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“Madman!” Qin Fen suddenly roared.

The other Sixth Order also wore a pained expression as he shouted, “Scouring the lake for fish!”

Although the Fifth Order didn’t say anything, his lips were pursed and his expression was ugly.

The other companions beside him finally realized something was wrong. The woman who had helped Qin Fen up was now standing next to him, softly asking, “Senior Brother Qin, is that person absorbing the Spear Dao Mark?”

Qin Fen nodded with reddened eyes.

The woman sighed lightly.

The owner of this Universe Cave Heaven was proficient in the Spear Dao when he was alive, so they naturally knew about this. The Spear Dao here was also extremely rich, so whether it was the Open Heaven Stage smasters or the living creatures who had been kept here, many of them were proficient in using spears as their artifacts.

On the other hand, the owner of Gem Palace, Xia Linlang, was not proficient in the Dao of Spear.

In the past, Qin Fen and the other two Open Heaven Stage masters who were proficient in the Spear Dao had always been able to improve their Spear Dao because of the unique conditions in the Universe Cave Heaven.

If this Universe Cave Heaven was a fish pond, then the rich Spear Dao Mark here was a fat fish in the pond. Those who were proficient in the Spear Dao were people who fished on the shore. How many fish they could catch depended on their own comprehension and luck.

Qin Fen’s aptitude and comprehension weren’t bad, so he had made great achievements in the Dao of Spear. Xia Linlang had even said that if Qin Fen was able to reach a higher level of enlightenment, he might have a chance to inherit the inheritance left behind by the master of Universe Cave Heaven.

This is an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage Inheritance, who wouldn’t covet it? Qin Fen had always considered himself the best candidate to inherit it.

But at this moment, in the Universe Cave Heaven filled with fat fish, someone had taken out an airtight net and entered!

Under this net, even if there were still some fish that had escaped from the net, there were probably not many left.

How could Qin Fen not feel distressed? The other two Open Heaven Stage masters who were proficient in the Dao of Spear were the same.

Inside the Gem Palace, Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged in the center of the grand array, could clearly feel a mysterious aura pouring into his body from all directions, allowing his comprehension of the Spear Dao to rapidly increase, giving him a sense of enlightenment.

Since he was brought here by Xia Linlang, Yang Kai had noticed that the Spear Dao marks here were extremely rich, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to increase his Spear Dao by two levels in just ten years.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t satisfied with this. His goal was to use all of the Spear Dao marks in this place, and as for whether or not he would exhaust himself to fish, Yang Kai didn’t care.

If Xia Linlang wanted to harm him, how could he be polite to her?

Originally, even if he had this thought, it would have been difficult for him to use it, but now that he had refined half of the Gem Palace, he had this condition.

Gem Palace was not just a palace artifact, it was also the core of the entire Universe Cave Heaven. At the edge of this great array, countless profound auras were closely connected to the Universe Cave Heaven, causing a slight change in the situation.

Gem Palace’s status in the Universe Cave Heaven was equivalent to Blood Monster Divine Palace’s status in Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Didn’t Blood Crow want to refine Blood Monster Divine Palace in order to control the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?

Although Yang Kai had only refined half of the Gem Palace, without the other half interfering, this Universe Cave Heaven was also under his control.

Spear Dao Marks that could not be seen with the naked eye but actually existed were accepted by Yang Kai, causing his attainments in Spear Dao to rapidly rise. Although he would not be able to comprehend the True Intent in a short period of time, he would eventually be able to digest it.

The changes in the entire Universe Cave Heaven were silent and only the few Open Heaven Stage masters who were proficient in Spear Dao were able to notice them. As time passed, the spear Dao marks that filled the world quickly became sparse and difficult to find.

Qin Fen’s face was filled with grief. If Yang Kai took over Gem Palace and Xia Linlang could take it back after he returned, then the loss of his Spear Dao Mark would be irreparable.

Inside the Gem Palace’s Central Array, Yang Kai, who was sitting cross-legged, couldn’t help burping as if he had eaten too much.

As a result, Yang Kai simply sat there, his Spear Intent extremely cold, as if his entire being was a peerless spear! With so many Spear Dao Marks, it was impossible for him to digest them all in a short time, but as long as he could use them, Yang Kai felt that his attainments in the Spear Dao would rise by at least one or two levels, becoming a Great Dao second only to the Space Dao.

After refining half of the Gem Palace and seizing the Spear Dao Mark of this Universe Cave Heaven, although he had been captured this time, no matter how one looked at it, he had gained a huge advantage.

This was a dangerous place, so he couldn’t stay here for long. Naturally, he wouldn’t just sit here and wait for Xia Linlang to come back and settle things with him.

If he couldn’t take Gem Palace with him, it wasn’t impossible to take it away by force. However, if he did so, this Universe Cave HEaven would most likely fall apart. At that time, not to mention what would happen to the living beings who were imprisoned here, even Xia Linlang would definitely fight him to the death.

Activating his Space Laws, Yang Kai disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already standing in front of the door that had led to this place.

When Xia Linlang had gone out, her aura had also disappeared here.

