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Discovering a painting in the void was undoubtedly a very surprising thing, but if this painting was a door, it wouldn’t be so surprising.

Carrying Yang Kai, Xia Linlang didn’t hesitate to dive into the painting and instantly disappear.

The strange painting also disappeared without a trace.

The rich World Energy rushed towards him and a thick universe world aura surrounded his body. By the time Yang Kai came back to his senses, he had already arrived at a place filled with lush greenery, like a paradise.

Looking around, Yang Kai was secretly amazed.

With his eyesight and knowledge, he could naturally tell that this place was different from the normal Universe World. This was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind after the death of a High Rank Open Heaven! Moreover, it was an extremely well preserved Universe Cave Heaven. The World Laws is abundant, the world is stable, and its Dao traces were abundant. It was not something that the several Seventh Rank masters who had fought before could compare with.

Moreover, he could clearly feel that there was a kind of Dao Mark Law in the Universe Cave Heaven.

He understood now that the owner of the Universe Cave Heaven must have been proficient in Spear Dao when he was alive! Therefore, the density of the Spear Dao Mark in his Small Universe was extremely high. Cultivating in such an environment would undoubtedly allow him to comprehend Spear Dao with half the effort, double the result.

When he first entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the traces of the Blood Dao were extremely obvious. However, Yang Kai did not cultivate the Blood Dao, so he did not have a deep understanding of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. As for the Shadowless Cave Heaven, because of the Shadowless Astral Wind that wreaked havoc all year round, whatever was inside had been swept away, leaving only an empty shell.

In his Small Universe, the densest density of Dao Marks was definitely the Dao of Space. After all, he used the Dao of Space to condense his own Dao Seal and advance to Open Heaven with it, followed by the Dao of Time, Alchemy, and Spear Dao. If someone entered his Small Universe for secluded meditation, they would have a chance to inherit his cultivation insights.

There are three thousand Great Daos, each of which was different, but in general, they all had the same goal.

Although Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Spear were far inferior to his Dao of Space, he was still close to reaching the third stage, so as soon as he entered the Universe Cave Heaven, he was able to sense the rich Dao Mark contained within it.

This was a good place. If he could cultivate here all year round, it would definitely allow his Spear Dao to reach a higher level. Although it wouldn’t be of much help to his cultivation, it could enhance his combat strength.

Just as he was thinking about this, Yang Kai suddenly looked down.

Inside a town-like market, it was bustling with people.

There were actually so many people here? Yang Kai was shocked.

He had originally thought that the place where Xia Linlang lived in seclusion would be an extremely quiet place, but who would have thought that what he saw was completely different from what he had imagined.

Xia Linlang seemed to have seen through his thoughts and said, “When I found this Universe Cave Heaven, this place was like this. This landowner was at least an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, and he was able to nurture living creatures in his body, giving birth to spiritual energy and increasing his world’s power. This is not a rare occurrence. In ancient times, many High Rank Open Heaven masters would do this, which is different from the situation now.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but think of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. In the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, there were also living creatures that had been raised in captivity. The ancestors of Mo Mei and the others in the Ding Feng City were living creatures that had been raised by the Blood Monster Divine Monarch.

However, Blood Monster Divine Monarch was a suspicious and narrow-minded person, so he had placed a Blood Dao Restriction on all the living beings he had taken care of. Not only would this restriction hinder those living beings from comprehending the Heavenly Law and Martial Dao, preventing them from condensing their Dao Seals, but it also prevented them from escaping from Blood Monster Cave Heaven.

Without the nourishment of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven's aura, all those who were implanted with the Blood Dao Restriction would explode and die.

Back then, Yang Kai had made a deal with Black Crow and obtained the method to remove the Blood Dao Restriction, allowing him to successfully bring Mo Mei and the others back to the Void Land. Otherwise, when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, Mo Mei and the others would have already died.

Xia Linlang had said that in ancient times, many High Rank Open Heaven could nurture living creatures inside one’s body, so it seemed like she was right.

However, the current situation was different from the ancient times. He had never heard of any High Rank masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise having such a hobby. At the very least, Yang Kai hadn’t encountered any Seventh Order master like this.

He just didn’t know if the Eighth Order does this.

Cultivating a living being inside one’s body was extremely beneficial. The continuous proliferation of living beings would constantly give rise to the spiritual energy power. As such, the Small Universe master did not need to cultivate, and the World Force would constantly increase.

For a High Rank Open Heaven that required tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation to advance one grade, such an increase in strength might not be too great in a short period of time, but under the accumulation of collecting sand to form a pagoda, it could not be ignored. It might even cause one’s cultivation time to be greatly reduced.

However, for the living beings who had been imprisoned, this was not good news.

Normally, their lives wouldn’t be affected, but if the High Rank Open Heaven was used to fight with others, once the Small Universe became restless, a natural disaster would appear! If the High Rank Open Heaven was killed and the Small Universe collapsed, then all the living creatures that were captured would be buried together with him. For these living creatures that were captured, their lives and deaths were closely related to the Small Universe's master, so it could be said that if they were destroyed, they would die together with him!

