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“What’s your name?” The young girl suddenly asked.

Yang Kai reported his name honestly before adding, “I am the disciple of Bright King Heaven!”

The young girl sneered, not caring at all.

Yang Kai knew that he had made too much of a fuss. He had originally wanted to use Bright King Heaven’s tiger skin as a flag so that this Seventh Order woman would be somewhat wary of him and wouldn’t try to kill him all the time, but from the looks of it, she didn’t care if he was a disciple of Bright King Heaven or not.

From the looks of it, it was just as Xu Wang had said. In Shattered Heaven, all noble births were fake, and only one’s own strength was real. It wasn’t that the Open Heaven Stage cultivators from the various Cave HEaven Paradise didn’t die in Shattered Heaven, but so what? Wouldn’t those who killed others still live freely?

Realizing this, Yang Kai immediately shut his mouth, fearing he would make a mistake.

The young girl’s expression suddenly changed as she turned her head to look in a certain direction, gritting her teeth and shouting, “Old bastard, you’re quite fast!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder and used the World Force to wrap him up and escape.

However, a violent surge of energy followed, causing the young girl to grit her teeth and toss Yang Kai out, her graceful figure turning as she raised her palm to meet it.

The tiny Shattered Spirit Province was completely unable to withstand the shockwaves from the clash between two High Rank masters and exploded.

By the time Yang Kai came back to his senses, the young girl was already standing next to him, staring forward as if she was facing a great enemy. Following her gaze, he saw a white-haired old woman standing in the air, his back slightly bent as he stared greedily at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai felt goosebumps all over his body from her gaze.

“Old witch, you’re courting death!” The young girl shouted.

The old woman’s wrinkled face wrinkled into a smile, “Xia Linlang, you and I are both Seventh Order, don’t speak so arrogantly. Can you kill this old woman?”

The young girl called Xia Linlang by the old woman coldly snorted, “If I can’t kill you today, can’t I kill you in the future? Don’t forget, you’re the one with half your neck buried in the ground, while I’m the one in my prime, I’ll make sure you die.”

The old woman said, “That’s right, you’re young, so young is your capital, but young people may not dare to risk their lives like this old woman. This old woman will exchange her life for yours, will you exchange it?”

Xia Linlang frowned, “I found this person first, so the World Spring belongs to me. If you leave today, my Gem Palace is willing to compensate you.”

The old woman chuckled, “If this kind of thing is first come first serve, then we don’t need to fight to the death. As for compensation, you said yourself that this old woman has buried half her neck to the ground, what use is there in asking for compensation?”

Xia Linlang grit her teeth, “Then what use do you have for the World Spring?”

“This old woman has her own uses for it, you don’t need to worry about that.”

“It looks like you really want to die here!” Xia Linlang’s killing intent soared.

The old woman slowly shook her head, “Don’t try to scare this old woman. If we fight, the outcome will be fifty-fifty. If we make too much noise, it will only benefit others!”

Hearing this, Xia Linlang immediately looked around vigilantly, but seeing no trace of anyone else, she couldn’t help coldly snorting, “Trying to act mysterious.”

The old woman said, “Don’t worry, this old woman only found this place by chance. That guy went in another direction and won’t be paying attention to this place for the time being.” Although she had been talking to Xia Linlang the whole time, her seemingly turbid eyes were still fixed on Yang Kai. At this moment, she suddenly frowned, “That’s not right, with your temperament, you still want to keep this boy alive, could it be…”

Suddenly, her expression changed as she stared at Yang Kai and asked, “Boy, you’ve already taken that World Spring to your Small Universe?”

Yang Kai didn’t answer, instead glancing over at Xia Linlang with a look of compliance.

The old woman suddenly burst into laughter, “Boy, you’re quite lucky, no wonder you didn’t die in this woman’s hands. Did you think she was kind enough not to kill you?”

In fact, Yang Kai didn’t understand why Xia Linlang didn’t try to kill him. Just now, after she had used the silver thread to place a seal on his body, Yang Kai had been vigilant, but who would have thought that she didn’t have the slightest intention of killing him.

“You’re wrong, the only reason she didn’t kill you was because you put the World Spring into your Small Universe. Right now, you’re only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so if you die and the Small Universe collapses, there’s a high chance that the World Spring will also disintegrate. Why would she take such a risk? Did she ask if you had a chance to advance to High Rank?”

Without waiting for Yang Kai’s reply, the old woman replied, “You should have had a chance to break through to the High Rank, otherwise you would have died a long time ago, how could you have survived until now? However, if one day you break through to the High Rank, that will be your death. At that time, the High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe will be able to transform from illusory to solid. At that time, even if you die, the World Spring will be able to smoothly preserve itself.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood.

No wonder Xia Linlang had said she didn’t mind taking a gamble. He was now a Sixth Order, so if he were to be killed, the World Spring would most likely disintegrate along with the Small Universe's collapse, so she needed to preserve his life, just like raising chickens and ducks.

Yang Kai didn’t show much anger, only a cold sweat dripping down his back.

