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“Blood Crow is a cautious person. If he were to sense my Martial Uncle's aura, it would be impossible for him to easily reveal himself, so Martial Uncle could only draw out my aura from a distance and determine the time to attack. The two of us were enveloped in a sea of blood and our auras were cut off, so Martial Uncle must have already guessed.”

Yang Kai understood immediately and continued, “So you must break through the sea of blood and kill your way out, allowing the severed aura to reattach before you can show the location to that Senior.”

Xu Wang smiled and nodded, “That’s right. For this trip, Martial Uncle even split one of his artifacts in half and handed over a portion to me for safekeeping. With him assisting from the outside while I collect the net from the inside, no matter how great Blood Crow's abilities are, he won’t be able to escape!”

Yang Kai clicked his tongue and stared at the sea of blood around him, “Pitiful!”

Inside the sea of blood, the lid-like object Xu Wang tossed out expanded in the wind. As the two of them spoke, the lid had already expanded to a radius of several hundred kilometers, directly covering the entire sea of blood. No matter how the sea of blood churned, it was unable to seep out.

Blood Crow clearly sensed that something was wrong and wanted to flee, but the sea of blood continued to tumble in a certain direction. The lid, however, seemed to follow the Blood Crow’s movements, constantly changing its size.

Above the void, a giant black shadow covered the sky. It was unknown what it was, but in the blink of an eye, it merged with the sea of blood and formed a cage!

Yang Kai could vaguely see a tall figure standing atop the black shadow, his hand seals changing as the World Force surged, the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master fully displayed.

Blood Crow obviously wouldn’t just sit around and wait for death, and a tyrannical aura burst out from it.

It was just that the difference in grade was too great, and the other party had taken the initiative, so no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape from this mysterious artifact.

An hour later, the huge black shadow slowly shrank and Yang Kai saw that it was actually a fish basket.

There was a gap in the fish basket, and through that gap, one could clearly see the dark red blood within, but what was surprising was that the blood was unable to flow out from the gap, as if it had been sealed by some invisible force.

A large hand grabbed the fish basket and threw it onto his back to be carried.

Yang Kai watched with cold sweat dripping from his forehead.

Xu Wang stepped forward and cupped his fists, “Martial Uncle Yu!”

“Yang Kai of Void Land greets Senior.” Yang Kai also cupped his fists and saluted.

Only now did Yang Kai have the time to size up this newcomer. This person in front of him didn’t have the slightest bit of the lofty demeanor of a High Rank Open Heaven master, but Yang Kai was quite knowledgeable. When he was overseeing the Star Boundary and arguing with the people from the various Cave Heaven Paradise, he had seen at least a hundred High Rank Open Heaven.

Not to mention Yu Changdao, who looked like a sage with just a glance, even Xu Linggong, who was full of dirty jokes, had an imposing aura.

However, there had never been a High Rank Open Heaven like this one.

Xu Wang called him Martial Uncle Yu, but at first glance, this man really looked no different from a fisherman. He wore a bamboo hat, a woven raincoat, and carried a fish basket on his back. If he held a bamboo pole in his hand, he would truly be a fisherman fishing in the cold river.

However, what he was fishing for was Blood Crow.

The old man raised his hand and gently lifted the bamboo hat that covered his eyes. Looking at Yang Kai, he smiled lightly, “As expected, every generation has its own genius. This old master has heard your name many times over the years.”

Yang Kai humbly replied, “Senior is too kind.”

The old man slowly said, “There’s no need to be so modest, you’ve done well in the Star Boundary, all the Cave Heaven Paradise owe you a favor.”

He then turned to Xu Wang and asked seriously, “I sensed several High Rank Open Heaven auras flash past just now, what happened?”

Xu Wang quickly reported the situation of the opening of the Universe Cave Heaven's door, causing the old man to be stunned. Looking towards the depths of the void where the door was, he sighed lightly, “Unfortunately, this old master has to return to Bright King Heaven, otherwise I could have stayed behind to join in the fun.”

Xu Wang rolled his eyes and said, “Martial Uncle, you can go back, I’ll stay behind.” He was quite curious about the Universe Cave heaven.

The old man shook his head, “You come with me.”

Xu Wang’s face immediately became bitter.

The old man smiled and said, “You helped me capture this Blood Crow, so you’ve made a great contribution. Have you forgotten what rewards the Sect will give you? There will be an opportunity in a year, if you don’t go back, you can wait a few dozen or a hundred years.”

Hearing this, Xu Wang immediately changed his mind, “Then I’ll listen to Senior Uncle.”

As he spoke, the fish basket behind the old man suddenly shook violently, obviously because the Blood Crow was struggling inside. The old man slammed his hand on the fish basket and it immediately calmed down.

Xu Wang said, “Martial Uncle, junior was able to capture Blood Crow this time because Junior Brother Yang exerted a great deal of effort. If he hadn’t helped this Disciple escape, this Disciple would have most likely died. After that, he followed him all the way here. It was also Junior Brother’s contribution that allowed Martial Uncle to connect that trace of aura. Does our Bright Heaven King not have anything to say?”

