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For characters like Zhu Lingshan and Withered Flame Divine Monarch, not denying it was equivalent to admitting it, so in Shattered Heaven, with the help of Withered Flame Divine Monarch's fame, even if Zhu Lingshan wasn’t an Eighth Order, she was still an extremely important character.

“Zong Zheng!” Zhu Lingshan suddenly snorted.

Grandma Jiu and Zi Ye were slightly startled.

“I heard that Zong Zheng obtained a treasure in his early years that had the effect of substituting death, but now it seems that the rumors are true.”

They were the only ones who knew about the World Spring. Xia Linlang and that Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator wouldn’t ask for trouble and would take the initiative to reveal such a huge secret, but the three of them didn’t, so there was only one possibility. Zong Zheng wasn’t dead, and Shattered Heaven had been stirred up by him.

Even if he had the treasure to substitute his death from the sneak attack of Zi Ye, he must have been seriously injured and no longer had the strength to compete for the World Spring. Since that was the case, he might as well spread the news, he couldn’t obtain the World Spring and couldn’t let Zi Ye take advantage of him.

Zi Ye's expression suddenly became somewhat complicated as Grandma Jiu looked at him with a gloating look.

Offending an expert of the same rank wasn’t something fun, especially when it came to a life or death grudge. If Zong Zheng really didn’t die, then Zi Ye would have to be vigilant in the future. Who knew when Zong Zheng would seek revenge?

Grandma Jiu was indeed a loner, so revealing such a secret was not beneficial to her at all. On the other hand, Zhu Lingshan seems to have some relationship with that Withered Flame Divine Monarch, if she really wanted to leak this secret, she could simply find an opportunity to inform Withered Flame Divine Monarch about it. But if that's the case, how could this matter be known by everyone in the Shattered Heaven?

Therefore, the current situation was most likely what Zhu Lingshan had said. Zong Zheng was not dead, and the news of the World Spring had been leaked by him.

Zi Ye, who was like a child, couldn’t help feeling his teeth ache. At that time, he was only focused on chasing after Xia Linlang and the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, so he didn’t have time to investigate the Universe Paradise left behind by Zong Zheng after his death. If he had paid close attention at that time, he would have been able to determine whether Zong Zheng was alive or dead.

Regret was useless now. Since he had already offended Zong Zheng, there was no way he could apologize to him when they met again. Since they were both Seventh Order, Zi Ye was not afraid of Zong Zheng. At worst, they would fight to the death.

On the way, Zhu Lingshan suddenly stopped.

Grandma Jiu and Zi Ye both turned to look at her.

Zhu Lingshan brushed her hair behind her ear and said, “News of the World Spring has already been leaked, and the entire Shattered Heaven has been affected. There’s no point in us three joining forces, so we might as well act alone. Perhaps we’ll have a chance to reap some benefits from the fire. Farewell!”

Saying so, Zhu Lingshan turned around and flew off in another direction.

Grandma Jiu and Zi Ye stared at her back silently, not showing any intention of stopping her.

After a while, Zi Ye sneered, “This woman probably went to find her lover.”

Grandma Jiu said lightly, “It’s understandable. She originally wanted to find an opportunity to monopolize the World Spring, so she hid it from Withered Flame Divine Monarch. But now that the news has spread, Withered Flame Divine Monarch must already know. She knows that even if she really obtains the World Spring, it will eventually fall into Withered Flame Divine Monarch's hands, so she will naturally act in this way.”

“What will Granny do?” Zi Ye turned his head and asked.

Grandma Jiu smiled and said, “This old woman is already quite old and has already enjoyed all the good fortune she should have, so there’s nothing to regret in this life. A treasure like the World Spring naturally needs to be fought over. If I can obtain it, there’s no hope of breaking through to the Eighth Order, but if I can live for a few more years with it, it’s also good to see the scenery of the Shattered Heaven.”

Zi Ye nodded and smiled, “Granny’s mentality is quite good. Since that’s the case, I’ll accompany granny for a while. If you and I can really obtain the World Spring, we’ll divide it up later!”


The two of them exchanged a few words before continuing their pursuit.

In the depths of Shattered Heaven, a fierce battle was taking place as the light of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques burst forth. Under the sweeping World Force, Pear Flower Palace’s light flashed wildly.

Along the way, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang encountered many powerful enemies, but with the help of Pear Flower Palace, they were able to repel them even if it was a High Rank Open Heaven.

However, this time, their luck wasn’t very good. There were three High Rank masters nearby searching for them, and after one of them was entangled, the other two quickly rushed over.

A great battle erupted.

The Arrays of the Pear Flower Palace had been damaged countless times, and its defensive capabilities had fallen drastically. By the time they managed to break through, Pear Flower Palace was already in tatters.

Xia Linlang’s face was pale, perhaps because she had consumed a lot of energy.

The expressions of Qin Fen and the others became even more terrified. They had always been cultivating in Pear Flower Cave Heaven and rarely ventured out. When had they ever encountered such a dangerous situation? They had never imagined that they would one day be hunted down by the entire Shattered Heaven.

