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It was obvious that Yang Kai’s Pear Flower Divine Ability had not caused her as much damage as he had imagined, but this woman had acted as if she had been seriously injured. She was truly a scheming woman.

“Grandma, aren’t you being a bit too generous? You said you wanted to see the guests off, but now you want to keep them here? What exactly do you want?”

Xia Linlang blinked at him, “A woman’s heart is like a needle at the bottom of the sea, it’s normal for it to repeat itself. Didn’t your mother teach you?”

Yang Kai was speechless.

After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “If I’m not mistaken, this should be the world in the painting, right?”

Xia Linlang looked at him calmly, “You still have the mood to ask me these things when you’re about to die?”

Yang Kai seemed to be talking to himself, “The door to Pear Flower Cave HEaven is a painting. When I first saw it, I felt that it was somewhat unusual, but I didn’t study it carefully. Now, it seems that not only is this painting a powerful artifact, but it can also form a world of its own! You seemed unwilling to let me leave, but in fact, you were just playing along with me, allowing me to jump from one trap to another.” Saying so, Yang Kai suddenly clicked his tongue, “It seems that before you return, even if I can break through the door of the Pear Flower Cave Heaven, I will still fall here and be trapped.”

Xia Linlang looked at him innocently, “What’s the point of thinking about it now? There’s no medicine for regret in this world. If there is, I’d like to buy a few kilograms so you can tell me what it tastes like.”

Yang Kai reached out and clutched his chest, “Uncomfortable!”

Xia Linlang covered her mouth and chuckled, “I’m quite happy.”

Yang Kai looked at her with a pained expression, “I have treated Young Lady sincerely, but Young Lady has taken advantage of me. I am very depressed!”

Xia Linlang couldn’t help rolling her eyes, “Such thick skin!”

“So now that Young Lady has nothing to worry about, are you prepared to act?” Yang Kai looked at her.

Xia Linlang lightly said, “I don’t feel comfortable leaving such a restless person like you alive. Although the World Spring is precious, I don’t have the time to wait for you to break through to the Seventh Order. It all depends on my luck. If my luck is good, after you die, the World Spring may still have a chance to be preserved. If my luck is bad, I can consider it as the World Spring being buried with you. For a Sixth Order like you to obtain such an honor, it’s not a waste of your life.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “Fair enough!”

“Do you have any last words?” Xia Linlang stared at him.

“No need!” Yang Kai shook his head.

Xia Linlang stared at him for a moment before suddenly appearing in front of Yang Kai and gently slapping her palm towards him, “Then die!”

In a flash, Yang Kai raised his fist to meet it.

A loud bang rang out and the world shook. The ground beneath Yang Kai’s feet cracked and his feet sank three inches into the ground.

Without giving him time to catch his breath, Xia Linlang once again sent out a palm strike as fast as lightning. If it wasn’t for him personally experiencing it, it would have been difficult to believe that such a delicate woman could have such a violent attack. The last time he had encountered such a situation was when he had first met Zhu Qing, a Dragon Clan cultivator.

One palm after another, after ten strikes, half of Yang Kai’s body sank into the ground.

“Without the support of Pear Flower Cave Heaven, how can a mere Sixth Order like you fight with me? No matter how profound the World Spring is, it won’t be able to close the gap between us,” Xia Linlang coldly snorted and didn’t stop attacking. It was precisely because Yang Kai had obtained the legacy of Pear Flower Divine Monarch that he could borrow the power of the Pear Flower Cave Heaven. Moreover, if the two of them fought there, Pear Flower Cave Heaven would definitely suffer heavy losses.

If not for this, how could Xia Linlang have tricked Yang Kai into coming to this world of paintings?

The painting outside the Pear Flower Cave Heaven was not only a door to enter and exit, it was also a solid barrier and a cage.

Yang Kai was currently trapped in this cage. Unless he killed Xia Linlang, he could forget about escaping!

Saying so, she swung her leg towards Yang Kai’s head. Yang Kai raised his hand to parry the blow, but in the next instant, he was sent flying like a carrot that had been pulled out of a hole, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

The World Spring suppressed the Small Universe, but the Small Universe was firm and stable, so there was no need to worry about it being shaken. However, how could Yang Kai ignore the attack of a Seventh Order Open Heaven master? After taking so many hits, Yang Kai was already injured.

Struggling to stabilize himself in mid-air, Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked over at Xia Linlang, who was staring at him coldly, grinning, “The older the wiser!”

Xia Linlang flew into a rage, “I’ll rip your mouth off!”

As soon as the last word fell, Yang Kai felt as if he had been struck by lightning and was sent flying again. Although he had assumed a defensive stance, the gap between their cultivations was not small, so Xia Linlang’s furious attack was simply impossible to defend against.

The world shook and the wind and clouds changed color. In the painting, the world’s mountains shattered and the sky collapsed. Xia Linlang showed no mercy and Yang Kai was like a sandbag, unable to fight back.

If it weren’t for the World Spring being refined, the Small Unvierse would have long since been destroyed. If it weren’t for the toughness of his half dragon body, he definitely wouldn’t have survived.

