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“What do you find?” Xia Linlang asked.

“There are some clues, you can take a look for yourself.” Saying so, Yang Kai flicked an Open Heaven Pill with his finger, and with the support of the Space Laws, the pill slowly floated forward like a willow leaf.

Xia Linlang stared fixedly at the Open Heaven Pill, only to see it suddenly disappear after floating less than three feet away.

At the same time, on another Space Fragment a few dozen kilometers away from Yang Kai, the Open Heaven Pill had mysteriously appeared.

Xia Linlang suddenly understood, “Space Transmission!”

Yang Kai nodded, “Take a look!”

This time, more than a hundred Open Heaven Pills were shot out, and just like before, these hundred Open Heaven Pills, under the support of the Space Force, slowly floated away and soon disappeared.

However, when they reappeared, there was no pattern at all. More than a dozen Open Heaven Pills appeared on the surrounding space fragments, but most of them had completely disappeared.

Xia Linlang asked thoughtfully, “Is this teleportation random?”

“It should be,” Yang Kai nodded. If it weren’t for the randomness, the hundreds of Open Heaven Pills that had been sent out the second time would have appeared in the same place. The reason why he had only seen a dozen or so Open Heaven Pills appear in different fragments was because most of them had already been teleported to places he couldn’t see.

Xia Linlang came to a sudden realization. With this, the scene of the Divine Abilities chasing after them before was explained.

It was precisely because the teleportation was random and impossible to grasp that these Divine Abilities were constantly being teleported between the fragments until they were completely exhausted.

After understanding this point, Xia Linlang couldn’t help feeling a bit scared. It seemed that her and Yang Kai’s luck was quite good, otherwise, if those Divine Abilities from before had been transferred to the fragment they were in, the two of them would have been doomed.

“The order of space here is completely chaotic and cannot be judged by common sense, so don’t look at how close we are right now, the two of us are actually hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.”

Xia Linlang’s expression changed slightly as she hesitated, “Can you come to my place? Or should I go to your place?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “There are probably more than a million Space Fragments here, and due to the chaos of the Space Order, it’s impossible to control the direction of the teleportation. Even if you just stand there and don’t move, even if it takes hundreds or thousands of years, I may not be able to reach you.”

Xia Linlang smiled bitterly, “So we’re trapped here?”

Yang Kai grinned, “It’s better than the previous situation, at least we’re not in any danger.”

“That’s true,” Xia Linlang agreed.

Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to remember something and turned his head towards a certain direction, “I forgot, there are still pursuer behind us!”

As soon as his voice fell, a tall and burly figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was none other than Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

At this moment, this Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, one of the few greaat experts in the Shattered Heaven, was in a sorry state. His clothes were tattered, and even his hair was scattered, his black hair draped over his shoulders.

His entire being was filled with a towering rage, like a volcano about to erupt.

The experience along the way could only be described as extremely humiliating, so how could Bright Sun Divine Monarch not be angry? Originally, with his Eighth Order Open Heaven cultivation, he had personally taken action, but after entering this Shattered Ruins, he was forced to follow Yang Kai and clean up his mess.

The number of Divine Abilities and Secret Arts he had neutralized along the way was countless.

When he appeared, it was just like when Yang Kai and Xia Linlang had fled to this place, the multi-colored Divine Abilities and Secret Arts behind him converging into a massive torrent as they chased after him.

On top of that, the scale was many times larger than what Yang Kai and Xia Linlang had encountered before.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder. It was indeed worthy of being an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master; his foundation was truly extraordinary. If it were him and Xia Linlang, they might not have been able to escape.

Although Bright Sun Divine Monarch seemed to be in a sorry state, at the very least, he could still handle it.

After catching up to this point, he saw Yang Kai and shouted angrily, “Boy, I’ll tear you to pieces!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to this.

In the next moment, Bright Sun Divine Monarch's figure suddenly disappeared and the torrent following behind him also crashed into the nearest space fragment.

Yang Kai shouted, “Be careful!”

At the same time, he activated the World Force and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear, causing his consciousness to expand to the extreme.

Although these endless Space Fragments would randomly teleport, no one could guarantee that they wouldn’t be affected by so many Divine Abilities and Secret Arts.

When the Divine Ability torrent touched the Space Fragment, it suddenly disappeared.

In the next moment, the shattered space seemed to burst into fireworks as colorful lights flashed through the fragments.

In front of Yang Kai’s eyes, a beam of light appeared like a ghost. Yang Kai, who had been vigilant all this time, did not hesitate and thrust his spear forward. The sun leapt up and stick to the tip of his spear!

A violent fluctuation spread out and Yang Kai was sent flying by the violent force. When he reappeared, he had already fallen into another fragment. At the same time, the arm holding the spear fell limply to the ground and the flesh between his thumb and forefinger became a blur.

