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On the small island in the middle of the lake, after Qin Fen had suffered a loss, he knew that there was a gap in strength between him and Yang Kai, but what shocked him the most was that the gap between the two of them was so great.

The last time he had been forced back was because he had been careless, but now, in this life and death battle, he was still no match in a single blow!

Qin Fen couldn’t help feeling his scalp go numb.

Such a Sixth Order master was unheard of. The Palace Master was out on business and the Gem Palace’s defensive array was unable to stop this person’s advance. Now, who could be his opponent?

He didn’t hate Yang Kai for being so ruthless, he only hated himself for failing to complete the task assigned to him by the Palace Master.

As blood splashed, Yang Kai swung Qin Fen from his spear, simultaneously activating his Secret Technique to attack Qin Fen's small universe, causing him to feel dizzy. His Small Unvierse trembled violently, unable to recover from the shock.

Inside the Gem Palace, a few more figures flew out. Among them were the people who had sent Yang Kai cultivation resources all these years, as well as a few Fifth Order and Sixth Order cultivators he had never seen before.

The few of them had already rushed over to investigate the situation after noticing the tremors in the Gem Palace, but they were still a step too late. When they saw Qin Fen’s shoulder dripping with blood, they were all shocked.

Looking back at Yang Kai, who was the main culprit, all of them wore cold and murderous looks.

“You’re not his opponent, don’t embarrass yourself!” Qin Fen shouted as he struggled. In this Gem Palace, besides Xia Linlang, he was the strongest. Even he had been defeated by Yang Kai’s spear. If it wasn’t for Yang Kai not having any intention to kill, he would have already died on the spot.

Although these companions had no lack of Sixth OrderOpen Heaven Stage masters, even if they joined forces, they still wouldn’t be able to contend with Yang Kai.

Qin Fen’s words were very effective, and although the few people who rushed out were extremely angry and even somewhat eager to try, they still restrained their temper and showed no intention of attacking. One of the women even walked past Yang Kai and helped Qin Fen up, her face filled with concern.

Qin Fen waved his hand, indicating that he was fine, but his Small Universe's tremors did not stop for a moment. An invisible force passed through his Small Universe's territory, causing the earth to tremble.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Qin Fen coldly stared at Yang Kai, “So what if we aren’t your opponent? In this Gem Palace, without the Palace Master’s permission, you won’t be able to escape. I advise you to obediently retreat, otherwise, when the Palace Master returns, you won’t be able to escape death!”

Yang Kai sneered, “Run? Why should I?”

Although this Gem Palace is a Universe Cave Heaven left over form the High Rank Open Heaven's death, and its door was sealed, if Yang Kai was determined to escape, he might have a chance. With his proficiency in the Space Laws, as long as he went to the door, he would have a chance to forcefully open it. At that time, the mountains would be high and the rivers would be vast, but even if Xia Linlang is a Seventh Order master, she might not be able to do anything to him.

However, he had no intention of escaping from the beginning and had waited ten years for Xia Linlang to leave. Naturally, he wanted to play a big game.

Qin Fen’s expression suddenly changed as he stared at Yang Kai’s right hand, “What are you doing?”

At this moment, Yang Kai was holding a jade in his right hand and gently stroking it.

As for this jade, this was something Xia Linlang has given to Qin Fen before she left. It was also the jade controlling the Gem Palace.

He didn’t even notice when Yang Kai had taken the jade, obviously because his Small Unvierse had been shaken and was feeling uneasy.

Realizing Yang Kai’s intentions, Qin Fen’s cold sweat dripped down his face. Yang Kai had forced his way into the Gem Palace and he had already let down the Palace Master’s request. If he were to refine the Gem Palace, even if he died ten thousand times, he would not be able to escape responsibility.

“It’s quite easy to refine,” Yang Kai suddenly smiled and waved his hand, causing the Gem Palace to tremble slightly as an invisible force spread out. Qin Fen and the other Open Heaven Stage masters were involuntarily pushed away by this force and when they landed, they were already standing outside the Gem Palace.

The protective light curtain that Yang Kai had shattered reappeared, blocking everyone’s path.

The core of a Palace Artifact, the Formation Jade, naturally shouldn’t have been refined so easily. In fact, Yang Kai had only managed to refine a small portion of it and hadn’t fully used it.

Since Xia Linlang had handed this jade pendant to Qin Fen to protect the Gem Palace, she would naturally remove the imprint she had left on it.

As a result, only some of Qin Fen's aura remained in the jade, so Yang Kai was naturally able to easily expel it. If Xia Linlang’s aura remained, things would not be so simple.

In fact, Xia Linlang’s arrangements weren’t wrong. Qin Fen and Yang Kai were both Sixth Order masters. Although the strength that Qin Fen had displayed on the island was inferior to Yang Kai’s, with the help of Gem Palace, dealing with an opponent of the same grade would not be a problem, not to mention the fact that Qin Fen was not the only Sixth Order in the Gem Palace.

Xia Linlang felt that with this arrangement, even if she left, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to display any of his schemes.

However, she had greatly underestimated Yang Kai’s strength!

After all, Qin Fen had only temporarily taken over the Gem Palace, so he was unable to display the full power of this Palace Artifact. Yang Kai also acted decisively, breaking through the Gem Palace’s defensive array and snatching the formation jade.