The more Xia Linlang fought, the more uneasy she became. For some reason, she felt that Yang Kai was plotting something. After all, Yang Kai hadn’t even used his spear yet, only relying on his strong physique to resist her.

However, in this world of paintings, even if Yang Kai really had some kind of scheme, it would be difficult for him to use it. Here, with her Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivation, she was invincible.

As a result, this faint doubt only lasted for a moment before it disappeared and her attacks became even faster. However, the fact that a Sixth Order Open HEaven cultivator was able to survive for so long in her hands was already quite amazing.

No wonder after she left, he was able to occupy the palace and drive out Qin Fen and the others. His strength had far surpassed ordinary Sixth Order.

For half an hour, Yang Kai’s situation was miserable and he was suppressed to the point where he couldn’t even fight back. Not only was his face bruised and swollen, but there were also many hidden wounds on his body. His entire body was covered in blood, making him look extremely miserable.

Xia Linlang had completely lost her patience, her beautiful eyes calmly staring at the figure standing not far away, clearly swaying but still not falling. A trace of hesitation flashed across her eyes, but it quickly disappeared as she formed a hand seal and shouted, “This is it!”

Forming a series of hand seals, the World Force surged as she pointed towards Yang Kai’s forehead.

One finger to determine life and death!

The tender white fingertips broke through the barrier of space and gently touched Yang Kai’s forehead, causing him to feel as if he had been hit by a giant mountain. His head jerked back and a grin appeared on his blood-stained face as he shouted, “Beating Ox!”

Violent energy surged out, following the thread of aura that had been captured with great difficulty, and crashed into Xia Linlang’s Small Universe.

Xia Linlang’s expression changed drastically, her head spinning and her ears ringing.

Before she could regain her composure, a long spear appeared in her blurry vision, its murderous intent terrifying!

As expected of a Seventh Order Open Heaven, in this moment of life and death, the Small Unvierse was forcefully pushed, and the finger on Yang Kai's forehead pushed him away.

The Azure Dragon Spear pierced three inches into Xia Linlang’s abdomen, drawing blood!

The moment she escaped death, Xia Linlang retreated a thousand feet!

Lowering her head, she saw that her abdomen were bleeding profusely, her clothes were red, and she was just a little bit away from being pierced through. If she had really suffered such an injury, with her Seventh Order cultivation, perhaps she wouldn’t have died, but at least she would have been seriously injured.

What surprised Xia Linlang even more was that there was a black flame burning around her wound.

The black flames were extremely fierce, and even with her Seventh Order Open Heaven strength, she was only able to suppress them, unable to dispel them instantly.

“Golden Crow True Fire!” Xia Linlang was an experienced and knowledgeable person, her beautiful eyes instantly narrowing to the size of a needle.

The Golden Crow True Fire is a High Rank force, so for Yang Kai to be able to display such power, didn’t that mean he had refined it before?

Xia Linlang had also climbed up to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage from her low cultivation, so she naturally knew how difficult it was to refine High Rank materials.

Realization dawned upon her. No wonder this guy’s strength far exceeded cultivators of the same grade. To be able to refine a High Rank resource to become Open Heaven, in this vast expanse of universe, which one of them was a nobody?

Could this guy really be a Bright King Heaven’s Disciple? But she had never seen Yang Kai use the Motionless Bright King Body before, but his skin and flesh were quite thick.

If the Golden Crow True Fire shocked Xia Linlang, then the changes in her Small Universe made her feel extremely uncomfortable. At this moment, her Small Universe was constantly churning, disturbing her.

Without waiting for her to suppress it, Yang Kai arrived with his spear.

The fingerprint on his forehead was extremely eye-catching. golden blood flowed out from it and dripped down his face, but Yang Kai didn’t seem to care. Coupled with his ruthless smile, his appearance became even more terrifying.

“Do you think I can only rely on Senior’s Spear Dao to contend with you? I, Yang Kai, also have my own Dao. Today, I’ll let you experience what a man’s anger is!”

Previously, he had held back, even though he had been beaten black and blue, he had not taken out his Azure Dragon Spear because of the disparity in strength. Even if he had taken out his Azure Dragon Spear, it would not have changed the outcome, but now it was different. Under the Secret Technique of Beating Ox, Yang Kai had the ability to defeat Xia Linlang.

It had to be said that the aura of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was extremely difficult to find. Since he had comprehended the Secret Technique, Yang Kai had only used it against four people.

Senior Sister Jin was the first, but that was just a spar, not a life and death battle. Yang Kai also stopped there.

Tan Luoxing was the second. As a Sixth Order Blood Servant, he didn’t have much intelligence left, so he was instantly captured by Yang Kai and killed without being able to fight back.

Blood Crow was the third and had suffered a great loss at Yang Kai’s hands.

However, the three of them were all Sixth Order, with Xia Linlang being the only Seventh Order! Half an hour of beating was not for nothing. The constant collisions between the World Force and their auras allowed Yang Kai to grasp this critical moment.

Caught off guard, Xia Linlang’s body was almost pierced by his spear.

If it had been a stronger Seventh Order, Yang Kai might not have had the chance to use this Secret Technique. Perhaps he would have already been beaten to the point where he could not fight back.


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