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“Why is Junior Sister crying?” Senior Brother Lu suddenly turned his head and smiled at his Junior Sister.

The woman shook her head, her teary eyes suddenly filled with hatred, “You’re not Senior Brother Lu!”

“Idiot!” Senior Brother Lu laughed lightly, “If I’m not your Senior Brother Lu, who else could I be?” He raised his hand and touched the woman’s tender cheek, his cold hand like a poisonous snake coiling around her, causing her to feel as if she had fallen into an icehouse!

A cold light flashed and a long sword suddenly appeared in the woman’s hand, piercing towards Senior Brother Lu’s chest!

Senior Brother Lu lowered his head to look at the sharp weapon that had stabbed into his heart, but he didn’t show the slightest reaction. Even though his heart had been reduced to a pile of minced meat by the woman’s World Force, he still smiled lightly, “A lovesick person is truly the most heartless!”

Stretching out his hand, he grabbed the woman’s neck and squeezed the heart on her chest. Blood began to flow out like a living creature, transforming into a bloody mist. No matter how hard the woman struggled, she was unable to break free. As the bloody mist spread out, the woman’s figure disappeared.

By the time the blood mist subsided, there was no trace of the woman!

The remaining three disciples were all horrified.

Senior Brother Lu turned his head and shouted, “Yang Kai, after chasing this King for so long, do you really think this King is afraid of you? Now that I have so much blood to eat, let’s see how you fight with me!”

The strange thing was that when this Senior Brother Lu spoke, the twenty or so people who had walked out first also spoke the same words in unison, even their tones were exactly the same!

The twenty or so people quickly formed a series of hand seals and shouted, “Sea of Blood!”

In the blink of an eye, more than twenty people exploded, turning into a bloody mist that quickly spread out, even the three people Yang Kai had killed first.

In the void, the sea of blood suddenly took shape and spread out in all directions. The numerous Open Heaven Stage who had come out with their fellow disciples couldn’t avoid it at all and were directly swept into the sea of blood, screaming in shock as the power of their Secret Art and Artifact erupted.

But soon, all of these sounds disappeared, leaving behind only a raging sea of blood.

Seeing the sudden change in the situation, the onlookers who were watching from a distance naturally retreated, quickly escaping from the danger in the blink of an eye, while those who were slower were tied up by the tumbling blood dragon in the sea of blood and dragged back.

Inside the sea of blood, Yang Kai and Xu Wang stood with their backs against each other, the dark red blood around them churning. The two of them were like reefs in the sea, guarding the only pure land.

“Junior Brother, if I die here, please send my corpse back to Bright King Heaven!” Xu Wang shouted.

Yang Kai sneered, “Do you think if you die, you’ll have a complete corpse?”

Xu Wang thought about Blood Crow Divine Monarch’s strange methods and was immediately discouraged, “It’s so sad to die without a complete corpse!”

“So it’s best not to die!” Yang Kai laughed.

As he spoke, the sea of blood in front of him distorted and suddenly condensed into a graceful figure. It was the woman Yang Kai had killed first.

The woman’s eyes were filled with hatred, her hand covering her neck as she stared at Yang Kai like a malicious spirit, her eyes dripping with blood, looking extremely terrifying, “That shot just now was so painful!”

“Pretending to be a ghost!” Yang Kai coldly snorted and stabbed out with his spear again, blowing up this woman’s head, the exact same way she had just died.

However, this time, her broken head quickly grew back, seemingly indestructible as she continued to glare at Yang Kai with hatred, “So what if you kill me a thousand times over? Can you really kill me?”

“If you stand here and let me stab you a thousand times, you’ll know whether I can kill you or not.” Yang Kai struck out with his spear again, and a black ball the size of a fist exploded, transforming into a black hole that swallowed everything.

One figure after another appeared, all of them cultivators who had just died at the hands of Blood Crow Divine Monarch. There were even some who Yang Kai had never seen before, clearly people who had been refined and devoured by him.

These people’s strengths ranged from high to low, from Sixth Order to Third Order, all of them pouring out of the pool of blood. Blood Crow alone could form a great army! Yang Kai’s long spear flashed back and forth, Xu Wang’s fists transforming into fist shadows that filled the sky as he slaughtered them.

However, no matter how many times these people died, they could still quickly revive.

After fighting for a long time, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. He had originally wanted to use the Secret Art Beating the Ox, but Blood Crow had suffered a great loss in his hands before, so this time he was obviously much smarter and didn’t reveal any of his aura, making it difficult for Yang Kai to capture.

“Junior Brother, killing like this won’t end the matter here. Blood Crowobviously intends to exhaust our strength. Once he succeeds, we’ll be sitting ducks,” Xu Wang suddenly said.

Yang Kai’s expression remained unchanged, but how could he not know that Xu Wang’s words were true? As long as one wasn’t blind, they would be able to see Blood Crow's intentions. Previously, outside of the Astral Wind Divine Ability, he had used this method to deal with Xu Wang. If it wasn’t for Yang Kai suddenly attacking Blood Crow from the Astral Wind and catching him off guard, Xu Wang would have likely died.