That was why Yang Kai had said that Xia Linlang had treated him like an ordinary Sixth Order, which was a big mistake. It wasn’t that Xia Linlang had been careless, it was just that in this world, a Sixth Order like Yang Kai was a unique existence that no one else could compare to. When encountering a freak like him, nothing could be explained with common sense.

Several people were pushed out of the Gem Palace, one of the Sixth Order masters was furious and was about to take a shot, Qin Fen raised his hand to stop it, “Don’t waste your strength, the Gem Palace’s Array has been activated, you won’t be able to break it.”

As he spoke these words, Qin Fen couldn’t help feeling a sense of horror. Yang Kai had broken through the Gem Palace’s defensive formation with just a hundred spear strikes, and although this had something to do with his control, how could he not see the huge gap between him and Yang Kai?

He had originally thought that he would be able to catch up to Yang Kai in his lifetime, but now it seemed that even if he cultivated to the limit of the Sixth Order, he might not be able to defeat Yang Kai. For a time, he felt bitter.

Being able to cultivate to the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, Qin Fen was naturally a proud and arrogant person. However, today’s experience had given him a vicious slap in the face, allowing him to experience what it meant to have someone stronger than him.

“Are we just going to sit back and watch?” The sixth order open heaven stage was enraged by Qin Fen’s actions, since he failed protecting the Gem Palace, he was not very polite to him.

Qin Fen took a few deep breaths before replying, “The door to this place is closed, so he won’t be able to escape. When Palace Master returns, he will definitely be punished.”

Everyone was speechless.

Inside the Gem Palace, Yang Kai walked straight towards the center.

Not long after, he arrived at a spacious hall. The hall was completely empty, but the ground was carved with mysterious and profound array patterns. Inside the grand array, there were countless mysterious auras that were closely connected to the entire Universe Cave Heaven.

This place was obviously the center of Gem Palace’s Great Array, which was connected to the Jade in his hand.

Yang Kai arrived at the center of the Great Array and sat down cross-legged with his hands crossed on his knees, holding the Formation Jade in his palm.

Activating his World Force, he poured it into the jade and began refining it.

His current cultivation is at the Sixth Order OPen Heaven, so although it wasn’t too high, it wasn’t low either. Refining this Formation Jade which was basically ownerless was naturally a piece of cake for him.

He didn’t know what Xia Linlang had gone out to do this time, nor did he know when this woman would return, so he didn’t dare neglect it.

Seventh Order Open Heaven, the current Yang Kai was still not a worthy opponent. If he wanted to contend with Xia Linlang, this Gem Palace was the key. If not for this, how could Yang Kai have come here to waste time? He would have found an opportunity to forcefully open the door and escape.

Xia Linlang had thought that with Qin Fen overseeing the Gem Palace, she would be able to relax, but she had truly underestimated Yang Kai’s cultivation.

The Formation Jade's initial refinement was easy, but the deeper he went, the more difficult it became.

It took Yang Kai half a month to completely refine the Formation Jade in his hand.

Slowly opening his eyes, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit dumbfounded. After staring blankly for a while, he cursed, “This smelly woman is actually so cunning, it really is difficult to raise a woman and a villain!”

He had an exasperated look on his face and his mood was extremely bad.

After completely refining the Formation Jade in his hand, Yang Kai discovered that he could only control half of the power of the Gem Palace through it.

In other words, this Formation Jade was not complete! Or perhaps the Formation Jade was originally split into two, while the other half was in Xia Linlang’s hands.

This was somewhat awkward.

A large part of the reason he took the risk to stay behind was to refine the Gem Palace. As long as he could occupy it, even if Xia Linlang returned, Yang Kai would be able to use the Gem Palace to control the World Force of the entire Universe Cave Heaven. This is a Universe Cave Heaven left behind after the death of an Eight Order Open Heaven. Once Yang Kai did this, even if Xia Linlang was a Seventh Order, she would still have to avoid him.

However, after he had painstakingly refined the Formation Jade, he discovered that Xia Linlang was still holding back a hand.

In this way, he could be considered half the owner of the Gem Palace, and so could Xia Linlang. No one could take advantage of this.

Yang Kai didn’t know if this was due to Xia Linlang’s carefulness, or if it was because the Formation Jade already had two part, but his original plan had failed.

Fortunately, there was something else he was looking forward to.

Outside the Gem Palace, although Qin Fen’s face was still slightly pale, it was no longer a big problem, and the injuries on his shoulder were almost completely healed. Even if a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator didn’t refine his body much, their physique was still quite strong. Although Yang Kai acted decisively, he had no intention of killing him.

Half a month was enough time for Qin Fen to recover.

However, during this half a month, he and his other companions had remained outside the Gem Palace and watched coldly, praying that the Palace Master would return soon and teach this ignorant brat a harsh lesson.

At this moment, Qin Fen suddenly sensed something and looked up towards the sky. In the next moment, his expression changed drastically as he stood up and stared fiercely at the Gem Palace.

Not only him, but the other two Open Heaven Stage masters, one Fifth Order and one Sixth Order, were also the same!

On the other hand, the other three didn’t understand why Qin Fen and the others suddenly acted like this.


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