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The power of a single finger had actually helped someone break through their shackles and break through to the Second Order Dao Source. Such a bizarre thing was unheard of!

The expressions of everyone in the hall became more respectful, and the Elder who had just been promoted bowed to the ground and said in a trembling voice, “Many thanks for Supreme Elder's grace!”

His aptitude wasn’t too good, and he was already quite old. Originally, he had thought that a First Order Dao Source was his limit in this life and would never be able to make any further progress, but who would have thought that tonight he would suddenly break through to the Second Order? He even felt that if he worked harder, he might have a chance to break through to the Third Order.

Such a great favor was no less than a rebirth! When others saw this, they couldn’t help feeling envious.

“It’s all thanks to your accumulation over the years, I’m just adding fuel to the fire,” Yang Kai smiled lightly and turned to Shangguan Ji, “Square Master, please keep the matter of me becoming Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder a secret.”

Shangguan Ji was stunned for a moment. Although he didn’t understand why this was happening, he still nodded respectfully, “Rest assured, only the people in the main hall know about this matter.”

In his heart, he couldn’t help feeling a bit regretful. Just now, he had planned to make a name for their Sect and spread the news that Seven Star Square had gained a new Supreme Elder. This way, Seven Star Square's reputation as a first class Sect would be solidified and its status in the Void Continent would rise.

However, since this new Supreme Elder wanted to keep it a secret, he could only comply.

It was already late at night, Shangguan Ji had a voluptuous female Elder personally lead Yang Kai to a Spirit Peak. He had figured out some of the temperament of this new Supreme Elder, he like to keep a low profile and didn’t like to show off, so he arranged for him to stay on a slightly remote Azure Jade Peak.

Seven Star Square occupied thirty-eight Spirit Peak, while Azure Jade Peak was only considered average and its location was relatively remote, so no one had been interested in it.

On the other hand, after Yang Kai checked in, he was quite satisfied with this arrangement, causing Shangguan Ji to secretly sigh in relief.

For the next few months, everything was peaceful and quiet. The new Supreme Elder lived in seclusion on Azure Jade Peak and rarely appeared.

Shangguan Ji’s anxious heart relaxed slightly. Previously, Yang Kai had told him to keep the matter of him becoming Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder a secret. He had even suspected that this Supreme Elder had some kind of powerful enemy outside and was worried that someone would seek revenge on him. If that was the case, Seven Star Square would be in for a lot of trouble.

But now, it seemed that he had been thinking too much. Moreover, after a few months of observation, he had discovered that Yang Kai really didn’t have any ill intentions towards Seven Star Square. It was as if Yang Kai had just gotten tired of wandering around and had found a place to settle down.

This was naturally a great matter for Seven Star Square. Although they couldn’t disclose to the public that their Sect had gained an Emperor Realm, with such a powerful master presiding over it, Seven Star Square’s higher-ups felt much more confident.

Knowing that this Supreme Elder was a quiet person, Shangguan Ji ordered his subordinates not to disturb him.

In the Seven Stars Collection, Yang Kai still went out every day. He had originally used his Divine Sense incarnation to travel around his Small Universe, there is not much difference between his incarnations.

A few months later, Seven Star Square Disciple Recruitment Conference was convened, and the surrounding thousand kilometer area was bustling with noise and excitement. Even the number of cultivators coming and going from the Seven Star Collection increased.

At the entrance of the town, Yang Kai stood there and watched as Yu Lu tidied up the two children’s clothes and carefully reminded them to be obedient when they were outside. If they could enter Seven Star Square, it would naturally be for the best, but if they were eliminated, they shouldn’t be sad.

Both children nodded.

A moment later, Yu Lu pulled Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya over to Yang Kai, her eyes red as she said, “Big Brother Yang, I’ll entrust these two children to you.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Don’t worry, Lady Yu, I won’t let anything happen to them. If they can enter Seven Star Square, I’ll come back to inform you. If they don’t, I’ll bring them back with me.”

Yu Lu nodded lightly and gently pushed the two children, “Go.”

The two children turned around and hugged Yu Lu together. Yu Lu’s hands covered her mouth as her shoulders trembled.

Looking up into the distance, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about how his parents always felt whenever he went out.

After they had walked quite a distance away, the slender figure still stood at the entrance of the town, staring into the distance.

The Seven Stars Collection was built near Seven Star Square, so the distance between the two wasn’t too far, only thirty to fifty kilometers.

Carrying a small bag on his back, Yang Kai held the two children in each hand and walked towards Seven Star Square.

From behind them came the rumbling sound of a carriage and the three of them made way. As the carriage passed by, the head of a ten year old child stuck out from the carriage and waved his fist towards Zhao Yebai, “Zhao Xiaobai, don’t let me see you in Seven Star Square, or I’ll definitely beat your ass until it blooms!”

Zhao Yebai made a funny face at him and Zhao Ya bent down to pick up a stone from the ground and threw it out, scaring the child so much that he quickly shrank back.

Yang Kai grinned as he watched the children play. He recognized the child in the carriage; it was the Miao Family boy who had chased Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya into his stall a few months ago, Miao Feiping. His family background was naturally better than the two children around him, and his aptitude was quite good.