This time, Blood Crow had used the same trick again. Not only had he trapped Xu Wang, but even Yang Kai had been unable to escape. Now that the sea of blood had taken form, it was difficult for him to even use his teleportation technique.

“What is Senior Brother Xu’s plan?” Yang Kai asked.

“Junior Brother, please fight our way out with me!”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly. For him, killing his way out wasn’t difficult! If a High Rank Open Heaven doesn't appear, who could compete with him? Blood Crow's methods were indeed strange and profound, but in the end, he was still just a Sixth Order master. Even if the old monster had reincarnated and had the foundation of an Eighth Order Open Heaven master, his strength was still there.

Blood Crow was intentionally draining their strength, so how could Yang Kai not have such intentions? That was why he had been fighting with him in this sea of blood.

To him, defeating Blood Crow was meaningless. Only by completely killing Blood Crow would he be considered successful. Otherwise, with this fellow’s life-saving methods and ability to escape, if he couldn’t kill Blood Crow with a single strike, he would quickly become vigorous again.

“Junior Brother, trust me!” Seeing Yang Kai remain silent for a long time, Xu Wang sent another voice transmission.

Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly before nodding and saying, “Senior Brother, go all out, leave the rest to me!”

Xu Wang laughed, “Then I’ll go all out!”

As he roared, the Motionless Bright King’s body instantly pushed to its limit, and the giant golden figure suddenly expanded, transforming into a thousand feet tall golden humanoid.

Yang Kai looked over in surprise.

Xu Wang’s foundation had already faintly touched upon the threshold of a Divine Ability Manifestation. If nothing unexpected happened, after he advanced to the Seventh Order, he would be able to comprehend his own Divine Ability Manifestation.

One had to know that Zuo Quan Hui, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, didn’t even have his own Divine Ability Manifestation, so it was obvious how rare this thing was. Myriad Demons Heaven’s Ti Zheng had used it before, but he had died for no reason.

Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage strength was not only the competition of own own Small Universe foundation, but also whether they have Divine Ability Manifestation or not.

A Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage that could display a Divine Ability Manifestation was naturally more powerful.

Xu Wang raised his hand and summoned his sword. It was a simple and unadorned sword, its shape neither beautiful nor magnificent, but with this sword in hand, Xu Wang’s aura suddenly changed!

The cultivators of Bright King Heaven used Body Refining as their foundation, and their physical bodies were their most powerful artifact, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t use other artifacts.

When they used their artifacts, they would undoubtedly go all out.

Following Xu Wang’s actions, the thousand feet tall Golden Humanoid also did the same, slowly pulling out a huge sword from its waist.

When Xu Wang raised his sword and slashed forward, the thousand feet tall Golden Humanoid’s giant sword also slashed down! The World Force was fiercely urged.

The sea of blood in front of them was instantly split open, forming a massive chasm.

Xu Wang rushed forward without stopping. Countless figures rushed towards him from all directions, but Xu Wang simply ignored them.

A spear strike bloomed. The figures that were rushing towards him couldn’t even get close before they exploded.

The speed at which they revived was actually slower than Yang Kai’s killing.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them had covered a thousand zhang and arrived at the end of the Chasm. Xu Wang slashed down again and the Chasm in front of them formed again!

After three slashes, the sea of blood that had been enveloping the two of them finally cracked open, revealing a slight opening in the Heaven and Earth Sealing.

Yang Kai grabbed Xu Wang’s shoulder and tried to use his Space Laws to get him out.

Xu Wang seemed to understand Yang Kai’s intentions and suddenly grabbed his arm, squeezing it tightly.

Yang Kai was puzzled, but after a moment of hesitation, the gap in the sea of blood closed once more, losing the best opportunity to escape.

After three strikes, Xu Wang’s face became slightly pale. Obviously, this kind of Divine Ability was a huge burden to him, and the light of the thousand feet golden humanoid behind him had also dimmed significantly.

He took the initiative to disperse his Bright King Body, as if he wanted to entrust all of his safety to Yang Kai. Sitting down cross-legged, he grinned and said, “This matter has been settled!”

Under Yang Kai’s suspicious gaze, he reached out, took out an object, and gently tossed it into the sea of blood!

Yang Kai could clearly see that this thing was actually a lid, but he didn’t know what for.

However, after Xu Wang tossed out the lid, Yang Kai clearly felt a trace of panic from the surrounding sea of blood. The Undying Blood Servants that had been pouring out from the sea of blood had also completely calmed down.

A sharp aura that seemed to originate from thousands of kilometers away pointed directly towards this place. Even though there was a thick sea of blood blocking his way, Yang Kai still felt as if his skin was being pricked by needles! It was as if the world had transformed into a cage that was trying to bind him.

Xu Wang grinned, “After parting ways with Brother Yang, I found a way to send a message to one of my Martial Uncles in Shattered Heaven. In the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, two of my Bright Heaven King's disciples, died at the hands of Blood Crow Divine Monarch, so that Martial Uncle was sent by the Sect to Shattered Heaven to search for Blood Crow. Unfortunately, Blood Crow has always been cunning, so even if that Martial Uncle personally took action, he was still unable to find any trace of him, causing all his efforts to fail.”


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