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In the previous battle with Xia Linlang, Yang Kai’s injuries weren’t too serious, but he had consumed a great deal of energy. It took Yang Kai several days to fully recover.

During this time, the Pear Flower Cave Heaven began to tremble slightly from time to time. This vibration was extremely obvious; it was obvious that the several High Rank Open Heaven masters are forcibly breaking the World Barrier protecting this place.

Once they opened a gap, they would be able to enter.

The combined might of four High Rank Open Heaven masters was extremely powerful, so even if Yang Kai and Xia Linlang joined forces for a short time, they still wouldn’t be their opponent.

Xia Linlang was concerned about the lives and deaths of the millions of living creatures here, so she was not willing to start a war in this Pear Flower Cave Heaven. As such, Yang Kai could only think of a way to ensure that she didn’t have to worry about this, so she could use the terrain advantage of Pear Flower Cave Heaven to resist the enemy.

Xia Linlang obviously didn’t plan on taking these millions of creatures into her Small Universe, even if she had the capital to do so.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven's Small Universe had already transformed from illusory to solid, so it was not a problem for it to contain tens of millions of living creatures. Moreover, if the Small Universe have living creatures, they can multiply and gradually strengthen her foundation, saving her a lot of time to cultivate.

However, if she really did so, it would be an undeserved catastrophe for those living beings. Once Xia Linlang fought with a powerful enemy, how many of them would be able to survive?

Yang Kai had originally planned to take the living creatures in the Pear Flower Cave Heaven into his own Small Universe. Although he was only a Sixth Order, now that the Small Unvierse has the World Spring to suppress it, he didn’t need to worry about the consequences of his actions.

However, if he really did that, the secret of his Small Universe's transformation would be exposed!

Although Xia Linlang was merciful towards these creatures, her attitude towards him was not necessarily the same. If Xia Linlang were to learn of this secret, it was difficult to guarantee she wouldn’t have any malicious intentions.

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Kai could only try to find a way out.

The reason he had taken the Formation Jade from Xia Linlang was to prepare for this.

In a flash, he arrived above a continuous mountain range. Looking down, the mountain range stretched out for thousands of kilometers like a long dragon.

Yang Kai took out the Formation Jade and held it between his fingers, his mind communicating with it as he silently activated his Space Laws. In the next moment, the World Energy in Pear Flower Cave Heaven began to churn, causing the earth within a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers to tremble.

Although he was now a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, it was still difficult for him to accomplish what he was doing with his current strength, but with the help of his identity as half a master of the Pear Flower Cave Heaven, it would not be so difficult.

The commotion here was not small, so naturally, it could not be hidden from the other half master of this place.

So after just a moment, Xia Linlang, who was meditating in Pear Flower Divine Palace, appeared in front of Yang Kai with an ugly expression and shouted, “Yang Kai, what are you doing!”

In her perception, Yang Kai was clearly cutting through the territory of Pear Flower Divine Palace! Moreover, the range of his cutting was not small, reaching hundreds of thousands of kilometers!

This kind of severing was also harmful to the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven. Once Yang Kai succeeded, the foundation of Pear Flower Cave Heaven would be reduced by at least twenty to thirty percent.

Otherwise, Xia Linlang wouldn’t have been so angry.

Yang Kai had already anticipated her arrival. Both of them were half masters of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, so who could hide anything they did here?

However, Yang Kai didn’t show the slightest hint of nervousness as he continued to divide the territory, “The reason why you don’t want to fight with the enemy in this Pear Flower Cave Heaven is because you’re worried that the safety of the creatures here will be affected by the conflict, but if you can transfer them all to a safe place, you’ll naturally be able to avoid any worries.”

“When my cultivation was low, I once obtained a Space Artifact, just like your painting, which contained a small world inside it that could accommodate living people. However, that Space Artifact has long since been destroyed. With my current ability, refining such a Space Artifact shouldn’t be difficult.”

When he was still in the the Star Boundary, he had once refined a World Bead similar to the Mysterious Boundary Bead. During the Great War between the Human and Demon Race, each commander had one World Bead in their possession, which was used for mass migration.

With Yang Kai’s experience, refining another Mysterious World Bead was naturally not a problem.

Xia Linlang also came to her senses and her anger subsided slightly, “Are you planning to transfer all the living creatures here into that artifact?”

“That’s right!” Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, we can give it our all and fight our enemies here.”

Xia Linlang frowned as her expression changed.

Yang Kai sneered, “What’s there to hesitate about? Even if you’re thinking for the sake of those millions of lives, after those guys break through the World Barrier, without your protection, those High Rank masters might be able to implicate those millions of lives. At that time, whether they live or die is not something you can control, so instead of that, you might as well give them a chance to survive!”

Xia Linlang didn’t hesitate for long before nodding, “Do you need help?”

Yang Kai nodded, “If you want to help, go gather the ten million living beings here right now, in case it’s too late to move.”

Xia Linlang thought about it for a moment before saying, “I can first take them into my Small Universe, and after you finish refining that artifact, I’ll transfer them in.”