Yang Kai felt a lingering fear in his heart. If it weren’t for the chaotic spatial order here, he wouldn’t have suffered such a minor injury. It was because of this chaotic space that the Divine Ability wasn't able to display its full power, allowing Yang Kai to escape alive.

Not daring to be negligent, Yang Kai handed over the Azure Dragon Spear to his other hand and remained vigilant.

As far as he could see, the multicolored Divine Abilities were still moving about.

Fortunately, his luck wasn’t bad, and no other Divine Abilities were sent to him. After half a cup of tea time, the power of these Divine Abilities was gradually exhausted and slowly disappeared.

Yang Kai let out a soft sigh, put away the Azure Dragon Spear, and reconnected his dislocated arm. Looking up, he saw no trace of Xia Linlang or Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

After flying through the Space Fragment for half a day, he finally saw Xia Linlang again.

She was still in the fragment where she had previously been, and it seemed that her luck was quite good and she hadn’t been affected by the torrent of Divine Abilities. She also remembered Yang Kai’s previous instructions, so she stood still and waited for him to find her.

When they met again, Yang Kai nodded slightly and said, “I’m safe for now. I’ll heal my injuries first and think about how to escape after I’ve recovered.”

Xia Linlang naturally had no objections. This damned place, not to mention a Seventh Order like her, even if an Eighth Order like Bright Sun Divine Monarch barged in, he probably wouldn’t be able to leave so easily.

Only Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Space Laws, might have a chance to find some clues. If she wanted to escape, she could only rely on Yang Kai.

The two of them sat down cross-legged and each took a pill.

A moment later, from a nearby fragment, Bright Sun Divine Monarch's tall figure appeared. When he looked up and saw Yang Kai, his face lit up, but having suffered a loss before, he should have been able to understand some of the mysteries of this place, so instead of rushing over, he simply stared at Yang Kai coldly.

Yang Kai seemed to sense something and looked up at him, sneering, “Why does Divine Monarch looks like he want to eat people?”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch snorted coldly, “If you had the guts to speak to me like this outside, you would already be dead!”

Yang Kai stretched out his hand and picked his ear before smiling lightly, “Divine Monarch also knows that we’re not outside. If I really met Divine Monarch outside, I would naturally run as far away as I could. Wasn’t this the situation just now? If it weren’t for Divine Monarch, how could this little brat have been trapped here? Unfortunately, Divine Monarch has also fallen into this trap, so it will be difficult for him to escape. I’m afraid we will have to rely on each other here.” Saying so, Yang Kai shook his head as if he was feeling sorry for Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch said, “Although this place is strange and ever-changing, it may not be able to trap this King. Once this King understands the mysteries of this place, I’ll see where you can escape to!”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Then you must work hard, Divine Monarch. I’ll wait here for your good news!”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch coldly snorted and no longer bickered with Yang Kai, simply sitting down cross-legged and healing himself as he looked at Xia Linlang and said, “Little girl Xia, although you’re a Seventh Order, the World Spring isn’t something you can touch. Zhao Yi gave you a way out, but you didn’t cherish it. You really wasted his efforts.”

Xia Linlang pursed her lips and said, “Zhao Yi was my benefactor back then, this Mistress is extremely grateful, but this Mistress has her own plans regarding the World Spring.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch said, “Staying anonymous in this Shattered Heaven isn’t an easy task. Even if you manage to escape this time, you won’t be able to live peacefully in the future. I heard that your Universe Cave Heaven has been destroyed?”

Xia Linlang was silent.

“If you can help this King obtain the World Spring on this trip, this King will let bygones be bygones. In addition, in Shattered Heaven, this King will ensure your safety.”

Xia Linlang shook her head, “The World Spring is not with me, I’m afraid I can’t help Divine Monarch.”

Bright Sun Divine Monarch didn’t force her, instead staring deeply at her and saying, “That’s all I have to say, you’re on your own now.” Saying so, he closed his eyes and focused on recovering.

On the other side, although Yang Kai could sense the two of them communicating via voice transmission, he didn’t know what they were talking about.

Seeing this, Xia Linlang smiled bitterly. She wasn’t an ignorant little girl, so how could she not know that Bright Sun Divine Monarch was deliberately trying to persuade her so that Yang Kai would become suspicious? If Yang Kai doesn't know what the two of them were talking about, how could he not become suspiscious.

However, it was useless to explain at this moment. Sometimes, the more one tried to explain, the more difficult it would be, so she could only remain silent.

For a time, the three of them each occupied a Space Fragment to restore themselves.

However, just as Yang Kai had said, although the three of them didn’t seem to be far from each other, in reality, the spatial order here was already in chaos. From the looks of it, the distance between them wasn’t far, and it was likely to be several million kilometers.

If he wanted to escape from this place, he would need to rely on the Space Laws. If he could comprehend some of the mysteries of the Divine Ability that had created this place, he would be able to sort out the traces of this chaotic order.


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