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As a result, the World Energy contained in the Shattered Spirit Province poured into Yang Kai’s Small Universe. These things were the source of the owner original strength, but to Yang Kai, they were impurities that affected his foundation!

If that was all there was to it, Yang Kai would have been fine. When he killed Zuo Quan Hui, his Small Universe was also filled with a large amount of impurities, it would take him some time to expel them.

The key was the rapid depletion of his Small Universe’s power, catching Yang Kai off guard and causing his mind to tremble. This was why he was in such a miserable state.

Suppressing the roiling blood in his heart, Yang Kai looked over and couldn’t help being stunned.

One could only see a clear spring fall into his Small Universe with the Shattered Spirit Province and take root inside. The spring’s water was so clear that it was almost bottomless, and as he poured his World Energy into it, the spring became more stable.

As this spring fell, the entire Small Universe seemed to undergo some kind of indescribable change. From the spring’s eye, one could not see with the naked eye, but they could feel the real internal Qi slowly dissipating and merging the Small Universe.

What the hell was this? Yang Kai was shocked.

Yang Kai had thought that the treasure hidden in the Shattered Spirit Province was some kind of artifact or treasure, but it turned out to be a spring eye.

Moreover, this spring had actually absorbed his World Energy and used it to take root in his Small Universe. Although Yang Kai was unable to react in time, he could faintly feel that this spring was some kind of incredible treasure.

What was certain was that this spring belonged to the owner of the Universe Cave Heaven. The reason why the several High Rank Open HEaven masters had fought over it was because they wanted to seize it, but due to a series of coincidences, Yang Kai had unintentionally taken it away.

Fortunately, although this change had happened suddenly, the spring didn’t really drain Yang Kai’s strength. After a dozen breaths of time, the movement in the Small Universe gradually became smaller, allowing Yang Kai to stop his tumbling.

Three powerful auras locked onto Yang Kai from behind and three Divine Abilities shot towards him, causing Yang Kai to break out in a cold sweat.

A moment later, the three figures flew past, the white-haired old man, the graceful young woman, and the middle-aged man.

The three’s auras intertwined with one another. Although they were working together to pursue Yang Kai, they had no choice but to fight one another in the dark. The two who had retreated earlier had been defeated in this confrontation and had no choice but to find a place to recuperate.

If nothing unexpected happened, with Yang Kai’s current cultivation and the profoundness of his Space Laws, not to mention the three Seventh Order pursuers behind him, even if there were thirty of them, they might not be able to do anything to him.

However, from that day onwards, after the strange spring had fallen into his Small Universe, it would erupt from time to time. Every time it erupted, Yang Kai’s World Force would madly leak out, causing his Small Universe to tremble non-stop. Under such circumstances, Yang Kai was unable to continue, so he could only stop to adjust his breathing and frantically swallow Open Heaven Pills to replenish his energy.

Fortunately, the changes in the Small Universe didn’t last too long, at least a dozen breaths of time or a few breaths of time, otherwise he really wouldn’t have been able to escape.

However, because of this, it was impossible for him to completely escape from the three Seventh Order masters. Every time he tried to put some distance between himself and them, he would fail due to the Small Universe's turbulence.

Yang Kai was so angry he wanted to curse out loud. Compared to this unpleasant escape, the changes the Small Universe had undergone made Yang Kai both surprised and happy. This was because every time this strange change occurred, his Small Universe would become more stable. This kind of change could not be seen or touched, but it was real.

If the Open Heaven Stage's Small Universe was compared to a house, then the Low Rank Open Heaven was a thatched hut, simple and dilapidated. If it encountered any bad weather, it would leak wind and rain, while the Mid Rank Open Heaven was a wooden house. It was naturally better than a thatched hut, but not much better.

On the other hand, High Rank Open Heaven was a finely carved stone house. Even if there was a violent storm, it might not be able to shake its foundation, unless it encountered extremely harsh weather.

Yang Kai’s Small Universe was in the middle between the wooden house and stone house, neither good nor bad, but as the invisible aura from the spring increased, the house and Small Universe became more stable.

It was as if his Small Universe had been covered in layers of barriers.

Even if Yang Kai didn’t know what that spring was, he could infer from the Small Universe transformation that it was definitely a treasure that could benefit him.

The information recorded in the ancient books flashed across Yang Kai’s mind, and he began to speculate about what he had stolen from several High Rank Open Heaven masters.

World Spring!

One of the Universe Four Pillars.

Universe had four pillars; the Mystery Fish, World Spring, Constellation Sea, Whole Sky Clouds. Although these four things couldn’t be considered the most precious treasures in the world, they were still extremely rare and were only slightly inferior to the world treasure.

These Universe Four Pillars couldn’t help a cultivator increase their cultivation, nor could they help a cultivator cultivate, but any one of them could make the Small Universe World smooth and flawless, impervious to all external forces.

