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Today’s aptitude test was the most important test. No matter how outstanding the results were, if one couldn’t pass this test, they would still be eliminated.

Moreover, the probability of elimination was extremely high. Out of ten people, only two or three would be able to pass, and none of them had good results.

Half a day later, a voice called out, “763, Miao Feiping!”

Among the crowd, Miao Feiping rushed out. Although he was young, his figure was strong and vigorous. Stepping onto the round platform, he first politely bowed to the Seven Star Square cultivator in charge of the test before closing his eyes and calming his breathing.

On the round platform, a brilliant light flashed!

The crowd burst into an uproar, all of them revealing looks of amazement. The cultivators who were responsible for observing the results all stood up and stared at Miao Feiping in excitement.

“A grade! Such brightness, it must be an A grade aptitude!”

“My Seven Star Square finally has an A grade aptitude disciple?”

The crowd that was already in an uproar was even more shocked when they heard this. Although they could tell that Miao Feiping’s aptitude was extraordinary, after all, none of the people who went up to take the test had ever caused the round platform to shine with such a dazzling light, they were just here to watch a good show. With their eyesight, they were unable to judge Miao Feiping’s aptitude.

Now that they heard the words of Seven Star Square's people, he realized that they were evaluating him as an A-grade!

It had to be known that out of all the people who had been tested, the best result was only B-Grade. Although A-Grade and B-Grade were only one grade apart, their future achievements were worlds apart. If an A-Grade talent didn’t die prematurely, they would definitely become an Emperor Realm.

On the grandstand, Seven Star Square's Master Shangguan Ji couldn’t help stroking his beard and smiling.

A half-grown old man sitting next to him suddenly spoke up, “Square Master Shangguan, this child has an affinity with this old master and this old master wishes to take him as a personal disciple. Is Square Master Shangguan willing to part with him?”

The smile on Shangguan Ji’s face instantly froze.

Today, it wasn’t just the Seven Star Square's higher-ups who were watching the ceremony, but also the masters from some of the Sects who were on good terms with them.

Seven Star Square was a Second Class Sect, and the people they were on good terms with were usually of this grade. Everyone’s strength was about the same, so it was impossible for them to make such a rude request just because of their outstanding aptitude. This was simply a blatant robbery.

However, the old man beside him was different. He was a First Class Sect’s Emperor Realm master and was originally a guest of another Sect. When he heard that there was a disciple recruitment event here, he had come with someone else to watch the show, but who would have thought he would see such a good seedling.

There weren’t many A Grade aptitude disciples in their first class Sects, so if they brought them back and carefully nurtured them, their Sect’s strength would definitely increase greatly in the future.

When the Elders of Seven Star Square heard this, their complexions immediately became gloomy, but because of the other party’s Emperor Realm strength, none of them dared to say anything, lest they offend him.

The representatives from the various great Sects who had come to watch the ceremony all wore looks of anticipation. Although the Sects behind them were on good terms with Seven Star Square, they might not be willing to see an A Grade aptitude disciple from Seven Star Square appear. This way, after many years, Seven Star Square would have a chance to promote to a First Class Sect. At that time, they would have to rely on Seven Star Square face to act.

If this A Grade aptitude disciple could really be taken away by someone, they would be very happy.

Shangguan Ji straightened his face and said, “I won’t hide it from Senior Chen. Two months ago, this child had already established a master-disciple relationship with my Sect’s Elder Guan Qianxing. Today’s test is just a formality.”

Guan Qianxing stood up and bowed to Shen Xing, “Yes.”

Shen Xing frowned, seemingly a bit unhappy, but he was still an Emperor Realm, so he couldn’t go too far. If the other party hadn’t decided on a master-disciple status, it wouldn’t matter much if he tried to snatch him away at this time. At most, he would give Seven Star Square some compensation afterwards, so they wouldn’t dare gossip about him. However, the other party had already decided on a master-disciple status two months ago, so if he tried to snatch him away now, it would be too much of a bully. If this matter were to spread, it would not be good for his and the Sect’s reputation.

After weighing the pros and cons for a moment, Shen Xing nodded and said, “Since this child has already decided on a master-disciple relationship with Elder Guan, this old master won’t try to snatch his disciple. I must congratulate your Sect for producing such a good seedling!”

“Many thanks for Senior Shen’s blessing,” Shangguan Ji smiled as a huge weight lifted from his heart.

If this Shen Xing really insisted on going his own way, unless Seven Star City brought out their new Supreme Elder, there was no way they could compete with him.

However, over the past few months, the new Supreme Elder had been living in seclusion and had not even seen him, the square master. He had simply kept a low profile and he simply didn’t have the confidence that the Supreme Elder will support the Sect.

Now that Shen Xing had taken the initiative to back down, it had saved them a lot of trouble.

A group of Elders from Seven Star Square congratulated Guan Qianxing, but Guan Qianxing simply accepted them with a smile. Although he had long felt that Miao Feiping’s aptitude was extraordinary, he had not carefully tested him, so he didn’t know the specifics. Today, Miao Feiping had given him a pleasant surprise and obtained an A grade evaluation.

Soon, an even more detailed evaluation was presented. Seven Stars Collection's Miao Feiping, No. 763, aptitude evaluation A Grade!

