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The Heaven and Earth collapsed, the World Barrier of Pear Flower Cave Heaven shattered.

In the sky, a giant crack appeared and four figures stood side by side, like four evil dragons stretching their heads out from the clouds!

On the square of Pear Flower Palace, Yang Kai looked up and swept his eyes over the four people.

The white-haired old woman had a dealing with him once, and Xia Linlang had said that she called herself Grandma Jiu (Turtle-Dove Grandma). She is vicious and cruel, and no one knew of her origins. In all of Shattered Heaven, she was one of the first people to come here to live in seclusion. At the very least, when Xia Linlang came here to conceal her identity, this Grandma Jiu was already here.

The middle-aged man called Zong Zheng seemed to be related to some Sect in Blue Frost Domain, but no one could confirm this.

The beautiful woman, Zhu Lingshan, had a loose personality and had countless faces. Even in Shattered Heaven, she was quite famous, but her cultivation of Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was solid, so no one dared to underestimate her.

It was unknown what kind of evil technique Zi Ye (Purple Night) Boy cultivated, but the higher his cultivation, the more youthful he became. Although he looked like a little child, innocent and pure, he actually loved eating people’s livers the most, especially women’s livers. Every time someone offended him, the result would be a fate worse than death. He had countless methods to make his enemies watch as he ate the fresh livers, but in the end, they had no choice but to beg him for a quick death.

In Shattered Heaven, there was no order or morality, only fists and strength. This place was a mix of dragons and snakes, and it was as if all the darkness of the 3000 Worlds had gathered here.

Bright King Heaven's Xu Wang had once told Yang Kai that Shattered Heaven was a muddy place. At that time, Yang Kai didn’t have much of a reaction, but now that he had seen the tip of the iceberg of Shattered Heaven, what would happen if he saw its full appearance?

Four High Rank masters barged into Pear Flower Cave Heaven, their eyes instantly fixed on Yang Kai, each of them clearly knowing that the World Spring had been refined by Yang Kai. Now, as long as they could obtain Yang Kai, they would have a chance to become the master of the World Spring.

In this world, there weren’t many treasures that could tempt a High Rank Open Heaven master, and even fewer that could make them fight to the death. Universe Four Pillars were definitely one of them.

As long as one had the Universe Four Pillars, whether it was facing enemies or raising living creatures, they would have a natural advantage. If not for this great attraction, these four High Rank Open Heaven wouldn’t have joined forces.

Yang Kai lifted his foot and lightly stomped on the ground, grinning, “A guest has come, prepare the gift!”

Pear Flower Palace buzzed, and soon after, the World Energy of Pear Flower Cave Heaven madly poured into Pear Flower Palace. In an instant, the palace artifact, which was also the core of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven, seemed to become a bottomless pit.

Inside Pear Flower Cave Heaven, the verdant vegetation instantly withered and the world became a mess.

The World Energy of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven had poured into Pear Flower Palace in a short three breaths, causing the originally flourishing Universe Cave Heaven to become a land of death.

When the Spear Intent was at its peak, Pear Flower Palace rose from the ground and rushed towards the four uninvited guests.

The four of them had just broken through the World Barrier of Pear Flower Cave Heaven and had just seen Yang Kai. Just as they were filled with joy and excitement, something unexpected happened.

Even though the four of them were all High Rank masters, it was still difficult for them to react.

Zhu Lingshan’s beautiful face paled as she shouted, “Xia Linlang, are you crazy?”

Grandma Jiu, Zong Zheng, and Zi Ye Boy’s expressions also changed drastically, their great surprise quickly turning into shock as they felt their guts tremble.

In the battle they had imagined, it was impossible for such a scene to occur. This was Xia Linlang’s desperate and terrifying attack, one that had gathered all the strength of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven.

Pear Flower Cave Heaven was at least a Universe Cave Heaven left behind after the death of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage. With Xia Linlang’s ability, even if she could mobilize the World Force of this Pear Flower Cave Heaven and gain some ground advantage, she would not be able to display the full advantage of this place.

Because she was not proficient in the Dao of Spear!

The master of Pear Flower Cave Heaven was proficient in Spear Dao and had left behind a large number of Spear Dao marks here after his death. Those who did not comprehend it would naturally be unable to obtain his inheritance.

If Pear Flower Cave Heaven was compared to a long sword, Xia Linlang could indeed use this sword to face the enemy, but she was unable to unsheathe it, so the effect was naturally greatly reduced.

But with Yang Kai’s assistance, things were different. Although Yang Kai had not fully comprehended the Spear Dao Mark of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, it was enough to unsheathe this long sword from its sheath.

The combined power of the two of them using all of Pear Flower Cave Heaven's power couldn’t compare to the attack of the master of Pear Flower Cave Heaven when he was alive, but it had still surpassed the level of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage.

This was the only attack that had been infused with all the power of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven!

This was a one-time deal.

On this matter, Yang Kai and Xia Linlang had a serious disagreement. Xia Linlang felt that the two of them had the geographical advantage, so there was no need for them to be so decisive and put all their strength into this attack. After all, if this attack failed, the two of them would lose their geographical advantage, so it would be better to use Pear Flower Cave Heaven as a battlefield. If they fought here, they might be able to gain the upper hand and force the enemy to retreat.

