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Seven Stars Collection, after several years of development, had grown even larger than before. Relying on the Seven Star Square, it had also attracted a lot of people.

On the street, a group of children were running and fighting. At the front was a man and a woman, both of them about seven or eight years old. Behind them, four or five older children were chasing them, and the leader was even more furious. As he threw dirt at the two children in front of him, he shouted, “Zhao Xiaobai, stop right there!”

The older child was a few years older and had quite a bit of strength, so his aim was quite good. A fist-sized lump of dirt smashed into Zhao Xiaobai’s back, causing him to almost fall to the ground.

Without stopping, he grabbed the hand of the little girl next to him and ran forward, turning a corner and heading straight for a stall selling glutinous rice dumplings, easily dodging under the cart.

From the looks of it, he had obviously dodged more than once.

The group of older children chased after him, but there was no trace of Zhao Xiaobai, so they could only leave in disappointment.

“Come out,” Yang Kai, who had been busy for a long time, wiped the oil stains on his hands and lifted his foot to kick the bottom of the cart.

Two small children climbed out of the carriage, and the bruised and battered Zhao Xiaobai grinned at Yang Kai with a silly smile.

The other little girl’s eyes were red as she stared at him, raising her hand to touch the bruised area and crying, “Brother Xiaobai, does it hurt?”

Zhao Xiaobai bared his teeth and said firmly, “It doesn’t hurt at all!”

Yang Kai reached out and pinched his face.

“It hurts, it hurts!” Zhao Xiaobai quickly begged for mercy, but after saying this, he was afraid the little girl next to him would think too much, so he patted his chest and said, “Xiao Ya, don’t worry, it’s just a small injury, I’ll be fine after some sleep.”

Zhao Ya nodded.

Seeing him act like a hero in front of the opposite sex, Yang Kai curled his lips.

However, whether it was Zhao Xiaobai or Zhao Ya, both of them firmly believed this, because no matter how many times Zhao Xiaobai had stumbled, as long as he slept, his injuries would be completely healed.

Yu Lu and Grandma Zhou were both amazed by this and felt that this child had some kind of innate talent that ordinary people could not detect.

“How did you provoke them?” Yang Kai handed each of the two children a glutinous rice dumpling and asked casually.

Zhao Xiaobai stretched out his hand and took the relatively small dumpling, munching on it as he muttered, “It’s not me who provoked them, it’s Miao Feiping and the others who want to bully Xiao Ya. I can’t make sense with them!”

“And then get beaten up?” Yang Kai looked at him with a faint smile.

Zhao Xiaobai’s face turned red as he muttered, “Mother said I can’t fight with others, so I didn’t fight back and could only run.”

“What if one day you can’t even run?” Yang Kai asked.

Zhao Xiaobai was stunned for a moment before smiling foolishly, “I won’t, I can run fast! They won’t be able to catch up to me, and in a few months, Seven Star Square’s Disciple Recruitment Conference will begin. At that time, I’ll go and try. Mother said that if I can enter Seven Star Square, I’ll be able to cultivate in the future and become a cultivator!” Saying so, he clenched his fists and turned to Zhao Ya with a smile, “Little Sister Ya, I’ll protect you from now on.”

Zhao Ya smiled sweetly and nodded.

Suddenly, Zhao Xiaobai’s eyes lit up as a group of three people walked past, “Look, they’re from Seven Star Square!”

There were three people walking in front of him, one man and two women. The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful. All of them wore the white robes of Seven Star Square’s disciples, making them look like pure white snowflakes.

Zhao Xiaobai’s eyes were filled with admiration and desire, “When I enter Seven Star Square, I can also wear this dress.” He didn’t forget to tell Zhao Ya, “Xiao Ya will definitely grow up to be so beautiful.”

Zhao Ya took a small bite of the glutinous rice dumpling and nodded lightly, “When I grow up, I’ll marry Big Brother Xiaobai!”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Zhao Xiaobai almost choked on a mouthful of glutinous rice dumpling and reached out to Yang Kai for help, “Uncle Yang, give me some tea!”

“Eat slowly!” Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he handed over a bowl of tea and gently patted Zhao Xiaobai’s back.

After the two little guys finished eating, Yang Kai rubbed Zhao Xiaobai’s head and said, “It’s getting late, go home, don’t let your mother worry.”

“Got it.” Zhao Xiaobai stood up and called out to Zhao Ya. The two little brats quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Soon, Yang Kai also returned home.

Since two years ago, Yang Kai had set out on his own. After all, Grandma Zhou was old and it wasn’t appropriate for her to travel around all the time, so Yang Kai let her stay at home.

However, what puzzled Grandma Zhou was that after these past few years, not only did she not feel any older, she actually felt much more energetic. Originally, she thought she wouldn’t be able to live for more than a few years, but from the looks of it, living for another ten years wouldn’t be a problem.

Granny was extremely satisfied with Yang Kai, and the only thing she complained about was that Yang Kai had not returned to his home for the past few years, what about his wives?

After all, if a man didn’t return home all year round, anything could happen.