“Pear Flower Palace won’t be able to hold on!” Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent. After all, this wasn’t the first time he had experienced such a thing. Since he had started cultivating, he had experienced countless battles, big and small, and had been in desperate situations countless times. Not to mention far away, even the most recent one, under the pursuit of Xia Linlang and the others, he had been forced into a dead end. In terms of experience, Yang Kai was more experienced than anyone else.

“If it happens again, Pear Flower Palace will definitely be destroyed. After all, this is a palace artifact and is also the inheritance of Pear Flower Divine Monarch. Withdraw it for now,” Yang Kai advised.

Xia Linlang sat down cross-legged and tried her best to restore herself, nodding when she heard this.

The reason why she had been using the Pear Flower Palace to escape was because of the existence of Qin Fen and the others. With the protection of the Pear Flower Palace, at least there was a defensive barrier, but without it, when facing the attacks of powerful enemies, Qin Fen and the others would be powerless to resist.

Summoning Qin Fen and the others, Xia Linlang whispered to them, causing a look of grievance to appear on Qin Fen’s face. In the end, he clenched his teeth and nodded.

Soon after, Xia Linlang put them and the Pear Flower Palace into her Small Universe.

“The people behind are about to catch up, don’t resist, I’ll take you away from here first!” Yang Kai shouted as he used his strength to wrap Xia Linlang up.

Xia Linlang’s body stiffened slightly, obviously worried.

Yang Kai sneered, “With the current situation, our chances of escaping together are higher. Do you think I will attack you now?”

Xia Linlang remained silent. Although her body was still stiff and guarded, she was obviously trying to relax.

Under the control of the Space Laws, the two of them instantly disappeared.

After Yang Kai came to a stop, the two of them were already tens of millions of kilometers away. Standing still, Yang Kai secretly cursed his bad luck because there was a ship-like artifact flying in front of him.

Needless to say, the people on this ship must have learned about the World Spring and were searching for Yang Kai and Xia Linlang in the Shattered Heaven.

Coincidentally, Yang Kai teleported to a nearby location. It wasn’t that Yang Kai was careless, but in the Shattered Heaven, one could encounter an inexplicable enemy at any time, so his luck was quite bad.

Just as Yang Kai was about to teleport again with Xia Linlang, a slender figure on the deck of the ship suddenly looked over and shouted, “Linlang!”

At the same time, the slender figure flashed from the bow of the ship and flew straight towards them, with a look of joy on the face as if it had just seen an old friend.

Xia Linlang looked over and frowned slightly.

Yang Kai tilted his head and asked, “Someone you know?”

Xia Linlang hesitated for a moment before nodding.

The person on the boat didn’t get too close and probably knew about Xia Linlang’s current situation, so in order to avoid any misunderstandings, it stopped early, a look of guilt flashing across the eyes as he gently said, “Linlang, I’m late!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai raised his brow and glanced back and forth between Xia Linlang and the man, seemingly understanding something.

Xia Linlang asked lightly, “Is there something you need?”

The man said, “When I heard that something had happened to you, I immediately rushed over, but unfortunately, I didn’t know where you were, so I could only look around for you. It seems my luck was quite good to have encountered you here.”

Xia Linlang said impatiently, “If you have something to say, just say it. I don’t have much time.”

The man’s excited expression faded as he slowly said, “Linlang, the World Spring incident has caused the entire Shattered Heaven to stir. Many Seventh and Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters have heard about it, so with your ability, you won’t be able to protect the World Spring.”

Xia Linlang sneered, “Are you also here to snatch the World Spring?”

The man said with an aggrieved expression, “Linlang, you’re making me sad. Others may not know what this Zhao Yi want, but don’t you know?”

Xia Linlang didn’t continue, only asking, “Since you don’t want the World Spring, why are you looking for me? Don’t tell me you want me to go to your place to avoid disaster.”

Hearing this, Zhao Yi smiled bitterly, “I want to, but I also know you won’t follow me.”

These Seventh or Eighth Order Open Heaven already occupy a legacy of Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise left behind by the predecessors. Even the rulers of that land could display abilities far beyond their own level.

Xia Linlang was like this, and so was Zhao Yi.

If Xia Linlang really followed Zhao Yi to his territory, she would be at his mercy. Although Zhao Yi seemed to be infatuated with her, no one knew what he was thinking, so Xia Linlang didn’t dare to be careless.

So Zhao Yi knew that Xia Linlang wouldn’t follow him back to his hiding place, so he had never had such extravagant hopes.

“Then what do you want to do?” Xia Linlang frowned slightly.

Zhao Yi said seriously, “I have already reached an agreement with Bright Sun Divine Monarch. As long as you hand over the World Spring to him, he can guarantee your safety and also give you a Universe Paradise as compensation.”

“Bright Sun Divine Monarch!” Xia Linlang’s expression changed slightly.

Seeing her expression, how could Yang Kai not know that this so-called Bright Sun Divine Monarch was an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage!

He didn’t know much about Shattered Heaven, after all, he hadn’t been here for long, but he had learned from Xu Wang that there were Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators living here, but there weren’t many of them.

To be able to cause Xia Linlang to show such fear, it was undoubtedly an Eighth Order.


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