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“If you don’t mind, I’ll find a matchmaker to talk to you tomorrow,” Grandma Zhou looked at Yang Kai and said sincerely, “You’re not young anymore, it’s time for you to start a family.”

After spending so many years together, she clearly felt that Yang Kai had just casually mentioned that he had several wives. If not for that, she wouldn’t have made such a proposal.

Yang Kai didn’t try to explain himself and simply said, “Granny, if there really is a matchmaker, Lady Yu will definitely beat them up. Don’t trouble her.”

Hearing this, Granny was stunned for a moment before sighing, “That’s true, Lady Yu… is just a bit stubborn.”

In fact, before this, she had also asked Yu Lu about this matter. Over the years, Yu Lu had been an orphan and a widowed mother, and Yang Kai had taken great care of her, so she naturally felt grateful, especially when Yang Kai treated Xiao Bai and Xiao Ya’s two children as if they were his own. But in the end, she had previously married someone and had a child.

If she was just a girl, she wouldn’t have so many scruples. Right now, she only wanted to raise Xiao Bai and Xiao Ya, these two children, so she didn’t dare ask for anything else.

After dinner, Yang Kai cleaned up the dishes while granny went to rest.

When the night is deep, Yang Kai stood up and took a step forward.

Seven Star Square, as a second-class force in the Void Continent, had developed quite well over the past few years, mainly because the position of Seven Star Square chosen by the founder was relatively good. There were no other sects or forces within a thousand kilometer radius competing with it. As such, any good cultivating seedlings nearby would naturally flow into Seven Star Square.

In the entire Void Continent, only a force with Emperor Realm master was qualified to be called a first class force. Seven Star Square didn’t have its own Emperor Realm master, the highest they had was a Dao Source master. Although the square master was already a Third Order Dao Source master, it would still take a few years for him to become an Emperor Realm.

This night, many of Seven Star Square's higher-ups gathered together to discuss the upcoming Disciple Recruitment Conference.

Seven Star Square opened its doors once every three years, and every time this happened, the Disciple Recruitment Coonference would become the most lively event in a thousand kilometer radius. Many sects from other places would also come to attend, so Seven Star Square naturally didn’t dare act carelessly.

Everyone in the hall was chatting happily when suddenly, a terrifying pressure descended from the sky.

Everyone’s expressions changed as they stood up one after another. The Seven Star Square's Master, Shangguan Ji, stepped out of the hall and looked towards the dark night sky with a solemn expression, cupping his fists and shouting, “May I ask which Senior has graced us with your presence? Seven Star Square's Shangguan Ji has failed to welcome you, please forgive him!”

The group of Elders and Protectors behind him all wore solemn expressions as they quietly swallowed their saliva.

Without a doubt, this pressure was something only an Emperor Realm master could release!

Such an expert was one of the most powerful people in the entire Void Continent. Such a person was basically the Sect Master of a great Sect.

It was late at night and no one knew if this person was a friend or foe, so it was naturally quite suspicious. Fortunately, this person didn’t seem to have any malicious intent, and the pressure he exuded just now had only lasted for a moment, not showing any signs of oppression, as if he was just showing off his identity.

In the darkness of the night, a figure slowly walked over, causing everyone’s eyes to widen as they stared at him for a moment. It was only when the person approached that they were able to clearly see that it was a handsome young man wearing a coarse cloth robe.

The man was like a jade statue and looked like he was only twenty or thirty years old, but no one really thought he was so young. How could someone who could cultivate to the Emperor Realm be so young?

The newcomer wore a smile on his face as he walked up to the crowd and nodded slightly, but he didn’t give off the slightest sense of arrogance. On the contrary, he seemed to be enjoying a spring breeze as he said, “This King is Yang Kai. I have traveled the Void Continent for several dozen years and have come to this precious treasure land on a whim. I have come here to take a look, if my action disturb you, please forgive me!”

Yang Kai’s appearance in front of Shangguan Ji and the others was completely different from his original appearance.

It wasn’t that he had changed his appearance, in fact, his appearance hadn’t changed at all. It was just that he had used some of his authority as the Small Universe's Master to allow everyone present to see him differently.

Shangguan Ji wore a smile on his face, “How could I dare? Senior’s presence brings light to Seven Star Square.”

However, his heart was in turmoil.

The person in front of him had actually come here on a whim, he didn’t doubt Yang Kai’s words. He is an Emperor Realm master, so if he really wanted to make things difficult for a Seven Star Square, no one here would be able to stop him and he could easily exterminate his entire family.

On the other hand, an Emperor Profound Realm master must have sensed something when he had a sudden whim.

As he spoke, a thought flashed across Shangguan Ji’s mind. Was there anything in Seven Star Square that could interest such an Emperor Realm master? What made Shangguan Ji even more puzzled was why he had never heard of such an Emperor Realm master in the Void Continent!

There were only so many Emperor Realm masters in the entire world, and each of them had a famous name, but the name Yang Kai sounded extremely unfamiliar.

Suppressing his doubts, he warmly welcomed Yang Kai into the hall.