Such an item was useless to cultivators below the Open Heaven Stage, but to any Open Heaven Stage cultivator, it was a treasure they could only dream of.

If Yang Kai were to fight against an enemy who possessed one of the Universe Four Pillars, the Beating Ox Technique wouldn’t be of any use, because the Beating Ox Technique would follow the faint trace of aura and attack the enemy’s Small Universe.

However, if the enemy had one of the Universe Four Pillars, the Small Universe would be extremely smooth and flawless. Even if Yang Kai’s methods were extraordinary, he wouldn’t be able to shake the Small Universe.

If this was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the key was that with the Universe Four Pillars, the Small Universe was as stable as a rock, so there wouldn’t be any instability.

When Yang Kai fought with powerful enemies, he would often encounter powerful attacks, causing the Small Universe to be unable to maintain his strength, making it difficult for him to expand his combat strength while making things worse.

This was a situation that every cultivator couldn’t avoid, even if it was a High Rank Open Heaven, who is stronger than Yang Kai, they will still encounter it.

However, with the Universe Four Pillars suppressing the Small Unvierse, there was no need for Open Heaven Stage cultivators to have such worries in a life or death battle. One Universe World was firm and stable while the other was unstable. If their cultivations were equal, the former would undoubtedly be more advantageous.

The effects of Universe Four Pillars were absolutely impossible to ignore for a Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

In this world, there were more than just these four pillars that had the effect of stabilizing the Universe World, but these four pillars had the most obvious and most powerful effects, so they were called the Universe Four Pillars. Any one of these treasures could suppress the Small Universe.

These four were also known as Universe Four Pillars. Beneath these four pillars were Twelve Small Pillars, but regardless of which one they were, they were all extremely rare and difficult to find.

If Yang Kai hadn’t realized what this spring was for a moment, but after the changes in his Small Universe these past few days, he was basically certain that he had obtained one of the Universe Four Pillars, the World Spring.

It was no wonder those High Rank Open Heaven masters were willing to tear apart all pretenses of cordiality and kill each other. It had to be known that they were all people who had been hiding in Shattered Heaven for many years. Normally, they would hide in hiding places, not appearing even once in a hundred years. Now that four or five of them had appeared, if it weren’t for the great temptation, how could such a situation have occurred?

They must have known about the situation in this Universe Cave Heaven, which was why they had waited there in advance and entered a fierce battle. As a result, the Universe Cave Heaven had fallen apart, and the World Spring in the Shattered Spirit Province had been taken away by him.

After confirming that he had obtained the World Spring, Yang Kai was both surprised and helpless. He was pleasantly surprised that with this treasure, he would no longer have to fear fighting with opponents stronger than him. Unfortunately, with such a treasure being snatched away, the High Rank masters would not let this matter rest so easily.

The World Spring was still in the process of settling down, and during this time, it would definitely absorb a large amount of World Energy, which was why it would erupt every now and then, leaving Yang Kai in a miserable state.

Yang Kai didn’t have time to expel the impurities in his body, so he quickly swallowed a large number of Open Heaven Pills as he fled, quickly recovering his strength.

The clear and distinct aura behind him had become intermittent, and it was obvious that after the distance between them had been widened, the High Rank masters found it difficult to track him.

As long as he had a few more days, Yang Kai was confident he could completely shake off these people.

Three days later, the intermittent aura also disappeared, allowing Yang Kai to breathe a sigh of relief. After all, this was the first time he had been chased by so many High Rank Open Heaven masters, so escaping from them was not easy.

Instead of stopping, he flew around for several days before landing on a Shattered Spirit Province.

In Shattered Heaven, there were countless Shattered Spirit Province of various sizes. After witnessing the destruction of the Universe Cave Heaven, Yang Kai understood where these Shattered Spirit Province came from.

They were either from the broken Universe Cave Heaven or Universe Paradise, or from the Universe World that had been left behind some time ago.

This place was barren and uninhabited, so Yang Kai found a secluded place, withdrew his aura, and sat down cross-legged.

Calculating the time, Yang Kai realized that the World Spring was probably going to devour his World Energy again. Yang Kai didn’t know when such a day would end. He had only read about the Universe Four Pillars in the ancient books, so he didn’t know how much hardship he would have to endure after absorbing them.

No wonder none of the High Rank Open Heaven masters had taken action to collect the World Spring. Yang Kai had thought that they didn’t have the energy to do so, but now it seemed that this was only one of the reasons. The biggest reason was probably because they knew that after collecting the World Spring, such a situation would occur, so before eliminating all of their opponents, none of them would be foolish enough to collect it, or else it would give others a chance to seize the opportunity.


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Feb 26, 2022

Soon he will be able to rear people in his smal univers and not worry he just needs the other 3 pillers then his univers would become a steel mansion

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