Xia Linlang left in a flash. The millions of living creatures living in this Pear Flower Cave Heaven were obviously not gathered together, so it would take some time to collect them all into the Small Universe.

The Space Laws around Yang Kai’s body continued to fluctuate, and with his status as the half master of the Pear Flower Cave Heaven, it took him half a day to cut off the several hundred thousand kilometer boundary.

The foundation of the entire Pear Flower Cave Heaven was instantly reduced by more than thirty percent, causing the sky to change color and the earth to tremble as if the end of the world had arrived.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as he activated his Space Laws to envelop the piece of land he had just cut off. Activating his World Force, he formed a series of hand seals and shot out streams of light.

Three days later, the hundreds of thousands of kilometers of land that had been cut off disappeared, replaced by a dragon eye sized bead in Yang Kai’s hand.

After probing it with his Divine Sense, he found that the inside of this bead was the territory of the several hundred thousand kilometer radius of Pear Flower Cave Heaven.

Just like the Mysterious Boundary Bead, it formed a small world.

Xia Linlang flashed back and looked at the slightly pale Yang Kai, “Success?”

Yang Kai raised his hand and tossed the bead to her. Xia Linlang took it and examined it for a moment before saying with a complicated expression, “Thank you!”

Yang Kai sat cross-legged on the ground, stuffing Open HEaven Pills into his mouth as he smiled, “What? I didn’t hear you clearly, can you repeat yourself?”

Xia Linlang glared at him, “Don’t push your luck!”

Yang Kai chuckled. That ‘thank you’ was obviously not Xia Linlang thanking him, it was just a thank you on behalf of the millions of living beings.

At this moment, Yang Kai felt that perhaps this woman really had no intention of taking his life back then, but if she wanted to seize the World Spring, she would definitely need him to voluntarily give up a portion of his territory after reaching the Seventh Order and move it out.

Under Open Heaven, all living beings were ants!

However, there were always some people in this world who couldn’t treat these lively ants as ants.

Xia Linlang stored the bead into her Small Universe, and after a while, when she took out the bead again, ten million living beings had already been transferred inside.

This kind of migration would certainly cause the millions of living creatures to panic, but it was still better than losing their lives.

Xia Linlang suddenly threw the bead over.

Yang Kai reached out to take it and looked at her in surprise.

Xia Linlang said, “I’ve seen your ability to escape before. In this current situation, although your cultivation is inferior to mine, if one of us can escape, it will definitely be you and not me. Keep this thing safe for now, if you and I can escape this disaster, you can return it to me! I promised them that I would find a safe place to live for them.”

Yang Kai sneered, “When you eat something, what you pull out is something else. Would you want it then?”

Xia Linlang said angrily, “Nothing good comes out of a dog’s mouth!”

Yang Kai curled his lips.

Xia Linlang looked up at the sky, “Three more days at most, you should recover!”

Saying so, she turned around and left.

After she left, Yang Kai lowered his head to look at the round bead in his hand, and with a thought, he stored it into his Small Universe.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t had any ideas about these ten million living creatures before, now that his Small Unvierse had the World Spring to suppress it, it was no longer a problem for him to keep them inside his body. He was only a Sixth Order master now, and if he wanted to reach the Eighth Order, he didn’t know how long he would have to wait. With these living creatures living inside his Small Universe, he would be able to greatly shorten his cultivation time.

However, he had never imagined that he would be able to obtain so many living beings in such a manner.

Xia Linlang felt that her ability to escape was inferior to Yang Kai’s, so she asked him to keep the bead.

But just as Yang Kai had said, once the food entered his stomach, he wouldn’t be able to spit it out. Since Xia Linlang had handed over ten million lives to him, she wouldn’t be able to take them back.

Was there any place in this world safer than his Small Universe? Even if he were to die, the small universe suppressed by the World Spring, could be preserved.

In just a few days, the ten million living creatures of Pear Flower Cave Heaven had experienced three great migrations. First, they were taken from Pear Flower Cave Heaven into Xia Linlang’s Small Unvierse, then from Xia Linlang’s Small Universe into the round bead, and now from the bead to Yang Kai's Small Universe.

Although they didn’t need to do anything, the constant upheaval in the world made them uneasy.

When Yang Kai released them from the round bead and placed them in his Small Universe, the tens of millions of living beings, whether they were men, women, old, or young, all wore terrified expressions.

Yang Kai didn’t have any experience in raising living creatures, but he knew that it was nothing more than basic necessities!

Among these tens of thousands of living beings, there was no lack of cultivators with cultivations. There were even a dozen or so Emperor Realm, but none of them had reached the Open Heaven Stage.

While the Emperor Realm was being kept inside his body, Yang Kai wasn’t at ease keeping the Open Heaven Stage master.

Yang Kai’s mind stirred as he whispered a few words into the ears of the dozen or so Emperor Realm. The dozen or so of them were shocked at first, but soon relaxed.

Soon after, one of the most powerful Emperor Realm masters began casting a spell to calm the chaotic crowd.


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