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Several days later, Bright Sun Divine Monarch was the first to recover, but soon his figure flickered and he disappeared, presumably to investigate the situation here and find a way to escape.

He had been gone for more than half a month, and only after half a month did he suddenly appear on another Space Fragment, his face ashen.

Obviously, he hadn’t found any clues, and even with his Eighth Order Open Heaven foundation, he was unable to forcefully break through and leave this place. The space here was extremely chaotic, so no matter what he did, all of his attacks would be randomly sent to another space fragment, until they were like the torrent of Divine Abilities chasing them before, flickering between the various fragments and exhausting their energy.

Brute force could not be used to break through this place, nor was there any pattern to it. Even someone as strong as Bright Sun Divine Monarch could only accept the fact that he was trapped.

At the same time, Yang Kai was healing his injuries while paying attention to his Small Universe.

On the way to escape, when Yang Kai was investigating his own Small Universe, he had gained some insights, and a flash of insight had appeared in his mind. Unfortunately, before he could fully comprehend it, Xia Linlang had interrupted him. At that time, he had been too anxious to escape and didn’t have time to think too deeply about it. Now, although he was trapped, it had given him an opportunity to settle down.

In the Small Universe, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense appeared, vivid and lifelike, like a real person standing high up in the sky, overlooking the sea of people below, observing the construction of the city, watching the rise and fall of the sun and moon, the birth and death of the old.

As time passed, his eyes gradually brightened.

At a certain moment, a pardoning order resounded throughout the world, “In the name of my world, I command the power of space and time!”

In an instant, the ten million living beings who had migrated to the Small Universe seemed to have noticed something and all of them looked up towards the sky, especially the Emperor Realm masters. Their perception was especially clear, but when they carefully examined their surroundings, they were unable to discover anything. It was as if the entire world had undergone some subtle changes, but at the same time, it also seemed as if nothing had changed, causing them to be puzzled.

In an instant, the entire world returned to its original state.

High above the clouds, Yang Kai grinned and laughed silently.

The tens of millions of living beings who lived in his Small Universe couldn’t sense it, but that didn’t mean his Small Universe hadn’t changed. In fact, the changes were so great that even he couldn’t believe it.

The flow of time around the Small Universe was almost twice as fast as the outside world.

Xu Linggong had once said that the shortcut to cultivation in this world, besides entering Small Source World to gain experience, was the River of Time. The flow of time in the River of Time was different from the outside world. Outside the River of Time, a year was equivalent to a hundred years, or a thousand years, or ten thousand years…

He had already entered the Small Source World once, but he had only heard of the river of time and had never personally seen it. He had also thought about what the mysterious river of time looked like, but unfortunately, he had never had this opportunity.

But now, under the dual support of his Time and Space Laws, the Small Universe was actually bathing in the river of time.

Although it was only a miniature version of the river of time, it was still able to increase the flow of time in his Small Universe to almost twice the speed of the outside world.

In other words, one day in the outside world meant two days in his Small Universe. One year in the outside world meant two years for his Small Universe!

This kind of change didn’t have any direct impact on him, but for the living beings living in the Small Universe, it had a great impact.

The acceleration of the flow of time did not shorten the lifespan of the Small Universe lifeforms, because in their perception, time was still the same, only changing when compared to the outside world.

The biggest purpose of raising living creatures in one’s body was to supplement one’s own cultivation. It would take a lot of time to break through in the Open Heaven Stage, and the living creatures inside one’s body would be able to grow and multiply, constantly strengthening the Small Universe's foundation. Even if Open Heaven Stage cultivator didn’t cultivate, this kind of increase wouldn’t change.

Now that the Small Universe's time flow had sped up, it meant that Yang Kai would be able to obtain more benefits in the future.

He had only tried it out in a flash of inspiration, but he hadn’t expected it to actually succeed. It was a pleasant surprise! However, this kind of thing could only be achieved by comprehending the Time Laws to a certain extent. The Time Laws were known to be more difficult to cultivate than the Space Laws, so how many people in this world could cultivate the Time Laws to the sixth level like Yang Kai?

In the future, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue should be able to do the same. After all, they were the successors of the Flowing Time Great Emperor.

Unfortunately, with his current attainments in the Time Laws, even if he tried his best, he would only be able to increase his Small Universe's time flow by nearly two times. Any more than that would be an extravagant hope.

Perhaps in the future, as his comprehension of the Time Laws deepened, this multiplier would also increase.

Although doing so had great benefits, it was not without cost.

For Yang Kai, the price he had to pay was his own life essence!

The Small Universe is the foundation of his life, and the rate at which time passed for the Small Universe was the same as the rate at which his life essence passed.

However, for a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator like him, this loss was negligible compared to the benefits he would receive. Not to mention nearly doubling his strength, if he could increase it by a hundred times, Yang Kai would do the same.