Such aptitude could be counted on one’s fingers across the entire Void Continent. Among the many disciples Seven Star Square had accepted over the years, Miao Feiping was undoubtedly the best.

Shangguan Ji and the other Elders were overjoyed.

On the round platform, Miao Feiping stepped down and even ran over to Zhao Yebai to show off, causing Zhao Ya to bare her teeth at him.

On the other hand, Zhao Yebai didn’t seem to mind and sincerely congratulated him, causing Miao Feiping to feel quite bored. He actually didn’t see the slightest bit of jealousy from this Zhao Xiaobai face, giving him a sense of helplessness.

Subsequent disciples were tested one by one, and there were also some good B Grade aptitude seedlings, but Miao Feiping’s limelight was too great and these people’s brilliance had been overshadowed. If it was in the past, these B Grade aptitude disciples would have been highly regarded by the higher-ups.

“**6, Zhao Yebai!”

Hearing this voice, Zhao Yebai, who had been waiting, took a deep breath.

“Go,” Yang Kai gently pushed him.

“Brother Xiao Bai, don’t worry, you’ll definitely be fine,” Zhao Ya encouraged him from behind.

Zhao Yebai waved his hand and walked straight up to the round stage.

After bowing, he held his breath like everyone else.

Zhao Ya stared fixedly at her Brother Xiaobai, her small hands clenched into fists, her fingernails digging into her flesh.

A dim light flashed! Three breaths later, the light disappeared.

The Seven Star Square's cultivators who were in charge of judging the situation gathered together for a moment before one of them shouted, “Zhao Yebai, C grade, stay!”

On the round platform, Zhao Yebai jumped up as if he had picked up a hundred copper coins.

In today’s aptitude test, as long as one had a C grade evaluation, they could remain in the Seven Star Square. After all, many people had been eliminated yesterday, so if one’s aptitude wasn’t too bad, they would be able to enter Seven Star Square. However, if one’s aptitude was different, their future treatment would not be the same, and their achievements would naturally be vastly different.

For a disciple like Zhao Yebai who had a lower aptitude, even if he entered Seven Star Square, he would only be able to become the lowest of the low.

But he was very satisfied.

Filled with excitement, he rushed back and told Zhao Ya and Yang Kai, “Uncle Yang, Xiao Ya, I passed! I passed!”

Yang Kai rubbed his head while Zhao Ya smiled slightly, imitating the adult's actions and bowing, “Congratulations, Brother Xiaobai!”

On the other side, Miao Feiping’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he curled his lips in jealousy, “It’s just a C grade aptitude, yet you’re so happy. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought you were an A grade talent.”

“Senior Brother Miao, my mother always said that one should be content with what they have.”

Miao Feiping said unhappily, “Who’s your Senior Brother? Don’t call me that.”

Zhao Yebai smiled innocently, “In the future, we’ll be fellow disciples. Since you’re older than me, you’re naturally my Senior Brother.”

Miao Feiping opened his mouth but couldn’t find any words to refute, so he could only angrily say, “Don’t think that just because you call me Senior Brother, I won’t hit you anymore. You’d better cultivate well. If you can’t protect Little Sister Xiao Ya in the future, I’ll protect her myself!”

“I will definitely cultivate diligently, I won’t trouble Senior Brother Miao.” Zhao Yebai puffed out his chest.

“**7, Zhao Ya!” Another voice rang out from the round stage.

“Xiao Ya, it’s your turn,” Zhao Yebai turned around and said.

Zhao Ya nodded and walked forward with light steps, but Zhao Yebai was still worried and warned, “Don’t be nervous, don’t think about anything, just stand there.”

“En,” Zhao Ya nodded.

Miao Feiping held the frame of a Senior Brother and quickly walked over to Zhao Yebai’s side, prodding him with his arm, “What if Little Sister Xiao Ya fails?”

Zhao Yebai replied, “No, Little Sister Xiao Ya has always been clever and quick-witted, her aptitude is definitely better than mine.”

“I’m just saying what if!” Miao Feiping glared.

Zhao Yebai thought about it seriously for a moment before saying, “Then I won’t be entering Seven Star Square, I’ll go home with Xiao Ya.”

Miao Feiping’s jaw dropped as he stared at him in shock, “Didn’t you always say that one day you would join Seven Star Square and become a powerful cultivator? This is your dream.”

Zhao Yebai smiled, “Xiao Ya being able to grow up happily is my other dream!”

Miao Feiping remained silent for a long time before patting Zhao Yebai’s shoulder, “I’m inferior to you!”

Zhao Yebai looked at him in surprise, “Your aptitude is so good and your family background is so good, how can you be inferior to me?”

Miao Feiping couldn’t help rolling his eyes, but just as he was about to speak, a bright light suddenly burst out from the round platform. This light was so bright that it was blinding, causing everyone to involuntarily squint their eyes.

The light quickly spread out and soon spread to the outside of the round platform, enveloping the surrounding crowd and even the distant grandstand.

The dazzling white light continued for a long time!


Around the round platform, the Seven Star Square cultivators responsible for testing suddenly leaned forward, his eyes nearly popping out.

On the grandstand, Shangguan Ji, a group of Seven Star Square’s upper echelons, as well as many of the Sect’s representatives who had come to watch the ceremony, all stood up in shock.


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