stood up.

The newcomer landed lightly in front of Zhao Ya, not showing any trace of anger as he looked down at her with a faint smile.

Zhao Ya didn’t show any fear as she stared back at him.

She felt that this person looked very familiar, and his figure was very similar to Uncle Yang’s.

A few months ago, when Yang Kai appeared in Seven Star Square, he had used some small methods to change the image of himself in the eyes of the world.

Therefore, although the one who appeared next to Zhao Ya was his Divine Sense Avatar and had the exact same appearance as his main body, in Zhao Ya’s eyes, it was a different person.

“This little girl is fated with me, are you willing to become my disciple?” Yang Kai smiled at Zhao Ya.

On the spectator’s stand, Shen Xing’s face sank. He had just said these words twice, yet this fellow who had suddenly appeared said so. Could it be that he was deliberately slapping his face?

In a fit of anger, he suddenly stood up and coldly snorted, “Who are you?”

How could Shen Xing not be angry that someone want to snatch his disciple?

After Yang Kai appeared, Shangguan Ji was pleasantly surprised, but at this moment, he suddenly became worried.

Because he didn’t know what kind of Emperor Realm master this new Supreme Elder of his was, he only knew that Shen Xing had the strength of a Second Order Emperor Realm master.

If the new Supreme Elder's strength was lower than Shen Xing’s, then today’s matter would not be resolved peacefully. Even if the new Supreme Elder was a Second Order Emperor Realm, the Southern Battle Palace behind Shen Xing was not something Seven Star Square could contend with.

As for the fact that the new Supreme Elder was a Third Order Emperor Realm master, Shangguan Ji didn’t even dare to think about it, mainly because there weren’t many Third Order Emperor Realm masters in the entire Void Continent.

“Sit down!” In Shangguan Ji’s eyes, the new Supreme Elder didn’t even look at Shen Xing, only softly shouting.

Then, Shen Xing really sat down!

Shangguan Ji stared over and saw that Shen Xing’s face was flushed red and his forehead was quickly covered in sweat, his eyes filled with terror.

Naturally, it was impossible for Shen Xing to be so obedient. The reason why he was so obedient to the new Supreme Elder's words was undoubtedly because he was stronger than Shen Xing.

Shangguan Ji’s heart was filled with excitement. This new Supreme Elder who had suddenly appeared in Seven Star Square several months ago was actually a Third Order Emperor Realm!

A huge weight was lifted off his heart. With this Supreme Elder, who would Seven Star Square fear?


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