Yang Kai had thought that by relying on his own methods, even if he had to expend some effort, forcefully opening this door wouldn’t be too difficult, but when he really arrived here, he was shocked to discover that there was no trace of the door at all.

After searching for a long time, he still couldn’t find anything.

Yang Kai couldn’t help furrowing his brow, but in the next moment, with the help of half of Gem Palace’s owner’s identity, he was able to connect with the entire Universe Cave Heaven in order to find a flaw. If Xia Linlang was here, he definitely wouldn’t be able to relax so easily, but the current situation was no different from a tiger not being home, a monkey claiming to be king.

Soon, Yang Kai discovered something.

What surprised Yang Kai was that not only was the door extremely well hidden, it was also constantly changing its position over time. Yang Kai suddenly understood why he hadn’t been able to find the location of this door before. It turned out that it had always been in a state of movement, causing him to think that the door was still where he had first entered and had been searching for a long time.

Since he had already found the door, Yang Kai immediately activated his Space Laws and tried to force it open.

Half a day later, Yang Kai’s face became ashen.

It was unknown what kind of mysterious technique Xia Linlang had used to seal this door, but it was now closely connected to the entire Universe Cave Heaven. Only with a foundation far beyond this place's foundation could one forcefully break through it.

This was not letting him leave!

No wonder Xia Linlang was able to leave so easily despite knowing that he was proficient in the Space Laws. It was because she was certain that he wouldn’t be able to open the door.

Although he was now half the owner of this place, his foundation was still shallow. On the other hand, Xia Linlang had been running this place for a long time, so it wasn’t surprising that she had a few tricks up her sleeve.

After standing in place for a moment, Yang Kai turned around and returned to the Gem Palace.

Since he couldn’t leave, then he wouldn’t! If he had been imprisoned before and was unable to resist Xia Linlang, then now he had the qualifications to challenge this woman’s Seventh Order Open Heaven strength, so he wasn’t too afraid of her returning. The only reason he wanted to leave was because he was too lazy to tangle with her.

This time, he had used his Space Laws, so Qin Fen and the others who had been standing guard outside the Gem Palace didn’t notice him at all.

For the next few days, Yang Kai cultivated in seclusion in Gem Palace while refining the Spear Dao Mark he had absorbed before.

After half a month, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes and flashed to the roof of a palace in the Gem Palace.

Half a month of refining was not enough for him to completely absorb all of the Spear Dao Marks, but it was enough for him to be just a hair away from reaching the sixth stage.

A stream of light flew over from the sky, and even before it arrived, she had already noticed the changes in this place. Her cold gaze collided fiercely with Yang Kai’s, filling the air with murderous intent.

Yang Kai grinned at her.

The graceful figure landed outside the Gem Palace. Like a group of adults who had been bullied at home, Qin Fen and the others all called out in grief, “Palace Master!”

Xia Linlang’s expression was calm as she looked up at Yang Kai on the roof, but her calm face was filled with the anger of a volcano about to erupt.

Qin Fen was extremely ashamed, “Palace Master, this subordinate failed to fulfill his task and was forced out by Yang Kai from the Gem Palace, he also seized the Formation Jade. Before this, he even occupied the Gem Palace and forcefully seized the Spear Dao Marks. This subordinate deserves death!”

Xia Linlang waved her hand lightly and remained silent.

Qin Fen felt even more ashamed.

On the roof, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and smiled.

Xia Linlang’s figure flashed and landed ten meters away from Yang Kai, standing shoulder to shoulder with him as she coldly snorted, “It seems I’ve underestimated you.”

Yang Kai replied, “The scenery here is unique.”

“Did you hide your strength just now?” Xia Linlang turned to look at him. Although her figure was shorter than Yang Kai’s, her eyes were filled with arrogance. As a Seventh Order Open Heaven, she had the qualifications to do so.

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I’ve never had a chance to display my true strength, so it can’t be considered hiding my strength, right?”

When Xia Linlang had captured him, it was the time when the World Spring had fallen into his Small Universe. With the Small Universe suppressed, Yang Kai was unable to display his full strength.

“You’ve done so many bad things and yet you’re still not running away? Are you waiting to die here?” Xia Linlang looked at him mockingly before continuing, “Right, I forgot, even if you’re proficient in Space Laws, without my permission, you can forget about leaving this place.”

Like an old man, Yang Kai folded his hands into his sleeves and sincerely said, “So I can only wait here for you to return and discuss things with you.”

“Tell me about it.”

“You open the door and let me leave, and from now on, the two of us will not cross the same river.”

Xia Linlang stared at him seriously for a moment before saying, “I’ll take it that you’re talking in your sleep.” Stretching out her hand, she said, “Hand over the Formation Jade to me, and I can pretend that this never happened. I can still wait for you to break through to the Seventh Order, otherwise, even if I have to sacrifice the World Spring, I will still kill you today. After you die, the Spear Dao Marks you seized will be returned to this place, and even your own Dao Marks will be left behind. It’s not too much of a loss.”

Yang Kai sighed lightly, “When the strength is weak, the words carry no weight!”


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