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“Rumor has it that after the High Rank masters from the Second Class forces were roped in by the various Cave Heaven Paradise, they disappeared without a trace, either imprisoned or secretly murdered,” Xu Wang smiled lightly, “In my many years in Bright King Heaven, I have seen several High Rank masters from Second Class forces, all of them brought to Bright King Heaven by the Sect Elders.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “How are they now?”

Xu Wang shook his head, “Everyone has only met once. Since then, no one has heard from them, so i don't know whether they're alive or dead!”

Yang Kai felt a chill run down his spine. The meaning behind Xu Wang’s words made it seems as if he couldn’t even see the Cave Heaven Paradise clearly.

“It's difficult for the various Cave Heaven Paradise to monitor the Shattered Heaven, so many people who have broken through to the High Rank Open Heaven will come here to live in seclusion. There are even some people who specially came here to break through to the High Rank, in order to escape the attention of the various Cave Heaaven Paradise. Therefore, Junior Brother, not only are there Seventh Order here, there is also an Eighth Order, you must be careful when you travel through the Shattered Heaven.”

“I’ll remember,” Yang Kai nodded slightly, but his heart was not as calm as it seemed on the surface. If it was really as Xu Wang said, the waters of Shattered Heaven were really quite muddy.

As for the few Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had been hiding in the crowd just now, they obviously had some understanding of the Universe Cave Heaven, or else they wouldn’t have waited here and rushed in as soon as the door opened.

Unfortunately, after they entered, the door to the Universe Cave Heaven disappeared again, so even if the others wanted to follow them inside to drink some soup, it would be impossible. Yang Kai had the ability to follow the vine to find the melon and forcefully open the door, but how could he do such a thankless task?

“Shattered Heaven really is a good place,” Yang Kai suddenly sighed and turned to look in a certain direction, his eyes narrowing slightly as he smiled, “Right, Blood Crow!”

Xu Wang’s expression suddenly became serious as he followed Yang Kai’s gaze.

In that direction, three people walked together, obviously from the same Sect, two men and one woman. Sensing Yang Kai and Xu Wang’s gazes, all three turned their heads.

The two men frowned, their faces filled with vigilance and confusion. The woman also asked, “Is this Senior Brother talking to us?”

Yang Kai chuckled at her, “If it weren’t for those High Rank Open Heaven masters suddenly appearing and affecting your aura, I really wouldn’t have been able to determine where you were hiding. Now that I’ve found traces of you, there’s no need to pretend anymore. You’re an old senior after all, so you should have some of the demeanor of an old senior. You acting like a fool like this is quite disappointing for us juniors.”

The woman said unhappily, “What is this Senior Brother talking about?”

The two men beside her also glared at Yang Kai, as if they felt he had suddenly offended the beauty in their hearts.

Yang Kai sneered, “What? Are you tired of being a man and want to taste what it’s like to be a woman?”

One of the two men shouted angrily, “Friend, please watch your words! My Senior Brother and Junior Sister have no grievances with you, and we don’t even know each other, so how could we have offended you?”

“Is there a mistake?” Xu Wang asked in a low voice. He couldn’t see any trace of the Blood Crow on the woman’s body, nor did he sense any unusual aura. The other party’s response was reasonable, so he couldn’t understand why Yang Kai was so certain.

The conflict here naturally attracted the attention of many nearby people. The door to the Universe Cave Heaven had disappeared, and now, several High Rank Open Heaven masters had appeared and rushed in. Many of them had already decided to retreat.

After all, a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator was extremely powerful, so they didn’t have the courage to snatch food from them.

Since they didn’t obtain any benefits, it wasn’t a bad idea to watch a good show. Immediately, many pairs of eyes turned towards them.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand and made a grabbing motion in the air, causing a flash of light to appear as he thrust his spear forward. The enchanting and graceful woman didn’t even have time to react before her head exploded and blood gushed out from her headless corpse.

Everyone was shocked.

The burly man standing not too far away from Yang Kai was particularly shocked. When Yang Kai had asked him earlier, he had simply ignored him because he was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Even when Yang Kai had arrived here and discovered that he was also a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, he had not taken him seriously.

However, this stunning spear and the World Force it contained allowed the burly man to realize the gap between him and Yang Kai.

For a moment, he was drenched in cold sweat as his feet slipped and he instantly retreated several dozen kilometers, lest he be caught up in this disaster.

As they chatted, the beautiful woman died.

The two men beside her were stunned for a moment before their eyes turned red and one of them shouted, “You killed Junior Sister Guo? I’ll kill you!”

Saying so, he summoned a long sword and summoned his World Force to attack Yang Kai. Although the other man didn’t say a word, he also summoned his own treasure, his killing intent surging.

Both of them were only Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, so even if they knew they weren’t Yang Kai’s opponent, seeing their Junior Sister die in front of them for no reason, how could they remain rational?