The matter of the Disciple Recruitment Conference could not be discussed any further. Seven Star Square was only a second class force, and with an Emperor Realm master arriving late at night, without knowing the intentions of this man, they could only carefully accompany him in case they accidentally angered him.

But soon, the atmosphere became lively.

This was because many of Seven Star Square's higher-ups had discovered that this Sir Yang’s temperament was very gentle, without the slightest arrogance of an Emperor Realm master, nor did he have any intention of looking down on them. Originally, it was just Shangguan Ji, the Seven Star Square's Master, casually chatting with Yang Kai, but after Yang Kai answered a question about cultivation, everyone could no longer hold back.

In their cultivation, they had more or less encountered some problems, but because they didn’t have the guidance of an Emperor Realm master, they could only try to figure it out on their own.

Now, with just a few words of advice from Yang Kai, they suddenly felt like they had been enlightened.

In less than two hours, all of Seven Star Square’s upper echelons looked towards Yang Kai with great respect. This seemingly casual advice might save them many years of bitter cultivation and save them a lot of time.

This was a great favor to any cultivator.

“Okay, Sir Yang must be tired after travelling for so long, so please don’t bother Sir for now,” Seeing everyone’s questions, Shangguan Ji had no choice but to interrupt.

Although this Sir Yang seemed to be extremely patient, one had to be content with what they had. Tonight, everyone present had benefited greatly. As long as they could properly digest what they had learned, their strength would surely rise to a new level. Even Shangguan Ji himself had some idea of how to break through to the Emperor Realm.

Turning his body to face Yang Kai, Shangguan Ji politely said, “Sir said before that you and my Seven Star Square are connected by fate, what does my Seven Star Square have that is worthy of Sir’s attention? Please tell me, as long as Seven Star Square can offer it, we will not refuse.”

After receiving so many benefits from Yang Kai, Shangguan Ji didn’t want to be stingy. If Seven Star Square really had something that caught his eye, he wouldn’t mind taking it out to form a good relationship with this Sir Yang.

Hearing this, Yang Kai pretended to calculate with his fingers, causing everyone to hold their breath as they watched, only to see Yang Kai’s expression fluctuate for a while before shaking his head, “Fate has not yet arrived.”

Shangguan Ji smiled and said, “Since fate has not yet arrived, there’s no need to rush. Sir can just stay in my Seven Star Square and explain to Junior when fate has arrived.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Actually, right now I have a presumptuous request, but I don’t know if Square Master Shangguan will allow it.”

Shangguan Ji said, “Sir, please speak freely.”

Yang Kai said, “Since I migrated to this Void Continent, this King has been traveling the world for many years, and over the years, I’ve traveled the entire continent. Now that fate has brought me here, this King wants to settle down here.”

Everyone in the hall was shocked, and Shangguan Ji’s face lit up as he asked excitedly, “Does Sir mean… you want to join my Seven Star Square?”

Everyone gasped as their eyes widened.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I don’t know if it’s convenient for Seven Star Square, but if it’s inconvenient, please allow me to settle down at the foot of the mountain.”

“Of course! Of course! Of course it’s convenient!” Shangguan Ji suddenly stood up, his face flushed red with excitement, “Sir being able to lower himself to join my Seven Star Square is Seven Star Square's blessing, how could it be inconvenient?”

The people around him all nodded vigorously like chickens pecking at rice.

This person in front of him is an Emperor Realm master. Although he didn’t know what stage he was at, he was still one of the top masters of this Void Continent. If he could join Seven Star Square, Seven Star Square would become a first rate Sect!

Not to mention Yang Kai’s mild temperament, even if he was arrogant, the Seven Star Square wouldn’t refuse him. Having an Emperor Realm master overseeing things was completely different from not having an Emperor Realm master overseeing things. The foundation of the Sect was now completely different, so even if they had to pay a certain price, it was still acceptable.

“Many thanks, Square Master!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

Shangguan Ji forcefully suppressed the excitement in his heart and composed his words before saying, “It is my Seven Star Square’s honor that Sir wishes to join Seven Star Square. With Sir’s cultivation, how about you become my Seven Star Square’s Supreme Elder?”

Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony with them, a dignified Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage on the role of a Sect’s Supreme Elder who didn’t even have an Emperor Realm master, what was there to be modest about? He immediately nodded, “Yes!”

Immediately, Shangguan Ji and the others stood up and bowed, “Greetings, Supreme Elder!”

Yang Kai said, “I am indebted to Seven Star Square for being so considerate. Since you're willing to accept this king, this King will give you some gifts.”

Reaching out his hand, he pointed forward.

When everyone looked up, they all saw the finger gently touch their foreheads, followed by a gentle force pouring into their bodies. In an instant, their bodies felt warm, and the flow of energy in their bodies became much smoother. If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but after this gentle force entered their bodies, all kinds of thoughts flashed across their minds, and many of the mysteries they had never comprehended before suddenly became clear.

An Elder whose cultivation was only at the First Order Dao Source, who had been stuck at this realm for many years, suddenly broke through his shackles and reached the Second Order Dao Source!


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