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Seeing Yang Kai and Xia Linlang’s figures not stop, Bright Sun Divine Monarch's face became angry and he coldly snorted, “Stubborn fool!”

Raising his palm, he ruthlessly grabbed forward, and as he circulated his World Force, a huge azure palm print appeared in the air, covering Yang Kai and Xia Linlang like an inescapable net.

The giant handprint covered a wide area, and the two of them were unable to avoid it. In the blink of an eye, they were caught in its grasp, and the giant hand suddenly tightened, releasing a binding force in all directions.

Both Yang Kai and Xia Linlang heard the sound of their bones being dislocated, and for a moment, they didn’t hear or see anything, as if they were trapped in a cage of darkness.

The Golden Crow’s cry rang out as the Great Sun leapt into the void. Holding the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand, Yang Kai thrust it forward, tearing apart the darkness in front of him. At the same time, Xia Linlang also sent out a Divine Ability.

Although Bright Sun Divine Monarch was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, he was still unable to stop Yang Kai and Xia Linlang from breaking through.

The giant palm shattered and two figures tumbled out.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch also knew that it was impossible for his palm to achieve anything, but in this brief moment of delay, the distance between them had been greatly reduced.

Without stopping, he clenched his fist and punched out.

The power of this punch instantly broke through the barrier of space and a violent force surged out like a tsunami.

Yang Kai’s scalp went numb, and his skin couldn’t help tensing up as he hurriedly turned around, his Azure Dragon Spear transforming into a boundless spear shadow that shot forward.

Although Xia Linlang’s cultivation was a grade higher than his, her experience in life and death battles was undoubtedly far inferior to his, and her reaction was also slower by half a beat, but at the same time Yang Kai thrust out his spear, she also summoned a round protective artifact and placed it in front of them.

The force of his fist carried the power of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage and instantly shattered all the spear shadows in the sky. The protective artifact that Xia Linlang had summoned also dimmed, clearly having lost a great deal of its spirituality.

Like a great mountain crashing into two people, the two of them were sent flying backwards.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai swallowed the hot blood in his throat and used the rebounding force to grab Xia Linlang’s arm before plunging into the shattered ruins.

A moment later, the tall Bright Sun Divine Monarch arrived in front of the Shattered Ruins and looked up at the colorful world. A trace of hesitation flashed across his eyes, but in the end, he still took a step forward and followed.

Although Shattered Ruins had a fierce reputation, the temptation of the World Spring was unparalleled, so it was worth taking a risk. However, as soon as he stepped into the Shattered Ruins, he was met with a fierce Divine Ability. Bright Sun Divine Monarch's eyes bulged as he threw a punch forward. This Divine Ability, which was no less powerful than the full power of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage strike, suddenly shattered, causing Bright Sun Divine Monarch's figure to sway, and hurried foward to chase.

However, to his surprise, along the way, countless Divine Abilities and Secret Arts flew towards him from all directions. Although each of these Divine Abilities only had the power of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage and didn’t pose any threat to his life, they were all densely packed together.

In front of him, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang, who had been fleeing, were also trembling with fear.

From the outside, the two of them could only see that this place was filled with endless dangers. Only by entering this place could they clearly sense it.

It was unknown just how many Divine Abilities and Secret Arts this damned place had left behind.

These strange Divine Abilities and Secret Arts were similar to the Astral Wind Divine Abilities Yang Kai had encountered in the past. Even after countless years, they still remained in this world, but their power wasn’t as terrifying as the Astral Wind Divine Abilities, but they were far superior in quantity.

Before the two of them had entered, these Divine Abilities and Secret Arts had not moved at all. When the two of them passed by, the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts that had been lying dormant seemed to have been stimulated by their vitality and burst out.

Each of the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts that had been awakened after a long period of silence had nearly reached the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage power.

This was a power that had been left behind for countless years, yet it still possessed such power. It was hard to imagine just how violent these Divine Abilities and Secret Arts would be at their peak. At the very least, they would have the power of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage.

At this moment, it was as if the two of them had inadvertently stepped into a land filled with traps. Wherever they went, all the traps were triggered.

The two of them didn’t dare to stop, nor could they. If they stopped, they would die!

Many of the Divine Abilities, from dormant to awakening, froze for a brief moment, allowing the two of them to escape.

However, Bright Sun Divine Monarch was bitter, the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts had been activated by Yang Kai and Xia Linlang, causing him to bear the after effect. This was equivalent to cleaning up the mess of the two people in front of him. Realizing this, Bright Sun Divine Monarch's anger soared.

If he didn’t chase after them, those Divine Abilities would definitely chase after Yang Kai and Xia Linlang, but he couldn’t abandon the World Spring and still rush straight in.

A series of Divine Abilities and Secret Arts comparable to the full power of a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage were easily dealt with by Bright Sun Divine Monarch, but they were also extremely troublesome to deal with. With a single punch, his two fists shattered countless Divine Abilities and Secret Arts.

Behind him, the violent energy was endless. Yang Kai naturally knew that this was caused by Bright Sun Divine Monarch, so he couldn’t care less about taking pleasure in his misfortune, instead feeling a bit worried.