Of course, Yang Kai didn’t agree, arguing fiercely with her, almost causing Qin Fen and the others to become frightened. On one hand, they were shocked by Yang Kai’s courage, but on the other hand, they were puzzled by their Palace Master’s concession.

Yang Kai’s meaning was that Xia Linlang would be able to rely on the geographical advantage to take on one and a half opponents without any problem. With the help of this palace artifact, Pear Flower Palace, and Qin Fen, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to face a Seventh Order master.

But now that four of them had come, who was going to deal with the remaining half?

In a long battle, if the victor was not determined, the foundation of Pear Flower Cave Heaven would continue to decrease. Once it decreased to a certain extent, the geographical advantage would no longer be an advantage, and the initiative would become passive. At that time, the two of them would definitely have to flee.

If that was the case, it would be better to complete the task in one fell swoop. Since Xia Linlang herself didn’t want to do this, it was obvious that other people wouldn’t be able to think of this. This would allow them to catch their opponent off guard and if they were lucky, perhaps they could directly kill one or two of them.

Killing the chicken to warn the monkey, the remaining people had to consider their own abilities.

“I know you can’t bear to leave this place, but the ten million lives here have already been settled, so there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, this place of yours has already been exposed. Even if the enemy retreats this time, what about next time? You won’t be able to guard this place,” Yang Kai said sincerely back in Pear Flower Palace.

How could Xia Linlang not understand this principle? What was the most important thing about living in seclusion in the Shattered Heaven? One was a powerful cultivation, and the other was an unknown stronghold.

Back when she was in Shattered Heaven, it took her a thousand years to find this Pear Flower Cave Heaven and enter it.

That Grandma Jiu, Zong Zheng, Zhu Lingshan, and Zi Ye, which one of them didn’t have their own secret hideout? These hiding places were impossible for outsiders to know.

The cultivators outside Shattered Heaven simply couldn’t imagine the degree of secrecy these people had placed on their own strongholds, because once this secret was leaked, not only would their enemies in Shattered Heaven come looking for them, but even the masters from the various Cave Heaven Paradise would come looking for them!

This was not without precedent. At the very beginning, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator had suffered such a loss and was tracked down by the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise. In the end, the other party summoned a large group of High Rank Open Heaven cultivators and directly broke through the World Barrier to capture the people hiding inside.

The last time Xia Linlang had gone out, she had been cautious enough, but for some reason, she had been followed, causing this place to be besieged.

Fortunately, she wasn’t a stubborn person, so after being convinced by Yang Kai, she agreed to his plan.

Pear Flower Palace glowed brightly as Spear Intent filled the Cave Heaven. The entire palace artifact seemed to transform into a peerless spear that shot towards the four cultivators.

Gathering the power and aura of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven, it firmly locked onto the four of them!

The four people's expressions changed drastically, as if they had lost their parents. They wanted to escape, but they couldn’t. In their stomachs, they cursed Xia Linlang for her eighteen generations of ancestors. Zong Zheng shouted angrily, “If you want to live, join forces and resist!”

He hadn’t expected Xia Linlang to be so decisive. If he had known this would happen, he definitely wouldn’t have listened to Grandma Jiu’s words and come to this mess.

As he spoke, he pushed his World Force to its limits and attacked.

Grandma Jiu, Zhu Lingshan, and Zi Ye also knew that this was not the time to hold back. As soon as Zong Zheng finished speaking, they also began circulating their strength without hesitation.

In an instant, seven or eight impregnable defensive artifacts appeared in front of the four of them. Behind these artifacts, a series of defensive Secret Arts were activated, and the light in front of the four of them flickered as if they were forming a thick wall.

The Pear Flower Palace dragged out a long trail of light, like a raging dragon going out to sea.

It was originally a palace artifact that was integrated with many other functions and possessed extremely powerful killing power. Now that it had gathered the World Force of the entire Pear Flower Palace, such a powerful attack could be considered terrifying.

Looking around, the surface of Pear Flower Palace was covered in a spear-shaped aura, and Yang Kai, who was standing on the square of Pear Flower Palace, could feel the Spear Dao Mark he had forcefully absorbed from his body resonating with it.

Whether it was the Pear Flower Palace or the Spear Dao Mark, both belonged to the former master of Pear Flower Palace, so it was not surprising for them to resonate with each other.

Yang Kai’s expression was solemn as he raised his hand and grasped the air in front of him, as if holding a peerless spear from Pear Flower Palace in his hand, he could destroy ten million enemies with a single strike!

Endless heroic sentiments welled up in Yang Kai’s heart as he roared, “Kill!”

Under this spear, the seven or eight artifacts shattered like paper, and the layers of defensive Secret Arts behind them were instantly torn apart.

The four figures were sent flying like paper kites, each of them vomiting blood as their auras weakened.

Pear Flower Palace crashed into a huge hole directly on the World Barrier and disappeared in a flash.


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