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After half an hour of perseverance, Yang Kai was also playing with fire. If he wasn’t careful, he would be reduced to ashes. However, if he didn’t do so, how could he compete with Xia Linlang, a Seventh Order master?

When the Azure Dragon Spear shot out, thousands of trees and pear flowers bloomed.

This Divine Ability was something Yang Kai had comprehended after inheriting the legacy of Pear Flower Divine Monarch and was not created by himself. In Pear Flower Cave Heaven, borrowing the power of the Heavens and Earth, this attack was comparable to a Seventh Open Heaven strike. However, outside of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, although this spear Divine Ability was still quite impressive, it was still somewhat lacking.

Xia Linlang’s figure was surrounded by a sea of spear flowers, and as the World Force surged, the spear flowers were destroyed.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn as he shouted, “Golden Crow Sun Casting!”

In the end, the Senior’s Dao was someone else’s Dao. The Golden Crow Sun Casting was his own Dao.

The Golden Crow let out a cry as the great sun leapt out, its brilliant round sun illuminating the world.

Xia Linlang’s pupils shrank again as she exclaimed, “Divine Ability Manifestation!”

Yang Kai laughed, “Good eyesight, it’s a Divine Ability Manifestation!” Raising his spear, he thrust it towards Xia Linlang.

Xia Linlang’s eyes were filled with a complicated mix of envy, fear, and anger. Normally speaking, Divine Ability Manifestation were exclusive to High Rank Open Heaven. Only those who had reached the High Rank Open Heaven had the qualifications to comprehend their own Divine Ability Manifestation, but not every High Rank had such opportunities.

Although Xia Linlang had been promoted to the Seventh Order for a long time, she had yet to comprehend her own Divine Ability Manifestation. In Shattered Heaven, there were many hidden Seventh Order Open Heaven master, but less than ten percent of them could actually use Divine Ability Manifestation.

Xia Linlang had never imagined that she would one day see a Divine Ability Manifestation in the hands of a Sixth ORder Open Heaven Stage cultivator, and for a moment she felt like she was dreaming.

If she wasn’t dreaming, how could there be such nonsense in this world?

However, this Divine Ability Manifestation did indeed have the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, so she couldn’t underestimate it.

The spear shot out like a dragon as the great sun rapidly expanded in front of her eyes, locking onto her aura and making it impossible for her to dodge. Xia Linlang shouted as the phantom of the Small Universe flashed behind her. Ignoring the restlessness of her Small Universe, Xia Linlang pushed her World Force towards the great sun.

The moment they clashed, the world fell silent.

With the eruption of the great sun, the world inside the painting instantly became bright as day. Yang Kai and Xia Linlang’s figures were both sent flying as they coughed up blood.

Yang Kai’s body was covered in blood while Xia Linlang’s hair was in a mess and her clothes were in tatters. Her Small Universe, that was already in a state of turmoil, felt even worse.

Before she could catch her breath, a sense of extreme danger suddenly enveloped her heart. Compared to when Yang Kai had used his Divine Ability Manifestation, this feeling was even more terrifying.

Yang Kai, who was retreating, left a mark in the air and stabilized his body. Without hesitation, he pushed his strength and summoned another round sun, followed by a cold full moon.

Sun and Moon!

The Time Laws and Space Laws intertwined as the power of Time and Space spread out.

Sun and Moon Divine Wheel!

The Great Sun and the full moon intertwined, transforming into a spinning top that wrapped itself around Xia Linlang’s head.

At this moment, space seemed to freeze and time seemed to stop.

Xia Linlang had never seen such a profound Divine Ability before, so she was at a loss for what to do for a moment. At the very least, she understood the principle of ‘one against ten’. Gritting her teeth, she swallowed the surging blood Qi in her chest and fiercely pushed her World Force towards the spinning sun and moon.

When the sun collapsed and the moon shattered, Xia Linlang’s figure rushed out and ruthlessly slapped Yang Kai’s head.

Yang Kai’s figure fell backwards and the long spear in his hand swung out, causing blood to spray out as the two of them fell to the ground.

Yang Kai lay on the ground, gasping for breath, his eyes wide open, but his vision was blurry and he couldn’t see anything clearly. He could only feel the sharp aura from his flesh and blood constantly colliding, as if thousands of horses were galloping and tearing his flesh apart.

He had already been beaten up for half an hour, and now that he had used his two Divine Abilities without any regard for his own consumption, coupled with Xia Linlang’s all-out attack, he had nearly died.

At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger!

However, although he wasn’t having a good time, he knew that Xia Linlang was probably even worst. After eating his Secret Technique and two of his trump cards, even if she was a Seventh Order, she wouldn’t be able to fight back.

Using his Divine Sense, he found that Xia Linlang was indeed lying in a deep pit several thousand feet away, her aura weak and motionless.

This fierce battle had resulted in both sides suffering heavy losses.

If word of this got out, no one would believe it. High Rank against Mid Rank, even if there was only on grade gap between them, it would still be a piece of cake, so how could it fall to such a state?

However, the truth was that Xia Linlang, who was lying motionless in the pit, had a look of humiliation in her eyes. Her clothes were in tatters, revealing her undergarments. If someone who didn’t know the truth saw this, they would definitely think she had been molested by Yang Kai.

She had never imagined that she would one day be beaten to such a state by a mere Sixth Order master! She was so humiliated that she almost cried.