Yang Kai suddenly let out a soft ‘oh’, a look of realization appearing on his face.

Xia Linlang looked at him strangely, “What?”

Yang Kai restrained his expression and said lightly, “Nothing, I just understand something.”

Xia Linlang had no intention of probing further. Now that Yang Kai had been brought to this place by her, even if he was proficient in the Space Laws, he could only be a caged beast. There was no way he could escape, so as long as Yang Kai didn’t go too far, she couldn’t be bothered.

What Yang Kai understood was why the Universe Four Pillars were so famous, why a World Spring could cause several High Rank masters to fight to the death!

The World Spring could indeed allow the Small Unvierse to be perfect and flawless, allowing him to be unafraid of corrosion from outside, allowing him to gain a great advantage when fighting others. However, this thing’s greatest use was in raising living creatures.

With the Universe Four Pillars suppressing the Small Universe, as long as he didn’t suffer too much pressure, it wouldn’t experience any kind of turbulence, so the living beings that lived here naturally wouldn’t be affected.

In other words, with any of the Universe Four Pillars, the Open Heaven Stage cultivator would be able to rest assured with the Small Universe in his body and not worry about any natural disasters or deaths caused by his battle with others!

Thinking of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help having a bold idea.

Now that he had obtained the World Spring, could he consider this matter? He was only a Sixth Order, far from reaching the limit of the Eighth Order Open Heaven. He didn’t know how many years he would need to cultivate to reach the peak of the Eighth Order, but if he could raise some living creatures in his body, it would definitely greatly shorten his cultivation time!

But now that he had become a prisoner, it was more important to find a way to escape.

The reason he had cooperated so much before was because he didn’t want to arouse Xia Linlang’s murderous intent. If it weren’t for the old woman’s words, Yang Kai would still be on edge, afraid that Xia Linlang would kill him when she was in a bad mood. However, after learning about the mysteries of the World Spring, Yang Kai wasn’t worried that Xia Linlang would do anything to him. At the very least, before he broke through to the Seventh Order, she wouldn’t take such a risk.

When he broke through to the Seventh Order, it would be time for him to shed all pretenses!

Yang Kai had never believed her seemingly sincere words.

A mirror-like lake appeared in his field of vision, with a small island in the middle of the lake and a bamboo forest on the island, swaying gently in the wind.

Xia Linlang brought Yang Kai to the small island and lightly said, “In the future, you can cultivate here. If you want to regain your freedom, you must break through to the Seventh Order as soon as possible. At that time, I will fulfill my promise with you.”

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll try my best, but it will definitely take some time.”

“Give me your Space Ring!” Xia Linlang stretched out her hand.

Yang Kai blinked. This scene seemed somewhat familiar. He remembered that he had also told Luan Bai Feng this before, this is really a karma from the Heavenly Law. Who would the Heavens spare?

If Luan Bai Feng was here, she would definitely be laughing.

With a sullen expression, he took out his Space Ring and tossed it to Xia Linlang.

Xia Linlang took it and frowned, “You’re a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, why are you so poor?”

Yang Kai wasn’t poor. On this trip from the Star Boundary, he had brought a lot of materials with him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to refine the Void Yin-Yang Mirror. However, most of his things were stored in his Small Universe's storage.

When he had obtained the Mysterious Boundary Bead a long time ago, he had a habit of placing all the good things inside the Mysterious Boundary Bead, leaving only some dispensable items inside his Space Ring.

In order to avoid encountering some kind of undefeatable master, if he was robbed, he wouldn’t suffer any serious loss.

Facing Xia Linlang’s somewhat sympathetic and disdainful gaze, Yang Kai smiled awkwardly, “Although I’m not rich, I’m not poor, am I? It’s enough for me to cultivate normally.”

Xia Linlang’s lips curled up, “Didn’t you say you were Bright King Heaven’s disciple? The Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage of the 36 Cave Heaven's wealth is so shabby, aren’t you afraid your Bright King Heaven’s reputation to be loss?”

Yang Kai said coldly, “When you hit someone, you don’t hit their face; when you curse, you don’t expose their shortcomings. It’s fine as long as everyone knows the truth, there’s no need to make things awkward.”

Xia Linlang curled her lips and said, “Acting mysterious!”

Saying so, she tossed the Space Ring back to Yang Kai and said, “Alright, use this trash to cultivate first. I’ll have someone send you something later.”

Yang Kai nodded and put the ring back on his finger before saying, “I’ll have to trouble you to remove the seal on my body, otherwise it may have some effect on my cultivation.”

Xia Linlang looked at him meaningfully. Whether or not the restrictions she had planted would affect his cultivation, she naturally knew. However, since Yang Kai had already become a caged beast, whether or not the restrictions had been planted didn’t matter.

Ignoring these minor details, she simply smiled sweetly and said, “Be obedient and cooperate. If I find you trying to escape, I’ll break your legs once and take your life the second time!”

Yang Kai’s face turned pale as he lowered his head, “I wouldn’t dare!”

Xia Linlang gently curled her finger and a silver thread flew out from Yang Kai’s body, transforming into a ball of silver light in her hand and disappearing.


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