Xu Wang quickly raised his hand and shouted, “Please calm down, this person is not your Junior Sister, she is…”

Before he could explain, a long spear pierced through his ear, causing Xu Wang to instinctively lower his head. When he raised his head again, the two Fifth Order Open Heaven who had rushed over were also killed by him like their Junior Sister Guo.

Xu Wang turned his head and shouted, “Yang Kai!”

If it weren’t for the fact that Yang Kai had saved his life under Blood Crow's hands, he would likely have already started a fight. Originally, his impression of Yang Kai was quite good, otherwise, he wouldn’t have told him so many secrets. However, he didn’t expect Yang Kai to be so ruthless.

He had yet to sense the aura of the Blood Crow from the three dead body.

However, Yang Kai didn’t look at him, only raising his head with a solemn expression, a sneer appearing on his face, “The older the wiser! Good move!”

Xu Wang also noticed that something was wrong and turned his head to look back, only to see more than twenty Open HEaven Stage masters walking out from all directions. There were men and women, young and old.

As these people’s companions stared at their backs, all of them were shocked, not knowing why their companions had run out while they were enjoying the show.

“Senior Brother Lu?” In a certain direction, a young woman from the group of four stared at the departing figure and called out in confusion.

The young man called Senior Brother Lu didn’t even turn his head as he slowly spread out his palms, the World Force in his palms surging as he shouted, “This kind of devil who kills indiscriminately without even knowing the truth is worthy of everyone’s punishment. As cultivators, we should naturally fight for justice!”

The young woman’s beautiful eyes flashed with a brilliant light as she felt that her Senior Brother Lu, who had always been perfect and flawless in her heart, was now even taller than before. Taking a step forward, she followed closely behind Senior Brother Lu and said, “I will help Senior Brother!”

Seeing this, the other three disciples could only grit their teeth and follow.

Similar scenes occurred in many places, and in the blink of an eye, more than twenty people had come out, and the number of their companions had also increased to more than seventy!

Even Xu Wang, who was born in Bright King Heaven, was somewhat dumbfounded. He wasn’t an idiot and thought that Yang Kai had killed the innocent, which was why he was so angry, but the scene of more than twenty people walking out together just now was just too strange.

All of them were cultivators who had cultivated to the Open Heaven Stage and were used to seeing all kinds of schemes and plots in the world, so how could they still be as warm-hearted as they had been when they were young? Killing and being killed was only a matter of a single thought, what nonsense about seeing injustice and drawing out one’s sword to help one’s enemy, it was just deceiving oneself.

Xu Wang would rather believe that there was something wrong with the twenty or so people who had come out first than naively believe that they really wanted to eliminate the strong and help the weak.

On the other hand, the companions who had been influenced by them were mostly fellow disciples, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

“What should we do?” Xu Wang whispered.

“Nothing!” Yang Kai replied.

Xu Wang couldn’t help rolling his eyes, “At this time, you still have the mood to joke?”

Yang Kai shrugged, “If I really can’t beat them, I’ll focus on escaping, no one can stop me.”

Xu Wang quickly said, “Don’t forget to bring me with you when you leave. Although I, Bright King Heaven’s men, have thick skin, being surrounded and beaten up is not something interesting.”

“Depends on my mood,” Yang Kai said lightly.

Xu Wang was speechless.

“We are disciples of Bright King Heaven!” Yang Kai suddenly raised his spear and shouted angrily while secretly kicking Xu Wang.

Xu Wang understood immediately, and with a thought, Motionless Bright King floated behind him, his body shining with a golden light. He couldn’t be bothered to criticize Yang Kai for acting as Bright King Heaven’s Disciple. At this time, using Bright King Heaven’s tiger skin as a flag was undoubtedly the best choice.

Sure enough, when they saw Xu Wang activate the Motionless Bright King Body, most of the seventy or so people revealed looks of dread. With the famous 36 Cave Heaven, who didn’t know about Bright King Paradise?

“We are in pursuit of the Blood Crow Divine Monarch, Blood Crow Old Dog is full of cunning, concealing his tracks. The three people I killed just now were all possessed by his Blood Dao Secret Technique, and even your fellow disciples suffered the same fate. The fellow disciples you are familiar with are no longer the same person,” Yang Kai’s eyes swept over the twenty or so people who had walked out first, filled with provocation.

Everyone was shocked.

In Shattered Heaven, the Blood Crow Divine Monarch’s name was naturally well-known. This person was proficient in the Blood Dao and loved to swallow the Blood Essence of cultivators. Being targeted by him would not end well.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, everyone’s hearts were naturally in turmoil. Those who had quick reactions quickly distanced themselves from their fellow disciples who had left without any warning, but most of them wore looks of suspicion. After all, they had not separated these past few days, so if they really encountered Blood Crow, how could they not have noticed?

“Senior Brother Lu!” The woman’s voice trembled as she turned to look at Senior Brother Lu’s face, “Is what he said true?”

Senior Brother Lu turned a deaf ear to this and simply stared forward indifferently. The woman suddenly reached out and covered her red lips, tears falling from her eyes like broken pearls.


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