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Xia Linlang had left, but no one knew where she had gone. It seemed she wasn’t worried that Yang Kai would use this opportunity to escape.

Yang Kai had no intention of fleeing.

The World Spring had not been completely refined yet, so from time to time, the Small Universe's World Energy would be devoured by it, causing the Small Unvierse to become agitated. In addition, when he was collecting the World Spring in the Shattered Spirit Province, his Small Unvierse had been filled with many impurities. If these two hidden dangers were not removed, no matter how powerful the Small Universe were, he would not be able to escape from a High Rank Open Heaven.

Although the island in the middle of the lake wasn’t very big, it had a beautiful scenery. A gentle breeze blew and the bamboo forest swayed gently. The lake was filled with thousands of purple and red koi swimming about.

After spending two days constructing a bamboo house to shelter himself from the wind and rain, Yang Kai set up many restrictions around the house to prevent outsiders from investigating. Only then did he begin his retreat.

The matter of the World Spring could be put aside for now, but the most important thing right now was to quickly expel the impurities from his Small Universe.

If these impurities were left in the Small Universe, Yang Kai would have to spend some effort to suppress them. Otherwise, if they were allowed to fuse into his Small Universe, it would likely affect his foundation.

Fortunately, this was not the first time Yang Kai had done this, so he was quite familiar with it.

After half a month of hard work, the Small Universe had become pure again.

After dealing with his Small Universe's worries, Yang Kai began refining the World Spring. Since this thing had taken root in his Small Universe, it had taken the initiative to settle down. Yang Kai’s refining process was simply accelerating.

Before, Yang Kai’s life and death had been uncertain, so he hadn’t paid much attention to it. Now that he had calmed down, he discovered that as the World Energy was devoured by the World Spring, there is an invisible internal Qi that gradually began to flow, filling the entire Small Universe.

With the existence of this Internal Qi, the Small Universe's foundation had become more stable and more flawless, and even his foundation had become stronger.

Yang Kai silently calculated for a moment. In this current state, it would take one or two months of hard work to completely refine the World Spring, and during this process, the amount of World Force consumed would naturally be difficult to calculate.

After swallowing a large number of Open Heaven Pills to supplement his own consumption, he was still unable to make ends meet.

After a full two months, with the infusion of the World Force, the World Spring that occasionally caused the Small Universe to tremble was finally connected to the Small Universe.

Yang Kai instantly felt a sense of joy, as if he had been reborn from a withered tree. The pressure he had been suppressing for the past few months was swept away, and with a gentle clench of his fist, he was able to circulate his World Force without any hindrance.

The World Spring had the power to suppress the Small Universe, so before it was completely refined, Yang Kai’s strength had been greatly affected. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have been so helpless before Xia Linlang.

After all, he had fought Zuo Quan Hui to the death before, so no matter how strong Xia Linlang was, she was only at Zuo Quan Hui’s level.

Now that the World Spring had been completely branded by him, although it still had the effect of suppressing the Small Universe, it didn’t matter if he used his own World Force. On the contrary, because of the World Spring, the Small Universe was able to remain unmoved no matter how the wind and rain battered him. As long as he didn’t suffer an unbearable impact, the Small Universe would no longer be in danger of being shaken.

Just as he was focused on examining the changes in his Small Universe, the restriction around the bamboo house seemed to have been touched by someone. Yang Kai frowned slightly and focused his attention, only to find a dark-skinned young man standing outside with a look of anger on his face. It was unknown who he was angry with, but when he punched out, the restriction that Yang Kai had hastily set up shattered and the bamboo house collapsed.

Yang Kai’s previous restrictions had only served as a warning and didn’t have much defensive power. Although this dark-skinned young man’s temper wasn’t good, he was unexpectedly a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so how could the restrictions withstand his punch?

In this place, besides Xia Linlang, there were actually other Open Heaven Stage masters? Yang Kai frowned slightly, but after thinking about it carefully, he understood. Although Xia Linlang lived in seclusion here, as a Seventh Order, it wasn’t strange for her to have some subordinates.

When the bamboo structure collapsed, Yang Kai landed lightly.

As their eyes met, the young man’s gaze became fierce as he sized up Yang Kai, “Your name is Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai nodded, “Yes!”

The young man coldly snorted, holding a Space Ring in his hand as he waved it towards Yang Kai, “The Palace Master asked me to give this to you.”

Yang Kai looked back at the broken bamboo building and smiled, “Did your Palace Master ask you to break my bamboo building?”

The young man didn’t answer his question and instead angrily said, “I don’t care what your background is, but the things inside this ring are all cultivation resources that my brothers fought so hard to obtain. Each one of them was not easy to obtain, if Palace Master wants to give them to you, I, Qin Fen, have nothing to say. But if you want to take them, it will depend on whether you have the ability or not!”

Yang Kai stared at the young man who called himself Qin Fen, faintly understanding why he was so angry.