In this way, not only would he be able to obtain benefits from the survival and reproduction of the living creatures in his body, many of them would also be able to shorten their cultivation time by nearly half and grow faster.

After silently observing for more than ten days, Yang Kai determined that the faster time passed, the less impact it would have on them, so he withdrew his thoughts.

Looking up, Xia Linlang was looking around with a bored look on her face. Their eyes met and they nodded slightly while Bright Sun Divine Monarch sat cross-legged, seemingly trying to comprehend the mysteries of this place.

Yang Kai secretly sneered. Although Bright Sun Divine Monarch is an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage and possessed tyrannical strength, even if he was placed in one of the Cave Heaven Paradise, he would still be a Supreme Elder. However, he was not proficient in the Space Laws, so even if he was given a thousand or ten thousand years to meditate here, he might not be able to gain anything.

However, Bright Sun Divine Monarch idea was undoubtedly correct.

This place’s spatial order was chaotic, without any pattern to speak of. Since it was caused by an ancient Great Expert's Space Divine Ability, as long as one could comprehend the mysteries of this place and figure out the veins between the many Space Fragments, they would naturally have a chance to escape.

Yang Kai found it difficult to imagine just how high the attainments of the Space Laws of the Ancient Great Expert who had used that Divine Ability in the past had reached. Even after countless years of baptism, it was still able to resist the self-repairing of the World Laws!

After spending twenty years in the Universe Temple and comprehending the mysteries of the Universe Formation, Yang Kai’s attainments in the Space Laws had reached the Eighth Stage, but it was impossible for him to achieve this.

Perhaps only when his attainments in the Space Laws reached an unprecedented level, coupled with his strength at the Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage, would he be able to display the awe-inspiring might of the ancient people.

Sitting down cross-legged, Yang Kai calmed his mind and began to comprehend the mysteries of the Space Divine Ability.

Time passed, ten years, twenty years, thirty years…

Yang Kai had thought that he would only need a few years to break free from this place, but in reality, thirty years had passed and he still hadn’t been able to figure out the veins of this Space Fragment. Although he had some clues, he was still far from being able to break free.

The more he comprehended, the more he could sense the power of the Ancient Great Expert who had used this Space Ability. Fortunately, although thirty years was not a short time, it was only an instant for the Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Whether it was Yang Kai, Xia Linlang, or Bright Sun Divine Monarch, all of them were calm and composed, not showing any signs of anxiety, especially Bright Sun Divine Monarch. Ever since he began comprehending this place thirty years ago, he had been sitting cross-legged in meditation, as if he had died.

Xia Linlang knew that her only hope of escaping was to rely on Yang Kai, so she didn’t waste any time and spent most of her time cultivating. Occasionally, she would move about, shuttling back and forth between the various Space Fragments in an attempt to discover something, but every time she left, the time she would return was uncertain. After all, she couldn’t control which fragment she would appear in.

Sometimes, if one’s luck was good, they would reappear in Yang Kai’s field of vision after a few days. Sometimes, if one’s luck was bad, they would disappear for months.

However, apart from being unable to leave this place, there was no need to worry about encountering any danger.

Inside the Small Universe, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense appeared.

For the past thirty years, he had not been blindly comprehending the divine ability, because he knew that if he really did so, it would be easy for him to dig a hole in the wall, he also need to take a rest.

The method he used to relax his mind was to use his Divine Sense to travel around his Small Universe.

Thirty years in the outside world, sixty years in the Small Universe!

The generation of mortals had passed.

After sixty years, the Small Unvierse's changes had become extremely obvious. If the previous Small Universe was lifeless, then the current Small Universe was full of vitality!

When tens of millions of living creatures had migrated here, the population had sharply decreased. After all, with the change in living conditions, the dissatisfaction of the water and soil, and the risk of illness and death, the population of tens of millions had been reduced to about eight million.

Now that sixty years had passed, not only had the population recovered, but it had also increased. Yang Kai didn’t know exactly how much it had increased, but even though he only needed a single thought to understand everything about the Small Universe, from an outsider’s perspective, he had witnessed the various changes in his Small Universe.

During his travels, Yang Kai had gained a lot.

The reproduction and survival of living creatures constantly gave rise to the power of spiritual energy. Over the past sixty years, the Small Unvierse's foundation had naturally continued to grow, even though he had never cultivate.

Currently, tens of millions of living creatures were spreading throughout the Small Universe's territory, with dozens of cities of various sizes! There were also countless smaller towns and villages, and the entire Small Universe was flourishing.

Outside a town, Yang Kai’s figure appeared, sitting on his left and right shoulders were two small figures. These two figures were only the size of a palm and looked like miniature girls. Both of them wore green dresses, one of them had a pair of ponytails while the other wore a young girl’s hair bun.

These two were naturally the Wood Spirit Race’s Mu Zhu and Mu Lu.


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