Gritting her teeth, Xia Linlang muttered, “Just you wait, if I don’t tear you to pieces, my surname won’t be Xia!”

Although her voice was soft, she knew Yang Kai could hear her.

Sure enough, a sneer came from Yang Kai’s side, “Who gave you the courage to say such a thing? The two of us are in the same situation right now, whoever can recover first will win. Although my cultivation is lower than yours, I’m sorry, I’m not afraid of anyone when it comes to restoring my strength!”

Half Dragon Body and the Wood Element energy condensed from the essence of the Eternal Tree had always been his reliance, so although Xia Linlang’s grade was higher than his, Yang Kai felt that it was impossible for her to recover before him.

Today’s battle had forced Xia Linlang into such a state partly because of luck and partly because of his careful planning. If it weren’t for the fact that the Secret Technique Beating Ox had been successful, everything would be perfect. It was precisely because of Xia Linlang’s shock that he was able to use his two trump cards.

Otherwise, no matter how powerful the Golden Crow Sun Casting and Sun and Moon Divine Wheel were, it was not impossible for them to be resolved by the Seventh Order Open Heaven.

This was the scene when he faced Zuo Quan Hui.

After fighting with Zuo Quan Hui several times, other than the last battle where he was lucky enough to kill him, the others had all fallen into a disadvantageous position. Now that he was able to fight with Xia Linlang to the point where both sides were seriously injured, it was obvious how much he had grown.

“How dare a man bully a woman!” Xia Linlang cursed.

Yang Kai sneered, “If you don’t die from old age, you’re an old witch. When you bullied me because your cultivation was higher than mine, did you ever think you would have such a future?”

Xia Linlang was furious, it's unknown if it was because no one had argued with her before, but she could only continue cursing, “Bastard!”

“Old witch!” Yang Kai shouted back.

“Stupid man!”

“Old witch!”

Not only did the two people lying on the ground not recover from their injuries, they instead began cursing at each other. Although the two of them didn’t cursing at each other didn't carry dirty words, Yang Kai’s ability to adapt to any situation was undoubtedly stronger. After a short while, Xia Linlang was so angry that she spat out a mouthful of blood and her chest heaved up and down. After suffering a loss, Xia Linlang no longer wanted to humiliate herself, so she simply remained silent and allowed Yang Kai to provoke her.

Yang Kai laughed heartily, as if he had won a great battle in another battlefield.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai suddenly let out a long sigh, “The world has always been peaceful, but now it’s only a matter of time!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he slowly stood up and walked forward with the Azure Dragon Spear in hand. Although his aura was still weak, he had recovered some of his strength.

Although Xia Linlang was aware of this, she remained motionless.

In the deep pit, Yang Kai walked down step by step and stood beside her. Looking down, he calmly asked, “Do you have any last words?”

Xia Linlang glared at him as if she wanted to cut off a few pounds of his flesh.

Yang Kai said, “Enough, stop putting on an act. You’re still a Seventh Order, so although you can't recover in a short time, it’s not like you’ll just sit back and wait for death to arrive. You and I both have the strength to deal a blow, whether you live or die is up to fate!”

Xia Linlang couldn’t be bothered with him and simply closed her eyes.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn. The more she acted like this, the more he didn’t dare to act rashly. Just as he had said, the two of them had already recovered their strength somewhat, so Xia Linlang was obviously waiting for him to exhaust himself. If Yang Kai acted rashly, his chances of victory would be low.

Xia Linlang suddenly opened her eyes and shouted angrily, “If you keep staring, I’ll dig your eyes out!”

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “It’s not like I want to see you in such a state. You’re not even wearing a new set of clothes, I’m just thinking about where I should stab you.” Pausing for a moment, he asked, “Why don’t you change your clothes? At least you’ll look better when you die.”

It's unknown what Xia Linlang was thinking about, but just as Yang Kai said, she sat up and took out a new set of clothes from her Space Ring and put them on.

These clothes were obviously not ordinary clothes, but some kind of protective artifact.

Yang Kai didn’t stop her.

After putting on her clothes, Xia Linlang lay down again, her hands resting on her abdomen, as quiet as a corpse.

The corners of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched, “Why are you acting so wishy-washy?”

Xia Linlang opened her eyes and glared at him, “I won’t make a move, but I’ll make you anxious!”

Yang Kai said angrily, “If you keep acting like this, I’m going to take action.”

“Try it! Let’s see if you die or I die!”

“Do you think I don’t dare try?” Yang Kai was furious.

“You’re afraid of death! Try it!”

Not only were Yang Kai’s eyes twitching, but the veins on his forehead were also twitching.

Just as he was hesitating about whether or not to use his spear, a sudden change occurred. The world in the painting suddenly shook and the wind and clouds changed color.

Yang Kai subconsciously thought that this woman was plotting against him, so he quickly retreated several dozen meters and pointed his spear forward, preparing for battle!

Xia Linlang, on the other hand, quickly stood up and shot a glance at Yang Kai before sneering, “I was wondering how bold you were, but it turns out you’re just like that!”

Saying so, she frowned and looked up at the sky.

Yang Kai also came back to his senses. This strange phenomenon was not caused by Xia Linlang, but by someone from the outside world.

Recalling that this was the world inside the painting and that the door to Pear Flower Cave Heaven was a painting, Yang Kai raised his brow, “Someone is attacking your door?”


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