Two months ago, an Elder from Seven Star Square had gone down the mountain to handle some matters and had inadvertently bumped into Miao Feiping, who had wanted to take him in as a disciple on the spot. This time, it was just a formality, and unlike Zhao Yebai’s future, he was certain he would be able to join Seven Star Square.

In front of Seven Star Square, there was a sea of people, all of them rushing over from all directions to seek a master. Some were young, some were old, some were young like Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya, and some were in their teens or twenties.

Yang Kai led the two children around for a long time before reporting their names. Each of them received a wooden tablet with a number engraved on it. The test had yet to begin, so Zhao Ya stared at the hawker selling candied fruits at the side, the bright red candied fruits attracting everyone’s attention.

Yang Kai went up and bought three skewers, each of them squatting in a corner and eating happily. The two children would occasionally look at each other and smile sweetly.

“Uncle Yang, what if I don’t get selected?” Zhao Yebai suddenly became worried about his future.

Yang Kai casually said, “You’re still so young, if you haven’t been chosen, you can come back next time.”

However, Zhao Ya had an inexplicable confidence in Zhao Yebai, “Brother Xiaobai will definitely be chosen.”

Zhao Yebai grinned, “Xiao Ya can definitely do it.”

Miao Feiping appeared out of nowhere and said to Zhao Yebai, “Zhao Xiaobai, just give up. With your skinny arms and legs, you’ll definitely lose.”

He was holding a chicken drumstick in his hand as he ate happily, his mouth full of oil.

Zhao Ya glared at him, her eyes filled with murderous intent as she look at Miao Feiping.

Miao Feiping’s neck shrank as he smiled awkwardly, “Little Sister Xiao Ya will definitely be fine. If I were a master on this mountain, I would definitely fight to take you as my disciple!”

After saying a few soft words, he quickly disappeared.

“Brother Xiao Bai, don’t listen to his nonsense, Miao Feiping’s words are the worst,” Zhao Ya consoled.

“En, en!” Zhao Yebai nodded repeatedly, “Whatever he says, I’ll treat it as farting, hahaha!”

There were many tests in Seven Star Square's Disciple Recruitment Conference, and each trial would eliminate many people. Those who passed were naturally overjoyed, while those who didn’t were all dejected.

For the entire day, Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya were extremely busy. By the time they returned at night, the soles of their feet were already covered in blisters.

“How are your grades?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhao Yebai smiled happily, “Uncle Yang, you don’t know, but Xiao Ya’s overall evaluation is A grade!”

“Is the A grade very high?” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Zhao Yebai made a hand gesture and said, “It’s several stories high. I heard that there are more than a thousand people participating in this Disciple Recruitment Conference, but less than ten of them are A grade.”

“One in a hundred, Xiao Ya is really amazing,” Yang Kai smiled and patted Zhao Ya’s head.

Zhao Ya, on the other hand, forced a smile, seemingly not too happy.

“What about you?” Yang Kai asked again.

Zhao Yebai chuckled, “Me? I’m far worse than Xiao Ya, only a C grade, barely passing.”

Zhao Ya quickly replied, “It’s alright, tomorrow’s aptitude test is the most important, the first few are nothing.”

Zhao Yebai nodded, “En, after tomorrow’s trial, we can truly enter Seven Star Square, but I am confident.”

Zhao Ya smiled happily.

Seven Star Square also didn’t have a place for the participants to rest, so the three of them found a clean spot and made a bed.

Perhaps because he was too tired during the day, Zhao Yebai soon fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Zhao Ya, who was sitting cross-legged next to him with her hands clasped together. Raising his hand, he flicked her forehead, “Why aren’t you sleeping at night?”

Zhao Ya stretched out a finger and shushed him before explaining somewhat embarrassedly, “Aunt Lu and grandma said that there is a very powerful Divine Master in this world and that there is nothing he doesn’t know, so I wanted to ask the Divine Master to bless Brother Xiaobai so he can pass the test tomorrow. He has been telling me that he wants to join Seven Star Square.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh, “When it comes to aptitude, even the Divine Master cannot help you.”

Zhao Ya pouted, “If he can’t even help us, what kind of Divine Master is he?”

Yang Kai was speechless, thinking to himself, Does a Divine Master really need to care about this? Wouldn’t that be exhausting?

“Sleep!” Yang Kai decided not to discuss this issue with her.

“En,” Zhao Ya replied before lying down obediently.

But soon, Yang Kai heard her whispering, obviously still secretly praying.

The next day, the final aptitude test of Seven Star Square's Disciple Conference officially began.

This test was also the simplest. On a square, there was a round platform where the examinee only needed to stand at the top to determine their aptitude.

One by one, the people who had come to take them as their master stepped forward, and the round stage began to emit a faint light, which was then suppressed by the Seven Star Square Elders who were watching from the sidelines.

Yang Kai, along with Zhao Yebai and Zhao Ya, waited in the crowd. The two children were obviously nervous. Every time someone passed the test, they would look at them with envy. Whenever someone was eliminated, they couldn’t help feeling worried.


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