Although he had heard from Xia Linlang that this Shattered Ruins was extremely dangerous, hearing about it was one thing, personally entering it was another.

He had never imagined that the interior of this Shattered Ruins would be like this.

At this moment, Bright Sun Divine Monarch was riding a tiger and couldn’t back down. He and Xia Linlang were the same, neither of them daring to pause for even a moment, because if they hesitated for even a moment, the Divine Ability and Secret Art they had just activated would bombard them.

Bright Sun Divine Monarch was powerful and could deal with these Divine Abilities and Secret Arts, but he and Xia Linlang definitely couldn’t. After all, both of them had been injured in the long-range confrontation with Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

“Is there a Holy Spirit living in this place?” Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling suspicious. Although a Holy Spirit was powerful, no matter what kind of Holy Spirit it was, as long as it reached adulthood, it would possess the power of High Rank Open Heaven, in such a dangerous place, even a Holy Spirit would have nowhere to hide, right?

“It’s rumored so, I’ve never come here before,” Xia Linlang shook her head slowly.

Yang Kai didn’t think too much about it. Whether or not there was a Holy Spirit here, his and Xia Linlang’s lives were on the line.

“Yang Kai, if I die, Qin Fen and the others…”

Before Xia Linlang could finish, Yang Kai interrupted her, “If even you died, do you think I can still live?”

Xia Linlang was at a loss for words, but thinking about it, if even a Seventh Order like her had died, Yang Kai would certainly die too. In this place, the Space Laws didn’t have much of an advantage, so if he teleported, he might have fallen into some kind of death trap.

“So don’t think about all that nonsense. I, Yang Kai, have experienced countless life and death situations since my debut, and my life has always been hanging by a thread. This time, the situation is bad, but it’s not the time for me to be at the end of my rope. If there’s a glimmer of hope, perhaps I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I hope so,” Xia Linlang said bleakly.

As they continued forward, although most of the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts that had been lying dormant had been triggered and were unable to attack them in time, the two of them had managed to escape, but there were still a few Divine Abilities that were triggered faster than the two of them can move.

Every time this happened, the two of them had no choice but to try and resolve the situation. This was also a huge consumption.

A few days later, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang’s expressions became solemn.

Because the deeper one went into this Shattered Ruins, the more powerful the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts that filled the void became.

Half a day ago, the first Divine Ability comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven had been triggered, and after half a day, more similar Divine Abilities had appeared.

Obviously, the deeper one went, the more terrifying the remnant power of the Divine Ability became.

Occasionally, a Divine Ability would attack them, but the two of them had no choice but to work together to resolve it. Such a situation was truly too stressful.

Half a day later, all the Divine Abilities they encountered were comparable to Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage's strike. Xia Linlang had to use all her strength to deal with each of these Divine Abilities. Fortunately, Yang Kai was not an ordinary Sixth Order, so with the two of them working together, they were able to temporarily protect each other.

At this moment, Yang Kai was extremely glad that after these Divine Abilities were triggered, the two of them had time to escape, otherwise, in less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the two of them would have died from exhaustion.

The rumbling sounds behind him did not stop, but instead grew closer. Obviously, it was Bright Sun Divine Monarch.

Yang Kai also admired this guy’s perseverance. The foundation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master was indeed powerful. He and Xia Linlang only needed to occasionally deal with the Divine Abilities that were triggered. Yang Kai was certain that Bright Sun Divine Monarch had managed to advance all the way here, so all of the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts that were triggered along the way had basically been resolved by him.

However, in this case, no matter how strong an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master was, Bright Sun Divine Monarch would not have a good time.

Even if there were a lot of ants, they would still be able to bite an elephant to death. Bright Sun Divine Monarch's consumption of energy was definitely greater than the two of them.

In fact, this was indeed the case. Bright Sun Divine Monarch, who was chasing after the two of them, had a slightly pale complexion at this moment. It was obvious that he had consumed a great deal of energy, but he didn’t even have time to recover. Any moment of hesitation or delay could result in him being struck by several Divine Abilities.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to retreat, but now that he had reached this point and suffered so much, how could he be willing to just leave?

Anger filled his heart as he secretly swore to himself that if he could capture this little brat who had obtained the World Spring, he would definitely tear him to pieces. After cultivating for so many years, Bright Sun Divine Monarch had never suffered such a great loss.

A few days later, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang were both covered in blood.

Although they only needed to deal with the Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques that were triggered occasionally, even though the two of them worked together flawlessly, under the continuous pressure, there were still times when they failed. Previously, Yang Kai had almost been cut in half while Xia Linlang’s abdomen had a foot-long wound that caused her flesh to twist.

At that moment, it was truly a life or death struggle.

Entering this place, Yang Kai could already sense that among the Divine Abilities and Secret Arts he had triggered, there were terrifying existences comparable to an Eighth Order Open Heaven's strike. Although there weren’t many of them, it was still a huge nightmare for the two of them.

With their current strength, if they were struck by any Eighth Order Open Heaven Divine Ability, they would undoubtedly die.


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