At first, granny would try to persuade Yang Kai to go home and take a look. If he couldn’t bear to part with her, he could take them with him. The Seven Stars Collection was quite popular, and the business of the Glutinous Rice Dumpling stall was also quite good, enough to support a large family. But after seeing Yang Kai’s indifference, she no longer tried to persuade him.

Subconsciously, she thought that Yang Kai saying he had several wives was just a joke, otherwise how could such a big man leave his wife at home? Yang Kai didn’t seem like the kind of person who would abandon his family.

When he returned home, grandma had already prepared the food and even brought out a pot of fish soup. “Send it to Lady Yu. The two children are still growing, so it’s quite difficult for her to take care of them alone.”

“Okay!” Yang Kai replied before taking the fish soup and walking towards Yu Lu’s place.

The distance between the two families wasn’t far. If it weren’t for this, Lady Yu wouldn’t have come to find the grandma during the night rain.

Just as he arrived in front of the house, Zhao Xiaobai and Zhao Ya rushed over. The little girl took the fish soup from Yang Kai’s hands, turned around, and shouted, “Mother, Uncle Yang is here!”

Inside the house, a woman dressed in plain clothes quickly walked out. It was Yu Lu, and it looked like she was cooking. There were some black marks on her fair face and a cloth scarf tied around her head as she shyly said, “Big Brother Yang is here.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Granny boiled some fish soup and brought you some.”

Yu Lu said gratefully, “For so many years, it has been granny and Big Brother Yang who have helped me. Thank you.”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “We’re from the same village, so you don’t have to be so polite. You go ahead, I’ll go back first.”

Yu Lu suddenly raised her head, “Big Brother Yang.”

Yang Kai turned to look at her.

Yu Lu wrung her clothes and summoned up a great deal of courage before asking, “Do you want to stay for a meal?”

Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand, “Next time, granny has already finished cooking.”

Watching Yang Kai leave, Yu Lu let out a sigh. She didn’t have too many thoughts, she just wanted to treat her Big Brother Yang, who had been helping her all these years, to a meal she had cooked for him. It was just that there were too many troubles in front of a widow’s door, so she didn’t dare to speak up before. This time, although she did, she didn’t dare to insist.

“If only my father is Uncle Yang,” Zhao Xiaobai suddenly said.

Yu Lu’s face flushed red as she knocked her son’s head, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

Over the years, there had been enough gossip in the neighbourhood, and if others were to hear these words, they wouldn’t be able to clear their name.

Zhao Xiaobai stuck out his tongue and made a funny face at his mother.

Taking the fish soup from the child’s hands, Yu Lu said, “Uncle Yang has always been good to you. Both of your names were named by Uncle Yang. When you grow up, you must be filial to him, understand?”

The two children nodded together.

“Go wash your hands and eat,” Yu Lu ordered as the two children rushed into the room. She looked up in the direction Yang Kai had left before entering the house.

She had never thought that she would one day have both children.

Xiao Bai is her biological son, and for so many years, she had never forgotten that rainy night when she was struggling at the gates of hell, a warm energy suddenly surged into her body, allowing her son to be safe.

Just a month after Xiao Bai was born, one night, the sound of a baby crying suddenly came from outside the house. Opening the door, she found a baby girl abandoned outside her house.

This was Zhao Ya.

Regarding Zhao Ya’s identity, Yu Lu didn’t try to conceal it. Fortunately, this child had a kind heart and had never complained about the ways of the world. After suffering a lot with her, she was naturally optimistic.

What she didn’t know was that Zhao Ya was sent here by Yang Kai.

This child’s parents were still alive, but that family had some thoughts of favoring males over females. A few days after Zhao Ya was born, her father had secretly thrown her into the mountain.

The little baby was abandoned before she could even see the world clearly.

As the master of this Small Universe, Yang Kai had inadvertently witnessed this scene when he was wandering around the Small Universe, so he naturally couldn’t ignore it.

Coincidentally, not long after Yu Lu had given birth, he had placed Zhao Ya outside Yu Lu’s house. In any case, raising one more child won't change anything. It was also a way to find a playmate for Zhao Yebai.

The two little brats had grown up eating the same milk, so they could truly be considered childhood sweethearts.

Inside the house, the candlelight flickered as Yang Kai and granny ate dinner.

Granny wanted to say something but held back.

Seeing this, Yang Kai smiled, “Granny, do you have something to say to me?”

Granny nodded, “Yes, but I don’t know if it’s appropriate.”

Yang Kai said, “If Granny has something to say, just say it. What’s inappropriate between us?”

“Then I’ll say it,” Granny put down her bowl and chopsticks and looked at Yang Kai seriously, “What do you think of Lady Yu?”

Yang Kai said seriously, “Gentle, virtuous, understanding, and kind. She is a good woman, but her life is a bit bitter.”

“That’s right, her life is a bit difficult,” Granny seemed to have thought of something and sighed lightly, “It’s said that men are afraid of entering the wrong line of work while women are afraid of marrying the wrong man. Lady Yu’s previous husband was not bad, but his life was too short and he accidentally fell down and left the world. The poor orphan and widow had been together for so many years, and there was no man to take care of them. She even kindly took in a little girl Xiao Ya, making life even more difficult.”


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