The old man smiled slightly as he looked towards Yang Kai and said, “If you were Bright King Heaven’s Disciple, you could be like Xu Wang and enter a Small Source World to gain experience. Unfortunately, you are not from Bright King Heaven, so the Sect will not reward an outsider like you with the Small Source World.”

The quota for Small Source World’s trials was extremely precious because every time one went to the Small Source World, it was equivalent to someone taking away some of the Small Source World’s heritage. Yang Kai had been to Yin-Yang Heaven’s Divine Weapon World before, so he was naturally well aware of this.

If he wasn’t the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, if it weren’t for Xu Linggong’s great efforts, he wouldn’t have had a chance to enter the Divine Weapon World.

Each of the Cave Heaven Paradise had their own Small Source World, but these Small Source Worlds had always only allowed their elite disciples to enter and gain experience.

Xu Wang had made a great contribution this time, allowing him to enter Bright King Heaven’s Small Source World once, but Yang Kai did not receive such treatment.

“If you have any requests, feel free to ask. If possible, this old master will naturally agree. If not, this old master will go back to the Sect and tell the higher-ups about it and see how they decide.”

Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony as he glanced at the fish basket binding the Blood Crow and asked, “May I ask Senior what will happen to this Blood Crow?”

The old man slowly shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Although he is a Seventh Order, the Blood Crow was still an old monster that had lived for many years, so how he dealt with him was not up to him.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, “If there is a chance, this Junior wants a copy of the Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shine Scripture!”

“This old master can’t agree to this matter right now. If possible, this old master will have Xu Wang send that copy to your Void Land. If this matter can’t be done, you don’t have to wait any longer.” Although the old man didn’t say anything clearly, Yang Kai could feel that the chances of this happening weren’t high. The Great Evolution Inextinguishable Blood Shien Scripture was extremely profound, and if something went wrong, it would create the next Blood Crow, so Bright King Heaven might not let it leak out.

Yang Kai still thanked him, “Thank you for your trouble, Senior.”

The old man nodded slightly and Xu Wang cupped his fists, “Junior Brother, we’ll part ways here. I hope the next time we meet, you and I will both be High Rank masters!”

“Thank you for your kind words, Senior Brother!” Yang Kai smiled back.

The old man Yu and Xu Wang left together and soon disappeared.

Yang Kai stood silently and watched them disappear before turning his head to look towards the entrance of the Universe Cave Heaven.

Previously, when Blood Crow had suddenly appeared, it had been a chaotic scene. Of the several hundred Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had gathered here, he had killed seventy or eighty of them in one go. It could be said that there had been a great number of casualties. Coupled with the appearance of several High Rank Open Heaven cultivators, most of the cultivators who were still alive had left this place, not even bothering to stay and watch. Even the Sixth Order cultivators had long since disappeared.

After all, there were several Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, so who would dare snatch food from the tiger’s mouth?

The originally lively place suddenly became a lonely place for Yang Kai.

This was exactly what he wanted.

Although the door to the Universe Cave Heaven had already been closed, it had been opened several times before and had left behind some traces. If it had been anyone else, even if they wanted to enter, they might not be able to do so. However, Yang Kai was proficient in the Space Laws, so it was not impossible for him to forcefully open the door. It would just take some time.

His Divine Sense surge while he is rocovering his strength, Yang Kai was able to capture the traces of the void. After half an hour, Yang Kai had vaguely grasped a key point.

The power of the Space Laws was slowly pushed into the tightly shut door like a sharp knife, slowly increasing his own strength in order to open it.

As time passed, a black hole the size of a fist slowly appeared in front of Yang Kai, and from it, a Universe World aura could be felt.

The black hole slowly expanded and the aura of the Universe World became clearer. Soon, the fist-sized black hole expanded to the size of a washbasin.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed. The door he had forcefully opened suddenly released a terrifying power that caught him off guard and sent him flying.

The blood in his chest roiled and Yang Kai’s vision went dark, as if he had been struck by a Divine Ability from a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. Even his Small Universe was shaken.

Before he could stabilize himself, he suddenly felt an increasingly dangerous aura coming from the door he had forcefully opened.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked as he looked up towards the door, only to see that the door that should have been rapidly disappearing was now expanding at an incredible speed, as if it was trying to swallow the entire void!

What was going on? Yang Kai was stunned.

He had only wanted to forcefully open the door and enter the Universe Cave Heaven to explore it. Even if he had used some methods, it was impossible for this to happen.

In a daze, through the rapidly expanding door, he could vaguely see several figures engaged in a fierce battle. Among these figures were a burly middle-aged man, a white-haired old man, and a slim young girl…

Without exception, all of them were the High Rank masters who had entered the Universe Cave Heaven before.

Yang Kai’s face darkened. Were these guys crazy? They were actually fighting in the Universe Cave Heaven!


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