In order for him to break through to the Seventh Order as soon as possible, Xia Linlang had to provide him with cultivation resources. Previously, she had checked his Space Ring for this reason. However, in Shattered Heaven, it was not easy to obtain cultivation resources. As a member of the Gem Palace, they naturally didn’t dare disobey the words of this Palace Master Xia Linlang, but since she was willing to give the resources they had painstakingly obtained to a stranger, he naturally wasn’t willing.

With nowhere to vent his anger, Yang Kai’s Bamboo Building collapsed.

“If I don’t have this ability, what do you think?” Yang Kai looked at the young man in front of him.

Qin Fen quickly put away his Space Ring, raised his hand, and grabbed the air. A long spear with a green-purple hue appeared in his hand, and with a burst of World Force, he thrust it towards Yang Kai, shouting, “Naturally, we will see who is stronger. If you have the ability, take it, if you don’t, die!”

Facing this sudden thrust, Yang Kai’s figure remained motionless, his clothes fluttering as he drifted away like a ghost.

In the blink of an eye, the tip of the spear was only three inches away from his face. On the tip of the spear, it pulsed like a poisonous snake.

As the two of them passed by each other, the space around them exploded, showing the might of Qin Fen.

However, no matter how hard he tried, Yang Kai still maintained his calm and indifferent attitude, as if he was an adult playing with a child.

Qin Fen roared angrily, “Acting all mysterious, if you have the guts, take this spear of mine!” The World Force in his body surged as he pushed his spear forward another inch!

After his words fell, Yang Kai suddenly threw out a punch!

Qin Fen’s eyes suddenly bulged as he felt an extremely powerful force rush towards him from the front, passing through his spear like a giant mountain crashing towards his chest. On top of his spear, azure and purple lights flickered.

In his shock, Qin Fen hurriedly retreated, but he was still struck in the chest by Yang Kai’s fist and was sent tumbling away. On the vast lake, the surface of the lake was filled with waves. After Qin Fen stabilized himself, he looked up and saw Yang Kai still standing in front of the shattered bamboo building, his eyes indifferent as if he had never moved.

Struggling to stabilize his body, Qin Fen, who was standing on the surface of the water, had a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

Even though they were both Sixth Order, he couldn’t understand why the gap between him and this Yang Kai fellow was so great, yet he was actually forced back by his bare hands.

At that moment, he felt that he was not facing a Sixth Order, but a Seventh Order master like the Palace Master!

Where did this person come from? Qin Fen’s heart was in turmoil. He had only recently learned that the Palace Master had brought back a mysterious person and had originally planned to ignore him, but this time, the Palace Master had actually asked him to deliver some supplies to this man. After seeing the rich amount of supplies in the Space Ring, he naturally couldn’t help feeling a little angry. Originally, he had wanted to take advantage of this man, but who would have thought he would suffer such a loss.

Suppressing the surging blood in his heart, Qin Fen’s eyes flashed with a complicated light. Suddenly, he coldly snorted, put away his long spear, raised his hand, and tossed the Space Ring towards Yang Kai, “Since you have such ability, these things are yours.”

With a clang, the ring fell to the ground, but Yang Kai didn’t even look at it.

Qin Fen glared at him, “What do you mean?”

Yang Kai gave him a harmless smile, “Nothing.”

Qin Fen really wanted to ask what the meaning of this was, but if he really asked, it would definitely be meaningless. Moreover, Yang Kai’s intentions were already clear, his eyes flickering between Yang Kai and the Space Ring as he solemnly declared, “A warrior can be killed but not humiliated!”

Yang Kai chuckled.

Qin Fen immediately became conflicted. He was absolutely unwilling to pick up this ring and hand it over to Yang Kai, but he didn’t dare to disobey the Palace Master’s orders, so he had no choice but to deliver it. Originally, he had only planned to teach Yang Kai a lesson and leave the ring behind, but now, he was in a difficult position.

Just as Qin Fen was feeling awkward, Xia Linlang’s voice rang out from somewhere, “Yang Kai, it’s good to see you.”

Yang Kai remained silent.

Xia Linlang continued, “Qin Fen, after you break the bamboo house of others, you will rebuild it!”

Qin Fen respectfully cupped his fists, “As Palace Master commands!”

Yang Kai curled his lips but still cupped his fists, “Since Young Lady has spoken, this Yang will naturally obey!”

If he really angered this Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed. Now was not the time to fall out with her. Since she had already spoken, Yang Kai could only take advantage of this situation.

Reaching out, Yang Kai grabbed the Space Ring and examined it with his Divine Sense, discovering that there were indeed many things inside. Not to mention the Open Heaven Pill, there were even more than twenty sets of Fifth Grade materials.

It wasn’t that Xia Linlang didn’t want to give Yang Kai a sixth grade cultivation resource, but in this world, whether it was the 3000 Worlds or Shattered Heaven, all Open Heaven Stage were facing the same predicament. The Yin-Yang Attribute resources above the sixth grades were extremely scarce. The Five Elements were relatively easy to find, but when it came to cultivation, it was impossible to cultivate without Yin and Yang materials, which would break the balance of power in the Small Universe.

Therefore, when Open Heaven Stage cultivators refined materials, they would need to prepare a set of materials to refine them. Yin-Yang + Five Elements were indispensable.


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