Although he was a Sixth Order, his Small Universe had long since become solid. In other words, even if he died, it would not affect the World Spring rooted in the Small Universe.

He secretly made up his mind that no matter what, he couldn’t expose his Small Universe's secret, otherwise he would really have no way out.

When the old woman spoke, Xia Linlang had no intention of interrupting, obviously not minding Yang Kai knowing her intentions.

The old woman looked at Yang Kai with a pleasant expression, “Junior, don’t look down on this woman next to you. She may look harmless, but she’s actually even more poisonous than a poisonous snake. If you follow her, you won’t have a good end.”

Yang Kai grinned, “Even if I die under a peony flower, I’ll die a romantic death!”

Xia Linlang glanced at Yang Kai and the old woman was momentarily speechless.

After a moment of silence, the old woman shook her head and said, “A young man’s lust causes him to lose his wits, but it’s inevitable. Do you want to consider following this old woman? This old woman doesn’t have any malicious intentions, so I can guarantee you that when you break through to the Seventh Order, you only need to part a portion of your Small Universe's territory and move out the World Spring. I won’t take your life. Although this will damage your cultivation foundation, it’s better than death.”

Yang Kai said with a straight face, “Granny doesn’t look like a good person, I don’t trust her.”

The old woman laughed hoarsely, “You don’t trust this old woman, but you trust this woman with the heart of a scorpion?”

Yang Kai sighed, “Both of you are masters, I can’t afford to offend either of you. Why don’t the two of you decide life and death here? I’ll follow whoever lives here.”

The old woman coldly snorted, “Little trickster!”

Xia Linlang also lost her patience, “Old witch, if you insist on fighting to the death with me here, I don’t mind giving you a ride. If you want to spend the rest of your life in peace, you’d better scram!”

The old woman’s face was filled with anger, but it wasn’t like what she had said before, she would not give up her life easily.

Xia Linlang revealed a mocking smile and grabbed Yang Kai’s shoulder, transforming into a stream of light and speeding away. Yang Kai could clearly feel a gaze like a leech biting him from behind, a hint of murderous intent stirring on him. However, even after the two of them had travelled quite a distance, the old woman had no intention of attacking.

Obviously, she wasn’t confident she could keep Xia Linlang here, and if she really fought with her life on the line, the two of them would be equally matched, so in the end, she could only suppress her anger.

Staring at the disappearing figures of Xia Linlang and Yang Kai, the old woman’s eyes filled with hatred, “Where can you run off to?”

“Are you disappointed that I didn’t fight with that old witch?” Xia Linlang suddenly glanced over at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai patted his chest and said, “If you fight, I will definitely help you.”

“Is that so?” Xia Linlang smiled faintly.

Yang Kai changed the subject, “In fact, if Young Lady wants the World Spring, you don’t need to wait for me to break through to the Seventh Order. After I settle down, I’ll think of a way to force the World Spring out of the Small Universe.”

Xia Linlang smiled, “You can try. If you succeed, it will naturally be for the best.”

Yang Kai responded sullenly, not even thinking about escaping.

Seemingly wanting to appease him, Xia Linlang said, “Although the old witch has ulterior motives, there’s one thing she's not wrong about. I originally planned to kill you after you broke through to the Seventh Order and take back the World Spring, but since she exposed this matter, seeing your cooperation, I can’t be too ruthless.”

“Young Lady, what are your plans now?” Yang Kai asked.

“After you break through to the Seventh Order, if you are willing to part with a portion of your Small Universe's territory and move the World Spring out, you will be able to preserve your life! However, if you do so, your cultivation will definitely fall back to the Sixth Order and your foundation will become unstable. No Sixth Order cultivator will be your opponent, only slightly stronger than a Fifth Order.”

“Deal!” Yang Kai quickly replied.

Xia Linlang looked at him in surprise, “Aren’t you going to consider it carefully?”

Yang Kai laughed dryly, “It’s better to live than to die. Since Young Lady has already spoken frankly, I naturally won’t beat around the bush with you.”

Xia Linlang seemed to have realized something and sighed lightly, “Yes, living is better than dying.”

As they sped along, Xia Linlang didn’t even let Yang Kai use his Space Laws to travel. She was extremely vigilant against this strange power, so if Yang Kai did something to her while using his Space Laws, even if her cultivation was higher, she might not be able to detect it.

Yang Kai was also tactful enough not to inquire about this woman’s background. Since she was hiding in the depths of Shattered Heaven and did not want to show her face easily, she naturally had some secrets that were not meant for outsiders.

After half a month, the two of them arrived in the depths of the void, where Xia Linlang finally stopped.

Yang Kai turned his head to look around but didn’t find anything worth paying attention to.

On the other hand, Xia Linlang suddenly changed her hand seals and stretched out two slender fingers, gently pointing forward.

In the void, ripples appeared on the ground, and after a series of ripples, a painting appeared in Yang Kai’s vision.

Inside the painting, the mountains were stacked up and the scenery was beautiful. There were strange beasts running about and there were also pavilions hidden in the mountain forest.


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